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This is a Middle Grade book. This book is told with two different timelines (Before Mother's death and After Mother's death) by Morgan. I found the beginning of this book hard to get into. This book is covering some hard topics (Death of a Mother and Mental Health). I loved the lemon drops idea in this book, and I really loved the ending. I think this book needed less bouncing Before and After, and It also needed some light hearted moments mixed into the hard hitting times in this book. I liked this book, but I really wanted to love this book. The ending is where all the action is. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (North Star Editions) or author (Heather Clark) via NetGalley, so I can give an honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an eARC .
Lemon Drop Falls is a story about a girl who lost her mother. A story about a family who lost their compass and now they are learning to exit without their biggest supporter and best friend.
I felt so close to the characters which I think is really important in a middle grade book dealing with grief and loss.
Morgan is such a relatable and well-fleshed-out character.
I was so close to crying with this book . 
They tried so hard to stay in this together . 

I hope you all enjoy this book
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Lemondrop Falls is a lovely story about coming to grips with the devasting effects of unexpected loss. Morgan's attempts to sustain her mother's way of keeping the family organized is a beautiful symbol for all she's going through and her attempts to keep grief at bay. Her mother's use of lemondrops to illustrate that life is about taking the sour with the sweet is lovely theme throughout.
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A solid MG book about a girl coping with Plan B in life, after the sudden death of her mother. How Plan A doesn’t always pan out and that sometimes you need a NEW Plan A since the path you were originally heading down changes.
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Before, everything was perfectly planned, prepared, and managed; so what happens after, when all of those plans have fallen apart? Twelve-year-old Morgan is struggling to find balance after having unexpectedly lost her mother at the end of the previous school year. And when her dad ultimately needs to go back to work, Morgan is left picking up the pieces and caring for her two younger siblings mostly on her own. With the next school year rapidly approaching, Morgan does her best to channel her mother and procure school supplies and clothes, but her father has other ideas. A spontaneous family trip to Capitol Reef derails Morgan's best laid plans, proving that with a little love, happiness can still be found even in the darkest of moments.

Told from Morgan's first-person perspective, this story eloquently describes the depth of the emotion she feels after her mother's passing. A series of flashbacks gives readers a sense of what life was like when Morgan’s mother was still alive, when Morgan's world made sense and she had two best friends she could count on. Lists, plans, and lemon drops defined her mother's personality, and both the presence and the absence of those things now throw everything in Morgan's life out of whack. As Morgan attempts to fill the void her mother left behind, she begins by mirroring her mother's behavior before ultimately budding into her own unique self.

This story does an excellent job of introducing a variety of familiar, dynamic characters against a backdrop that gives the plot structure and focus. Memories of the past add humor and levity to an otherwise heartbreaking circumstance, and middle school and sibling interactions enhance the accessibility of the narrative. With lemon drops as a frequent reference, both the characters and the readers are reminded that sometimes life must be sour before it can be sweet, which is a beautifully executed metaphor through the novel as a whole.

Middle grade readers will easily connect with Morgan and her challenges, even if they have not experienced any of them themselves. Transitioning to adolescence is hard enough without one's mother dying, yet Morgan manages to handle her own transformation with grace. Her reactions are believable and expected given her circumstances, and readers will feel Morgan's catharsis alongside her. Deeply heartfelt and highly engaging, this story is an important coming-of-age novel for readers of all ages and especially for those preparing for middle school. It is a highly recommended addition to library collections for young readers.
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Even though the story is about grief for the loss of a mother/wife, it is such a wonderful positive story that I couldn't put down.  Morgan is a twelve year old that believes it is her job to keep the family safe and happy.  This comes with a growing anxiety and a loss of friends for a time.  Story has two timelines, before her mom's death and after.
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Lemon Drop Falls is a story about a girl who lost her mother. A story about a family who lost their compass and now they are learning to exit without their biggest supporter and best friend. The story has two timelines, the first is before the death of the mother and the second after that. In the first timeline, we learn about their family habits, how their relationship was, how a mother with 3 kids manages to be there for all of them. The focus is on the big sister, who is 12 years old and everything changed in her social life. Boys are no longer just friends, the soccer team becomes more competitive, her best friend has a new best friend and she doesn't understand why all these things can't remain the same as last year.

The lemon drop is a strategy when everyone can come and take one lemon candy and the mother will understand that they need to talk about something that upset them. This is where the author introduces a piece of really good advice if you can explain your problem, talk about it... your problem becomes easier. And one of the favorite things that the mum likes to do... is to create an ABC plan.

When the plan falls

The ABC plans are used for everything. For example, plan A is your team is gonna win the soccer game. But that doesn't happen so you need the B plan which is karaoke and good food. The C plan is something you don't want to need. And after their mother's day, all is left is a B plan when the biggest child tries everything to be like her mother because of "the fog", something that their dad has in his eyes. Something that keeps him ignorant about a lot of their problems.

The second timeline, after the tragic moment, is about grief and learning how to exit without an important piece of your life. This is my favorite part of the story. It is ugly, is sad and it helps you realize that you are not invincible, those bad things can happen to you even you have the perfect plan. I love the way that the author created the image of a lemon drop falls, how much the girl needed it and how afraid she was because of that. The dynamic between the children and the dad, how the girl taught she was doing good, how the father was afraid for her but didn't dare to speak, all of these things make the characters more human and easier to understand.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the e-ARC of this middle grade novel. This was a wonderful story about grief, and all that so many children take on when their family goes from a two parent household to a one parent household. This will make a great addition to classroom libraries.
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Lemon Drop Falls is the perfect read for fans of Dusti Bowling and Natalie Lloyd. From the moment I started reading, I didn't want the book end. The main character Morgan has so much to share with readers; I felt all the feels as I traveled with her on her journey as she navigated changing friendships, tried to figure out how to hold her family together after the unimaginable happened, and discovered a strength she never knew she possessed in order to get to the other side of grief. Nothing is easy for Morgan, but everything is so worth it! The writing of this story is full of heart and soul and it will stay with me for a long time. I can't wait to make some lemon-y themed #LiteracyInspiredCrafts and share this story with my reading buddies and middle schoolers!
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Such a lovely read!

A middle grade that tackles grief, premature coming-of-age, the hard parts of friendship, first crushes and growing up in a very, very proper way for its factual readers and also for us adults. 

The author's narration makes this story both emotionally intelligent and emotional, and Morgan, its main character, is extremely relatable even if you haven't gone through what she has, losing her mother at such a young age and taking care of her siblings. I also loved the character of their dad, something that doesn't always happen in these kind of books. Sometimes authors write parents as selfish and self-absorbed for the wrong reasons and without a redemption arc, but Morgan's dad is just... shocked. Having to take care of three kids with a job that doesn't pay enough after the love of his life suddenly died... he's not perfect and the author describes this situation perfectly.

Loved reading it and cried a few times as well, heh.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own. 

Lemon Drop Falls is such a wonderful read. With dual timelines we flash back and forth between before and after the death of Morgan's mom. We experience the days leading up to her death which really give us a sense of who Mama Bell, as she is called in the story, was. We get to know her just enough to love her. Then simultaneously she is gone and we are watching Morgan deal with her grief and pain which is another heartache all on its own. Morgan really struggles with her mom's death as her and her family learn to cope without Mama Bell. 

Ya'll this book had me up sobbing at 1 AM. My heart was broke, I just wanted some healing for the main character. Clark did an awesome job at making you feel the characters pain. My heart was totally shattered for her. 

There are a few messages in here about grief and healing from grief. 

If you have a middle grade or even a bit older child who is dealing with grief I feel like this could be something they could connect with. I feel like this book addresses loss and grief in a way that could really help a child who has lost a loved one.
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Morgan is a 12 year old girl that has just lost her mom. Now she finds herself having to grow up too fast and be the primary caregiver to younger siblings, Janie and Budge. Without mom's paycheck, Dad is working late and putting a lot of pressure on Morgan unwittingly. Mom was always allowing them to talk through problems with lemon drop candy and without her, Morgan is falling apart. Morgan tries desperately to hold everything together and keep her last promise to Mom, despite missing out on things that she used to love. When Dad suggests a camping trip, their first family trip without Mom, Morgan is unhappy, especially when he pulls out the lemon drops.
Beautifully done and tear-inducing.
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I thought from the name of the book that this would be an adventure story. It was and it wasn't. If an adventure is doing things you've never done, taking risks, trying to keep things together when life is falling apart, then this is a true adventure story.
But except for a small part, the adventure is growing up, taking responsibility (even when you shouldn't have to), and keeping a calm facade. 
Enjoy the adventure!
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"I'm tired of acting mature and holding it together. I want to throw the cherry sucker tantrum of the century. I want to yell at y five-year-old brother for two or three hours, then collapse in a hammock and cry my eyes out. But I need Dad to know I've got this.'

Lemon Drop Falls is an emotional coming-of-age, middle grade story about Morgan (and her family) coming to grips with the sudden loss of her mom. The book has two time-lines, a before and after timeline, In the before timeline we get to know Morgan as a lovely, independent girl who loves soccer, hiking trips with her family, and her two friends. We also learn that she is not the biggest fan of her mom's ABC-planning, and is struggling with a new girl coming in to their little group, as well as the transition to junior high and what that means (changing body, boy-girl relations). In the after timeline, we see Morgan blaming herself for everything, and working incredibly hard to keep all balls in the air just so that her dad does not have to worry or move them away from home. This all goes incredibly sideways when Morgan decides to go on a rather dangerous hike by herself, to prove she can. 

I think I enjoyed this book so much, not only because of loveable Morgan and her siblings and friends, but because it packs some really valuable life lessons. The lemon drop method (talk about difficult things, they are sour at first, but become sweet after), is one definitely still need to hear every now and then. The idea of ABC planning as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety is useful (though of course in doses), especially with the revelations about the use of each phase in the final chapters. Learning that it is okay not to be okay, is important for all of us.
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Lemon Drop Falls is a heartwarming coming of age story. Morgan is a loving daughter and sibling but things are hard enough to carry for a young girl to grow up without a mother. 

When Morgan's mother died, life seemed to throw a lot of lemons at her that she no longer cared to make lemon juice or savor the sour-sweet taste of lemom drops. Will she be able to cope with life's struggles? Will she be able to hold their family together? 

The story will make us realize that life as we know it is different from the perspective of a child. Their struggles are as real as our struggles as adults. This book warmed my heart as it enlightened me to the different struggles of this young generation. Something I never experienced when I was young. 

This is not just a children's book but also a book for kids at heart. 

Thank you for the North Star Editions for this complimentary copy
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"Keep the safe, Morgan. Be brave for them. Help them be happy." Mom's last words as she was taken to the hospital are engrained in Morgan's heart. Since the passing of her mother Morgan has been doing everything she can to keep "broken dad" and her siblings afloat as they grieve.

As time progresses Morgan struggles with maintaining her friendships, managing the household and keeping her anxiety induced panic attacks under control.

Armed with the jar of Lemon Drops dad takes the family back to Capitol Reef, a trip made annually when mom was alive, to work through the emotions of their loss.

When Morgan decides to hike Sulphur Creek alone despite flood warnings from park rangers and dad, the story turns into an emotional and physical journey as she combats the emotions she's been holding in and the elements within the Capitol Reef.

This is an amazing book for middle schoolers of all ages. Ms. Clark includes strategies for handling anxiety attacks that are perfect for anyone who fights the beast known as anxiety.
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So much emotion, heart, and love in such a small package! 

Morgan is such a relatable and well-fleshed-out character. She's dealing not only with recent sudden death of her mom but also friend issues, puberty without a mom, and some anxious and OCD tendencies. Plus all the added responsibility that being the oldest in the family brings after a tragedy. She's got plenty on her plate by the time her dad announces her family will be taking their annual trip to Capitol Reef National Park after all! 

The trip is usually a high point in Morgan's year, but this time it causes only grief and stress. I won't spoil anything, but I stayed up late to finish and had tears in my eyes for the last half hour or so. Cathartic and touching and powerful. 

Also, the This-Is-Us-esque time jumps were a great addition, and they all came together beautifully. Highly recommended for teachers, kids, and adults alike.
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Lemon drop falls ripped my heart out chewed it up and spat it back out again. 

Watching Morgan as she grieves as she struggles to come to terms with life without her mother, of the thoughts of supporting her family while her family dynamics have drastically changed. How do you step up to fill the shoes of someone who had such an overwhelming aura in your life. 

My heart clenched as morgan grappled with anxiety and panic attacks. Reading as her dad could not support her in the way she needed but like many people suffering with their mental health are brushed aside as broken.

It was empowering to watch the trials and tribulations Morgan goes through to realise where her future could go.

Would reccomend to all.
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Raw. Real. Lyrical. Heartfelt. Structured in such a way that is so lifelike with grief; before and after chapters that allow the reader to truly feel. Kids are going to absolutely love the story, and relate to Morgan on such a personal level that I feel it will be passed around for time and time again.
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With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an early copy in return for an honest review.

Get your tissues ready for this incredibly heartbreaking and beautiful book. A well-written story about grief and moving towards a new Plan A, when you still desperately want the old Plan A to be your reality. What happens when a parent unexpectedly dies? Morgan and her family have been struggling with answering that question in the months since her mom died. I rooted for Morgan, and wanted to hug her, and it makes me want to get a bowl of lemon drops for my desk at school.

Will be telling everyone to pre-order Lemon Drop Falls...a must-read debut!
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