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Cynicism and Magic

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I'll simply say that this is pretty good, and is probably best for those with some understanding of Buddhism, and want to depend their understanding. 

I really appreciate the free review copy!!
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I started off really excited by the opportunity to read this book. Since then,  I've discovered that in some ways it's difficult to truly grasp what is being said. I don't believe this is a good book for beginners as I had a basic understanding of Buddhism and found it difficult.

However, this is a book I will read again, and take the time to study, because I feel there is more to offer than what I originally grasped. Because of the depth, I am giving it 4 stars.
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Unfortunately, I didn't care for this book very much. However, I think a lot of that is because of the format. Something is lost when you write down what was originally communicated through speech. I also disagree that this book would be good for someone completely new to Tibetan Buddhism unless they were reading it with the guidance of someone more experienced. There are a lot of words used and concepts referenced that can be overwhelming and confusing to someone without at least the basics.

Despite this, I was able to deepen my understanding of many key concepts in Buddhism and many of the chapters have given me something to think about and delve even deeper into. I didn't expect to like the Q&A format but found it to be one of my favourite parts because many questions asked for clarification of things that I also found confusing and it helped to make the book feel less like a lecture and more like a conversation between teacher and students.
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