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Big Hero 6: The Series, Vol. 1

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I really liked the movie, but also thought this was interesting. Who dosen`t love Hiro and the gang?
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Thank you NetGalley and Yen Press for an advanced digital copy of Big Hero 6: The Series, Volume 1.

All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I have yet to watch the show. I do love the movie, and it was great to spend a little more time with these characters in a book. I like the ideas for the chapters themselves, but they feel like they aren’t in chronological order. The plot isn’t really deep or complex. However, I do like how each of the plots mainly focus on how Hiro tries to adjust himself in an all new environment. He had a lot happen in his life, and now he is the youngest in the college he’s attending. At the same time as school he is still with his group of friends facing new villains and protecting the streets of San Francisco.

Overall, I did really enjoy reading more about Hiro, Baymax and the others. If you are a fan of Big Hero 6, this is definitely worth a read.
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A great way to enjoy big hero 6 further than the film. The characters were excellent and exactly what was expected. I really enjoyed this.
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I LOVE that we are finally getting new big hero 6 graphic novels. I loved this manga and I can’t wait for the next one. Fun read!
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I absolutely love Big Hero 6. This definitely makes everything more interesting and gives more insight into more of the story. The main characters are lovely as always. The art for this manga is amazing. It definitely does the characters and the story justice. I love the new characters as well as the new villains. I would recommend to anyone who loved Big Hero 6.
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Big Hero 6: The Series, Vol 1 follows the hero gang from the Disney film Big Hero 6. In this collection there are three stories that show different adventures and contain different villians that Hiro, Baymax, GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred encounter. The illustrations are wonderful and the story was very simple and easy to follow. Overall it is a fun brief comic that allows the reader to live inside the Big Hero 6 universe longer. 

Special thanks to Netgalley for the eARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Amazing, got this to my nephew and he loved!
Its is an amazing journey. I loved the movie and i loved to see this book!
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I don’t read a lot of manga, so I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this was kind of silly? Maybe weird? I think it’s more targeted towards young teens. The story didn’t have much going for it and it was a bit annoying.
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I was so happy to receive an advance copy of this graphic novel as Big hero 6 is a favourite for me and my boyfriend. This graphic novel consisted of 3 stories and featured all your favourites from the movie as well as their super hero costumes.
 The artwork is lovely with quite a lot of detail contained in the artwork while still feeling simplistic. It was quite difficult to read digitally as parts of the cells were sometimes missing or cropped badly so you couldn't see the full picture but I still really enjoyed the black and white artwork.

The stories felt a little thrown together and felt very much like 3 separate stories which jumped around in time within the universe. I was expecting them to be 3 stories which linked together to read one long story but this wasn't the case. The 1st story I found rather confusing. Trying to keep up with all the different characters while getting used to the style and cell reading order was jarring but the 2nd and 3rd story I loved, especially the 2nd. They were much more basic, in a good way, smaller cast of characters and easier to follow made them far more enjoyable to me personally. 

If you loved the movie or have children I would definitely recommend this book. Its face paced, easy to read and easy to follow. It feels like the book stayed true to the movie and the characters we met within it
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Rather than a full graphic novel this was a collection of short graphic stories.  They almost read like episodes to the TV show (and maybe they are).  I love revisiting big hero six, but wish the story was more congruent, and not jumping from topic to topic every time there is a new chapter.
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I loved this graphic novel. I tried it on my 9 year old who has just started reading comics and she loves the film. She said she loved the pictures but I don't think she grasped it all. I on the other had thoroughly enjoyed ever second of it. It says its for the age range 8 to 12 years but at the younger end they probably need to have read and enjoyed a few graphic novels. And forget the 12 years and add adult lol your never too old to enjoy a good graphic novel like this. In fact they weren't around in my day so I'm going to enjoy them all now. It was so interesting and full of action. The black and white images was in fantastic detail. I actually loved the comic more than the film. I couldn't put it down i just had to read it all in one go. What I loved the most was the hidden lessons or morals to the story. As it covers the fact that you can't always win everything and that failure doesn't mean you're not good enough.  Also that you mustn't give up and by working hard or together you can achieve what you set out to do. I really do recommend this graphic novel to those with an interest in comics or these types of novels for any age 8 to 99
So much praise goes out to the author and publishers for creating this very exciting and engaging graphic novel. I just can't wait to read more from this author and publishers.
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Thank you for this title. Big hero 6 fans will really enjoy this one. This is a fun tie in with the tv-series. It touches on the relationship between Hiro and Baymax and the entire group. there are fun moments, a few callbacks. I thought this was a really adventurous and enjoyable read that I would definitely recommend. The format on my phone was a bit off but I still really like the story.
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Honestly i’m hoping the book I read was a fluke. I got this book on kindle from netgalley as an ARC so maybe there’s a mistake. Anyways I literally have zero idea what this book was even truly about because the format was messed up and jumbled all the pages.  I read 15% of this in confusion when a sudden page index showed up. The pages or comic strips were all out of order so I didn’t get a chance to really understand any of it even though I “read” the whole book. Based on the jumbled mess it had potential to be good. We see something about karml  and Hiro in school and we see tadashi helping Hiro through self doubt but again this is just bits and pieces of a jumbled story so I can’t truly say if i would have liked the book because it just made zero sense the way it arrived on my kindle unfortunately. I wish I had a physical copy so I could give a better review. Hopefully this is just a technical issue and the physical copy makes sense.
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Thanks to Netgalley to provided me an advanced copy.

Secondly, it's a graphic novel what you can read with another people. I've read this graphic novel with my best friend and she really like it.

Whether you saw Big 6 Heroes movie and you liked it. That is okay, you'd like this comic.

4. 0
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This is a tie in with the animated TV show.  The team is back in an all new adventure to protect the streets of San Fransokyo. I love the movie and the other Big Hero Six comics that I have read, but just couldn’t get into this one.  I do think my students will enjoy it, but it was not for me.  I found the dialogue very awkward, but I don’t think my students will notice or care.The art is really cute.  It has the same style as mangas do, but is written left to right like an American comic.  I did struggle from time to time because the art style was so manga I kept trying to read it right to left.  I haven’t seen the TV show, but after reading I looked up previous reviews and they said that this was a graphic adaptation of random episodes from the show, nothing new.

3 stars

Creative Team:
Art and adaptation by Hong Gyun An
Lettering: Jy Editorial
Published by Yen Press
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Thank you net galley for letting me read and review this book! I love big hero 6. The art style is cute, as is the story, and characters.
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I got this on Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

This was pretty good! Big Hero 6 is such a great movie and I feel like this does the characters justice! I was confused a few times, but that might just be me tho. Would maybe have preferred if this had been in colour, but again: might just be a preference.
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Big Hero 6: The Series Vol.1 is a cute and wholesome collection of auto conclusive short stories that will make laugh and enchant younger audiences. Perfect for those who love the Disney adaptation of these Marvel heroes.
¿Why two stars then? Well...I'm not the targeted audience for this comic manga. I find it too childish and...kind of unoriginal. You will find three short stories about this gang, though centering on Hiro character, learning and growing through social situations, and the villains...well, they are just there as a "eureka moment" for this young teen.
As short sketches, I found them not interesting enough or even funny. It feels too cliche, to the point of being mechanic, that's the reason I would define th¡s comic as unoriginal.

I  feel like this reading experience is a big one-star...BUT there are some good points that I cannot ignore. It's an easy read, perfect for those who just want to spend some time reading something simple and people who love these characters already (because they are not introduced) and want to see them in a more mundane situation.
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An incredibly fun new adventure for Big Hero 6 fans, complete with intro to new characters, it’ll be sure to please fans that loved the movie
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A great addition to the wonderful movie made by Disney. I do not know if the episode order was supposed to be how I got it. I felt that the last one, which is chronologically right after the movie, was meant to be last in this series. The flow of the episodes in that way was odd like it was backward. However, the stories themselves were perfect little episodes that help us continue in the SanFranSokyo world created. I think that the author did a great job of preserving the characters even in print form. Others that have tried to do the same have lost the feel of the characters that we get when watching the movie. This was not an issue in this series as I felt they were the same characters we came to know and love. There were a few laughs and few callbacks to sad moments, just as we have in real life. If you are looking to get back into the Big Hero 6 World this is for you!
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