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This was one of the first books in my Netgalley shelf and I'm not sure why I didn't start it sooner. It was a very easy read with not a lot of depth. It was kind of predictable. But, I do feel there is a place in my reading for books like this one. After a heavier or longer book I do enjoy a nice easy read with a bit of predictably. 

The MFC is a psychologist which was a psych major back in college I really liked. The idea of a psychologist falling for her patient intrigued me as well. 

I felt it was a bit choppy. It was mentioned a few times that her father died but there wasn't much detail.   I think a bit more of an explanation or detail into their relationship would have helped me understand the dynamics and why it effected the MFC. 

Read this book if
🔮 you like books where the main character is in the psychology field
🔮 you like a bit of scandal in your books
🔮 you need a book that's easy to read and go with the flow.
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My first read by this author and it was a slow burn but once I got into the story the paced really ramped up. Well written, with good descriptions of the emotional effects her life has on Cristina; a great character although I couldn’t help thinking she was a bit slow on the uptake!

Briefly, Cristina Hughes is a therapist working as a sole practitioner. She is recovering from the recent death of her father and running her business from home.  One day she receives a phone call from a Leon Jacobs who is looking for bereavement therapy following the death of his partner.  Accepting the job leads Christina into a world where she becomes closely involved with Leon to the point where her professionalism is called into question. Despite warnings from her supervisor she gets deeper and deeper into the relationship.

Leon is a master manipulator and it’s distressing to see his treatment of Cristina while she continues to believe him a good and true man.  A fairly quick read but a clever psychological thriller with a really good twist at the end. Easy and enjoyable read.
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A riveting psychological suspense that draws you in with unexpected twists and turns as it unfolds.  An interesting look behind the scenes of a therapist’s job and how emotions can compromise boundaries.

A great read with well-developed characters that had me turning the pages in eager anticipation.
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Her Little Secret is a thrilling psychological thriller that grips you from the first page and does not let you go. It's one of those where you intend to read just a couple of chapters but then before you know it you've gone through so many twists and turns and finished the book.
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This book was a little bit of a slow burner for me and I found that it was a little bit hard to get into. But once I got into it it was ok.
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Julia Stone being a pen name, I realise I know this author and it would be difficult to give an impartial review. I can only say, she knows her stuff!
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This is the first book by this author I have read and can honestly say it won’t be my last! I thoroughly enjoyed the storylines and the twist at the end came as quite a surprise. A good page turner and very absorbing. Recommended reading
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Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for this review copy.  This was a slow burn and was ok.  Nothing special to be honest.  Didnt keep me hooked thanks for the opportunity to review though
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The plot of the book was such a great page turner. The plot of the book was very well written. I  truly cannot wait to read another wonderful book from this very great author. This was a truly great book.
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"The French say you can’t play chess if you are kind-hearted. Like war, you need strategy and a killer instinct to win".

A very interesting take on psychology and therapy, bound to make you feel quite tense as you never know how far things will escalate to. 

Cristina is still grieving the death of her father. She thinks she is ready to resume as a therapist but is she really?

What are Leon’s real ulterior motives with seeing her? 

Who seduces whom? 

The reader really gets to delve into the characters’ psyche and witnesses the psychological shift that operates in Cristina’s head. 

This book offers a fascinating insight into human struggles, into what drives people to behave the way they do. You are much more than a reader. You become an observer, a voyeur, it is somehow intimate. 

Cristina wants to save Leon as much as to be loved by him. All along he slowly weaves this web, demonstrating strange behavior that you can’t help but try and analyse with her. 

The more Leon drags her into this bizarre menage a 3 with his late lover Michelle, against whom Cristina cannot help but compare herself to, the more boundaries are slipping away, the lies are increasing, and the insecurities intensify.

To find out more, get yourself a copy of this new psychological thriller now!
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I enjoyed this. It started off a bit slow but picked up nicely, and the twist at the end was an unexpected surprise. I did find Cristina a bit slow on the uptake regarding Leon's odd behaviour, but each to his (her) own, I guess. A great holiday read. 3.5 stars rounded up.

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher for my ARC.
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I enjoyed reading this book although it was a little slow moving.  I like the writing style and I was unable to figure out the ending.  The premise is really interesting so it caught my eye.  A therapist starts an affair with one of her patients and struggled with knowing she was doing the wrong thing.  I recommend to anyone who enjoys domestic drama.

Thanks to Net Galley for allowing me to read this arc for my honest review.
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Frickin' Frackers!

I really tried to get into this one, but I honestly struggled the whole way through. I honestly don't know why or what it was about the novel but it just didn't keep my interest continually. That being said, I actually enjoyed the premise of this novel and the plot trying to be achieved. The ending was quite interesting and helped to make up for some of it. A therapist takes on a new client, Leon and soon develops feelings for him. But he changes as their affair begins and what happened with Michelle, his past lover. I tried to keep giving this chances but it fell short for me unfortunately. 

Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read this book. 

I give this 2.5 / 5 snowflakes! ❄️
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I really struggled with this one. I disliked the writing style and it didn't help that the e copy was a mess. There things that either didn't make sense or didn't add up. Any therapist would have caught onto so many things this one completely missed. The relationship was interesting but boy did it move slowly. This is less a thriller and more of a slow drama.
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This was an interesting read and I appreciate the chance to have read it. It just unfortunately wasn't my cup of tea. Thanks for the e copy in exchange for an honest review.
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After a few slightly disappointing reads this month it was great to pick this book up and become totally absorbed in the story straight away.

Cristina is a therapist and recognises it is vital at all times to keep her clients at a professional distance.
When newly bereaved Leon books sessions with her (following the death of his married lover, Michelle) Cristina finds herself more and more drawn to him and boundaries begin to break. Christina learns that Leon chose her as a therapist because Michelle was also one of her clients too but is he hiding something more sinister? Does Leon really want a relationship with her? Why is she suddenly having to lie to her friends all the time?

The plot is so well written and I couldn't put this down.  The characters felt very real. I loved the main character Christina and I was totally engrossed in watching her relationship develop with Leon both in and out of the therapy sessions. The situation of slowly crossing boundaries was very believable but there was an underlying feeling that Leon couldnt be trusted and that he was hiding something but what was it?? 
I loved the slow build up of tension and although I guessed part of the ending I still found this a very entertaining read. 
I'll be looking out for more books by this great debut author.
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I love physiological thrillers and this did not disappoint one bit!!
There was so much suspense and intrigue that surrounded what was going to happen that I couldn't put it down. 
Story is told from Cristina who is a psychologist. We learn more about her heartbreak and grief and the vulnerability she has even though she trying to help others. 
Lots of clues scattered on the way but will Cristina choose. 
I dont want to give any hints as it will spoil the book but I would recommend you read it
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I found her little secret a gripping read!  The plot line is interesting enough especially given that the field of psychotherapy has a lot of rules and boundaries.  Our main character Christina, a licensed therapist has just started practicing again after the loss of her father and she has her first client Leon.  A quick fast paced read!
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A quick, easy and twisty thriller to read that has just the right amount of twists and suspense. I really enjoyed it
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I loved the premise of this; the idea of a therapist crossing a boundary with a client particularly caught my eye! I was excited to read this and to see how it would turn out and whether there would be disastrous consequences! I like a book which has uncomfortable moments; the awkwardness of hiding a forbidden relationship, and desire and illicit secrets.

I enjoyed how the relationship developed between Cristina and her client and the atmosphere between them. As the story progressed I liked that some things were held back, we didn’t necessarily know all of Cristina’s feelings and I liked that we could be kept in suspense with the tension mounting. There were unsettling parts which I found very tense to read – I enjoyed those!

Cristina is an interesting character; new to the job of therapist she worries about making mistakes, or her clients not trusting her advice, this allowed for her character to over-step her professional boundary and make a connection with Leon. You need to read the book to find out about Leon!

There were parts where I predicted what was going to happen, but, it didn’t spoil my enjoyment any less and I liked seeing how it all came together in the end, the ending was particularly pleasing.

I whizzed through this book and really enjoyed it, I recommend it for those that enjoy a good psychological thriller.
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