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I'm a fan of Tessa Bailey. Her books are engaging with just the right amount of spice for my liking. Hook, Line, and Sinker was no exception to this. The book was a one evening read for me. I couldn't put it down. The second in the series, the story is easy to follow even if you haven't read the first book. The characters are interesting and well nuanced. Hannah and Fox have definite chemistry with plenty of heartfelt emotion. They drew me in and I couldn't put the book down. For those who are new to Tessa Bailey, I warn that sometimes the transitions between romance and sex can be a bit abrupt and seem a bit like a departure from the general nature of the characters. It's easy to overlook this as the overall story is really good. Overall, a good strong romance with great characters, a wonderful backdrop and even better story.
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I love me a good friends to lovers trope, and this book did NOT disappoint. Book two was just as good as book 1. While I love angsty romances, sometimes the internal war the characters go through can be a but tedious and repetitive and I felt like Fox kind of irritated me at times with his rationalization. But oh my god did the bingo scene make up for that! I laughed so damn hard, and swooned even harder. This book was nothing short of amazing.
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Thank you, NetGalley and Avon, and Harper Voyagefor for a chance to read this ARC for an honest review. I read the first part of this series a couple of months ago and I fell in love with it and Tessa Bailey and this book were just as good I loved it so much. The romance felt so true and real to me. It's much more of a slow burn compared to the other but I really enjoyed that about it.
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I love the Bellinger sisters and was so excited for this follow-up story (Fox is so hot and Hannah is so smart and cool). This book was a slow burn and I was so into it until it was nearing the end. I was really rooting for Fox and had high hopes for him, but ultimately felt like his deep rooted insecurity manifested as toxic masculinity and that ruined him for me and almost ruined the book, which was luckily saved by the epilogue that was just what we all wanted and needed. So glad we got that nice surprise at the very end! I’d still recommend this book, especially if you loved the first one, but the way things went down after Fox comes back from the big fishing trip was a little too problematic for me. Also, I see nothing wrong with the jar of money for condoms! Of all things, I don’t think a mom should be shamed for providing question-free protection for safe sex.
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The literal DAY I received my approval for this ARC, I ran out and got a latte, and then made a little nest on my couch and read this book straight through. I just last week read the first book in the Bellinger Sisters series (It Happened One Summer) and I was very impatiently waiting for March to roll around so I could read this one, too. What a happy surprise to receive the ARC and be able to spend my afternoon DEVOURING it in one sitting! 

Here we get the story of Hannah and Fox, plus updates on our favorite town and the characters that make up Westport. We see Brendan and Piper too, of course, and how Cross and Daughters has been doing in the months since Hannah went back to LA. There was *a ton* of character development here, particularly with Fox, that I was really impressed by, and I love the way the story came together around Fox and Hannah's relationship. 10/10, wouldn't change a thing. 

THAT EPILOGUE!!! I always want an epilogue if an author is truly done with writing characters, but this is one of my favorite epilogues that I've ever read. We get to see that both girls are happy now, have careers, and have supportive people around them who are loving them well - it brought actual tears to my eye. I loved it so much.

Must read. 5/5
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Wow…just wow 🤩 Hannah and Fox were two incredibly well written characters and their story was just perfection.

Hannah is the type of girl you want by your side as your ride or die. She will have your back, hold you up, and encourage and support you through your best and worst moments. And she won’t just be blowing smoke, she’s the real deal, genuine through and through. Her only downfall, she doesn’t see herself as more than a supporting character and what she really wants is to be a leading lady in her life. But Fox, Fox has always seen Hannah as a leading lady. How could he not? To him, she was slowly becoming everything. 

Fox is a man burdened by the weight of a reputation he can’t escape. He’s known as a carefree playboy who will never commit and racks up notches on his bedpost like it’s his job. Nobody sees him as anything different, except for Hannah. She sees to the soul of who he really is and will stop at nothing to get Fox to see himself as she sees him.

Fox and Hannah. Beautiful, amazing Fox and Hannah. Their friendship alone moved me and the way their relationship developed…I have no words. They were genuine and raw, amazing apart, but better together. And can we just talk about their chemistry?? It was like lightening in a bottle. You just knew it was going to be powerful 🥵
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everyone shut up this was so cute.

i have been waiting for this since i read “it happened one summer,” and i loved it so much.  i really enjoyed how much more character-based and relationship-based it seems than some of tessa’s other books that i’ve read (and i think that shift suits fox and hannah as characters perfectly).

they’re such a soft couple, their small touches throughout “it happened one summer” were the highlight of the book for me and i was worried, admittedly, that “hook, line, and sinker” would follow a lot of the same very sexually-charged, dirty talk flow that it’s predecessor did.  while to some degree it was still there, i think this story felt much more organic to the characters it was based around.

i loved it.  and as a swiftie, it had huge “everything has changed” and “the very first night” energy for me.   

absolutely could have read another hundred pages of this pairing.  loved their bond of music, loved their chemistry and their humor.  loved it.

*thank you so very much to harpercollins and netgalley for this advanced readers copy!*
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I absolutely loved this book!
The characters were amazing and both Fox and Hannah were interesting and real. Hannah’s insecurities were something everyone can relate too. I found  journey to gain confidence and become a stronger person inspiring. 

For Fox I really appreciated that his growth was a center point to the story. I feel like in a lot of romance novels the male lead’s struggles take a back seat. In this book the author really showcased it and it make the story more relatable. For Fox the author highlighted toxic masculinity and the pressure of reputation on young men. This topic is not one commonly covered in books, especially romance novels. It was such an interesting part of the book and one I really appreciated.

The relationship between Hannah and Fox from acquaintances to friends to lovers felt natural and organic. I was fully invested in their relationship and it made the ending satisfying.

Overall I recommend this book to everyone, even if romance isn’t normally your favorite genre. The individual characters make this more than just a rom com books.
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I’ve been struggling to read for the past couple weeks, so I really needed something that would be engaging and keep my interest and I knew that this book would do exactly that. I really liked the first book in the Bellinger Sisters series and have been looking forward to this book since I read that one. Turns out Hook, Line, and Sinker was even better than the first one. Usually when it takes me more than one day to read a book it’s because the book isn’t keeping my attention, but with this one I was reading slowly so I could savor it and fully feel every well written word.

I absolutely adored both Fox and Hannah. I loved the epistolary nature of the beginning of their relationship. I loved the forced proximity of them becoming roommates while Hannah was back in Westport. I loved their friendship that neither wanted to mess up. In short I loved them and their story. This story was high heat and Tessa’s way of writing steamy scenes absolutely fit both characters and their relationship.

One aspect of Fox and Hannah’s relationship that really spoke to me was that they both saw the other for who they really are and not how everyone else sees them. The first chapter starts with Hannah describing herself as a “supporting actress” a “hype girl” and “the second at every duel” but Fox sees her as “a leading lady.” Fox is seen by all who know him as a player and a ladies man but Hannah is able to see through the facade to the sweet, scared person he is behind the swagger. I just love it in books when it’s so clear that the main couple is perfect for each other.

I don’t believe that there will be a third in this series as there are only two Bellinger sisters, but I would very happily return to Westport for another book. Thank you to NetGalley and Avon for the digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This novel is the second in a series. I didn’t read the first, but had no problems whatsoever starting here. A cute, but a bit lackluster romance. Slow to start and the chemistry didn’t really sizzle for me.
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This book had such a different approach to this couple's romance than the previous book. It touched on really important themes concerning men's self esteem, toxic masculinity, and childhood trauma. It was new for me as a reader to see the girl fight for the guy, and found that I enjoyed that aspect of this book. I missed Piper's presence in the book, considering Hannah appeared more often in the previous book than Piper did in this one. Hannah is such a likable protagonist and through this book, was experiencing a lot of things that are commonly faced by young women in the professional world. I wasn't prepared for how emotional this book would make me or the depth of Fox's character. Overall, I enjoyed this read and think it's a great followup to the previous one.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC, I loved this book! I flew through it in a day because I just loved Fox and Hannah so much! I love Fox's growth and Hannah's tenacity throughout the story. The novel was well paced and a fun read. I would highly recommend this to any romance fan!
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Wow. I loved meeting the Bellinger sisters in Piper’s book IT HAPPENED ONE SUMMER and knew I absolutely loved Hannah but seeing her thoughts and feelings come to life in HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER was by far better than I imagined.

I’m typically not a friends to lovers fan but when it came to Hannah and Fox I needed to give it a try. With Fox being the resident playboy of Westport and Hannah crushing on her boss I had a feeling these two had their work cut out for them coming together. The beginning showing their text exchanges and seeing the time lapse through messages was so creative and smart. It’s the way the world communicates now and to see it in books always brings a smile to my face. I’m sure in a decade I’ll look back and laugh, saying “did we really text when we can now *insert tech advance here*” but regardless I think it captures readers attention and makes the friendship seem more realistic.

Westport hasn’t changed much since the prior book, which is to be expected, but Cross & Daughters was thriving which was great to read. Hannah and Piper were extremely close in the first installment so I was bummed when I realized Piper was not in this book as much as I was helping Bailey however made this absence due to Brendan’s family being in town, which I thought was totally genius! 

The chemistry between Fox and Hannah was out of this world. Even in the first installment readers could feel the tension but reading it through the couple’s eyes made it all the more enjoyable. I actually couldn’t believe how much I liked being in Fox’s world. He had a lot of growing up to do not just in the last book but here too and to see Hannah pull him into the light was glorious. Their steamy scenes were enjoyable and the dirty talk was amazing (Bailey excels in this area) and it was overall satisfying because honestly they choose to do these things together after getting to know one another, opening up darker parts of themselves, and listening to the other bare their soul. For a “rom com” style book this felt much deeper than the first with more deeply rooted issues than Brendan had. 

I couldn’t be happier to see how their relationship transpired but I must admit I am sad to see the end of the sisters’ journeys. The epilogue made me tear up. I was fortunate enough yo get an advanced copy of this book to read. Definitely read these books about sisters finding their place in the world while falling in love in the process!
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Hook, Line, and Sinker is a sweet and steamy friends to lover romance.  Bailey hinted at a romance between Hannah and Fox in the first of the Bellinger Sister's novels and I loved reading about how Hannah and Fox's relationship developed.  The story definitely centered on Hannah and Fox, but it was nice to revisit favorite characters from It Happened One Summer.  While those that have read It Happened One Summer will recognize Westport and many of the characters, Hook, Line, and Sinker can also be read without having read the first novel.  Overall, this is a must read for anyone looking for a steamy romcom.
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3.5 stars
thank you to avon harper voyager and netgalley for the digital ARC! :) 

'it happened one summer' was one of my favorite romance reads of 2021 and while piper x brendan were definitely the best part of the book, hannah and fox also stole the show for me. i was soooo excited to get an early copy of this book and their love story. 

'hook, line, and sinker' follow our two leads a few months after the end of the first book. the two have developed a friendship, one that we saw the beginnings of 'it happened one summer'. hannah's job lands her back in westport... and in fox's apartment as his temporary roommate. 

sparks fly immediately. the two had a definite chemistry and they were really fun to read. their reluctance to cross the line from friendship to more provided some much-needed angst. they had some hot (🥵) scenes. but i think what i liked the most was that they were friends first. their relationship had such a solid base and they supported each other. they helped each other. it wasn't just one of them fixing the other, it was both of them working together to better themselves. and i always think romances could use more of that. 

would recommend this. it didn't steal the show for me like 'it happened one summer' did but this is a book romance readers everywhere will love and adore.
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This book was absolutely amazing! Tessa Bailey did it again, writing a book that I could not put down. I loved reading Hannah and Fox's story, and diving back into Westport is all I ever wanted.

I am not normally a fan of friends to lovers books, but I am a fan of THIS friends to lovers book. The romance arc is everything I want when it comes to friends to lovers.

If I could give this book a rating greater than 5 stars I would, it was one of my favorite reads.
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I really enjoyed this book and thought the characters were developed really well. It's a good plot for those that have felt they are support rather than the lead in certain aspects of life. I liked how Fox and Hannah supported each other and built each other up in both personal and professional life. It was all very sweet and full of understanding and love. Expressing feelings is a good thing!
I've enjoyed every Tessa Bailey book and love all her characters. Looking forward to more from her!
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A great sequel to the first book! I couldn't wait to read Hannah and Fox’s love story. It did not disappoint! Tessa Bailey does a fantastic job of making her characters relatable as well as providing enough humor and romance to keep the story interesting.  
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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TESSA BAILEY THE MASTERMIND!! This was AMAZING! Hanna and Fox are the perfect tension between friends and (soon to be) lovers. Literally couldn’t put it down and binged in one night.
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I went into this sequel expecting two things: modern writing and excellent steamy scenes. I got both, just not in the way I anticipated. Hannah and Fox are two of my favorite characters I've ever read--which is good, because this book was heavy on the character, light on the plot (and the amount of steam, comparatively). At no point did that bother me, frankly; this is the perfect absorbing, read-in-a-day type of story that leaves you feeling full, warm, and fed. I was halfway through and adding a pre-order to my cart, hoping my memory would allow me to feel like I was reading this one for the first time all over again.

This ARC did contain a few typos and inconsistencies in timing, in the earlier chapters, but nothing detrimental to the reader's understanding.
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