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Count Your Lucky Stars was a lovely completion to this little trilogy!

It was cute, it was steamy, I had a smile on my face the whole time, and I had a blast with it. Personally, I found the story aspect to be one of the weaker of the series - but that being said I still really enjoyed it and would absolutely recommend it! 

Olivia is back in the city trying to finally get her breakthrough placement at her job. She loves making people’s dreams come true via event planning, and a high profile (and fast paced) wedding was just picked up by her company. Lucky for her, she gets the placement, and while touring a venue with the happy couple she runs into her childhood best friend - and brief lover - Margot. As is bound to happen with this friend group, everyone gets all up in each other’s business, and Olivia and Margot are forced to reckon with the past. Did they actually care about each other way back when, or was it just a meaningless fling? And how do they feel about each other now? Can they be friends again?

Written in the lovely, quick, and witty way that Bellefleur does, this was a wonderful romp and a great cap to this series. I always appreciate the way that Bellefleur writes bi+ characters - and Olivia is no exception. She had previously been in a marriage with a man, and it wasn’t painted as though her attraction to women ended the marriage, it wasn’t that she couldn’t choose or couldn’t settle, it was that her ex wanted more from her than she could give and she ultimately chose herself.

I loved the background of Olivia’s divorce because I found it to be SO relatable. American culture - and christian culture - teaches women to sacrifice themselves until there is nothing left to give, until you are no longer an individual but a humble servant to your family. If a marriage ends it always seems to be the wife’s fault either in that she didn’t meet her husband's needs or she was crazy. As someone who doesn’t want kids, and is in the middle of a journey of regaining a sense of individuality, I could absolutely see myself in Olivia - and I think a lot of other women will be able to as well.

Ultimately, I would recommend this novel, but Written in the Stars is still my favorite romance of all time!
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Thank you to Avon and NetGalley for the advance review copy; all opinions are my own!

After having read and loved both WRITTEN IN THE STARS and HANG THE MOON, I was very much looking forward to Margot's story because she's been such a feisty, badass, but slightly mysterious character. When I heard the synopsis, I was even more excited because I'm a sucker for childhood friends to lovers, second chance, and forced proximity. As with Alexandria's two previous books, all the positive queer rep, an organic, embraced, natural reality in this group of friends, was such a balm to me. It felt so comforting and affirming to read these two love interests, Margot and Olivia, who are pan and bi respectively, loved and accepted for exactly who they are.

The highlights for me were Olivia and Margot's domestic scenes in the apartment, finding their way back to each other over conversations (and hot make outs) on the couch, their bonding over Cat (especially her attack on the vibrator), and honestly, Margot's dirty talk, which I will never get over because sweet Lord, it was SO GOOD.

COUNT YOUR LUCKY STARS was a satisfyingly soft, super steamy conclusion to the Written in the Stars series. Seeing this group of friends grow and find love has been such a delightful journey, and I can't wait to see what Alexandria comes up with next!
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This book lost me immediately. It has great reviews on goodreads but unfortunately it's not something I would pick up or recommend. The writing felt like there was too much tell and not enough show.
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I loved Written in the Stars and was nervous I wouldn’t love another couple as much as Elle and Darcy, but BOY WAS I WRONG. While there were times I wanted to shake every character and be like “plz just talk to one another,” I loved this second chance romance!
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I absolutely adored this second chance romance story. I didn’t realize until I finished that this was part of a series. I will be getting all. The. Books.
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I can’t deal with how much I love this series and love this book!!! Thank you thank you for coming into my life :)  I love these two characters and a second chance friends to lovers romance is my fave,  I can’t wait to tell everyone to read this,  this is The kind of book we need more of, and the sapphic storyline, can’t wait to read more by her and hopefully more of this series
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Count Your Lucky Stars
Alexandria Bellefleur  
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Darcy and Elle, Brendon and Annie, and Margot has sort of become the 5th wheel. She is so happy for her friends and loves being with them, but will she ever have a chance at love? Or maybe she’s already met that someone. When Brendon and Annie need last minute help to run their wedding, Olivia walks in to be their wedding planner. Except Margot has met her before. Olivia and Margot grew up together, they were best friends, and at one point more than friends. Miscommunication led to them going their separate ways. Now they have a second chance to talk it out and figure out how they feel for one another.

•LGBTQ Romance
•Second Chance romance
•Close Proximity
•Steamy texts

I love Margot. I love her so much. Also I’m so glad Elle is back! We didn’t see her much in book 2 and she is also one of my favorites in this romance series. This book is all about communication. Margot learns to let Elle in on her past she kept hidden. Margot and Olivia learn they have to hash out their past as well. I love the second chance and forced proximity trope combo. This one was steamy from the start, and Olivia and Margot were just precious together. I also like that the epilogue gave a good ending for everyone. You can tell everyone’s story is complete now.

Thank you Avonbooks for an E-Arc in exchange for an honest review!
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4.5 stars! 

Alexandria Bellefleur strikes again with another binge worthy, beautifully written romance story! 

I’m a little biased on this one, it had so many of my favorite things: second chance, childhood best friends to lovers, grump/sunshine, one of my all time favorite friend groups, roommates, and of course, a cute cat. But even without all of these things I don’t think I can see myself not loving this book. Alexandria just has a way of writing such incredible characters that you just can’t help but fully root for, couples that are just so charming and lovable, and binge-worthy writing. 

Bow, you maybe be wondering: why didn’t she give 5 stars if she loved this book so much??? well, two big reasons why this book didn’t get a full 5 stars rating were:
1. Although the chemistry between Olivia and Margot was amazing and I rooted for them from the very beginning, I felt like their second chance happened too quickly. I would’ve enjoyed more moments of them getting to know each other after 11 years apart (!!!) and bonding again before they actually started anything romantic. 
2. The conflict made sense, but I felt like it wasn’t very exciting? It was fine!!!! but I think I just wanted a little bit more, if that makes any sense. 

Even with my complaints, I felt like overall this book was engaging, the couple had incredible chemistry, and I was just so happy to finally get Margot’s story! It was a great book to wrap up the story of this friend group, and as a huge fan since Written in the Stars released, it was a very satisfying to me! I can’t wait to see what else Alexandria Bellefleur has in store for us!
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CYLS is the third book in this series by Alexandria Bellefleur, and yet it's the first book that I've read from the author. I was pleasantly surprised ... by the writing and the characters ... even though I thought the story would be predictable, apropos The Wedding Planner.
It's a second chance at love for Margot and Olivia who'd first met in high school, and now are living together after broken hearts and failed marriages.
It was an entertaining read.
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Not my cup of tea. I enjoyed the first two books, but this wasn’t it for me! Although I know many people have and will enjoy this.
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Alexandria Bellefleur has done it again. This was a perfect ending to the Written in the Stars trilogy. 

I don’t normally like second chance romances because I think the reason they resent each other so much is usually just dumb and immature. But I absolutely love this one. I loved Margot and Olivia so much and felt there was so much chemistry between them. I never stopped smiling while reading and honestly my favorite part was getting to see Elle, Darcey, Brandon, and Annie again. I love their friendship dynamic and am always prepared to laugh out loud when they are together. Honestly couldn’t have asked for a better ending. If you are looking for a swoon worthy, hilarious, second chance romance this book is absolutely perfect for you. 

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC!
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This was cute! I can’t say it’s a new favorite, but it is a super sweet second chance romance.. There is definitely a miscommunication trope that drives most of the story and A LOT of talk about how amazing the sex is (though what’s on page is pretty … boring.) I would recommend for those new to the romance genre.
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Alexandria Bellefleur’s Written in the Stars series – about romance and astrology in Seattle – comes to a sweet conclusion with Count Your Lucky Stars, about two former high school girlfriends who reunite unexpectedly after many years.  It’s warm and funny and real about what it’s like to fall in love when you think romance is beyond your grasp, and provides a proper capstone to the series as a whole.

Assistant event coordinator Olivia – Liv - Grant is recently divorced and currently trying to make a life for herself in a brand-new town.  She’s angling for her first solo assignment and ends up planning the wedding of Brendon and Annie (from Hang the Moon). The last thing Liv expects is to see Margot Cooper – her childhood best friend and first love -  who happens to be the Best Person of the groom at the wedding.

Margot Cooper is a total cynic about love, which is why she’s rolling her eyes at having been asked to be Best Person at the high-profile wedding of her friends.  She and Liv haven’t spoken for years, and after having been burned by their break-up, she’s taken up the bachelorette lifestyle and refuses to settle down.  Even being around Margot feels awkward – and thrilling, though Liv won’t admit it out loud.  Since Margot is the last single person in her friends’ group, she’s felt a bit awkward about being the odd person out and Liv’s presence soothes that ache.

Margot soon finds herself homeless thanks to a series of unprecedented disasters.  Since Liv has room at her place, Margot finds herself in the spare room.  Soon they find themselves adopting a cat, sharing meals and long, simmering looks.  But can they get over their past hurts to find true love together?

Count Your Lucky Stars is another wonderfully charming example of what Bellefleur can do when she’s firing on all cylinders.  The book is smart, sexy, funny and warm – very much in-tune with the rest of the series.  If you enjoyed the previous books, you’re sure to enjoy this one.

Margot is still the same funny, foul-mouthed cynic we met in the previous books, and she’s given extra depth and time to grow here; she’s probably the character most like me in the entire universe, so I was happy to watch her succeed.

I liked Liv’s independence, her smart ambition and the way her determination to organize her world goes by the wayside thanks to her connection to Margot.  They make a fun couple – Liv prods Margot into enjoying connecting to the rest of the world, and Margot helps Liv anchor her ambition in something real and true.

We get to see a lot of the rest of the folks from this universe, with Brendon and Annie in particular getting extra page time, and lots of room for Darcy and Elle.  Someone even gets a belated babies-ever-after epilogue (I won’t reveal which pairing here).  There’s a real sense of community in the series, of friends connecting, and the Seattle backdrop is given a lot of lively color and detail. And Cat – because of course that’s what they name their cat – is as delightful an example of contentedly arrogant feline joy I’ve ever read in a romance.

Count Your Lucky Stars is a lovely romance between two equals that provides a perfect conclusion to an already lovely series.

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I loved this. I didn't realize Alexandria had a whole series out featuring the other couples in Count Your Lucky Stars, so I went into this blind. (I will be reading the first two very soon.) I loved the lack of sapphic trauma and this just being a feel-good sapphic romance without queer trauma related to discrimination. This was such an enjoyable ready with the heavy astrology theme and the established friend group that only helped the past-history dynamic between Margot and Olivia shine even more. I would love to read more of Alexandria's work.
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From friends, to strangers, to lovers. Count Your Lucky Stars is a second chance romance between two estranged friends, after spending more than a decade apart. Olivia Grant moves to Seattle to start living her dream of becoming a wedding planner after her divorce, but when the opportunity to plan a last-minute, high-profile wedding arises, the last person she expects to see is her childhood best-friend, Margot Cooper. Fate intervenes and brings the two closer than they expected, leaving them to confront their past. 

This second-chance romance had me hooked from the start! Although I have not read the first two books of this series, I was able to enjoy Count Your Lucky Stars as a standalone. Alexandria Bellefleur created characters that I could root for from start to finish. This is a sapphic romance with bi and pan sexual MCs, lots of pining, and spice. Not only do Margot and Olivia have great chemistry together, but they also perfectly complement one another. I cannot wait to go back and read the first two installments of this series!
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Count Your Lucky Stars is the excellent conclusion to the Written in the Stars series. This book follows Margot who is beginning to feel lonely as her best friends are now coupled-up and she feels like the fifth wheel. Enter Olivia, childhood best friend of Margot. The pair have not talked in 11 years, but their feelings from the past bubble to the surface immediately. Out of some unfortunate events, the two end up becoming roommates where it becomes increasingly more difficult to ignore their feelings.

I absolutely loved this book. Margot has been a wonderful side character in the past two books, so it was lovely having her be front and center. Olivia complements the group dynamic perfectly; it is as if she has been there the whole time. Both characters have their own demons to contend with, and that is portrayed very well. Falling in love doesn't magically fix their own issues, but they are able to support and encourage the other through them, which I really appreciated.
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Let’s start at the beginning shall we! I’m not gonna lie the whole wedding planner-ness of it all threw me off a bit in the beginning of the book only for a bit though. I can say that I actually haven’t read the other two books but now having read this book I ABSOLUTELY want to go back & read Darcy & Elle’s story’s especially! I’m also curious about Brendan & Annie cause Annie was super cute & Brendan was just a bit too much but in the best way. However we’re here to discuss Olivia & Margot! Long story short they were best friends who had an extra spicy weekend together then went on to hide in the shadows & move on even though it was something they both wanted but were afraid of losing the other or their friendship. So Olivia went on to marry her on-again-off-again high school sweetheart & Margot moved to the city but as fate would have it they would find each other in that same city working in close quarters. The way they basically picked up where they left off gave me hope. I couldn’t decide who I loved more while reading cause they each have a special place in m my heart ♥️. Olivia being Pansexual & not even having to really discuss/explain herself to any made me feel so seen. The fact that even her father knew there was something extra special between her & Margot even all those years ago was beautiful & true because parents always sense that stuff. I think I personally connected with Margot more & I truly felt for Margot when she thought Olivia basically swept what they had under the rug but in reality Olivia was also heartbroken about the same thing. Also Olivia unknowingly helping Margot get over her thing with cats with cat.Their love is beautiful & I just know their wedding will be even better than Elle & Darcy’s ;) .
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❧ I binge-listened to the first two books in this series last month and instantly fell in love with these characters and their stories and I was over the moon when Count Your Lucky Stars landed on my Kindle and couldn't wait to dive in.

❧ Count Your Lucky Stars is a combination of two of my all-time favorite romance tropes: childhood besties who get a second chance at love! HELLO CATNIP!

❧ Margot Cooper, Elle's best friend and the second half of Oh My Stars, is surrounded by friends who are in happy and loving relationships and is kind of feeling like a fifth wheel. But that changes when Olivia Grant, Margot's childhood best friend, pops back up into her life. Olivia is the wedding planning for Margot's engaged friends and she also ends up becoming Margot's new roommate and the two soon realize that the spark that had ignited between them years ago never truly died out.

❧ I absolutely adored Olivia. She is literally like sugar and spice and then Margot is black coffee but these two somehow work so well together (like pumpkin cream cold brew 🖤🧡). I really enjoyed getting to see a more vulnerable side to Margot because she's known to be a straight shooter and now she's getting all flustered with her words every time she is around Olivia.

❧ The romance can be frustrating at times because both Margot and Olivia struggle with communicating how they feel because they fear that it might push the other away. But there is no denying the chemistry between these two! I would probably say that Count Your Lucky Stars is the sexiest book in this series and it's all due to Margot's dirty talking skills. 😏🔥

❧ I love that we got to see Darcy and Elle and Brendon and Annie again and of course they were all up in Margot's business and meddling in some way shape or form (I'm specifically looking at you Brendon!).

❧ My only complaint is that I wished there was one more chapter before the epilogue. The conflict is resolved and then we are tossed straight into the epilogue and I wish that we had just gotten one more chapter of Margot and Olivia being happy together before the series was wrapped up. Petition for there to be a holiday novella of some sorts so I can see how all my babies are thriving!

❧ The Written in the Stars series is definitely on my list for favorite reads of 2021 and I highly recommend that all romance loving bookworms add this series to their TBR if they haven't done so already. You won't be disappointed!
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Title: Count Your Lucky Stars
Author: Alexandria Bellefleur
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5
Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥/5 (Hot on the Smut-O-Meter)
Series: Written in the Stars #3
Tropes: Contemporary, Second Chance Romance, LGBTQIA+ representation - Pansexual, Childfree by choice, Astrology  
Content Warning: Past infidelity, Emotional manipulative ex, Fear of abandonment, Past heart attack, Divorce

In Alexandria Bellefleur’s third installment of the Written in the Stars series, Margot runs into Olivia after years apart and sparks fly. I read this as a stand-alone, but I’m excited to go back to read Written in the Stars. 

Olivia is an assistant wedding planner in Seattle who is rebuilding after divorcing her high-school sweetheart husband. A huge opportunity comes her way when dating app developer Brendon Lowell and his fiancee, Annie, have to replan their entire nuptials at the last minute. When she arrives at the first potential venue, she finds Brendon’s Best Woman is her estranged best friend. 

Margot invites Olivia to move in with her after the latter’s apartment is flooded. After a decade of not seeing each other, Margot and Olivia’s deep feelings for each other resurface almost immediately. Things get steamy but complicated. Is this casual or long-term? Can they both get over their past hurts? There is the third act fight that’s a hallmark of insta-attraction stories, but it was quickly resolved. 

I enjoyed both women's self-discovery throughout the story, but I was frustrated by the miscommunications. I loved Olivia’s cat, Cat, and Margot interactions with her. The little astrology lists at the start of some chapters were also super fun. 

Thank you to Avon Books and NetGalley for providing a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Actual rating: 4.5 stars

It took me forever to read this book but that's how I am with ebooks oops. But this is my first book by Alexandria Bellefleur and will for sure be one of many. I have already bought the second book in the series (because yes I'm reading them out of order oops) But not only is this sapphic, with a bi main character, but had such an amazing story. I also believe there is anxiety rep throughout the story, there is also another sapphic relationship with two side characters. I absolutely adored this book and am so excited to pick up a physical copy when this releases in 2022.
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