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3.5 stars. Lauren is charged with insider trading. She is released after three years, a shell of her former self. The only thing that kept her going was exacting her revenge on the one person who let her take the fall for it all…

This was an incredibly easy read, and was an entertaining story about revenge. There weren’t many twists so I didn’t feel that it was really a thriller per se (if you’re pegging yourself as a thriller, I like to be THRILLED!!) I felt it was more a story of revenge and bringing a terrible human being to justice. 

I liked Lauren, she had a punchy and sarky attitude. However, I found the whole relationship with Nate a bit far fetched if I’m honest. I was waiting for the catch (perhaps that’s the cynic in me…) but it just seemed too “boy meets girl, boy rescues girl”. And the sex…?! Did I blush? Hell yeah!! I can read my crime dark and gritty, to the point of shocking, and not bat an eyelid. But have me read a sex scene written by Hunter and I’m hiding! It didn’t feel necessary to the story if I’m honest, but Hunter clearly knows how to write sex.

The revenge plot was incredibly detailed and well thought out, and I really enjoyed that part of the story. And Kermit! Aw Kermit, bless him!

Overall, it was an entertaining read which you could easily fly through in an afternoon.
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So this is a story of revenge and succeeding. It's a gritty drama with a lot of sex. Not sure if that was needed as it didn't really have anything to do with the story.

I enjoyed the read. It kept me interested from the start.

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Interesting and easy read about revenge. Full of tension and very suspenseful. For me the sex was a little too much and not necessary to the story, but it might appeal to other readers. 
On the whole a good read. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A really easy yet interesting read. Having just left prison, serving a sentence of 6 years for a crime she claims she didnt commit, Lauren Miller is settling down to her new life on the outside. Living a quite  life she is found by a journalist called Nate, who wants to help her prove that she is a victim and not villian. 
Lauren is all out of trust for people and it takes her a while to to start to trust that Nate may be the help she needs. 
Will Lauren be able to clear her name and prove what really did happen. Is she right to put her trust in Nate?
A good thrilling story that was really easy to read.
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I’d like to thank Boldwood Books and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘The Fall’ written by Evie Hunter in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Lauren Miller is sentenced to prison for insider trading, a crime she says she committed with her boss Jeff Williams, and throughout her sentence she’s dreamt of getting her revenge on him for framing her and letting her take the blame.  Lauren is released after three years and is living in a semi-derelict cottage in the New Forest when a good-looking American Investigative Journalist named Nate Black contacts her.  He says he wants to help clear her name in return for her story and although Lauren wants to trust him she doesn’t know if she can.  

‘The Fall’ is an entertaining thriller with the strategy being revenge on the person who’s to blame for Lauren’s incarceration in prison.  The plot is perfectly planned and carried out with lots of drama, intrigue and excitement, and I got so involved with the action that I couldn’t stop reading and once started I devoured the entire book in less than a day.  It’s a really thrilling book and although there wasn’t a vast number of twists and turns, those that were present gave the story impetus and made me rethink my suspicions.  This is an easy book to read, with a final twist that I wasn’t expecting and gave the story a perfect ending.  Is this Ms Hunter’s first thriller?  If it is, I do hope she writes some more as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Having spent time in prison for the last 6 years for a crime she hadn't committed Lauren Miller has been released.
Licking her wounds she wants to hide away from the world, her well-to-do parents who are ashamed of her find her a shack in the woods, it's run-down but she doesn't care she just wants to plot her revenge on those that are to blame. 

A local journalist Nate Black picks up her story and is interested in what went on.  After meeting Lauren he wants to help her clear her name. He comes up with a plan to catch the real offender, but who knows if it will work?

This was a really good thrilling book it had a few twists and turns which keeps the reader interested. 
Will they find who did commit the crime? Will the culprit be brought to justice?
Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this book. xx
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Lauren is arrested and spent 3 years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Now out of prison Lauren wants to restart her life away from the public and sets herself up in an isolated shack in the forest and gets herself a job in a local cafe. 

Interested in Lauren’s case and believing she is innocent a local journalist Nate is determined to gain Lauren’s trust, team up with her, help her prove her innocence and reveal the true culprit. 

This book was so easy to read, the plot was simple, easy to follow but also had plenty to keep the reader interested. I loved the relationship the builds between Lauren and Nate and I found I really loved both of their characters. The fact that I loved the characters made this book all the more easier to read.

I also really enjoyed the ending to this book. Justice was finally done, karma came round and the real criminal was held to account and I loved the way he was brought down by a clever planned formed by Nate. The only thing I would have loved was a one year later on the end to see what became of Nate and Lauren but other than that I found this book was fast paced, thrilling and exciting. 

Thank you to NetGalley, Evie Hunter and penguin books for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an open and honest review.
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This was a bit different to what I normally read but sounded really good was a little bit of a slow burner to start while you get to know the characters and the storyline then boom your hooked and the storyline gets interesting and you need to know more a really good book with a surprise ending I enjoyed it and would recommend.
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Sent to a prison for a crime you didn’t commit…gives you time to ponder and plot revenge on the people that put you there! This is a page Turner with some nasty surprises and people to boot! This is a book you wont want to put down.
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This book was good but not as fast paced or gritty than I was expecting. Worth a read though, and some nasty characters along the way.
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Absolutely amazing book
Couldn’t put it down 
One of the best I’ve read this year 
Will keep you up into the early hours
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She served time behind bars for a crime she didn't commit and is now planning her revenge on those who made her life like this. Nate walked into her life a wanting a story but what can he give in return right. Plenty of action and thrillers with twist to get you through this book.
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Lauren Miller has served six years behind bars for a crime she did not commit. Now, her life in tatters, she is determined to bring those to framed her to justice. Journalist Nate Black is intrigued by Lauren's story. Is she the innocent victim she claims to be? Eager to learn more, he offers to help Lauren clear her name and bring the real culprits to justice. But with millions of pounds still missing, Lauren remains the prime suspect.

What a cleverly crafted story this is. Lauren is trying to rebuild her life after being liberated from prison. She's living in a shack and working in a cafe. But she's out to get revenge on the people who framed her. Journalist Nate Black says he believes her innocence, but does he? 

Filled with great characters, plenty of twists and a captivating storyline, I was hooked from the beginning. I could not and did not want to put the book down. I have not read this author before but it won't be my last. Loved it.

I would like to thank #NetGalley #BoldwoodBooks and the author  #EvieHunter for my ARC of #TheFall in exchange for an honest review.
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A thriller based on revenge, it's a bit predictable but I enjoyed it nonetheless and would recommend the read. Perfect for a holiday read. Thanks to Net Galley for my ARC.
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Lauren Miller is in prison for a crime she has not committed and she has had time to plan her revenge on the person who wronged her the day has come that she is out her mum picks her up from prison but she is not going home to her parents as they are snobs . they have rented her a place in the woods Lauren finds work in a roadside Cafe . then Nate walks in to her life a journalist says he believe s she is innocent . meanwhile Jeff is still trying to find out where she is then someone turns up and says he wants his money and she does not know what he means a lot of twist and turns in book
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Laura Miller has done six years behind bars
And she is determined to find out who it was
She is On a revenge claim
I had an ARC
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Lauren has just left prison for a crime she says she hasn't committed.she is looking for revenge on the person who set her up. Along the way she meets Nate, an Investigator who wants to help her prove her innocence however, there is a twist and things are not as straight forward as they seem....
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I loved reading The Fall the story of Lauren and how she ended up in prison and now she wants revenge. This book had me hooked from start to finish with Lauren trying to rebuild her life after her release from prison, her parents don't want her at home so she lives in a shack. Working in a cafe keeps her busy and one day she finds a dog that soon become her companion. Nate Black wants Laurens story about how she got involved with insider trading but will Lauren tell her side. Brilliant Book Loved it.5*
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A real revenge thriller, packed with action from the off and hooks you in. 
Gripping throughout and moves at pace. Lots of shocks, twists and great moments along the way.

Brilliant finale, very clever. Highly recommend.
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Lauren Miller has left prison after 6 years for a crime she didn't commit now she wants revenge on those who wronged her.
Nate Black is a journalist who takes a interest in Lauren's story her offers to help her clear her name.
Two people thrown together can they prove Lauren's innocent but who will take the fall.
An excellent read had me gripped throughout loved the characters and twist at the end.
Would highly recommend and look forward to reading more by this author.
Thank you Netgalley and Boldwood books for the ARC
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