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I really enjoyed reading this, fun and quirky rom-com to balance out some thrillers I have been reading. 

We follow Rachels journey through her ups and down s and struggles but what I liked was she was held accountable for her mistakes to whether she expected it or not. 

It flowed really well and was well written and an enjoyable read.
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Rachel Ryan’s Resolutions is one of those stories that simply resonates with its readers. How many of us have made similar resolutions, only to abandon them within a few days (or even hours)? Rachel tries – not always very hard, especially when it comes to exercising (and who can blame her?) – to stick to them, and as the story progresses the list expands slightly to take into account the difficulties she has in sticking to some of them. I loved this one!
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Took me a little while to get into this one for some reason. Maybe it was because I had trouble relating to the main character and generally not caring for any characters in the book. A definite light, rom-com read that unfortunately just wasn't for me.
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This book is just so lush to read and has been the perfect escape. I love how it’s written. It has a gorgeous cover and is filled with a mix of superb characters and a great plot.
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I really enjoyed this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy. The characters were hilarious, well developed and muti faceted. Rachel was so relatable and even though her backstory is sad her character is strong and continues to grow throughout the story. Tom is a heartthrob and I loved her co-worker Greg!
I loved this book and will definitely recommend!
Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC.
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Fue divertido, y tiene temas de dolor.
 corriendo a través de él también, lo que lo convirtió en algo más que un típico
 romcom. Jack, el ex novio de Rachel, que le rompió el corazón mientras estaba en la universidad aparece en su lugar de trabajo, con interés en restablecer su relación.  Rachel luego se enfrenta a un triángulo amoroso con Jack y ella. amigo cercano Tom, que es genuino, amable y se preocupa profundamente por ella.
 Me encantaron las amistades entre los personajes de este libro, especialmente Rachel y Anna, y recomendaría este libro como una lectura ligera con momentos emocionales y divertidos.  Disfruté el comienzo de este, y luego sentí todos los clichés que Salen a conocer y amar este género.  Pero ese final fue tan mucho mejor de lo previsto y mostró tanta profundidad a Rachel y otros personajes.  Divertido, coqueto y encantador.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Embla Books for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

I found the book difficult to get into due to the writing. The writing in the first few chapters wasn’t the best and would benefit from more editing. However, the characters and the plot were good. The Protagonist was relatable but not built in much depth in the narrative. If the protagonist and other characters had been more in-depth then this book would have received a higher rating. 

I truly wanted to love this book, but I just didn’t find it overly enjoyable to read. While funny in places with a relatable main character, I’m sure that others will enjoy it far more than I did.
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Sweet, entertaining and enjoyable romcom but missing that extra something. Rachel is under pressure to get married, but has sabotaged her relationships since a devastating betrayal- Jack Harper - on her graduation day. So life gets more complex when Jack Harper appears at her creative agency and they are paired together on some high profile accounts. She has strong support from her best friend, her boyfriend and his best friend Tom. And as she starts to see Tom more clearly, it appears she may have to choose between Jack, who is playing hard to get her back and Tom whose feelings aren't clear. 

The story had all the right elements - complex past, deep betrayal, suspenseful flirting, some humour, but I struggled to connect with the main character Rachel. I found her quite annoying and the way she justified many of her actions felt illogical. It felt like situations were being created for a certain effect and then Rachel's dialogue was shaped to suit that, so that Rachel felt less authentic. Although it wont be my most memorable read, I still enjoyed it and its very satisfying ending.
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Rachel Ryan is a mess.
She convinces herself she's a capable  career but has the thought processes of a very dim teenager.
She has to be propped  up by her flatmate, friends and work colleagues  yet resents parental concern.
She had a messy affair which went wrong a s after many  years is floored at the sight of an ex or even a giant photo of her former rival.
Possibly She would cope better with a teenage tragedy she'd had if she spent less time not drinking responsibly.
Most of those she encounters are nice, genuine people and one wonders why they tolerate such a blight.
I found the general story pretty obvious - but it is extremely  well written.
I'd try another by the same author ti see if it had  less futile "heroine"
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Rachel Ryan's Resolutions by Laura Starkey was a total diamond. I really enjoyed this book, and thought it was easily one of the funniest and most engaging books that I have read this year. The plot was very predictable, which was a bit disappointing, but I still liked it.

Rachel was an extremely relatable character, tackling issues that many of us can easily identify with. Her character was hilarious, and her constantly changing resolutions were very funny. 

I loved the concept of this book, and Laura Starkey has written a very engaging and enjoyable rom-com.
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This book was my favourite read of 2021 so far. I laughed out loud on many an occasion, adored the main characters and didn’t expect the plot twists at all meaning I was unable to put the book down. Such a wonderful story to get lost in for a day, I will be recommending this book to all of my friends and family.
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In Rachel Ryan’s Resolutions we meet Rachel as she tries to navigate big changes at work. One of these changes is the reappearance of her ex, Jack. Luckily she has her close friends to help her along the way.

I really enjoyed getting to know Rachel and her friends. Especially wondering how her New Years resolutions would work out for her. There were plenty of moments that made me smile and this provided a lovely escape. It was very easy to get caught up in Rachel’s journey, hoping she would get her happy ever after.

There is a kind of love triangle woven through the story. Sometimes in books these can be a little hit and miss in how they play out. However I think in the case of this story it provided the right amount of drama to create something that kept my attention throughout. Rachel Ryan’s Resolutions also had a good mix of minor characters that complimented the main characters. They all played their part whether it was from a friendship, dramatic or romantic side. It’s safe to say there was both a fun and a sweet aspect to this book that worked well.

Rachel Ryan’s Resolutions had a gentle charm that made for a wonderful read!
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Thank You Embla Books for accepting my request! 😘
I had so much fun reading this!

Rachel Ryan's Resolutions by Laura Starkey was an absolute joy to read! 
Rachel is a funny, well written protagonist and I loved her resolutions!
I loved how the author made out MC deal with issues most of us deal with today. 
It's one of those uplifting reads that gives you a warm cosy hug!
I devoured it in two sittings because it was just so good and I had to know how it ended.
This was a fun, easy, phenomenal book!.

Thank you NG, Publisher and Author for this erc!
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Starkey has a wonderful way with words that had me laughing out loud throughout her perfectly crafted debut. A love triangle with a clever mix of hero and villain, and a main character we can all root for.
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Squished next to Bridget Jones’ Diary on my bookshelf, Rachel Ryan’s Resolutions had me snorting with laughter and more than ready for Laura Starkey’s next book. 

It was a really fun read and with excellent one-liners that kept me chuckling throughout. Rachel was a lovely, funny protagonist with a heartbreaking backstory but real warmth in her character. (The resolution updates were very entertaining!) The lusty Jack Harper was a great character too and Tom was a sweetheart (as well as a heartthrob). Shout out to Greg for being a legend, everyone deserves a Greg in the workplace. 
I felt like the ending was perhaps a bit rushed - or perhaps I just wanted more of the book to read as it unravelled - but it really is good fun. 

I’d recommend it to Bridget fans and anyone seeking an uplifting holiday read or to vanquish January blues. 

Huge thanks to the author, Laura Starkey, and publisher, Embla,  for this advance review copy. Views my own. 5*
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An entertaining if predictable book. I really wanted to enjoy it more but found it fairly predictable and the quality of the writing wasn't strong enough to carry me through. Perhaps the author's next book may have a stronger voice.
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This was a nice and sweet romantic comedy. Love triangle? Yes, please! This is a great summer read with fun characters. It was a little predictable at times, but still worth it if you're a fan of romcoms! Thank you, NetGalley!
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I loved this fun debut novel by - a rom-com with relatable characters that will make you smile, make you laugh and even tug at your heartstrings at times. Perfect for a few hours of escapism, it is a book I very much enjoyed

We first meet Rachel hiding in a bush as she watches her boyfriend with another woman - and tries to escape unnoticed. Fast forward ten years and Rachel’s love life is still a little complicated - her most recent ex, Laurence has become a bit of a stalker, and the boyfriend she caught cheating all those years ago has become a work colleague and seems keen to work his way back into her life. Add to that the fact that she is unaware that her close friend Tom is carrying a torch for her and life is getting a little complicated to say the least - and she’s struggling to keep her New Years’ resolutions, which she keeps updating as the year progresses.

Rachel is such a relatable main character as we follow her through life’s ups and downs, struggling with issues so many of us have faced in both her personal and professional lives. There is an entertaining and well-drawn cast of supporting characters, and I enjoyed the friendships portrayed throughout the book. There are some touching moments as we learn more about Rachel and you can’t help but root for her happy ever after which everyone but her seems able to see.
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This book is a modern tale of friendship and love. The chapters begin with Rachel’s resolutions, the main character, and they’re amended monthly depending on the highs and lows of her love life.
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Rachel Ryan's Resolutions is a wonderfully classic rom-com filled with a powerful (though she might not always feel it) MC, that shows what it might really be like if we got that second chance to tell someone how we feel. It's a quick and super satisfying read, not to be missed. 

5/5 Stars

Thank you to NetGalley and Embla Books for providing me with an e-arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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