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Four Aunties and a Wedding

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The follow up to Dial A for Aunties did not disappoint!! I found all of the Aunties to be hilarious in the first book, so I was excited to see how they would intertwine with Meddy’s family in the sequel!! I found the story line to be a little predictable in that it mirrored a lot of chaos from the first book. I had portions of the “twists” figured out but not the entire surprise. Nathan’s family was quite cringe-worthy & I would honesty have let his mother have a piece of my mind if I was Meddy!
I enjoyed this one and look forward to hopefully following along with the family in future installments!! 3.75 stars!!
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This is a very Funny Cozy Mystery, and this is the second book in the Aunties series. I love the characters in this book series. The Aunties are so funny. I laughed so hard while reading this book. If you want a fun and funny book with a little mystery on the side this is the book for you. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Berkley Books) or author (Jesse Q. Sutanto) via NetGalley, so I can give an honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that. This book is schedule to be release on March 29-2022.
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I literally laughed my way through Dial A for Aunties, so when I learned there was a sequel I jumped at the chance for an ARC! 

Meddy and her aunties are back with some serious shenanigans. This time in England, at the beautiful Christ Church College, for Meddy to marry her true love, Nathan. While I smiled at their antics and adored their hearts, I just really wanted the drama to come to a close. 

Four Aunties and A Wedding just doesn’t capture the same charm and magic that Dial A for Aunties does. I still laughed and I still adore the aunties, but somehow it just wasn’t the same in book two. Meddy’s lies to Nathan are so unbelievable that I felt sorry for Nathan for believing her. And somehow I don’t remember Meddy’s language being so offcolor in the first book; she has quite the mouth in book two. 

I’ve read that both the author and the publisher have book three planned.  The last chapter of book two definitely sets us up for where and how those shenanigans will take place.  And, you know there will be plenty of (well-intentioned) shenanigans!

Huge thanks to Berkley Publishing Group and Netgalley for an ARC of Four Aunties and A Wedding, in exchange for my honest review.
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Another adventure with the zany aunts! They were just as much fun to read about in this book as they were in ‘Dial A for Auntie.’ I appreciated how the Aunties have been unapologetically themselves in both books but especially that Meddy finally realizes she’s every bit her Ma’s daughter in the end of this book - I like that growth of her character. I also really appreciate the forward by the author at the outset of the novel. Jesse did a wonderful job representing the Indo-Chinese community respectfully and I love how she tackled the Asian diaspora experience! I have been recommending ’Dial A for Aunties’ since reading it and I will definitely be recommending this book when it hits the shelves!
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I sadly really didn't enjoy this one so much. Everything felt too much? I just wanted the characters to TALK to each other!

BUT it was funny, and entertaining, and it ended well!!
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Four Aunties and a Wedding by Jesse Q. Sutanto was such a fun read! The story is centered around Meddy and Nathan's wedding. The aunties, of course, become very involved in the planning. And this leads to a whole lot of ridiculousness. It was a great followup to Dial A for Aunties, and the ending set up the next mis(adventure) in the series. I can't wait!
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Just as good as the first!! A perfect blend of mystery and comedy, the characters were as lovable as before and the twist at the end was great! I was frustrated with Meddy at times for how she chose to keep things from Nathan but obviously there were impossible circumstances!
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Four Aunties & a Wedding by Jesse Q Sutanto

Meddy and Nathan are getting married! But Meddy’s mom and aunties are trying to steal the show with eye-bleeding sparkling purple costumes and fake British accents and Komodo dragon hats!

I mean what could really go wrong! 

With the aunties planning to execute someone important thats coming to the wedding and keeping Meddy quite by saying they will go to the authorities about Guan’s suspicious murder!

There really isn’t much that could go wrong right?


I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed so hard while reading a book! I’m still laughing just thinking about it! This right here is the definition of a funny read! I mean when you fall out of your seat, your side hurts funny! I really enjoyed the fun loving family of five! All of us have one or 2, ok maybe a few family members that the Aunties will remind you of! I will definitely be looking out for the release of the next book! 

Thank you Berkley & netgalley for a chance to read this story!
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I really liked the first book in this series and I enjoyed this book as well, although I found myself with a little less patience with the characters than I had in the last book. I enjoy the over the top antics of all the Aunties but I felt in this book they got a little too over the top and veered into caricatures instead of real people.  Some of it was fine but with the “British” lessons and ridiculous outfits and everything else at times it felt like too much. But I did enjoy it.
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Four Aunties and a Wedding by Jesse Q. Sutanto is the second book in the Aunties series. This book is a true sequel to Dial A for Aunties, the story continues with the four aunties, Meddy and all the outlandish situations they land up in. Meddy is getting married to the love of her life, Nathan. The aunties are all geared to travel to England for the wedding with their all new British accent and attires to impress Nathan's sophisticated family. The aunties arrange for the perfect Chinese-Indo wedding organizers to make the wedding as perfect as they would organize for Meddy. All hell break loose when the perfect wedding organizers end up being the mafia and have a dangerous agenda for the wedding that Meddy and the aunties must defuse and save the day! They land up in super funny situations and the aunties are at the cutest annoying best! I loved this book almost as much as Dial A for Aunties. There was a freshness with the Dial A for Aunties that was missing here, which I guess is common for all sequels. But still, Four Aunties and a wedding was an enjoyable read. Just like the first book, Meddy and Nathan are just side characters and the four aunties are the main protagonists! I really wish they make this series into a movie. It has all the elements to be a successful movie!

Thank you Berkley Romance and NetGalley for the ARC of Four Aunties and a Wedding in exchange for my honest review.
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I am really fond of the characters in the book, but some of it felt repetitive/just a little too much. I also don't think the idea of being fully supportive of the aunts' differences was supported by the text. The resolution was also a little abrupt and unfinished. But overall, it was an enjoyable read and I hope there's a sequel.
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I confess that I was skeptical when I started the first book in this series, but by the end of it I had developed affection for Meddy, her mom, and her three aunties. This established relationship actually made me enjoy the second book even more than the first--I sped through it, eager to see what madcap decisions they would make to get through Meddy's wedding without more blood on their hands. While Nathan was less a part of this book than the first, it was still sweet to read about him and Meddy's relationship and the trust they had established. 

This sequel to Dial A for Aunties does not disappoint--if you've been waiting to see what the Chans have been up to, grab this when it comes out.
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I can't help but be charmed by the Aunties, and even by Meddy, the long-suffering niece, even as the most outlandish hijinks ensue. In this sequel to Dial A for Aunties, Meddy and Nathan are planning a dream wedding in Oxford, England, a wedding that Meddy does not want to become an auntie affair, so she hires another Indonesian family to execute her wedding. Everything is going well until their arrival in England, where Meddy must deal with her British-slang talking aunties, her horrified in-laws, and a wedding photographer who suddenly claims to be a member of a Jakarta mafia, who is planning on taking a hit out on an unsuspecting wedding guest.

Now if Meddy had handled this revelation like a actual human being everything would have been nipped in the bud, and the wedding would have carried on, but as my husband is always saying, "If everyone listened to you we wouldn't have a plot." Meddy and aunties throw themselves into saving the day, which includes holding the hair and makeup people hostage, skipping out on almost every part of the wedding, and ingesting large amounts of traditional Chinese medicine, which is, ahem, a homemade recipe that is a favorite of Meddy's mother. (Readers of Dial A for Aunties will remember this.) This book is as funny as the first book, especially moments like the one where the Aunties insist to Meddy that their old neighbor couldn't possibly be a ruthless mafia leader, because he was such a dumb, sweet kid. I couldn't help my frustration at Meddy's stupidity, especially as she keeps everything from her brand new husband, and clearly doesn't do a great job covering her tracks. (I can't believe that Nathan didn't figure it all out, but I chalk it up to him being distracted by his wedding.) However, the charm and fierce love of the Aunties saved the story.

This was a great sequel, just as funny, and horrifying as the first book. I assume book three will involve Meddy dealing with that baby her mother wants so badly? Or putting up with her Indonesian family on her honeymoon? I can't wait for what's next for the Aunties!
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I LOVED THIS BOOK! They say the sequel is never as good as the original, but this book had the same energy and was JUST. AS. GOOD.  I absolutely loved all the twists and turns. Sutanto knows how to keep a reader on the edge of their seat, delivering new plot twists and punchlines until the very last page. I absolutely adore the aunties and was delighted I got to read another book with them. This book is a gift to the world! Quite literally the best holiday gift I could ever give myself was reading this book. Five out of five stars; highly recommend to any comedy romance lovers like me!
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This series is my new favorite!  The plot is so entertaining and it is so easy to get lost in the story.  The characters are amazing and I laugh throughout the book.  Eagerly awaiting the next book!
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Thank you to Berkley and NetGalley for providing me with an early copy in exchange for an honest review!

Once again, Jesse Q. Sutanto has poor Meddelin in a hilarious and potentially dangerous crisis. Not only is she getting married, but her wedding vendors are actually a mafia family! 
I didn't enjoy this book quite as much as Dial A for Aunties because I felt like it really tested my ability to suspend my disbelief. The aunties are still hilarious and doing The Most ™ (those fascinators!) but I just had a hard time with some of the plot lines. I also struggle a bit with how Sutanto writes the romance between Meddy and Nathan. It feels very flat and almost entirely physical. I know this isn't really a romance but I wish there had been a bit more elaboration on their feelings for each other so there could have been a bit more tension when Meddy is running around during her wedding trying to keep her aunties in line. 
This was still a fun romp and the aunties were funny and cringey and I felt so bad for Meddy. I would recommend it for anyone who really loved Dial A for Aunties.
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I didn’t realize this was a sequel when I requested it and hadn’t read the first installment. But that fact did not prevent me from enjoying the book. It was a laugh a minute romp as Meddie, her mom and her aunts try their best to rescue her wedding from an expected crisis involving their wedding planners. While Meddie and Nathan, her betrothed, are both of Indonesian descent, Nathan grew up in a family that totally assimilated into the prim and proper British culture. Calling Meddie’s family prim and proper is the opposite of how anyone would describe them. Meddie and Nathan decide to hold a destination wedding in Oxford and Meddie’s crazy aunts and mother learn all the English slang they can in anticipation of their trip to England and what results is hilarious as they “cheerio, luv, and dog bullocks” their way through the day as they try to fit in.   Trying to imitate the British accent and manner of speaking with their broken English is a riot. All the characters in the book are well drawn, from Meddie’s crazy family to Nathan’s staid one and Nathan’s parents’ reaction to Meddi’s mom and aunts is spot on. About three quarters of the way through the book, however, the situation became a bit ridiculous and unbelievable. Still overall it was a good read. Thanks to Netgalley for giving me an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review.
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After the welcome unexpected surprise that was book 1, I could not WAIT to read more from Jesse Q Sutanto and was thrilled to WIN an advance reader's copy from Berkley + Shelf Awareness from their Spring Women's Fiction giveaway - as SOON as I received it I just HAD to read it! 

As always, I'm a total sucker for any book set at a wedding, and this one brought all the best shenanigans from Meddy + her aunties, at her very OWN wedding and it could not have been more ridiculous and entertaining.

What I loved about it was knowing that it could be read as a stand-alone title as well, but brought all the familiar aspects of the first in the series that I enjoyed. The family relationships, the look into families, and all their similarities and differences that make each person who they are combined with the LOVE that truly brings them all together just makes me smile throughout Sutanto's books.

Full of drama and humor, plenty of twists and turns that just get better and better with every page, FOUR AUNTIES AND A WEDDING was a delightful, fun read that I really enjoyed, 4.5 stars from me. I'm already looking forward to seeing where this crazy family takes their flair for disaster and mischief next.
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OH, Meddy, my sweet summer child, you are far too sweet and trusting for the scenarios that come with your family.

We follow as Meddy is getting married to our darling Nathan, and they have decided to get married at Oxford. After choosing venues and hiring "family" organizers, everything is going to be a blast.... then they realize the organizers intend to blast someone, and we join Meedy in a worldwide adventure.

This book begins with the same ridiculous charm that this author always does perfectly. The cosy comfort that made reading funny and sweet. I was happy to see Meddy getting her dream, and although I wanted more of a backbone with her family at HER wedding, I did love that strong family tie.
Also, this book showed discrimination; Meddy's family tried hard to be respectful and learn more about British customs, and although they were all wrong, they tried. On the other hand, Nathan's family didn't grasp the whole language and culture barrier between the two Asian/English families, which pissed me off; they just dismissed or lashed out at them without trying to understand that they were TRYING!

Unfortunately, like the first book, I had a problem with the repetitiveness of the kidnappings and the miscommunication between Meedy and Nathan, and I was mad for Nathan. I know she couldn't tell him, but either lie better as lives are on the life OR look him in the end and say, I know this is strange, and I'm being weird, but I cannot stress how much I need you to trust me, their relationship is strong to go on.
I won't be continuing with the series if there is more, as I don't think it has more to offer, and I don't want to hate the series. I believe it has reached the limit of ridiculous charm and my limit of repetitiveness.
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Wow. This book was wild. I smiled, I laughed, I cringed, I laughed some more but I would expect nothing else from this sequel. The aunties were a little too nutty for me at times that it began to feel on the unbelievable side. But it’s all in good fiction fun so I can’t complain.
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