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I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss, Vol. 1 (light novel)

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I have been seeing so many reincarnation variations like this one. You'd think by now I would be able to resist one when it came across my plate. You'd be wrong. I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss, Vol. 1 is the start of a new series by Sarasa Nagase and Mai Murasaki.

For a moment there, it looked like Aileen's life was falling apart. Then the memories from her past life started flowing into her. Now, she understands that her new life is part of a video game plot, and she knows how to take advantage of the situation.

Rather than relegating her life to that of a villainess, as the game would have her do, Aileen is going to do something different. She's going to take the story by its horns and tame the final boss herself. Who's going to stop her?

It seems like I've been reading a lot of reincarnated villainess tales lately (there are a veritable ton of them on Tapas, for those wondering). But I'm not going to complain about that. I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss, Vol. 1 was a quick and fun read that once again created a unique spin within the genre.

Personally, I really loved the core concept of this one. I like the idea of a character like Aileen taking ownership of her life – it is such a liberating thought, don't you think? Anyway, it made for a solid foundation here, and I'm clearly going to have to make a point of following this series because I'm too curious to give up now.
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☆☆☆☆ /5 
(english review below)

Un isekai que j'ai plutôt bien apprécié et que j'ai trouvé original par rapport à tout ceux que j'ai pu déjà lire !
Les méchants ont aussi leurs propres histoires ! 

Lorsque ses fiançailles avec le prince se terminent sans cérémonie, les détails de la vie passée de la jeune noble Aileen lui reviennent et l'aident à se rendre compte qu'elle vit dans le monde de l'un de ses jeux otome préférés, en tant que plus grand rival de l'héroïne ! Cependant, de mémoire, cela ressemble plus à de l'intrigue qu'à une mauvaise fanfiction… et la seule certitude qu'elle a est que si elle ne fait pas quelque chose rapidement, sa mort est presque assurée. On ne peut pas compter sur le héros/l'amour principal, alors pourquoi ne pas voir ce que le boss final a à dire ?
En terme de lectures graphiques, j'affectionne tout particulièrement les isekai. Très souvent, les isekai que je lis commence par l'invocation soudaine d'un personnage du monde réel dans un monde magique ou par la réincarnation d'un personnage mort dans le monde réel dans la peau d'un personnage de jeu vidéo ou de livre. Et là pour le coup, je dois dire que j'ai trouvé ce light novel unique puisque le personnage est déjà intégré dans ce monde magique et que ce sont des bribes de souvenirs d'un passé oublié qui lui indique qu'elle incarne un personnage dans un de ses otome games préférés.
J'ai beaucoup apprécié le personnage d'Aileen que j'ai trouvé débrouillarde et mature. J'ai aimé connaître ses réflexions et ses pensées lorsqu'elle a commencé à voir que les choses étaient étranges et lorsqu'il a fallu à qu'elle réfléchisse à comment survivre dans ce jeu.
L'univers dans lequel elle se trouve est tout aussi intéressant à découvrir. J'ai pris plaisir à imaginer tout ce qui était décrit ! Et le style d'écriture simple et facile à lire, propre aux light novels, m'a beaucoup aidé à cette visualisation pendant ma lecture.
C'est un premier tome et la fin promet d'autres aventures, d'autres embûches quant à l'atteinte de l'objectif d'Aileen pour survivre. 


An isekai that I quite enjoyed and that I found original compared to all those I have already read!
Villains Have Their Own Routes Too! 

When her engagement to the prince ends unceremoniously, details of the young noblewoman Aileen’s past life come rushing back and help her realize she’s living inside the world of one of her favorite otome games—as the heroine’s greatest rival! However, her memory has more plot holes than bad fan fiction…and the only certainty is that if she doesn’t do something quick, her death is all but assured. The hero/main-love-interest can’t be relied on, so why not see what the last boss has to say?
In terms of graphic readings, I particularly like isekai stories. Quite often the isekai I read begin with the sudden summoning of a real-world character to a magical world or the reincarnation of a dead character in the real world in a video game. And there for once, I must say that I found this unique light novel since the character is already integrated into this magical world and that these are bits of memories from a forgotten past which indicates to her that she plays a character in one of her favorite otome games.
I really enjoyed the character of Aileen who I found resourceful and mature. I liked knowing her thoughts when she started to see things were weird and when it took her to think about how to survive in this game.
The universe in which she finds herself is just as interesting to discover. I enjoyed imagining everything that was described! And the simple and easy-to-read writing style unique to light novels helped me a lot with this visualization while reading.
It's a first book and the end promises other adventures and other pitfalls in reaching Aileen's goal to survive.
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This was a pretty fun read! To be honest, it took me a little time to get into the story, and I don't think I ever really vibed with it fully, but I loved certain twists and turns that happened, and I do love this style of story - people waking up in the game and remembering previous lives. One of my current favourite animes does something extremely similar.

I will admit that this read like...relatively okay fanfiction. I've been back into fanfic lately, and this one read like one that I liked but had issues with the expression and the lack of character development. The romance never really felt that real to me, either. It seemed to move both way too slow and then way too fast at the end, and whilst there were definitely some good points, I just didn't find I believed that there was much of anything *there* between them.

Storyline was pretty interesting, and the ending was quite good, also room for sequels, but I would've just liked a bit more from this one.
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* I received an eARC/e-galley of this book via Netgalley. All opinions in this review are my own.

I am a fan of the isekai genre, where a character is transported to another world and has to survive (usually a video game) and this novel was a great take on that. The main character started to have random memories of her past life and some of those pertained to her favorite video game in which she is now. The story is great and follows her and the clever decisions that she makes to help herself survive with a little help from those memories. She is smart and beautiful and of course, she doesn’t realize how amazing she is. She realizes the only way for her to live is to make the final boss of the game her alley/love. The story is super cute and smart and the characters are likable but the way it is written is not perfect. It can be a fault with the translation but some parts of the book are a little hard to follow and the conversations don’t say who said what and that was a little confusing at times. I do recommend this to people who like isekai and light romance. I will be reading the following novels.
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This was very cute. I really enjoyed this read. I feel like the trope of the villainess becoming the main character and being not so villain is becoming really trendy and I like it. As usual in light novels, the writing style is easy to read and easy to visualise. I think Sarasa Nagase did a great job for the world building here. I quickly got into it and couldn’t stop reading. I enjoyed following the girl who got reincarnated kind of as Aileen and seeing her become one with the game-character.
I cannot say much about the illustration because the formatting did not allow me to see the full image for some reason. But from the little I saw, it looked nice.
I recommend it to people looking for a fun and easy read, with a strong female lead.
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There are two things I’m pretty fond of but never talk about: isekai and light novel. It does not come as a surprise then that I asked to review this. This was a fast read (I read it in a day) and I want to read the sequel(s?); hence, you can guess I liked it. This was the short review. Now, let’s move on to the more detailed one.
Let’s start with the art. On NetGalley – where I requested the arc – there is no cover: it was the title that intrigued me (usually, isekai stories have this kind of titles so I knew what I was looking at). Then I read the plot, searched for the cover – it was stunning – and clicked on “request” without a second thought. Being this a light novel, there is art inside as well. Every chapter (except for the prologue, so 6) has at least one awesome illustration. However, I would have liked even more of those.
I’m not sure which one came first – the manga or the graphic novel (though I suspect the latter, seeing the acknowledgements) – but the reason why I would have liked more illustrations is that I have the feeling this would work better as a manga. Hence, I’ll probably check out that one too.
It’s not the story by itself that would work better as a manga, but for how it is written: the text looks more like the description of a panel that has to be drawn rather than a novel. Actually, not even that, because in the script tends to be written who is talking and what they are doing: here, it seemed like some bits of information were missing. Being familiar with how this genre works in the manga form, I could most of the times fill the blanks; however, some other times, there were too many dialogues without saying who was talking that made it complicated to follow. This is the first problem I had with the writing style.
The second is linked to this, but probably due to the translation. The writing style seemed too simple at times (not in the words chosen – those were quite elaborate sometimes, I confess there are a couple of sentences I still don’t know what they mean), but in the narration. This might be difficult to explain, but I hope I succeed: once again, in a manga format, having different paragraphs is not an issue because you don’t have to link all the panels together, but in writing, you have to link sentences together, each sentence can’t just stand on its own without never being connected. Too many simple sentences; I would have liked more compound sentences.
I would have liked more narration in general: for the majority, the story consists of dialogues. One more reason why it would be great as a manga. While having no narration should make the story fast and easy to read, it actually confuses things: without descriptions (of places or even actions), it’s complicated to understand what is going on and you have to stop and try to reorganize the ideas.
Nevertheless, I finished this in one day. Still, I would have enjoyed it way more if it had been written better. I can attribute the simple style to the translation (maybe English is simpler than Japanese and it was hard to translate literally); yet, I doubt that whole paragraphs got lost in translation.
Aside from this, if you don’t mind the style or want to read the manga, I recommend this story. The backstory is not the most innovative one if you are familiar with the genre. If you are not: a girl used to live in the real world, had a sad and lonely life and played otome games (usually a favourite one with many routes); then, she dies and finds herself alive in that game: there she uses the knowledge of what happens and of the more advanced technology from where she is from to succeed in whatever she decides to do. Sometimes the “resurrection” occurs in the body of the villainess that dies at the end of the story and so she has to avoid that fate, sometimes it’s in the body of a secondary character that, however, catches the interest of the main love interest, messing with the original story. In this light novel, it’s the first case. Hence, the starting point is not very original.
HOWEVER, I loved one aspect of the world-building: the demon king is human and decided to stay as the demon king to protect humans; I loved this conflict (also the demons that were not outright evil). Another characterization I loved was the one of the villainess: while I prefer the stories where all the memories of the games are already available, so I did not like that she had some information missing, I loved that she wanted it all (the power, the money, the man) without being ashamed of it. I hope this still holds true in the next instalment. Perhaps, because my favourite aspect of the story were these twos, I loved their interactions and banters. A couple of times I was left perplexed, but, mostly, I just loved them: the villainess was a bit oblivious regarding the feelings on certain occasions, but overall I liked the two of them as a couple and I hope that no new love interest that creates a triangle appears.
Talking about the characters, the secondary characters are at the same time described and not described. Indeed, whenever the author introduces a new character, all the information regarding that character (a bit of physical aspect, social condition, abilities) are given at that moment. Hence, every character has its own paragraph of description; however, that is: the characters are then limited to exist for that sole role they are introduced with. Even the villainess and the demon king, while having more space, are somehow relegated to their roles. Ironically, the one character which I found had more twists and turns was the heroine: I expected her to be quite basic (she was most of the time, to be clear, but there were also some unexpected but thrilling surprises).
One more thing I loved was the fact that when we discover the main story and how the route of the heroine should have gone, I could see it: I could see that if the narration of the story had been the heroine, I would have supported that ending. Thus, compliments to the author who was able to reverse the perspective. 
In conclusion, because I wrote a lot, let me summarize: it was a delightful story, I’ll read the sequel, but I want to have a look at the manga too.
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4.25/5 stars!

When her royal fiancé cancelled their engagement, the heroine remembers memories of her past life. Though those memories are not many, the heroine remembers enough to recognize her own death trap in an otome game. In pursuit of her own survival, the heroine turns to another royal prince for help, the final boss of the game: the demon king!

This first volume of this light novel series is an enjoyable read! I liked the 'voice' of the heroine, who is trying to survive as various death traps surrounds her. The story flowed smoothly and it ended in a nice note. I enjoyed the appearances of the supportive characters gathering around the heroine, including the demon king and his own group of diverse characters. The illustrations that were included in this volume were also a delight to look at because they were definitely very beautiful. Overall I enjoyed reading this light novel and look forward to reading more of this series in the future!

**Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the review copy. All opinions and thoughts in the review are my own.**
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This was such a fun read! The protagonist was a little predictable, but still lovable all the same. I thought it was original that the Alieen didn’t have to rely on changing the original harem’s attitude towards her to drive the story. I wish the male lead had more character, but I’m sure the target audience will still get enjoyment out of this quick, funny novel.
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Ya'll, I have re-discovered my college era love of manga and NOW there is something JUST as good or even BETTER out there and it is LIGHT NOVELS, basically manga with only a few GORGEOUS pictures and the story written out as a prose book.  

It is my book version of dark chocolate.  I have an affinity for the "otome isekai villainess" genre, where the MC h is a contemporary Japanese female, usually teen to young adult, who is whisked away to a usually fantasy type European style world that the protagonist realizes is based off of an otome game that she played when she was in Japan and that she is now the villainess of the game and is trying to avoid the "death flags" so she survives to a ripe old age, rather than to be used as the stepping stone for the "heroine" to have her "happy" ending.  

This book 100% fit the bill for me.  The stories tend to be on the formulaic side, but if written well and made different enough, I really enjoy them.  This is one I really enjoyed, to the point that after finishing this, I pre-ordered this and the next one on Amazon.  

(Not going to lie, I brought it with me to work to read during my lunch break.  I have only ever done that ONCE with another NG book.  THAT'S how well this one wrapped me up in it's world.  I was SO SAD to hit the end, MOR MONSTER WANT MOR!)

So.  Yes, this is similar in structure to other books in the genre, but it does a good job of being distinct and OMG the hero is just PERFECT.  Highly recommended if you are interested in this genre.

5, how could I give it anything less and do I want to pauper myself by getting the manga as well, stars!

My thanks to NetGalley and Yen Press/Yen On for an eARC copy of this book to read and review.
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The team-up between the in-game villainess and the final boss/secret romance route! Worth a read if you like other reincarnated villainess as MC stories!
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Hidden away in my book loving heart, there is a special place for light novels. There is something so endearing about them, alongside being easy fun reads.

I didn’t know anything about this series before picking this one up and gosh do I want it to continue. It has a similar feeling to the currently popular Hamefura during the first chapter but separates itself from then on with a villainess who I actually admire, respect and root for. It’s rare that a female character have such integrity and aspiration.

If there is anything you should take away from this light novel, it’s that the villainess is not always the villainous one.

Definitely will be continuing this series once the next one is out.
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I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss is a fun and adorable read for any lover of soft and sweet light novels.  A wonderful classic magical tale.
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Book Review
Title: I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss (Light Novel Vol. 1) by Sarasa Nagase
Genre: Light Novel, Translation
Rating: 4 Stars 
I haven’t heard anything about this series before but it sounded like an interesting take on the isekai genre. We are introduced Lady Aileen as her betrothal to Cedric Jean Ellmeyer, the crown prince of Imperial Ellmeyer is being dissolved so he can be with Lilia. Aileen or the person in Aileen’s body remembers the plot of this particular game although she has always been Lilia and decides that she is going to change the outcome of the game where Aileen dies but she doesn’t know how until she decides to ally herself with Demon King, Cedric’s enemy. We learn that girl who is currently Aileen had been sickly in her human life and spent a lot of time playing the game, Regalia of Saints, Demons, and Maidens in which she know finds herself which should give her an advantage but her memories are still full of holes since she only just got them back. Her new aim is to seduce and marry, Cedric’s older half-brother, Claude Jean Ellmeyer, also known as the Demon King. Aileen is aware of the fact that in most endings of the game she dies and that is what she is trying to prevent and the only way to do that is to seduce Claude and prevents him from awakening as the Demon King which is going to be hard as Claude initially wants nothing to do with her and sends her away despite her protests but she knows given time and the right leverage she can break him down to where she needs him to survive.
Aileen has also realises that her memories might have returned too late as Cedric and Lilia are planning to announce their own engagement in two months’ time as Aileen has been summoned to the event. If she attends she will be made a laughing stock again unless she has a plan and if she doesn’t her father will disown her and kick her out so she doesn’t have much time to get the Demon King on her side. Aileen isn’t making much progress with the Demon King but when she offers to go and rescue a child Fenrir from humans as it has strayed beyond the barrier and successfully does it getting injured herself, the Demon King appears in person to thank her shocking everyone present including Lilia and Cedric. After this she does tell Claude her reasons for seeking his affections and it seems like she is finally getting through to him a little and I am excited to see where their romance and story goes. Aileen’s rank is in danger as Cedric has stolen her business idea so she turns to Claude and asks for permission to renovate the castle to provide jobs to the people that Cedric fired from the lower classes and possibly use some of his land in order to grow plants for a new business venture and Claude surprisingly agrees. Aileen also has a journalist friend, Jason looking into the theft of both Keith and Claude’s allowances and hopefully change public opinion on the Demon King and demons in general.
Aileen and Claude’s relationship is changing slowly as is Aileen’s views on the Demon King and demons in general which is surprisingly the higher ranking demons close to the King. Aileen’s plan for her new business are also going well but Lilia has created a scheme where she is trying to frame Aileen for her “kidnapping” when she has been behind it herself in order to win the affection of the Demon King but where Aileen got there first Claude won’t even listen to Lilia and basically kicks her out of the castle ruining her plans before they have even begun and the time has finally arrive for the soiree where Aileen is going to officially dissolve her engagement to Cedric and hand over control of her old business to him. At the soiree Aileen is able to recover some of her position and standing after the dissolution of her engagement to Cedric and Claude seems to be making their relationship more publicly known even if Aileen isn’t sure where they stand yet. However, more memories return from her time of playing the game and she realises that the thing that pushes Claude over the edge and makes him transform into the Demon King is being betrayed by his best friend, Keith who is also one of his attendants and Aileen has to stop Keith from betraying Claude in order to keep herself alive but she doesn’t know if Keith is already betraying him or if its to come in the future and she also doesn’t know why. 
As we follow Aileen as she uncovers the plot and puts everything right even going as far as being able to restore Claude to his human form after he transform when he learns that she has been kidnapped by Cedric to be his second wife. Overall, I actually really enjoyed I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss and if it has a manga adaptation then I will definitely be checking that out as well because this story was wholesome, cute, funny and even made me tear up at one or two points. Highly recommended.
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As a fan of the Manga, I jumped at the opportunity to get to read a translated version of the light novel. 'I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss' is a fun, lighthearted and yet faced paced Isekai, with a strong female lead. I loved reading the added details in the story and the descriptions that are missed in the manga. definitely recommend giving this one a read before the manage, purely based on descriptions and character likability!
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I am not the person that should be reviewing this, as this is the kind of work that does not appeal to me and I do not want to be unfair. I try to read most light novels, but the visual novel pastiche is one that I have trouble just delving into. Better for some others to leave a more positive review than to pull from my perspective. As a translated work, there is much care and consideration, which is a boon I would say, but the content again is not for me to judge.
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I’m a huge fan of Japanese light novels featuring villainess. I’ve had to resort to fan translations before but I’m glad official translations books are coming out! 

I love Aileen and her character. Pretty much everyone is great except for the evil trio of idiots.
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