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Dream Keeper is most awaited, emotional and steamy contemporary romance which Fans will love to read. Kristen Ashley writing and her novels are always pleasure to read.

Loved it and Recommend it to all readers.

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I should have done my homework here and read the previous books and I think I would have enjoyed this one more.

Single mom trying to prioritize: her daughter and swore off relationships. But with her daughter playing matchmaker you couldn’t help root for this little family. I love a man who wants both mother and child!

Lots of chemistry and I need to go back and start at the beginning and I bet I will like this even more.

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When I requested this book I didn't realize this was a series, but that didn't prevent me from enjoying this book! A fun and steamy contemporary romance. Kristen Ashley sure knows how to write alpha heroes. Ugh loved Auggie.

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I adored this series and to finish with Pepper and Auggie was just the best. Their love story was so sweet, definitely worth the wait. I truly hope KA continues with this series and we get to see some of the newer guys on Hawk's team. Love them!

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I enjoyed this addition to the series. While all the books can be read as stand alone novels, the characters from each book appear in all the book so they are best read in order.

Pepper is a single mom who lives for her daughter. Because of this, she is leery of starting a relationship with Auggie even though she feels drawn to him from the time they first meet. When her daughter decides Auggie is perfect for her mom, she does a little match making of her own and soon sparks fly.

The banter, steamy scenes and angst made for a great read. I look forward to more from this author.

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Not gonna lie, I enjoyed alot of this. Maybe it's because it's sweater weather and I was in the mood. I don't know what to tell you, but even when things get a little potentially cringe/problematic, I wasn't mad at it. So buckle up, Buttercup, I'm going to do my usual ramble to suss out my feelings via review with this lol 🙃

<spoiler>Now I've been harsh and I've waxed rhapsodic about KA's writing in the past. It's usually depends on how well I can emotionally connect with the characters. There's been several where it just doesn't click. But almost always, it's the family scenes that can save it for me, and that's the case here.

Pepper is the last of the original dancers to get her HEA, and it's because she is very cautious. Her decisions do not only affect her, they affect her daughter, Juno. So when her feelings for Auggie spill over into a heated ONS, things go sideways real quick and things are said that shouldn't be. This is the biggest internal obstacle between Augustus and Pepper, but in true KA fashion, they work it out with conversations with their friend groups and decide to give it a shot. What drives the majority of the obstacles they face for the rest of the story is in the form of family - you can choose your found family, but it's the ones with blood ties that can really mess you up.

This story was pretty family-drama focused from the get-go, and I was prepared for it. Pepper felt more mature as a mother and KA can usually bring it with those characters as opposed to the alleged Gen Z'ers acting like middle agers. Is there's some of that here? Yup, but the mom vibe helped alleviate the dissonance between some of the pop culture references or turns of phrase.

Is it going to convert the uninitiated? Probably not. I can recite the usual laundry list of KA quirks that are in full effect here, but I do think it plays to KA's strengths of found family scenes. There's a feeling of familiarity with the characters at this point, and even if the initial obstacle resolves itself (natch), the external obstacles worked.

There's a little glimpse of the overarching cop corruption storyline, and frankly I was glad. It's firmly put aside in favor of the family drama, and that made more sense. I'd be ok with completely skipping it, because that's about the weakest part of the storytelling for me. </spoiler>

Bottom Line - Auggie and Pepper and Juno are a cute family unit and their story clicked for me, so I'd put this up there with the first book as my fave (in this series, at least).

**ARC provided via netgalley for review**

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5.0 out of 5 stars
What A Ride!!!
Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2021
What A Ride!!!

I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I absolutely Loved this book! Full of suspense and edge of your seat sexy story!

This was an outstanding book that I could not put down. Pepper and Auggie’s story is beautifully written with great character development!

No spoilers with my review. If you have not purchased this book you need to. You will not be disappointed!

Overall I give this book 5 golden stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Kristen Ashley is giving us all that is Auggie and Pepper and y'all, you ain't ready for these two.

The Dream Team series is back with the next standalone in this series and what a book this was. This go round we have Auggie and Pepper up and what a beauty they gave me. When we were introduced to these guys in Quiet Man (Mo will ALWAYS be my favorite!!), I just knew they were ALL going to be special in every way and boy was I so very right.

Dream Keeper. This book. This couple. Their journey. I'll be honest, I devoured this baby when it landed on my kindle... I'm talking within hours. This book was loaded to the brims with everything you expect in an old fashioned KA romance- swoon, heart, heat, angst, drama, and all the best moments and so, so, so many feels, whew! Yes please.

KA is the queen of romance (in my book anyway) and this series kicks it old school... taking us back to that Dream Man and Colorado Mountain series vibes and y'all I was HERE FOR ALL OF IT!

Epic in every single way that there is and I can't wait for more.

I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed for Renee Entress's Blog.

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Kristen Ashley does it again. Readers who loved her Rock Chick series will not be disappointed. The series continues to get better with each new release.

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Gahhh! I loved this book so much! Kristen Ashley is one of my all time favorite authors and I find that each book I read of hers becomes my favorite! I loved the Dream Keeper book, I love this series! I love the romance, the characters were really interesting, and I loved the chemistry between Pepper and Auggie! I liked that we saw their relationship start and develop in the previous books, and that you really saw things grow and develop even more in this book! I also loved the action that was shown in this book, and I felt like the dangers and the stakes were so high, and the things going on were so intense and actually really unique to my reading experience that I was sucked in! I always highly recommend Kristen Ashley, and I really recommend this series! It definitely makes more sense if you've read all her other books because you see other characters from previous books, but at least read the other books in this series! You won't be disappointed!

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Every time I think Kristen Ashley can't surprise me, she does. Dream Keeper showed a side of relationships we, as women, probably don't think about much, but now I am—the objectification of men. Or even just remembering women can be shallow people too.

Pepper and Auggie have been dancing and dodging each other for a while, and their chemistry was ready to combust. And combust it did--only to leave Auggie feeling used and not liking Pepper. I understood Pepper's reasons, but still--Auggie is one of the terrific guys. However, and this is what I love about KA, Pepper got perspective. Perspective can change everything. Pepper was so busy trying to protect Juno; she trampled all over everyone else.

Meanwhile, adorable Juno is up to her own shenanigans with Cisco (talk about anti-hero just waiting for a book!). The chapters of the conversations between the two of them are adorable and, once again, give you perspective.

As the book unfolds, it's pure KA with heart, steam, and ALL THE FEELS! The ongoing story of the crooked cops that has spanned several series only gets more interesting, and I know we won't be done until it's solved. And there are so many hot men we have met that we don't have their stories yet. But we do get glorious glimpses into past HEAs and just hearing names like Hawk, Knight, Tack, Chaos, and so much more just reminds me of all the goodness that is a KA book.

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I just could not get into this book. I automatically buy Kristen Ashley books because I love many of her previous books - Rock Chicks, Dream Man, Fantasyland, etc. But lately her books just aren't up to par. I mean, Auggie was super boring and I really wasn't invested in Pepper. I really don't know that I'll be reading more of her. The quality is just starting to suck.

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you k now exactly what you are going to get from a Kristen ashely book, and that doesn't change here. I will admit i thought that maybe there'd be a little more editing in her books that are traditionally published, but you know what, maybe wild horses can't be tamed. lol.

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Dream Keeper by Kristen Ashley is book 4 in the Dream Team Series. This is the story of Pepper and Auggie. Auggie has been totally wanting Pepper from the first siting but she not having it. Pepper is a single mother of a 8 year old daughter named Juno. Along with that she feels she has to much past drama to pursue anything with Auggie. But the more they are around each other the more she feels the pull. Then something happens that she needs Auggie and it shows her that she can lean on someone. Loved this series and this author's writing. I highly recommend it if you like a hot alpha male with some funny scene.

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I LOVE KRISTEN ASHELY. Her writing is just phenomenal and this book once again proved that.
This book had everything I love about her writing.
Alpha Heros
Annoying heroine but you cant not love her
Amazing side characters

This book had a great storyline, full-on emotion, and had me swooning hard. Auggie had my heart singing. And hardcore drama I LOVE.

If you love KA's writing and have read the previous installment then I'm sure you could love this too.

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Another great book from Kristen Ashley! I love this series and have been excited for Auggie and Pepper's love story. Above and beyond the romance, and heat we expect from KA, we got a book about navigating new romance when a kid is involved. You don't see many stories with single parents, especially stories where both parents are actively co-parenting. I thought this thread of the story was written perfectly and really showed the difficulties of co-parenting and the effects it has on a kid. Speaking of the kid, Juno absolutely stole the show! There's still a lot to be figured out with this series and that keeps me excited for new books and new couples in the series!

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For those who really know me know that I love Kristen Ashley books. I love romance and she excels at this. But there’s something about the Rock Chicks and Dream Team that hold my heart. I’m not sure if it’s the humor sprinkled in or the fact that my hubby reads and enjoys these as much as I do. Perhaps it’s how real these people seem. I wish I live there and knew them. These crazy, fun characters would be awesome to hang with.

As with the RC series, the Dream Team follows the same group of people. So with every new book we learn more and more about each character and, buy the time Dream Keeper came along, I was SO ready for Pepper and Auggie’s story! A single mom was definitely not going to be the same as all the rest and I think I may like it even more.

Pepper was so protective of her and her daughter’s heart she didn’t see that Auggie needed a little protection as well. Not that I want anyone to have dysfunction in their lives but I don’t think anyone else, except Pepper would understand and know how to help Auggie. They were truly perfect for each other. I know it took her a while to find the confidence to take a chance on him but I’m glad she finally did it.

I love the fact that we get to see all our favorite KA characters in these books. And I REALLY hope we get more books in this series. I have few guys that I wanna see get their HEAs.

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"You're making it super fuckin' hard not to jump you right now."
Nobody can write an alpha male like Kristen Ashley. Auggie is the baddest of baddasses but has the softest of soft hearts, at least where Pepper and Juno are concerned. They bring out his protective side and when he says "sweetheart" I can hear it and feel it to my toes... sigh.

I have to take my hat off to Pepper for having the strength to keep him at arm's length for as long as she did. I've heard about mothers finding the strength to lift a car in order to protect a child and I guess that kind of applies here, at least in her mind. It wasn't really necessary, as she eventually learns, but I guess that verse about good things coming to those that wait applies in their case. I mean, talk about buildup. *fanning self*

In between working his way into the hearts of the girls , he's working on the case to keep them safe. The suspense is exciting and kept me engaged as I tried to figure out what would happen next.

As always, there are some very colorful and amazing support characters that had me wishing for an invite to their get-togethers. They are always entertaining and full of banter. And there are assholes that had me beside myself as I waited for someone to deliver what I felt like they deserved. Isn't it so satisfying when your mental wishes are granted?

I'm really enjoying the Dream Team series. I know it's a spin-off of the Rock Chicks, but I have to confess that I haven't read those yet. I know. I know. Where have I been, right? I promise I will, they are on my TBR. Especially after meeting some of them in this series. I'm a big fan of the author and I'll be ready for where ever she decides to take me next, the line forms here...

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I have been reading Kristen Ashley's books for years and for some reason I've never read the Dream Team series until reading Dream Keeper and I feel like I've been missing out. I definitely will be going back to read the other books in this series because I loved the side characters and feel like they're books are just going to be amazing.
Pepper Hannigan does everything for her daughter, Juno, so she can have a good life and the normal childhood that she never had growing up. Because of this promise to herself she feels she can't date until Juno knows the implication of what Pepper dating means to her, and she doesn't want to be like her ex parading new girlfriends in and out of Juno's life. The problem is Augustus "Auggie" Hero is really trying her determination to stay single.
Auggie knows that Pepper is the one for him, he just needs to convince her of that. But after a misunderstanding between them because of both of their pasts Auggie is done with her... Until Juno and an ex-con named Cisco start meddling in their lives playing matchmaker. As they start working through their issues together danger starts to encroach on Pepper and Juno, making Auggie want to make sure they are both safe, no matter what the reason or cost...

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I really loved and enjoyed this book. A great series that I cant get enough of. I really enjoyed the story line and the characters. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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