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This book lived up to its absolutely stunning covered. I absolutely loved everything about this. Its hard to go wrong with a good enemies to lovers story.
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Review (#giftedbook): She Gets the Girl 

Authors: Rachael Lippincott, Alyson Derrick

Rating: really liked

Thanks to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for this free digital copy in exchange for an honest review. This book is out now! 

This story follows new college freshmen Alex Blackwood and Molly Parker. Alex wants to win back her girlfriend who doesn’t think Alex can care about someone else long-term, and Molly wants to overcome her anxiety and finally make a move on her long-time crush. When Alex offers to help “tutor” Molly on how to date, a friendship blossoms that neither of them expected. 

This book was so cute. I loved the dual POV and the friendship progression between Alex and Molly was really sweet. While the conflict/resolution was a bit predictable, this in no way affected my enjoyment of the story. While there are lots of fun moments, there are many serious ones as well—Molly struggles in social situations and Alex has spent a good portion of her life taking care of her alcoholic mother. Overall, I would recommend if you want a sweet YA romance!

CW: alcoholism (parent), emotional abuse (parent and partner)
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This was so cute! There was great development and growth with both characters butthe surrounding cast was also likeable. I kept thinking about this book when I wasn't reading it.
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This was so good! Everything I wanted out of a lesbian YA romance. I loved that it was a story about finding yourself not just for Molly, but for Alex just as much. I loved these two!!
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I thought this was a really cute YA romance. It is also perfect for pride month. I really enjoyed the over all story. Also, I loved this cover. I would highly suggest this one.
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I ended up with 2 arcs of this book (a paperback one from a Riveted giveaway and an ebook from NetGalley), but all opinions are my own.

To start with, I really like this book's cover. It gives us a glimpse at the two main characters, it's gay and the flowers are pretty.

I like both of the main characters, Alex and Molly. They're well written and you can feel their emotions and fears. I liked seeing them become friends and seeing Molly's confidence grow. The side characters are well done too. I really liked Molly's brother. It's always good to see a good sibling relationship.

The reason I took a star off was that the part where they reveal their feelings seemed a bit rushed.
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just finished! this is a really sweet enemies to lovers / opposites attract sapphic love story (edgy troubled lesbian gives dating advice to innocent inexperienced lesbian and they fall in love) but i couldn’t really get into it personally - the writing and story felt kind of amateur and far away to me. would still recommend for all my baby gays out there!
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She Gets The Girl is just begging to be adapted as your next favorite teen rom-com. This sapphic romance will just make you smile! Teen readers will love this look at the first year of college and all the new freedoms that come with it. 

Alex and Molly meet during their first week of college and quickly get off on the wrong foot. It was so fun to see this enemies-to-lovers trope in a YA romance. Molly is determined to make new friends, get the girl of her dreams, and finally fit in. Meanwhile, Alex is trying to show her ex-girlfriend that she can be more than just a hookup. Alex and Molly are obviously destined to be together but it's so fun to see them slowly work that out for themselves. 

This book also tackles difficult family relationships and finding your way as you transition into adulthood. Alex and Molly are both already out to their families and their issues with their moms are not about their sexuality. Teen readers will find comfort in characters who are also trying to forge new paths with their families.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing, Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, Rachael Lippincott, and Alyson Derrick for the opportunity to read She Gets the Girl in exchange for an honest review.

She Gets the Girl is a contemporary LGBTQ romance from the authors of Five Feet Apart and All This Time. This novel is told in alternating first person perspectives between Alex and Molly.

Alex: Ready to rent a place near her university, but afraid to leave her alcoholic mom behind. Also having issues with her girlfriend, a member of the Cereal Killers band that is starting to get hype and has a tour, after not being able to return the words "I love you." Seen by her girlfriend as selfish, Alex seeks a way to prove that she is worthy of her girlfriend's love.

Molly: Reserved and will generally always win a game of Never Have I Ever. Never been drunk. Never been kissed. Never even had a girlfriend? But she has certainly had a crush. Going to the same university as her high school crush, Cora, her goal is to get close enough and to find the courage to ask her out. When she learns about a party Cora will be at, she leaps at the chance, only to have that chance embarrassingly ruined by another partygoer: Alex.

Despite their rocky start, Alex finds Molly to be the perfect way to show her girlfriend she isn't selfish. She makes it her goal to hook Molly up with Cora using her five steps (all developed on the spot with no real plan). As Alex and Molly spend more time together, they learn that their friendship is genuine, and more than the initial scheme they had thought. 

Heartbreaks and hookups and discovering themselves along the way, Molly and Alex have a lot to learn about who they love, the best way to value themselves, and the meaning of friendship when looking out for one's best interests, even when they might not like what their friend has to say. 

An excellent novel about discovering self worth, friendship, and of course finding romance. Another great book from these two authors and I look forward to their next project together!
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I loved the representation with this one! The most perfect sapphic romance! I enjoyed every single minute of this read. I am now a huge fan of these authors and would read anything that they publish next.
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I am a big fan of Rachael Lippincott's books, and this is no different. I only wish that we had more. When I got to the last page, I wanted to go back from the beginning and start it again, but I felt like it ended way too fast. I was looking for and needed another two or three chapters with the characters, which is why it's only four stars instead of five. 

Throughout this book, it felt like I was watching a romcom, and I really loved the best friends to lovers romance. I also felt that the characters backstories, social anxiety & alcoholic struggles, were incredibly realistic for this day and age. And I honestly wish this book was written 10 years ago when I was a teenager, it's what I needed. I'm so glad it exists now, and I hope others appreciate it. 

Will be posting online this weekend!
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Alex knows how to get the girl, but she's not great at the keeping her part. Her girlfriend just broke up with her, but if Alex can prove that she's ready for commitment and matured, maybe she can get her back. When she meets an awkward and shy girl named Molly on campus who has been crushing hard on a girl named Cora, Alex decides that helping Molly might be the best way to prove she isn't selfish and that she's changed. As the two embark on their five-step plans to get their girls to fall for them, though, they both begin to wonder if maybe they’re the ones falling…for each other.

I loved She Gets the Girl by Lippincott and Derrick! Even though Alex's motives for helping Molly seemed a little convoluted and didn't make much sense to me, I loved seeing Alex and Molly get to know each other! Both characters are well-developed and complex and I couldn't help liking them. This book is incredibly cute and such a fun read, but there are content warnings for an alcoholic parent, toxic relationships, and internalized racism. Even though this book is labeled as YA, the characters are in their first year of college, so there's some drinking and content I'd call more New Adult, but it's still nothing you wouldn't find in a standard YA contemporary. I'd highly recommend adding this book to your Pride Month TBR!
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Rachael Lippincott has become a solid auto-buy author for me personally, her writing voice and storylines making her YA books an absolute must. To say I was excited to read this one, written by Lippincott and her wife, Alyson Derrick was an understatement, everything about the premise promised to be a five-star read for me, and it did NOT disappoint! This book in particular spoke to my teenage heart, and I was constantly swooning over both of these incredible main characters, their identities on-page, and the way they grew as the book moved along.

“Some things have to fall apart because they don’t belong together, but some things belong so much they could never break.”

I’m here to say that I grew up at the roller rink, and the idea of this super date on rollerskates just MELTED me before I even started reading this enemies to lovers sapphic rom-com. Hello, just LOOK at that gorgeous cover!

Written in a dual POV, these two ladies meet during their freshman year of college, and agree to help each other out with their relationships, forming an unexpected friendship – Alex needing to show her ex that she’s not as selfish as she thinks, which means helping Molly catch the eye of her high school crush, Cora, is exactly the way to prove it.

For me, clashing personalities that are forced together to find love in the most unpredictable to the characters (but SO obvious to us, the readers, as the outsiders!) way possible not only gives us great page-turning banter, but it’s like an underdog story, keeping us cheering them on, waiting to realize they love each other and just get together already! Both of these MCs have such different backstories, each bringing such relatable individual issues and problems to work through in the story that Derrick and Lippincott wrote flawlessly, weaving their points of view together in a way that felt so real and natural.

This YA definitely falls more in that New Adult age group I LOVE reading about, even at my age I could relate so strongly with some of the feelings these ladies had in the book. College presents such complicated feelings during what can be a high-pressure time, adding in troubles with your family, moving from home and it can be such a beautiful mess. I’m thrilled more and more books like this one exist, younger me would have fallen for this book and its incredible cast of characters immediately, and felt SEEN, and don’t we all deserve that feeling?

I hope this duo plans to write us many more YA titles in the future because this one was everything I was hoping for and more!
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This book was such a wonderful play on a well-loved romcom trope. The book's chapters alternated between Alex and Molly, which greatly helped flesh out the two characters. Both authors did an excellent job!
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Thank you so much, NetGalley, Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing and Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, for the chance to read this book in exchange of an honest review.

Alex is stubborn, chaotic and able to flirt her way into getting the girl. She doesn't know, however, how to keep her. On the other side Molly is shy and awkward with anyone, she's in love with a girl she hasn't yet spoken to, Cora, and she has, apparently, nothing in common with Alex. But when Alex, after a bad breakup, discovers Molly's hidden crush, the two decide to help one other. Alex will help Molly with Cora and then she can prove to her ex she isn't just a selfish flirt. As they start to plan how to make their girls fall in love with them, Molly and Alex start to bond, growing up and discovering that, maybe, they are falling in love with one other.

Written by the amazing Rachael Lippincott and by a debut writer I will read everything, Alyson Derrick, She gets the girl not only has the cutest cover ever, but it's a brilliant and romantic comedy I loved so much my heart is bursting.
Funny, hilarious and so sweet, She gets the girl is a hate-to-love YA story about two very different girls who find out they are not so different, after all. I loved reading about their bond and relationship and how much both grow up and mature, balancing one other, helping, support and then loving each other.
This book is incredibly sweet and cute, an absolute amazing read!
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3/5 stars.

Definitely a cute novel with a sweet sapphic romance, this is one for fans of slowburn romances and pining. The fact that there were two authors made it easy to differentiate between the two characters, though considering how different they were (loud and unfiltered compared to shy and timid), that was already an easy task. However, the writing didn't stand out to me, and honestly I felt very frustrated with the characters in the beginning (especially Alex seeing as how she flirted with every girl at first, despite wanting to be in a committed relationship), but overlooking that, I did enjoy the novel.
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A big thank you to Netgalley and Simon & Schuster for sending me an e-ARC of "She Gets the Girl" by Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick!! it possible to write a review that truly encompasses all of the emotions I feel after finishing "She Gets the Girl"? I don't think so. I am full of gay screaming, an intense longing to get a girlfriend, and Taylor Swift's iconic queer anthem "This Is How You Get the Girl" on repeat in my head. If you want:
- a new adult romcom that takes place at college
- a queer coming of age story that doesn't involve coming out
- character development that doesn't paint out either leads to be assholes at first
- the sweetest friends-to-lovers arc that I have read in a VERY long time
     Then you will need to read "She Gets the Girl" ASAP.
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This is such a fun queer romance! 

I really loved that this was set in college, and that they really felt like college freshman. A little awkward, but trying to find their footing. 

The main cast of characters were super cute, and I really loved some of the side characters (JIM!), but I wish the book had talked a little deeper about the bad relationships in the book. Natalie was so toxic, and quite frankly abusive, and while we got to the point that Alex realized Natalie was bad, but the abuse was never really called out for what it was. Same with both girls mothers.
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I just loved Molly Parker! I think that we can all relate to that crush you just hold on to! Molly is ready for college and ready to start over fresh and be this whole new person who isn't shy and can talk to a girl she likes. Except it just isnt as easy as she planned and she falls into old habits that keep her isolated. Her paths cross with Alex who is also ready to start new at college without her alcoholic mom and needing to prove to her girlfriend that she can be trusted. 

Alex thinks that helping Molly get the girl will prove that she is reliable and can open up to people to her girlfriend. What could go wrong with these opposites spending time together. I love when you can just feel them falling and they are clueless. Alex's girlfriend returns and Molly gets the girl-- but is that what they really want? Such a sweet coming of age and finding out about who you should let close to your heart story.
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Alyson Derrick and Rachael Lippincott's She Gets the Girl was wonderful! I appreciated the combination of well-rounded characters and queer themes presented in this novel. A great read!
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