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I really enjoyed this one and found the framing device interesting. It had a similar energy to The Maid by Nita Prose, and I will definitely recommend it to fans of that book.
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What a great who done it.  Set in the Boston Public Library there are 4 people setting at a table and hear a scream.  It turns out that Hannah  is seeking inspiration for a book and through a series of emails between her and Leo we follow the plot and murder. The characters are well written and very likable, it's hard to imagine one of them as a murderer.  The twists make the story intriguing and a page turner.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I was initially interested in the book-within-a-book style of the novel, but was disappointed to find that it ultimately wasn't really relevant to the story. At the end of every chapter we flip back to the "main" story, told in letters from Leo to Hannah, who is writing the manuscript of The Woman in the Library, but in the end the letter plot felt irrelevant and took me out of the action. Most early chapters did end with a compelling hook, but overall I felt the story didn't stick the landing it set itself up for.
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The Woman in the Library is a mystery that begins with four different people sitting in the reading room of the Boston Public Library when they hear a woman’s scream. They learn that the woman has been murdered and they have to stay put until the scene is processed. We slowly learn more about each of the characters and why they were in the reading room and why each of them could be a suspect.


 Woman in the Library immediately grabbed my attention with the title and when I realized it was set in the Boston Public Library I was even more excited. It started out really strong because I love the way the author introduced the main character and how she is in the library’s reading room trying to write a book, but then it started getting confusing when I realized the Woman in the Library is about an author who’s writing a book…about a writer who’s writing a book. I really enjoyed the premise of the book and the mystery within the mystery but I don’t think the execution worked for me. I did enjoy the way the main character’s character she’s writing about named Freddie is going about getting inspiration around her in the reading room when we are first introduced to all the characters who are suspected of murder. I think there was a lull in the beginning but it picked up again at the halfway point when there’s a bit plot twist. The characters were well thought out and written but I couldn’t really connect with any of them and found Freddie’s thoughts and actions somewhat annoying at times. Overall this was an entertaining read but I would have just enjoyed the main mystery about the libraries murder alone.  Thank you to NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press for the digital copy of the book.
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✨  A book within a book about 4 strangers and a scream at the Boston Public Library.

💜Xi takes her schooling seriously, but she has had a crush on Kiyana, the cheerleader for awhile. But, Kiyana is not out yet!

💥I started listening to this book on Libro and got super confused. So I switched over to the ebook and immediately got hooked. So glad I did! The mystery moves swiftly with clues pieced together by our main characters. There is a twist or 2 that made me audibly gasp and I did not see the ending at all. I knocked off a half a star for something that happens at the very end, but other than that, this was an amazing read!

My face at the end: 😬

🍪 I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to @Netgalley , @librofm and Sourcebooks for allowing me to read this ahead of publication.

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OMG! This book! Started off slow for me, but once I got into the story and why we were seeing letters from Leo I lost my mind with how intriguing it all is. I loved all of the flawed characters and had to keep reading to find out more. It's a story within a story with murder, mayhem, and creepy letters. Loved it!
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As a huge reader, obviously the setting of this story drew me in. I found it somewhat slow and almost too literary at points but still enjoyable. I do think there was a lot going on and the mystery of it all almost played second fiddle which was a little disappointing. I didn't really find myself even caring who it was. The one part I did really enjoy was the story within the story. I thought that was very cool. Overall I didn't dislike this book but I didn't love it either. I will say I am intrigued to pick up other books by Sulari Gentill because I do think she has a very unique style.
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Thank you to #NetGalley for a chance to read this stand alone mystery from #SulariGentill.  They don't let you rate w/ half stars, so to be accurate, my real rating is 4 1/2 stars.  My first time reading Ms. Gentill, but it will definitely not be my last.  Highly recommend!

This murder mystery inside a murder mystery inside a writer's attempts at writing a mystery...  sounds very convoluted, but the author put it together perfectly.  The fictional author (Hannah) is writing a novel about a writer becoming involved with a murder & she is emailing a fellow (tho unsuccessful) writer, Leo, chapters for his feedback.  Each chapter ends with Leo's responding email.

I was so impressed with the characters interactions, the plot twists, and the whole feel of this story in a story.  Without adding spoilers, the real meat of this mystery becomes Leo as his emails become darker and he becomes more involved in the story.
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I just couldn't get into the formating of this novel. The premise was good,  but I just fell short for me. Thank you netgalley for this arc in exchange for my honest opinion.
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The premise of this story was so interesting. There was a story within a story within a story. I was not expecting the twists at alllllll. But, that being said, this could have been executed a bit better. It was quite slow at times and the second printed story after each chapter ended up being kind of choppy. I cannot wait to read more by Sulari Gentill though! 

Thank you to NetGalley and .Poisoned Pen Press for an honest review in exchange for an eARC.
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Already watching my inbox for your next. Yours, Leo.'

I had heard so many mixed things surrounding this book that I knew I had to see what I thought of it and I am so glad I did. This book was so hard to put down and I was so invested in every second of it. It was a book inside a book inside a book which was difficult to wrap my head around at first but a couple of chapters in I was hooked on every second. As much as I was invested in the book my favourite part of this was the letters in between each chapter and I could not figure out where they were going.

'And so we go to the Map Room to found a friendship, and I have my first coffee with a killer.'

This follows Hannah Tigone who is a mystery writer and her beta reader who is corresponding with her. The book features Hannah’s book and Leo’s responses to each chapter. In Hannah’s book it follows Winfred a writer who is in the library writing her newest novel when she hears a scream. On the table is Cain, Marigold, and Whit. As they work to figure out what happened they begin to realise everything is not as it seems.

My favourite part of the book was definitely the multimedia aspect og having both the letters and the novel going on. Each one surprised me more and I wasn’t sure where either of them were going. Leo was so interesting to read about. I especially found it interesting how Hannah’s responses were not included which just added to the mystery of the story.

Even though I did guess the ending of the novel part of the story it was still fun to figure out how it got to that part. All the characters were so interesting, and I loved Marigold so much. She was so fun and fresh to read about and was so unapologetically strange. At times I found Winifred a little hard to read from her perspective mainly due to the obsession she had with Cain despite his questionable choices, but I still loved them both as a whole.

Overall, this book was so interesting, and I had no idea where either of the mysteries was going so it kept my attention the entire way through. I gave this book a five star because I thought it was so interesting and this would be the perfect autumn cosy read. The whole multimedia aspect of the book was definitely my favourite part and I really hope I can find more like this in the future.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with this copy!
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Y’all I am OBSESSED with this book! The book is set up in a way that every other chapter bounces back and forth between an author releasing chapters of her thriller novel to another literary colleague and then the colleague’s feedback. What could be better than two stories in one?! 
There were so many twists and turns and I was suspicious of everyone all at once. It led me to not really know what to believe, so I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I burned through this one super quickly because I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend it for any thriller lovers!
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A mystery within a mystery. Story within a story. That concept and the authors ability to weave together these stories is well done. Beautiful cover that caught my attention immediately. I wanted a little more out of it. Felt a little flat but there are some beautiful lines throughout the book. 3.5 stars out of 4 but rating 4 as we don’t get half stars.
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Setting - library 
Plot - woman screams and ends up dead 
Characters - all four heard them while meeting for the first time at this library

This one was a wild ride filled will twists and turns.  I enjoyed it.
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I hadn't anticipated the myster(ies)y to turn out so amazingly freaky & astute. What in the world was that!! How can she take my heart out (not entirely literally, though)?

This bizarre crime story was everything I hoped for & didn't actually anticipate to be so wonderfully unputdownable. A puzzle within a puzzle with such a story-telling style is something I have never read earlier. So before choosing this one, know that you have to be ready to be totally ruined! ;)

Some adjectives to express this narrative are striking, quirky, twisty & clever. The writer definitely created a lovely view of Boston. I relished it simply sitting in another land in my residence (Boston visit pending since 2020, gratitude Covid). I wish the book is transformed into a film; I'm confident it'll be impressive.

Thanks to NetGalley, the author & publisher, for supplying me with an e-ARC. I'm voluntarily leaving this review in exchange for the complimentary copy.
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4.5 Stairs to The Woman in the Library. This book was a story within a story, which was unexpected and so interesting! The heart of this book is a locked room-type mystery; there's a scream in the library and later a woman turns up dead - how did she get there? We follow the budding friendships of four strangers as they try to crack the case. And that's all I will say to avoid spoilers. :)

I thought this was cleverly written and I really enjoyed it. Definitely pick this up if you like classic crime or locked room mysteries!
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I loved the story within a story concept, which really kept me curious and guessing throughout the whole book. The storyline felt really unique and I found myself wanting to avoid other things to continue reading it to find out what happened, which is always a good sign!
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Wonderfully enjoyable. I found this to be a mystery inside a mystery. Adored the characters who started as strangers hearing a scream and became friends to solve the mystery. The plot moved flawlessly quickly. A good clean mystery .  A whirlwind of twist and turns right up to the end. Addicting to see what comes next.  As one mystery seems solved, another appears.

 Brilliant summer read. 

Thank you Netgalley for the advanced edition in exchange for my honest views.
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The Woman In the Library is a fun murder mystery (my favorite genre) that will keep you guessing. I love the setting and this who dunnit will have you guessing till the end with the blurred lines and great characters! 
Thank you #NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A murder in a library? My kind of book. I was really looking forward to this one and thought that the plot of the book was imaginative and alluring however the story within a story, within a story, was not a narrative choice that I was interested in.  I do think for many that this will be different and more appealing to other readers. 

The desire to find out who did it did make me keep turning the page.  

A so close to enjoying kind of book for me!

Thank you to NetGalley, and Poisoned Pen Press for the ARC!
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