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This is a book which has captured my interest from the beginning. I love how this is written. It is filled with a mix of characters and has been a book I have been unable to predict.
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Book number 2 in the Detective Kjed Nygaard series. 

The Detective is shock to us core when he's called out to a body in a burnt house, the house of a serial killer he managed to save Lousia from. He is even more deverstated to find that the body belongs to Lousia. 

I found this to be a really great read. First time reading this series and I will be going back to read book 1. The author managers to create a lead that makes the reading feel emotionally invested in the outcome of the case for both the book but for the Detective. Detective Kjed goes on an emotional roller coaster throughout its clear he's feeling guilt and has made it is mission to catch the killer. I loved him and found he is a likable  character. 

All in all this is a good book and I will be looking forward to reading more in the series. I read the book a while back and completely forgot to review, I remember really enjoying it and being an extremely fast read. I rate it 3.5 stars 🌟  rounded to 4.
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An average thriller which started out so well and I was hooked.  It kind of dragged on around two thirds of the way in which is when I started to lose interest. Too much time spent developing characters and not near enough suspemse. I didn't care much for the story of either kjeld or the murderer and it also felt like I should have read book 1 and that this is not a stand alone novel.
Generally I thought it was a good story but lacking the wow factor. So 3.5 stars from me.
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there were some great things about this book - the characters of Kjeld, Esme for example. Some of the character developement didn't go anywhere and the last 3rd of the book was overly detailed when it should have been picking up pace
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This is a new series for me, it has a great story line with believable characters. I look forward to reading more
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Last One Alive is a brilliantly excecuted contemporary police procedural with a diverse cast of chartacters and is one of the few crime fiction books out there with a main character form the lGBTQ+ community and that is only one of the many reasons why loved it and I am thrilled to be able to share with you, my review of book 2 in the Kjeld Nygaard series.

In Kjeld Nygaard, Nordin has created a brilliant, believable, relatable  and yet flawed character with many complexities. Kjeld has his demons and that makes his communications with his loved ones hard to navigate, particularly as various  past events have impacted on his ability to trust.  I think it is this vulnerability that makes him so likeable depite his sometimes abrasive nature.  

If you're new to the series, then please start with book one, Where Ravens Roost, to get your best sense of the complexities of Kjeld's character. You could read this as a stand alone, but I belive that reading book 1 first will give you a better reading experience.

Last One Alive grips you by the throat from the start, with a thrilling and unexpected opening. It then proceeds at a rate of knots that will leave you breathless. Nordin is a master of creating tension  and plotting. Her ability to embroil you into the personal lives of her characters,whilst simultaneoulsy pulling you along the inevitable road to the plot's conclusion is enviable. There were many moments when I found myself groaning at the personal choices made by Kjeld and his side kick Esme. With just the right amount of possible supects and bad guys I was flummoxed right until the last moment when the villain was revealed. 

I love stories that bring various strands together over the course of the book, whilst allowing the reader a chance to work out things for themselves and Nordin is a master of this. 

This is, so far, my favourite read of 2022 and I have no hesitation in giving it a resoundng 5 *****

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This was a dark and intense read. It was an immersive read and I enjoyed seeing how the mystery unravel.
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It took me a while to get into this book because in some of the first chapters the pace was a bit off. I also found the chapters just switched perspective halfway through which got a bit confusing. Once I got into a rhythm though I really enjoyed it. 

Kjeld is a complicated character and I kind of had a love/hate relationship with him. He’s your standard lead detective who is terrible at having a personal life and Tove and Bengt deserve better but I did end up warming to Kjeld. I also loved Esme and thought they made a great team. With regards to the murders, the detectives were slow to work out the motive but I had no idea who the bad guy was which kept me hooked. The only thing that let it down in my opinion is I’m not a fan of the cliffhanger threat endings. I have however already gone and bought book 1.  

I received a copy of the ebook via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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Thank you to netgalley for the chance to read.
This is a first read from this author, and i now know that this is actually book 2 in the series which i wasnt aware of before i started.  
A great fast fased detective thriller full of twists and turns.  Would definitely consider reading from this author again
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A highly accomplished detective story, with plenty of intrigue and twists to keep the reader engaged from start to finish. Like a lot of Nordic thrillers, both the plotting and characterisation is strong and the storyline was compelling from the start. I read this book without reading the first in the series and am now keen to do so. With thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for an advance copy.
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Last One Alive by Karin Nordin is a new author to me and is the second book in the Detective Kjeld Nygaard series which is set in Sweden. I really enjoyed this book and will be going back to read the first instalment of this series. Plus, looking forward reading more books from Karin in the future. I loved it especially as its full of great twists and turns throughout with a great storyline! The characters are great as well.

Big Thank you to NetGalley, HQDigital and the author Karin Nordin for my ARC of Last One Alive in exchange for an honest review.
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Good thriller/procedural about a police detective inspector based in Gothenburg who is from a small town, a mining village in remote Sweden.
It's quiet slow at first but watch out as it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Talk about getting twist after twist and red herrings a plenty.
Karin Nordin is an author to get on board with.
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Last One Alive is the second novel in the series about Detective Kjeld Nygaard and his partner Esme Jansson.  Det. Nygaard is on the case when a survivor of one of his most horrifying and notorious cases is found murdered.  Then two more murder victims are discovered, also previous survivors rescued by Nygaard.  The common link between them is that they were the last one alive in the old cases.  Does someone have a grudge against Nygaard?  Why are they targeting survivors of his old cases?  Then the killer makes it personal and abducts Nygaard's child as well.  Can he put it all together and find her in time?

This is a tense, fast-paced novel that definitely grabs and holds the reader's interest.  It has 72 chapters, but they are short and the action moves quickly.  The basis for the crime spree makes sense and the resolution is satisfying.  However I will say that I found it difficult to warm to Kjeld's character, as he is so distant and really gives very little away about himself.  The most interesting and engaging character by far is Bengt.  In addition, I did struggle a bit with keeping all the names from the prior cases straight, however that may just be my challenge with the Scandinavian names!  

Altogether a solid detective fiction read!  Many thanks to NetGalley and HQ for making this available to enjoy and review.
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Karin Nordin rewards the reader with the second instalment in her Detective Kjeld Nygaard series set in Sweden. Kjeld Nygaard, is a troubled police detective inspector based in Gothenburg who has escaped his home town, a mining village in a remote part of western Sweden.

This is a gripping police procedural crime thriller and I was almost immediately immersed in its compelling story. The slow-burning suspense and dizzying misdirection had me in a spin and protagonist Nygaard is a fascinating, sombre and enigmatic character who is easy to root for in his search for justice. I'm looking forward to getting to know him better and seeing him develop and evolve as a character and he already gets my stamp of approval. Last One Alive is a clever, dark, atmospheric read that I can recommend without any hesitation.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from HQ Digital via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Detective Kjeld Nygaard is struggling with murder cases, but not any murder, the killing of the victims from another serial killer. This is a well-written thriller. To bad I didn't read the first book.
Thank you Netgalley for this fast pacing book.
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Solid second instalment in the Kjeld Nygaard series. Something new and refreshing in this genre, and a wonderful debut from a writer with so much potential!  I read the first book - WHERE RAVENS ROOST - a few months ago and absolutely loved it. I read it here on Netgalley and then I was fortunate enough to get a copy sent to me by Karin, which made my week - probably my month actually!   :) 

Karin Nordin writes so well, it feels like we are there with Nygaard and his partner Esme. Their relationship is so interesting and I loved reading about the case they were working. The dynamic between the two was fascinating. The book is gruesome and gory, but it is so necessary and well done that it doesn't feel gratuitous in any way.

Another character I enjoyed learning about was Bengt - Nygaard's ex partner. There was so much going on in this book and I think the characters ultimately tied it all together for me. Really well rounded, and full of life.

I can't recommend this book enough and look forward to Karin's next book with anticipation! 

Recommended for fans of Nordic noir, police procedurals, serial killer thrillers - all my favourite things :)
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This is another fantastic book by crime fiction author Karin Nordin. I was thoroughly gripped from the first page right up to the end and found there was just the right amount of twists and turns to keep the suspense high. I was lucky enough to be approved for an ARC for this book and am grateful to the author and publishers for this privilege. I can wholeheartedly recommend this book to all crime fiction/fiction lovers. It is the second Kjeld Nygaard novel, but easily can be read as a standalone. I enjoyed learning more about the people in Kjeld’s life such as his colleague Esme and his ex-lover Bengt.
I will say that the characters, especially Kjeld were too often pinching their noses in exasperation. 
However, I was particularly moved by the descriptions of the lashing rain, and icy temperatures of Swedish weather. The author was able to transport me directly into that time and space. This is for me, the sign of a great author.
I eagerly await the next outing for Kjeld and Esme.
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This is another great read from Karin Nordin. A dark, fast paced thriller featuring Detective Kjeld Nygaard who first appeared in Where Ravens Roost. He is called to the discovery of a body at a burned out house. He has been to the house before when he rescued a woman called Louisa Karlsson. When she is identified as the victim and another body is discovered it appears that the killer is targeting people Kjeld had previously saved. 

This is a really atmospheric novel. It is clever and complex, suffused with tension. Kjeld is a really intriguing character full of introspection and he is well balanced by his partner, the more outgoing, DS Esme Jansson. The depiction of both Kjeld's and Esme's personal lives adds a real depth to the story. 

Last One Alive is engrossing, entertaining and very rewarding. 

Thank you to NetGalley and HQ Stories for an ARC is exchange for an honest review.
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Chilling and claustrophobic, the second book in the Detective Kjeld Nygaard Scandi crime series draws the reader into a disturbing world of death. Attacks on survivors trouble Kjeld, as he struggles with guilt over his personal life and his connections to a serial killer. The dynamic between Kjedl and Esme, his partner, is believably written. We discover more about Esme's personal life and find, she too, has secrets. The story intensifies as Kjeld tries to unravel the murders with their disturbing personal connection.

The story is rooted in Scandinavia, and this adds an engaging dimension, coupled with the complexly flawed protagonists, the menacing murders and the twisty plot.

I received a copy of this book from HQ via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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Last One Alive is the second instalment in the Detective Kjeld Nygaard Scandinavian Noir Mystery series, set in Gothenburg, Sweden. Eight years ago a young woman named Louisa Karlsson had been abducted, held captive and almost murdered in a grimy house at the hands of a vicious serial killer who had been prowling the area, and Kjeld had vowed to never go near said house again once he had wrapped up the case. Louisa had endured a hellish nightmare, a real house of horrors, and had managed to come out the other side as a survivor primarily due to Kjeld rescuing her. When the evil killer had died in prison, Louisa had finally felt as though her ordeal was over and that she could perhaps look forward to being free. So when Kjeld is called out to the scene of a house fire inside which a body has been discovered, he is shocked when he recognises it as that exact address and all the memories come flooding back into his psyche once more.

Kjeld had saved Louisa’s life back then, but his heart sinks when it dawns on him that the reported body is that of Louisa. Leading up to her disappearance, Karlsson had vanished after leaving her job on a rainy Saturday and being followed by a sinister-looking individual who had been watching her. It doesn't take long before another corpse is found and Nygaard realises that there is a chilling link between the two victims - they were both individuals he had saved during previous investigations going back up to 15 years. Why is someone targeting survivors of past crimes, and for what reason? But when Kjeld’s daughter, Tove, is taken it begs the question as to whether he has been the one targeted vicariously all along? In a race against time to save his daughter, Kjeld and Esme find themselves in a nail-biting race against time to get his daughter back safely and apprehend a serial murderer. This is a gripping and compulsively readable police procedural crime thriller set in the heart of Scandinavia, and I was almost instantaneously pulled into the story. 

It is a beautifully constructed, propulsive read, rich with character, loaded with atmosphere and utterly entertaining. An absorbing second run to what promises to be a stellar and relatively new crime series. With a complex plot ripe with clever twists, dizzying misdirection and slow-burning suspense, there is a captivating mystery at its heart and in many ways, protagonist Kjeld Nygaard is a fascinating, idiosyncratic yet enigmatic character who is easy to get behind in his determined search for true justice and his quest to protect the vulnerable. Gritty, authentically portrayed noir, laden with unexpected turns and the relationship and dynamic between Kjeld and his partner, the ever-optimistic DS Esme Jansson, is a balanced one as they work effectively together like yin and yang. An exciting and engrossing novel that encompasses some important topical themes and juggles several possible suspects as well as perfectly depicting time and place. Highly recommended.
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