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This book gives descriptions of 25 women who are accomplished athletes. These women have broken records and made changes in their sports.

The stories in this book were very current. Many of the athletes mentioned appeared in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. Those games were referenced multiple times, including Hidilyn Diaz, a weightlifter from the Philippines who broke an Olympic record, and Simone Biles, an American gymnast who made the tough decision to take care of her mental and physical health and step back from the Olympics.

This is an inspiring children’s book!

Thank you Rebel Girls for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I thought this one was done extremely well. They were able to highlight different women and different sports in a balanced way. I think that if you have any young girls in your life interested in sports, then you should get them this book and read it with them. There is a feeling of inspiration and that anyone can participate in a sport and try their hardest. Definitely highly recommend it, might be my favorite edition of Rebel Girls.
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Excellent read - another amazing and inspirational book from the Rebel Girls series. Sport is so important to many young girls and women and it's great to see that they can read more on how these women changed the game!
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I received the e-ARC book from Netgally in exchange for an honest review. 

Absolutely delightful to read about successful woman that can inspire people of all age and backgrounds.
 As always the illustrations are done by woman and are all very good depictions of the athletes. 
My only complaint is that we’ve seen Serena Williams and Simon Biles in other compilations. 

Love the series and will continue to read it.
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I only ever have one regret when these Rebel Girls books hit my inbox, and that's that they weren't around when I was growing up. This sports focused one is so well done, and I know a fair amount of people in my life who would've loved this as kids. Definitely another hit out of them!
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A great read for adults and children alike, featuring succinct and informative stories of inspirational female sporting heroes from around the world and across a range of disciplines, together with engaging illustrations
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Rarely does a Rebel Girl book disappoints, and this is no different. This is a collection of stories of women athletes from different backgrounds and cultures. There are inspirational stories of persevering women from around the world; from Syria, Philippines, Sweden, India, Japan etc., stories of wlw athletes, disabled women athletes, women of colour athletes, and athletes as young as 13! The illustrations are stunning. I don't think I'll ever have kids, but if I have a daughter, I'll surely make her read all the Rebel Girl books. These are the kinda books I wish I had growing up.
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This Rebel Girls series is so wonderful and provides positive role models to kids. Thanks to Netgalley for an advanced copy.
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In a society where, all too often, girls don't picture themselves as athletes at the top of the game, this book shows that not only is it possible, but attainable. I was drawn in by these stories of female athletes and enjoyed sharing them with my class. Everyone enjoyed the read, girls and boys alike. It's wonderful way to normalize the prowess of female athletes and start a good conversation.
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In the 21st century, it is incredible to think that for many years the Olympic Games were forbidden to women because they were considered violent and inappropriate for women.

1900 was the year in which they were able to participate for the first time, but in games considered of a "feminine nature". It was more an unofficial fact to silence some mouths, than an actual participation. 

It was not until the year 1928 in the Amsterdam games where a before and after for women in sports was really noticed, because for the first time they were included as athletes and a total of 300 women participated, which represented 10% of the total number of athletes. Quite an achievement for the time.

Rebel Girls Champions reminds us of the important and decisive role of women like Alice Milliat in the history of women's sports. Since she was a little girl, she loved sports and knew she was not the only one. That sport was not a matter of gender.

Faced with the refusal of the Olympic Committee to include women in the Olympics, Alice created her own organization "Fédération Sportive Femenine Internationale (FSFI) which had its own event in which women from France, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States participated and was followed by more than 20 thousand spectators. 

Women like Fleur Jong, who at the age of 17 had to learn to live with her new body after losing both legs. Fleur put so much effort into it that in 2019 she broke the women's 100-meter world record by 13 seconds. 

These are just a couple of examples of the 25 that can be found in Rebel Girls Champions. Women athletes who have overcome all kinds of obstacles and have achieved their dream.

Rebel Girls Champions is, like all the books in this collection, another example of what women can achieve if we believe in ourselves and in what we are capable of doing if we set our minds to it.
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I really liked this book and I would consider buying it for myself or for someone I know. I’m not always interested in sports, but I love watching and learning about female athletes and this book is a great jumping off point for learning about more athletes. Just like the last rebel girls book I read, this book made me want to continue researching these women. I recognized the names of a couple of these women and I liked that I could see names that I recognized as well as learning about them. That being said I also enjoyed learning about new athletes.  
I loved the diversity included, both in skin color, sexuality, and ages. I also like that a wide range of sports that were represented. There were also recent accomplishments that I remember seeing/hearing about at the 2021 Olympics. I loved reading this book and then coming across not only a name that I recognized, but for an achievement that I got to watch. 
The art and quotes for each athlete was another highlight of the book and I enjoyed seeing the different art styles.
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The Rebel Girls series is my favorite to read with my daughter! I love seeing them come out with new sets for us to enjoy together.
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I like this series as it gives I looking for coloured females to their greatness and what they have achieved I believe this is vital especially when you are raising younger children to show them that they can achieve anything although I i’m a white British female I can understand the hardship behind women being known to history and I think this is great to show the younger generations what women can achieve when we put our minds to it and show that we don’t have a limit when we want something
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I like the diversity of sports, countries, participant ages and situations featured in the stories. I love that it is up to date with women who were at the Olympics in Tokyo this year (2021) and that it included women from the refugee team. The diversity of stories help reinforce that anyone can do anything, even if for some the challenges are perhaps greater. for some than for others. The questionnaire at the end is fun and inclusive as it treats everyone as a sports star, just focusing on what type of sport one is more likely to be a star at. I also liked the Training Time tips for those with the enthusiasm to get started (or keep going) in any way they can. 
In keeping with overall diversity, it is good to see a range of illustrators too and I live the personal message from each athlete. 
It is a very inspirational book and full of excellent role models.
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I should precede this review with a disclaimer: I know this series is aimed at children. I’m not a child. Naturally, that means my review takes a slightly different perspective from the target audience. However, I have also been doing this long enough to include considerations of the target audience in my review and I’m familiar with children’s literature. 

I adore the Rebel Girls and I wish this series had been around when I was a child. I am also very interested in sports, so you can perhaps imagine my excitement when I saw this issue announced. 

The stories are short, to the point and cute. Yes, all the information could also be found on Wikipedia but the writing is selective, child-friendly and the illustrations are gorgeous anyway. I read this in PDF format and the PDF seemed very squished making the font narrow. It also has an impact on the illustrations so I am going to hope/assume this will be different in the print version, especially as I feel the narrow font would be more difficult to read for less experienced readers (such as children) or individuals with dyslexia. 

At first sight, there is reasonable diversity in this book. We learn about well-known athletes and less famous but certainly not any less remarkable ones. The book includes many women of colour, members of the LGBTQ+ community and some Paralympic athletes. It talks about courage and overcoming barriers tied to one’s identity and standing in society. This is a fantastic start, but I could not help but feel the book could have done even more. There were mainly two things I noticed: 

1) The selection is somewhat American-centric and focused on more contemporary times. Yes, there are athletes from all over the world, but the US are over-represented. If the book is mostly marketed in the US, this might be a conscious choice. I would have loved to see a wider selection of nationalities and more historical figures, like Alice Milliat, a Frenchwoman who fought for women’s right to compete on an international level and their eventual inclusion in the Olympic Games. 

2) A striking absence of a Muslim athletes or specifically an athlete wearing a hijab is perhaps even worse. Coming out of four years of a Trump administration that would have hit the nerve. For example, check out Amaiya Zafar (boxing), Ibtihaj Muhammad (fencing), Amna Al Haddad (weightlifting), or Shirin Gerami (triathlon). There are so many more though and their stories show they are “Rebel Girls” in the truest spirit of this series!

Nonetheless, this book included a list of fantastic female athletes who all definitely deserved their spot in this volume that is another wonderful addition to the Rebel Girls series.
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Following on from my review Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls 100 Real-Life Tales of Black Girl Magic, I knew I wanted to read more stories about inspirational women. Rebel Girls have created a series that focuses on female empowerment and highlights key strengths for young girls, such as honesty and resilience. As a feminist, I adore any book that has a dedication to teaching the next generation to follow in the footsteps of the powerful women before them. The modern world is complicated and these books are a reminder that hard work and resourcefulness can go a long way. 

With beautiful illustrations, Rebel Girls Champions tells the story of twenty-five female athletes and their rise to fame and success. Starting with Alice Milliat, the rower, activist, and creator of The Women's World Games, and ending with Yusra Mardini, a Syrian swimmer who competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics as part of the first-ever Refugee Team, Rebel Girl Champions introduces a winning team of athletes ready to fight, train and inspire thousands of children. 

The stories included are short and sweet. They offer a unique perspective into the life of a female athlete showing both the positives and the negatives. They demonstrate how success comes hand-in-hand with hard work and sometimes sacrifices have to be made to follow dreams and ambition. All of the women featured spent years of their lives training and honing their talent into perfection. This collection of stories offers a much-needed dose of inspiration for children everywhere.  

Thank you to NetGalley and Rebel Girls for a free e-book copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Rebel Girls Champions 25 Tales of Unstoppable Athletes was published on 12th October 2021.
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Rebel Girls Champions is the latest installment in the Rebel Girls series. It follows notable Olympics Champions in their respective fields.  Most of the Champions writeups were interesting and we learned new facts but there were a couple that crossed a line that I didn't care to discuss with my 9 year old so I skipped those. 

Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book for my honest opinion.
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What I was hoping for: I am a big fan of the Rebel Girls series. I think these books are so important.

What I liked: I especially liked the stories of women like Ishita Malaviya, Lina and Sanna El Kott  who did not win an Olympic medal but is still a great role model and achieved so much. And I loved the story of Michelle Kwan. I would have wished there were more Paralympics champions. The little personal encouragements, test and tricks at the end was really nice and is certainly a nice way to engage readers even more.

Conclusion: Another great installment in the Rebel Girls book series. A great gift for any young girl (or boy, thank can learn that there are great woman out there, too).
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Book received for free through NetGalley 

Like all the Rebel Girls book this is a great read. Thank you for putting them out.
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Yet another wonderfully illustrated and informative Rebel Girls instillation of the series! A book to be enjoyed by all.
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