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Repurposed focused mostly on the life of the author Noe Garcia. This made the book a very approachable and relatable read. One of the frustrating elements to some books is when an author has not lived the experience, but with repurposed you can feel the emotions as the author shares their life story and how God used pain for a better tomorrow.

Focusing on Romans 8 as a base scripture to tell his story, Noe reveals what many of us struggle with, pain really does have purpose. The redeeming factor of this truth is not necessarily how it helps us but how it can be used to better define life for others around us.

Repurposed is a solid read that will not consume your time or energy in trying to make sense of it. Grab a copy and see how God can take you from misery to joy, even in pain.

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How God Turns Your Mess into His Message
by Noe Garcia
Pub Date 19 Oct 2021
B&H Publishing Group (B&H Books, Holman Bibles, B&H Español, and B&H Kids), B&H Books

I am reviewing a copy of Repurposed: How God Turns Your Mess into His Message through B&H Publishing Group and Netgalley:

Have you ever wondered if your life is beyond repair? Or maybe you have asked yourself how God could possibly use your brokenness for good?

We all look for purpose in our pain. We are broken people living in a broken world. Depression, anxiety, hurting relationships, unmet expectations, and just that constant feeling of unease and discouragement make us question God, wondering if there is even a purpose to be found.

Repurposed by Noe Garcia takes us on a journey through Romans 8, which many have called “The Greatest Chapter in the Bible.” In this book Noe shares his life story, including abuse, depression, and overwhelming hopelessness. He reveals how God has redeemed him, repaired his brokenness, and restored him to new life.

Whether your life is broken in the ways Noes was or your brokenness looks different, this book will meet you where you are, and: Provide hope for your future.Remind you of the promise that God is for you.Lead you to surrender your brokenness to God.Help you see how God is using all things together for your good.

I give Repurposed five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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