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A huge thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of Younger Wife. I found this book so hard to put down. Sally Hepworth is a new author to me but she has caught my attention and will be looking into other books by her. I love how this story unfolds, almost like an artichoke with so many layers and then you get to the sticky prickly stuff and then the heart. I loved how I was sure I knew where this was going and then it would turn in another direction. It's hard for me to say much without giving away but I will say you should enjoy the ride. I know I did.
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Okay wow! I actually really enjoyed this. Didn’t expect all the twists this book had to offer. Lovely read.
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Sally Hepworth has quickly became one of my favorite authors. Her books pull me in from the first chapter and make me want to keep reading. This book wasn’t any different. However, I struggled with the ending. I was expecting a big twist or at least a little more closure. Instead, it left me wanting more.
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I'm not sure how I missed her but  I must admit that I was not familiar with author Sally Hepworth. I intend to remedy that right now.  When a man decides to divorce his wife, who is suffering from Alzheimer's, in order to marry a woman close in age to his daughters, of course warning bells go off in a reader's head. He can't be as perfect as he seems, and in fact, despite that introduction, he truly appears to be a seriously good man. But why do both daughters seem not quite right, why does he bring the young fiancé to visit he current wife, each chapter brings another question.  Ms. Hepworth is a master at manipulating us and with each turn "The Younger Wife," has the reader doubting our own judgements, in my case, to the very end. One of those you read in one sitting because you simply have to know.
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4 - 4.25 STARS

Boasting a very intriguing premise, I was excited to delve between the pages of this uniquely captivating story.  While not quite the psychological thriller I had been expecting, I found “The Younger Wife” to be an entertaining story that pulled me in from the very start, holding me captive right up until the very end.  This book is definitely a page-turner, enabling me to easily finish it in a single day.  With quite the build-up, the ending, however, was a bit anti-climactic for my personal tastes, but it did answer any lingering questions that still begged to be answered.  All in all, “The Younger Wife” is a fast-paced story that I would highly recommend.
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This is the second book that I've read by Sally Hepworth and I can honestly say she's turning into one of my favorite authors!

Sisters Tully and Rachel are stunned when they learn that their father, Stephen, intends on marrying a woman who is basically the same age they are. Their mother, Pamela, has been placed in a home after being diagnosed with dementia. The bride to be, Heather, was hired by Pamela and Stephen to help redecorate their home. When Pamela grows ill, Heather and Stephen grow closer and ultimately become romantically involved.

It seems trauma surrounds all of these characters however. Each of these women have a secret that they are hiding from others. As events start to unfold leading up to the wedding, the past starts to surface and all three women begin to question how well they truly know Stephen. Is he the charming, caring man he seems to be or is he more sinister than any of those closest to him ever realized?

I loved the format of this book. The book begins with the wedding of Stephen and Heather. Something monumental occurs but the reader has no idea what has taken place. From there, the chapters alternate with various narrators, typically being Rachel, Tully, or Heather telling the story. Occasionally, each chapter will end with some more detail about the wedding event. I think the format of this book elevated the story in many ways. First, the reader gets to know each woman intimately. You get to share in their private thoughts and grow to understand their deepest fears and desires. Second, the shifting perspectives allows the reader to see various characters in different ways. It's a great juxtaposition learning about Stephen through the eyes of his daughters, his future wife and his ex-wife. Finally, the various narrators keep the book moving at a great pace.

This book was a page turner. I couldn't wait to discover what happened and who was responsible for what occurs at the wedding. Truthfully, I wasn't sure of anything until all was revealed. I loved how Hepworth concluded the book (although I'm not sure all readers will agree with me on that note!). She kept me guessing the entire way (which was only an evening because I couldn't put the book down!). 

Highly recommended. This book has a great plot and well-developed characters. Looking forward to reading more by this great author soon. 

Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC of this book. The above review is an honest representation of my thoughts about this book.
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Sally Hepworth has done it again with her latest release, The Younger Wife.  A multi-faceted, character-driven tale of domestic drama, Ms Hepworth has crafted a story that will propel you through the pages.  It is both intriguing and highly readable with the perfect balance and flow.  Brilliant.  

Stephen is a surgeon who plans to marry the much younger Heather, nevermind the fact that he is still very much married to Pam, who is in care for dementia.  A quickie divorce removes that particular obstacle, but new bride Heather, with a complicated past of her own, seems unsure of the man she is about to marry.  Stephen's daughters seem to accept their father's plans without too much fuss, primarily because their own troubles are consuming them.  And when a mysterious figure from the past materializes, the stage is set for a wedding that none of them will ever forget.

I look forward to anything written by the wonderful Ms Hepworth, and would read her shopping list if it became available.  This one is another triumph, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next.  4.5 stars

Many thanks to NetGalley and St Martin's Press for an ARC.
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Great twists, family drama and a bit of mystery makes this an excellent book. There are some well developed characters, each with their own problems that keep the book interesting. Perhaps there are more problems that what an average family might incur but that’s why it’s a work of fiction.  The story is based on three female characters, two sisters and the younger woman that is marrying their father.  Their mother has Alzheimer’s and when they begin to question things she is unable to answer their questions.  The story will keep you on your toes right until the very end.  I didn’t want to put it down. 

Thanks to St Martin’s Press and NetGalley for inviting me to read this book.
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I always like Sally Helpworth's books.  She is a good story teller and she develops her characters well.  They are usually fast reads and they are books that I simply enjoy reading .  This book falls in that same category.  It contains family saga and dysfunction with intrigue.  What more could one ask for!

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an early release in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Sally Hepworth is becoming such a domestic thriller queen. To start I'm a big fan of an Australian setting. It feels exotic but familiar all at once! There were a lot of things I liked about The Younger Wife! I loved the examination into Tully's neurotic nature and how it affected her kids. I loved Heather and learning about her background with her parents. But I felt like I missed out really on Rachel, Pam and Steven. Normally, I don't love tons of characters but thought the book would have benefited into a small look into Steven's mindset to drive the story. This story didn't pack as much of a punch as her bother books and I didn't feel the drive to finish and "figure it out" so much as her other stories. I thought it was a solid domestic thriller with "is this really happening" energy!
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It's a fun, well paced read with some definite twists. I'm still not sure about the ending but all in all I loved it and would recommend it.
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The book became more intriguing about halfway through and then became difficult to put down. I had to find out if Stephen was the monster his daughters, fiancé and wife thought he was.  An interesting  twist at the end.
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Loved the book. Kept me guessing and then the finale, just WOW!  Didn’t like Tully at the beginning but she grew on me as the book went on. Rachel was interesting. Totally understood her mental health battle.  Well done Ms Hepworth. Can’t wait for your next book!
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Sad to say that this is my least favorite Sally Hepworth book. It kind of dragged for me and was not really suspenseful just a lot of family drama. I was so looking forward to this one but it fell flat for me. Thank you for the copy!
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let me start off by prefacing that this book heavily discusses mental illness, abuse and rape. With that being said, I absolutely enjoyed every second of it. This book follows Stephen (heart surgeon), and his soon to be ex wife Pam; their two daughters, and most importantly the "Younger wife" Heather.
Stephen falls in love with Heather while they work on changing Stephen and Pam's house. Pam
unfortunately develops dementia after some head trauma and goes into a nursing home.
It doesn't take long before Heather, herself, experiences some falls that result in head trauma. Is it her drinking? Or is it something more sinister.
Stephens children however, have their own personal traumas that seem to effect their daily lives a it which leaves the reader to wonder if their mental issues is a product of nature vs. nurture, or is it all a coincidence?
I appreciated how this book touched several "taboo" issues without making it feel preachy . If you are looking for a fast paced, twisty thriller that leaves you on the edge until the end, this book is for you.Thank you Net Galley for the amazing ARC.
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Sally Hepworth is so good at messing with your expectations. Her books look like they are just generic WIFE books, but they are not! When did WIFE replace GIRL in GasLit? And what does that say about us as a society?
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This was a really good, fun, twisted read.  

This tells the story of two sisters..., and their dad who remarries....    but wait..     

Their mother has Alzheimers, so their dad wants to divorce her so he can marry a new love interest...   And there is more.... 

Did I happen to mention that the new wife is the same age as the daughters?...  and thats just the tip of the iceberg.  

The story is told from multiple perspectives, which I loved.    

There is a big mystery, which I don't want to reveal because it might spoil things.  But you wonder - is one person crazy, is someone else evil, what is really going on???    I couldn't stop reading to find out the truth... 

This is a quick, easy read, but will totally grab you.  

Thank you to the author, the publisher and #netgalley for the ARC which did not impact my review.
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If you are a mystery suspense lover who has not started reading Sally Hepworth, you are missing out. 

The Australian author is quickly becoming the most dependable name in literary mystery fiction. I have loved all her books, and the latest is no different. The book features adult sisters and their reaction to their father's much younger girlfriend/fiancee. Hepworth has a gift for fully developed characters and a slow burn to twists.

I really cannot say enough good things about this author or The Younger Wife. When you finish, read her other books as well.
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Wow! This was one of Sally Hepworth’s best books yet! I devoured this book in a day. Thanks to the publisher for allowing me to read this wonderful book.
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I am a huuuge Sally Hepworth fan after reading The Mother-in-Law & The Good Sister so I hopped on the chance to get an ARC of her latest novel from @netgalley!

The Younger Wife follows one family: dad Stephen, (ex)wife Pam, and two daughters Tully and Rachel… but Stephen is getting remarried to Heather, a girl younger than his two daughters. We see the drama surrounding this marriage unfold as the story hops between the wedding day & the months leading up to it — not only learning more about the younger wife but seeing the secrets each family member has been keeping.

This book was definitely gripping and I liked the premise - Sally Hepworth knows how to keep you turning the page. Also it was crazy bc this was the first novel I’ve read that mentioned COVID-19, felt surreal to be reading about it in fiction. However, I haaate to say it … this one fell a bit flat for me compared to her other novels (SAD!). I kept waiting for the “a-ha” moment, and a few of the twists (like who was the 1st person narrator in the wedding chapters?) were just meh when the truth came out. Also, no spoilers, but the ending to me was not realistic and felt like a quick way to wrap up the suspense. A positive here is ultimately readers are left with some ambiguity and even though we THINK we know the truth, it’s not 100% certain.

I would definitely say give this a read, if only just to continue enjoying the complex families Sally Hepworth is able to create. Also this one is a quick one, you can read it in a few days easily! Thank you @netgalley for the ARC!
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