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Finlay Donovan is at it again: this time, trying to stop whoever's plotting to murder her ex-husband. 

Finlay is back and—dare I say it?—better than ever! That same sharp, sarcastic realness I loved the first time was back in full force. And this time she embraced it! I loved that she's leaned into the absurdity of everything going on in her life. The action picking up shortly after the end of the last book worked perfectly.

There were several things, again, that I found a bit outlandish, but this time they tended more towards the behavior of characters we know, like Vero and Steven, than the actual events of the story. Still, I enjoyed every minute and couldn't put it down! 

Definitely one of my favorite series and I'm eagerly awaiting news of more to the story!

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for providing me with an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Finlay Donovan Knocks 'Em Dead was a truly forgettable read. It was fine listening to it as an audiobook because I enjoyed the narrator, but if I had tried to read it physically I would have definitely DNF'd it as quick as possible. The characters were all interesting, so I think that was probably one of the most redeeming parts. However, so much was going on and there were so many side plots sometimes it felt hard to follow. I’m highly disappointed as I was certain I would love this book to pieces. I’m glad so many others have been able to connect with this book and cherish it. Just not the book for me.
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Finlay Donovan Knocks 'Em Dead is a terrific sequel that furthers the hilarious misunderstandings and bad luck Finlay Donovan often finds herself in. With the help of her friend/accomplice/babysitter, Vero, the misadventures continue when Finlay's ex-husband's life is endangered. Rather than doing the seemingly easiest thing, going to the police, Finlay once again goes becomes her own detective following clues, bodies, and suspects to save her husband and cover up her own past involvement. 

What I enjoyed most were the humorous mishaps and dark comedy that appear in this book. It is a purely enjoyable read that is hard to take seriously, yet it grabbed my curiosity and need to know who was behind the deadly incidents surrounding the family. The plot was meticulous and intricate, and was so happy to see more flirtations occurring between Finlay and Nick. Why this was not a five star for me is that the overall feeling is very similar to the first book, and Finlay still made some decisions that (helped the plot) seemed like foolish choices. 

Thank you Minotaur books for providing an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved this book!! Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘Em Dead is so fun and is the perfect sequel to Finlay Donovan is Killing It! This story picks up flawlessly from the first book, and Elle Cosimano once again transports us to Finlay’s world of diaper changes, novel writing, and trying to stop murders for hire. This book is such a joy to read and I loved the mystery! 

Once again, this book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, leaving me so excited for a third installment, but wrapping up the key points in this book as to leave the reader satisfied and wanting more all at the same time. So well done! I love how strong Finlay is and all the strong, amazing women in this book. Elle Cosimano has done it again and I am here for it!
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Thanks to NetGalley, St. Martin's Press, and Ms. Cosimano for the opportunity to read an ARC of this title. An honest review was requested but not required.

In Finlay Donovan Knocks Em Dead, your favorite accidental hitwoman/crime solver is back at it. Once again, she’s cleaning up messes and making more at record speed. Literally. The pace felt a bit frenetic at times, with Finlay constantly playing catch-up and trying to outpace professional detectives, the mob, AND a mystery assassin whose sights are set on her ex-husband.

You definitely have to suspend your disbelief to truly enjoy the story. After all, no normal woman would be able to outgun so many professionals, not even with the world’s canniest sidekick. Nonetheless, it’s a fun ride. We revisit a few characters from book #1 (don’t want to spoil anything, so I can’t say WHOM, exactly) and both of Finlay’s sometime love interests are back as well. The kids are a little less present in this book, which as a tired mom I can totally appreciate (and even envy), but at the same time, makes things even less realistic. The minutiae of caring for the kids on top of everything else really made book #1 hit home for me and I missed that here.

I actually think that where this book (and its predecessor) shone was in its portrayal of Finlay’s friendship with Vero. The two of them are just FUN to read about and anytime they were on the page together, I found myself smiling (yes, and sometimes shaking my head, but still).

I’d love to see where Finlay ends up or at the very least what crazy hijinks she’ll get up to next. I don’t really know how the author could top this one but I’m sure she’s got a plan. It does make me wonder just EXACTLY how meta is this story? (The author is writing about an author who’s an accidental hitwoman writing about a zany accidental hitwoman…) Regardless, sign me up for book #3.
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I loved Finlay Donovan is Killing It last year so I have been really excited for this sequel. This is such a great escape read. It’s fun, funny, and once again Finlay is caught up in wild situations that she has to somehow get out of. I do recommend reading the first book before this one, I think the characters and some situations might be confusing if you haven’t read the first one.
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Finlay Donovan is back again, still juggling her life as a single mom and struggling author with her live-in nanny and confidant, Vero, by her side. However, when she learns via an online chat  that someone wants her ex-husband, Steven, dead, Finlay enters yet another whirlwind of secrets, breaking the law, and dead bodies. 

Finlay and Vero are a hilarious dynamic duo, and I was thrilled to read about their second round of escapades. The two are the perfect pair, constantly getting involved in deadly shenanigans, and I love these two characters! This was yet another action-packed, laugh out loud, and wild ride, and with a cliffhanger ending I *hope* it will lead to a third installment in the series. Overall, a sold sequel to the beloved FINLAY DONOVAN IS KILLING IT, and I would recommend reading both! 

Thank you to NetGalley & Minotaur Books for my gifted e-ARC!
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3.5 stars: My rating for Finlay Donovan Is Killing It was 3.5 rounded up, so, to me, this book was almost as good!

I was expecting more (more laughs, more tension, more Julian...), but I will happily read the next book of the series!

I had trouble with the pacing, but the last 20-25% had me glued to the pages. The plot was interesting, I wanted to know how it would end, and the characters were as nice as I remembered (but I was missing Julian: I loved his relationship with Finlay in the first book). On the other hand, I know it's supposed to be far-fetched and absurd, but impersonnating someone with a wig and fooling prison guards to enter without an ID... for me, this went too far for my taste! I can deal with far-fetched situations, I know it's a light read, but I need the movie playing in my head to be at least a tiny bit believable. I was rolling my eyes!

Anyway, Cosimano still makes me want to continue with her Finlay Donovan series. I loved how the book ended and the cliffhanger makes me curious to read more of Finlay's adventures!
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Another book in the Finlay Donovan series by Elle Cosimano! Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘Em Dead is a funny, entertaining novel about this single mother who tries to solve a mystery, this time involving her ex-husband.

When you are looking for a light book that will keep you intrigued, this is exactly what you should grab!

Finlay Donovan is—once again—struggling to finish her next novel and keep her head above water as a single mother of two. On the bright side, she has her live-in nanny and confidant Vero to rely on, and the only dead body she’s dealt with lately is that of her daughter’s pet goldfish.

On the not-so-bright side, someone out there wants her ex-husband, Steven, out of the picture. Permanently. Whatever else Steven may be, he’s a good father, but saving him will send her down a rabbit hole of hit-women disguised as soccer moms, and a little bit more involvement with the Russian mob than she’d like.

Meanwhile, Vero’s keeping secrets, and Detective Nick Anthony seems determined to get back into her life. He may be a hot cop, but Finlay’s first priority is preventing her family from sleeping with the fishes… and if that means bending a few laws then so be it.

With her next book’s deadline looming and an ex-husband to keep alive, Finlay is quickly coming to the end of her rope. She can only hope there isn’t a noose at the end of it…

Out on 2/1
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Thank you to Netgalley, Minotaur Books, and Elle Cosimano for an advanced e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Finlay Donovan is back again! #thankgod She is truly the character we all did not know how much we needed in our lives. Finlay is just so relatable and hilariously funny. She has, of course, teamed back up with her live in nanny, Vera, to save her ex husband? Yep. I said it, save her ex husband... from the Russian Mom. Sure, just your average day in the park for this "soccer mom". 

There is also the fantastic love triangle that really solidifies in this book between Finlay, sexy cop Nick, and super cute bartender/lawyer in training Julian. Personally I am #teamjulian 😍

If you read the first book... you definitely won't want to miss this one. If you haven't read the first book, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Go! Read that book! Then read this one, duh!
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Finlay Donovan is back. It's only been a month since Finlay was mistaken for a hitwoman and became embroiled in a murder mystery to rival one of her own stories. 

Now, she's struggling a bit with the sequel. Someone has put a hit out on her ex-husband, and it seems like someone is already on the job. In trying to discover who, Finlay finds herself a member of an underground chat forum which seems to specifically cater to women who want the problems in their lives taken care of...quietly. Luckily, Finlay has nanny turned friend/accomplice Vero on her side. Except, Vero is definitely keeping something from her. 

With Detective Nick Anthony back in Finlay's orbit, and another body thrown in their laps again, Finlay and Vero will have to make some tough deals if they want to come out of this free and clear. 

This sequel has been one of my most highly anticipated books of the year. I loved the first one, and I loved this one too. 

There was a lot from the first book that wasn't entirely solved by the end, and Knocks 'Em Dead continues developing those story threads, almost actually knitting themselves into a fine throw blanket by now :). 

I've been really impressed with how Elle Cosimano forms and twists the storyline, really taking into consideration all varying aspects and making the conclusion very plausible and worthwhile. All while dropping hints of where things will go in the next book. 

A huge hint dropped is peeling back the layers of the mysterious Vero. She's been Finlay's right-hand person from the start, but really they've only known each other a short time. And while burying a body will bond people together, there's still a lot left open about who Vero is. I'm hoping the next book will give us more of these insights. I also read it as a possible spin-off with Vero at the foreground and Finlay on the assist, but either way, I'm here for it. 

Finlay is a character that you root for. You want her to come out on top, you want to see her succeed. I feel the pressure of balancing being a mother with her writing career. Elle Cosimano writes about these things with compassion and understanding. But then we get the added pleasure of seeing Finlay become embroiled in solving her own mysteries and all the danger that goes along with it. I love seeing a smart, resourceful woman who is also self-employed and a mom getting stuff done.

Being a romance fan, I don't even mind the fact that Finlay's in a sort-of love triangle between law student Julian and Police Detective Nick (although I do have my favorite of the two). At the end of the day, this is about Finlay and I like that nothing takes away from that fact. Her choices are her own. 

Honestly, I cannot wait to get another book in this series! If you haven't yet started it's highly recommended and definitely required to start at the beginning. If you are up to date. Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride!
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I'm so excited that Finlay was back in  this witty, hilarious quirky sequel. Where Finlay is back making bigger messes to clean up her messes she made. This was a little bit more fast paced then the first and I was all onboard flipping through the pages,  laughing seeing what Finlay and Vera got up to.  Can't wait to see more of Finlay and what she gets into in the future
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Finlay Donovan is back!  This time the only dead body she's dealt with is her daughter's goldfish. There is the pesky problem that someone wants her husband dead, but you know Finlay and her pal Vero will find a way to fix that while causing some messes along the way!

I enjoyed Finlay Donovan Is Killing It, but I preferred the second book in the series.  I think Finlay has grown as a character in this book, and I liked her personality a bit more.  Don't get me wrong. She's still scatter brained and all over the place, and we get into the same kind of trouble we did in book one.  There was just something about her that I liked better in this one.  

I think Finlay's stories are great for anyone looking for an easy read with some humor and mystery.  In book two we see Finlay's ex-husband on the list to be murdered, but who put him on it and why?  Finlay's relationship with Steven is complicated, but I do like that she was trying to help him because of their children.  We also get to see some of Julian, law school student by day/hot bartender by night and Nick, super hot cop.  I enjoy the romance aspects of these books and want to keep reading the series just to see who Finlay will end up with.  I will say I was #teamJulian after book one, but now I'm more #teamNick.  

Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.
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From Edgar-Award nominee Elle Cosimano, comes Finlay Donovan Knocks 'Em Dead—the hilarious and heart-pounding follow-up to Finlay Donovan is Killing It.

Thank you to NetGalley, St. Martin's Press and Minotaur Books for the opportunity to read and review an advanced readers copy of this book. This in no way affects my review, all opinions are my own.

I was so unbelievable excited when I found out I was getting an ARC of this book! The first Finlay Donovan was one of my favorite reads of 2021, and the follow up did not disappoint. This book has the same fast-paced, suspenseful, and hilarious drama that made me love the first one so much. I think I still prefer the first book to this one, but honestly they're both so great I'm not disappointed at all.

I love how all these seemingly small interactions in the book just completely tie the plot together by the end. There's so many jaw-dropping moments that I never saw coming, and a ton of action from Vero and Finlay getting themselves mixed up in more dangerous situations. I love the characters' banter (Vero is definitely my favorite), because it feels so natural and flows so well from person to person. If you're a fan of thrillers with a clever comedic twist, you have to pick up the Finlay Donovan series!
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This second in the Finlay Donovan series is a hit! It picks up with Finlay and Vero needing to figure out who, besides Findlay’s family, wants her cheating ex dead. This book has the mob, murder, hit men,, shoot outs, car chases, a couple love interests, friendship, loyalty and family. This is a thoroughly entertaining series! Findlay’s life is a roller coaster ride from one sticky situation to the next! Buckle up and enjoy the ride along with Finlay and Vero!
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Finlay Donovan Knocks em Dead by @ellecosimano 
Pub date: 2.1.22 

Finlay and Vero are the kind of friends I want in my life. No questions asked, have your back, hide spare body parts in your trunk kind of friends. Not that I need help with the last one there, but if I did, I need my people! 

I enjoyed the first Finlay novel so much last year and was ecstatic to get to pick this second installment up! It did not disappoint. Finlay is still her hilarious self, attracting madness and danger into her life at every turn. It gives her great content for her books though, so I guess she’s onto something. 

I’m so happy this series is continuing! It’s highly entertaining, and one I could easily see made into a TV series. I’m looking at you Netflix. 

Thank you so much to @netgalley and @stmartinspress for the arc in exchange for my honest review! 

And lastly, thank you to @ellecosimano for the laughs! ❤️
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Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘Em Dead by Elle Cosimano is a highly entertaining book full of mystery, murder, and mayhem! 

That’s right, Finlay and Vero are back with more of their wild and hilarious antics! While browsing an online women’s forum, Finlay discovers that someone has put a hit out on her ex-husband. So she does what any good mother who doesn’t want her kids to lose their father would do - enlists the help of her bestie, Vero, to find out who wants her ex dead and stop them before it’s too late!

I loved Finlay Donovan Is Killing It so much that I was worried the second book wouldn’t be as good. To my pleasant surprise, this humorous and witty book was even better than the first! Finlay and Vero are such quirky, fun, and lovable characters! I was laughing out loud, shaking my head, and cheering them on! It was the perfect escapist read! I’m already looking forward to the next book because I just can’t get enough of Finlay and Vero’s crazy shenanigans!
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Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to review this book! The writing, characters and plot line were all done very well. The only complaint I had; its just simply not as good as the first one. zi thought the first novel in the series had more humor integrated in, more 'this could happen to anyone'. Finlay Donovan Knocks em Dead however seemed forced in some parts, not as fluid as its prior novel. Really wonderful; and creative story however and I loved this world and characters this book created!
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Finlay Donovan is back with a bang!  Finlay and her nanny-slash-accountant Vero are back for another fun, light-hearted romp of a mystery.  The ladies stumble across some cryptic posts on an online message board that seem to be hinting that someone is putting a hit out on Finlay’s ex-husband Steven.  Between ex-lovers, business partners, and the mob, there are no shortage of suspects who might want Steven dead.  Finlay is determined to get to the bottom of things and do whatever it takes to protect her two small children.

This novel has plenty of shenanigans, as Finlay and Vero find themselves in some crazy predicaments and some implausible situations, but that’s what makes this story so entertaining.  Just suspend belief and go along for their wild ride!  There’s also some cute light romance as Finlay finds herself torn between a hunky cop and an attractive young law student, but it’s not the main focus, because our fierce and feisty heroine doesn’t need a man to save her.

“Finlay Donovan Knocks 'Em Dead” has all the charm of its predecessor, “Finlay Donovan is Killing It”, and while you don’t need to read the first book in the series to enjoy this one, you absolutely should because it’s also delightful.  Like the first book, the ending of this new installment also ends on a cliffhanger and leaves the reader wanting more.  I already can’t wait for the third book in this series!

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me an advance copy of this book.
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Last year the first novel in this series completely caught me off guard and I had no idea what was coming for me. This time around I had a bit more idea going into this book what it would be like and it was still really enjoyable. Finley is still trapped in the world that she unknowingly walked into in the first book and now she is trying to figure out a. who wants her husband dead and b. who is taking the job. 

I think a little bit of the magic is gone from this book since now Finley is a bit more aware of what is going on and that was part of the original charm that she was so oblivious, but I still really enjoyed the relationship between Vero and Finley and the twists and turns that book took.
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