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I found this book to be very interesting. My Chinese zodiac animal is that of the Dragon, so I find novels based on these mythical creatures quite fascinating. This novel is to be commended for the execution of its storyline and its overall content.
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I love Kiersten Fay and I love this series .
This instalment however I struggled to get into a bit. Once the story got going I was as usual totally Invested.
I loved the characters and the unique twists and turns that a didn't see coming  . 
Glad I persevered and gave if a chance to pull me in. 
I really look forward to the next book. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Stealing the Dragon's Heart is a thrilling and romantic fantasy story. I really enjoyed reading the book and learning about the fascinating characters. Great writing and characterizations.
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This is a long read. I would say it is more plot driven than pure romance. Beautifully crafted. Great plot. Very detailed on the race, tech and more. Enemies to lovers. Intrigue regarding the alien species. I would say a longer read and one you have to be in the mood for. Not a light sci fi romance read for sure.
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You know, I never considered myself a fan of Sci-Fi until Kiersten Fay got me hooked on her amazing world building stories.  And she did it again in this third installment of the Dragon Lords Series.  

This book takes place all across the universe as Aidan plans to win Phase Nine - the deadliest race around the universe, one that he already has bad memories of, yet here he is again, half alive in his heart, racing again with his crew of long time friends.  Aidan was a classic alpha male with a heart of gold, with his past he struggled hard to trust which was a huge theme in this book.

Onnika was... surprising!  There were times that I found her frustrating, but overall, I loved her exuberance in the face of what was clearly a hard life.  Not only keeping herself alive, but also her quiet, rather naïve sister, Caryn.  Throughout the book she showcased a strength and positive attitude that was hard to beat.  Sure, she didn't trust easy either, and rightfully so, but she had a beautiful moral code that I found endearing.

So these two come together as the race starts and it really was action packed - Onnika running from a scary past, Aiden and his crew fighting to move forward in the race, all while Aiden and Onnika gravitated towards each other like two magnets bouncing around and off each other.  This was a quick read for me because I literally didn't want to put it down as I tried to figure out what would happen next.

The only thing that gave me pause was the 'big bad' coming after the sisters, it felt extremely anti-climatic to me.  I didn't even feel like they became part of the story again until the end.  However, I can acknowledge that the race was a huge focus and driving factor which made up for the lack.

I'm looking forward to the next book in the series which I hope will be about Caryn!  While she seemed a little too soft for the life she'd grown up living, she came out of her shell a lot towards the end, and with a Dragon and a Stone Giant showing interest in her, I'm so curious to see what happens!  It's going to be as much of a page turner as this one was!  Kiersten Fay outdid herself again!  

My opinions are my own and freely given.
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This book was given to me on NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. - 2.5 stars. 

The Dragon Lords series by Kiersten fay is a series I enjoy! I read the first two books and they were great! However, I am a little bit disappointed with the 3rd part. 

What I enjoy most about the series are the fierce, strong females that do not need saving. In Stealing the Dragon's Heart we don't get this, and the main character Onnika is constantly putting herself in situations where she needs saving. This didn't really sit well with me, but if that is your favourite trope then this book will be perfect for you. She came across as annoying in several parts and really nagging. I am sure this was intended but again, not a trope I enjoy. 

I did really love the sister bond between Onnika and Caryn. I have to say I liked Caryn more.

The second reason why I enjoy this series is... well... smut. And trust me, the first two books were great, however, in this one, there was not enough of the "action" and when it was there it felt hurried and quickly skipped. This is a shame because Kiersten can write such scenes very well. 

This is a sci-fi/fantasy book and for the first time, I had an issue with this too. Look, I know this is a smut book, so I can forgive a lot when it comes to the sci-fi elements. Unfortunately for the first time, there were some mistakes regarding "how space works" that we already know and that were not incorporated in the book. Maybe the author chose not to describe the workings of the wormhole correctly, to make it fit the story, but this was really inaccurate and didn't make sense to me. It is like defying gravity in one scene of the book that takes place on Earth for the story's purposes. It was just.... strange. 

The book was packed with action, there was shooting, there was a lot of running and danger. I really enjoyed these parts. I loved the concept of the Ninth Phase race and enjoyed the competition overall. Despite my low rating this was nice fun read that doesn't require much effort and is perfect to reset and relax.

I do hope to get my hands on the next book as these stories of Dragon Lords are my guilty pleasure.
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This was one heck of a story. Since the story revolves around the Phase Nine race, there is a lot of action. Then to add on the suspense of Onnika and Caryn’s captors catching up to them, Aidan tossing them off of his ship, and figuring out what Onnika and Caryn actually are. Well, let’s just say this story didn’t have any boring parts.

The pairing of Onnika and Aidan was great. Aidan is this very serious, almost jaded person. He doesn’t trust easy, and it’s clear that he’s kind of given up on life. However, when paired with the lively Onnika, he comes to life. Here’s this beautiful woman who will lie, cheat, and steal and she pushes all of his buttons. Little does he know she’s not simply just a thief, but it’s a means for her and her sister’s survival. Only, he has no clue what they are running from, why they are running from it, and why she hides her identity with a hologram device.

I also really liked the secondary characters and the developing story with Caryn (Onnika’s sister). It would appear that she gained the attention of a dragon and a stone giant. There’s also other crew members on the ship but the one that gets the most air time is Zeek. I bet he will also get his own story in the upcoming books.

All in all, this was a solid read. It had romance, suspense, mystery, and a lot of Indiana Jones moments that left me on the edge of my seat. I look forward to reading the next book, and if you’re in the market for a high suspense, romantic fantasy, then I would recommend you check this out. You do not need to have read the previous books to understand what’s going on since this story stands on its own.
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I’m a huge Kiersten Fay fan and a fan of this series. I’ve read everything, multiple times. I also re read everything just so i could go into Aiden & Onnikas book with a fresh memory of the story that lead us here. 
But unfortunately this book was a miss for me. 
So here’s my issue with their story. Aiden is an already liked character. He has our sympathy from the past books and he has our interests piqued enough that we want to know more about his sad past, right?
Onnika however is new. And at first we start to warm to her and sympathize with her situation. Girls in a bad way, do what they must to survive. It’s a good start to any book, right? Caryn is frail and timid and Onnika is the boss big sister. It’s a sweet and honorable scenario. 
But unfortunately as the story progresses and she cons their way into Aidens life, I feel less sympathetic and more annoyed with her blasé and/or snarky attitude. Which really doesn’t change for a long time. Even when she wants to be better given their situation. I’m just confused. 
Anya was sweet & naive. Sonya was rough but also had a sweetness to her. Plus we had a good amount of pages to get to know these characters. All the females up to this point had something likable about them. Even if they were rough around the edges. I don’t feel this with Onnikas character. And it turned me off as a reader. 
Why would Aiden, this guarded, closed off guy, be so enthralled by this borderline conceded, jerk of girl (regardless of her sad past/situation)? Every time she’s rude to him he just takes it and internally praises something about her? I’m just don’t get it. Every time I think she’s about to let her guard down and become humble, she just says or does something calculating again. 
Everything just feels rushed. They kiss. He ends it. They kiss again. He ends it again. But it’s happening way to fast too soon and it’s just making the story less endearing. Which is so surprising because every other book so far has totally enthralled me. 
I wanted to love this book. But I’m just overall disappointed. I’m hoping the next book in this series is better.
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I loved the setting I am a huge sci-fy fan and just the semantics were amazing. Also it was something new and great for me, totally something to recommend. Also the mix between fantasy (dragons) and sci-fy (space travel) was greatly written and phase 9 as a concept is so interesting! 

Looking forward to read more from this author!
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Aidan never intended to enter Phase Nine, a deadly race through the universe that had once cost him everything, but he’d made an impossible bargain.When I started reading I couldn't put it down.Kiersten Fay is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this books.Can't wait for the next book
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I'm a fan of this series, especially since it a spinoff of one of my absolute most favorite books!  This book was fun and a hoot to read, though it was difficult to deal with the self-made roadblocks.  I can't wait to read the other books to come.
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Another action-packed instalment in the Dragon Lords series with some tie-ins to the Shadow Quest series; Onnika and Caryn become stowaways of sorts as they make their way onto Aidan's ship as he embarks on the challenging and risky Phase Nine race.  Loved the banter among all of the crew and especially between Onnika and Aidan. Kiersten Fay creates vivid worlds, characters and a plot that kept me on the edge of my seat at times.  Can't wait for her next book!
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Not only was Stealing the Dragon’s Heart a great story full of twists and turns, danger, adventure and romance, it was also a lot of fun. Something that I’ve come to expect from all the books I’ve read from this author. Also, worth mentioning is even though this is the third book in the Dragon Lords series, other than missing out on some awesome stories and world building, it could easily be read as a standalone. Although, being a known series lover, I wouldn’t recommend it. 😉

This is one of those books where I was grateful for varying points of view. While only getting one POV in a story can add to the mystery, I feel like it would have done either of these characters a disservice if we wouldn’t have been able to get inside their heads.

Onnika and Caryn’s back story was heartbreaking. The reasons for keeping their true nature a secret were totally understandable. Aidan knew they were keeping something from him and his crew. Although some of his crew/friends were quicker to give them some slack and understanding, Aidan and a few others weren’t so trusting. The trouble was, Aidan was finding it hard to fight his attraction to Onnika. Onnika was having the same problem with that attraction, but keeping her secret was more about not just protecting herself, but more importantly, protecting her sister. She would do anything to keep her safe, even sacrifice herself in the process.

This series is full of witty characters, loyal friends and a common goal that brings them together with some interesting allies. I adore that in a fantasy series and I can’t wait to continue reading whatever comes next and checking out other books in this world found in other series by Kierstan Fay.
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Although I had read the first two parts of the Dragon Lords series, this story didn’t have a lot of connections to the first two books. So, I still needed to get into the story at first. We meet Onnika and her sister Caryn who are on the run. They end up hiding at a space ship, which is about to take off to start Phase Nine, a deadly race.

Aiden is a dragon shifter, who has already participated in the Phase Nine race before. (I still don’t quite understand why he entered this gruesome race for the second time, but okay). When he finds the two stowaways, it is too late to get them off his ship, therefore he decides to put them to work. Both Aidan and his dragon can ‘t help but to feel attracted to the feisty Onnika. But she is hiding something and she is fiercely protective of her sister.

While working together to win the race, their mutual attraction grows, as well as their mutual trust. But when secrets are revealed, can they still trust each other? A great read, with suspense, fun, a lot of sparks flying and some steamy scenes.

In the middle of the story, the pace started to dwindle a little, therefore three instead of four stars this time. But I’ll keep my eye out for the next Dragon Lords story. And a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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The book isn’t bad but felt like it dragged on . The story line was still good I love books about dragon shifters . But like I said I felt like I couldn’t get fully into it as it dragged on but that is me . Would still recommend anyone to read .
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This was the perfect book to get me out of a reading slump! The action was fast-paced and fun. The sexual tension was thick. The sex was hot! (And yes, it’s part of a series but it’s a stand-alone that doesn’t require the rest of the books to understand.)

I love an enemies-to-lovers story that actually makes sense. Most could be cleared up in a single conversation or by someone taking their head out of their ass. In this case, both Aidan (our sexy shifter dragon and captain of the ship) and Onnika (ethereal and sassy magical being) have perfectly good reasons not to trust anyone at all and especially each other. I love that their mistrust doesn’t overshadow their lust for each other. They both have a carpe diem kind of attitude about taking pleasure where they can find it — and they find it with each other in the middle of a brutal space race. There was just enough angst to make you think, "Will they? Won't they?" but not so much angst that the characters (and me as a reader) didn't have a lot of fun along the way.

This is such a fun read that I managed to finish in a few hours because I didn’t want to put it down!

All the side characters were interesting enough to make me want to know more, especially about a certain love triangle that was clearly brewing throughout the story.
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Secret identity + dragon shifter, count me in! While this isn't your typical shifter book, meaning that it does take place in a more magical "medieval" kind of world. But everything about this book I instantly fell in love with! Both characters have their own issues, and for obvious reasons need to focus on their own task on hand. This book is filled with magic and spice and would recommend for anyone who loves a good fantasy romance!
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This was the first book in the series I have read.

I found it to be thoroughly entertaining with a great mix of Romance, Fantasy and Science Fiction.

The characters were well developed and storyline kept me engaged.

A wonderful read.

I shall certainly read more in this series.
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A scifi Amazing Race with a very interesting cast of characters.

Trusting anyone beside her sister has always been Onnika’s downfall. Every time she and her sister have shared their abilities with others, they have been turned into tools to gain riches, even going to far as to being sold to slavers for profit.    Onnika and Caryn have vowed never to let anyone know that Onnika can tell what decisions someone has made nor that Caryn has the ability to chose the right path.

When they escape from the men holding them enslaved, what Onnika and Caryn want most is to find their way back to their home world, Evlon, a world kept hidden and off the galactic maps. They come upon ships about to leave on the Phase Nine race, they decide to join a crew since the Commission gives each of the racers detailed maps of the galaxy. They hope to steal one of these maps and find their way home to safety.

Caryn’s feelings lead them to the Dragoon but after Onnika realize the captain of the ship is the man whose purse she just stole, for the first time Onnika begins to question her sister’s ability to lead them true.

Captain Aiden Chase wants to get the trespassers off his ship as soon as possible but since they signed up as crew, he has to at least leave the starting line with them, but he is dumping them at the first planet.  At least that was his plan, but Aiden isn’t so heartless as to dump them onto some of the more dangerous or deserted planets this race takes them.  And before he can find somewhere suitable, his crew has become too attached to the sisters, everyone including himself.  Onnika fights his decisions at every turn, but verbally sparring with her has raised his blood like nothing has done in way too long.

Onnika is the protector of her more shy sister, Caryn, but Onnika is brave to the point of reckless. She risks herself every time to protect her sister. Even after Aiden and Onnika admit their feelings for each other and she learns that losing his wife and child nearly broke Aiden, she still rushed into danger to protect her sister. I believe that the one place the author fails in this story is that in the final challenge after solidifying her relationship with Aiden, Onnika once again runs in to protect her sister and I think the relationship would have been better served if she had risked her life for Aiden rather than once again risking her life for her sister. In once again risking herself to protect Caryn, this simply proves that Aiden will always be second to Caryn in Onnika’s life. And knowing that once again losing someone else he loves would destroy Aiden, Onnika still risks her life to protect her sister. I think the author should have shown that Aiden meant as much to Onnika as her sister that she would not hesitate to risk her life to protect him as well.

The author’s note states that this is a “bridge” story between series. This story is a race through the stars but more of the excitement comes at the check points long the way where the contestants fight for vouchers to cut hours off the required docking periods. As this was my first book, I don’t know which characters we have met before but the secondary characters were well fleshed out as well as quirky and interesting.  We had good character development, as well as very interesting secondary characters.  I really like Onnika, who faced Aiden’s wrath fearlessly with a mixture of flirt and snark which always knocked him off balance but also winning his admiration.  These stories might be interesting to check out..
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Who doesn't love a good dragon shifter book! It was a little slow in the beginning, but once it started picking up I could not put this book down. I love how Onnika was spunky and did what was need to be done regardless of it being dangerous. I would highly recommend this book, and just to note this is book three of the series. I have not read the other two previous books, but I was able to read this book without any questions or feel like I was missing something. I plan on reading the two previous books just because of how much I enjoyed reading this book.
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