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The Smuggler’s Girl by Jennie Fenton

What a delightful and adventurous book.

The characters were attention grabbing and the flow of the plot was perfect.

I enjoyed the book as it is the first book by the author I am reading.

I am rating it five golden stars as the book worth them.

I love Cecile, Lise, Zach, Sam and the Moxey’s brothers. You cannot help falling in love with the characters.

The title and book cover perfectly fits the storyline.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.
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This book was a good one filled with a lot of surprises.  Although it did feel like it started out kind of slow.  But the time that it took getting started did set a really good foundation of how things were.  But there were a whole LOT of surprises and twists as the book got about 3/4 of the ways through.
Cordelia (the aunt) was one controlling piece of work.  I really hate bullies and she was a top winner for that award. Of course Cordelia wasn't the only one who was super controlling.  Cecile's father was also controlling but out of love and fear of his losing her.  It was NOT healthy but at least he loved her, which her aunt definitely did not.
Lise might not be rich and pampered like Cecile but she did have her freedom.  Anne was someone who raised her with love and affection.  
Zach and Sam were such good additional main characters, who were well able to keep me interested in the story.
You know there is going to be danger and there was actually even more than I thought.  It was a good surprise, well at least for the reader.
There is a hard fought for H.E.A. bringing it all to a close.

" I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book through Netgalley. And this is my honest opinions about it.”
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This was a good read, I liked the characters and where the story was set, it you want a bit of escapism and not a heavy read this is the book for you.
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Thank you to #NetGalley for the advance copy of #TheSmuggler’sGirl by #JennieFelton
A family saga set in the height of smuggling in England. Full of trials and misunderstandings. 
An engrossing read.
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The smuggler's girl by Jennie Felton. 
Cecile has been raised to a life of privilege at Polruan House, by her widowed father and aunt. Now she's of age, they are determined that she make a proper match, but Cecile's heart belongs to their coachman, Sam - most definitely not suitable marriage material.
I really really enjoyed this book.  It was different.  Great story and characters.  4*.
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Cecile has been raised to a life of privilege at Polruan House, by her widowed father and aunt. Now she's of age, they are determined that she make a proper match, but Cecile's heart belongs to their coachman, Sam - most definitely not suitable marriage material. When Sam returns to his friend, Zach Carver, for help eloping with Cecile, Zach tells him of a recent encounter with Lisa, a beautiful poor girl in St. Ives. who is the mirror image of Cecile. And so a daring plan to briefly swap the girls takes place.

This is a story about  two people from different backgrounds who fall in love. Now that Cecile is of age, her father wants her married to someone of social standing, but Cecile is in love with Sam, a coachman, and her family won't approve of him. But Cecile and Sam have plans, but will they get what they both want?

This well written, character driven story held my attention throughout. The characters are well  rounded and believable. The storyline is true to the era it's written in. I thoroughly enjoyed this book even though it reminded me of the Prince and the Pauper a little bit.

I would like to thank #NetGalley #Headline and the author #JennieFelton for my ARC of #TheSmugglersGirl in exchange for an honest review.
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The heart wants what the heart wants, it doesn’t care about social class, ethnicity, age etc! Cecile comes of age and her family want her to marry someone of social standing, however her heart belongs to Sam the coachman - a man whom her family will not approve of.
A lovely well written book  by Jennie.
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Read this in no time. Up at the big house The master’s daughter Cecille  is prevented from living her own life by her overprotective father and aunt.   This makes it difficult for her to see her loved one, Sam who is coachman. He enlists the help of Zach who also works with the master.   Cecille may get her help but at what cost, and will it be to her advantage.  Recommend it.
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Such a lovely story!  Cecile has been raised to a life of privilege at Polruan House, by her widowed father and aunt. Now she's of age, they are determined that she make a proper match, but Cecile's heart belongs to their coachman, Sam - most definitely not suitable marriage material! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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This book is set during the time where smugglers ruled the Cornish coastline. They not only stole the loot from shipwrecks they actually lured these ships to crash onto the rocks and murdered any crew left alive. Money and power was everything to them. 

Godfrey Pendinnick was a smuggler living at Polruan house which he inherited from another smuggler. 
He was ruthless and ruled his band of men with threat of death. His daughter Cecile lived with him along with her aunt. Cecile's life was one of being cosseted and watched over and not allowed to have friends. Her aunt saw to it that she had a lonely  life. 
Cecile is in love with someone her father wouldn't approve of and she has to do something before she is married off to a man of her aunt's choosing.

Lise lives in St Ives in a small dwelling with Annie who has looked after her since her mother died. Lise loves her life. Able to wander to her hearts content, her hair blowing free not like some of the well to do people who are obliged to wear wigs and corsets.  As much as she loves Annie Lise misses her mother and having her own family and longs for someone special  to love her.  One day she meets Zache and feels an instant connection . Could this lead to live or just a whole load of trouble. 

As always an absorbing read from Jennie  Felton who I'm  sure must be new Catherine Cookson.
This book is set in earlier times than her others but it still has the themes of  family trials and tribulations running through it.  
The middle class women must have hard a hard time having to wear heavy wigs and corsets and hooped dresses even at home. The men had their powdered wigs and by the descriptions it seemed they didn't smell that good. I much preferred  the lifestyle that Lise had.. 

Two compelling love stories, trickery and plotting  and one wicked dangerous women all make for this book to be the page turner  that it is.
If you enjoy books by Rosie Goodwin, Dilly Court or Catherine Cookson then you will love any of Jennie Felton's books.
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A beautifully descriptive work. Not my usual genre but made a pleasant change. Sometimes it is good to go out of your comfort zone.
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A new author for me, and I loved this book, Cornish shipwrecks, and family drama add to the romance in this novel which really gets the reader’s emotions involved.
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Absolutely love Jennie Felton and have read all her books. This one didn’t disappoint and loved it from page one. Lovely story of love and bringing two people together.
Thank you NetGalley for the early read.
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Another wonderfully written atmospheric book by Jennie Felton, I love books that draw you into the story and you travel along with the characters. Excellent book 5*
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Firstly thank you Netfalley for giving me the opportunity to read this ARC. If you love family sagas you will love this book. Brilliant book brilliant author
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The Smugglers Girl by Jennie Felton

This is a story of Cecile , who lives with her father and aunt In Polruan House after the death of her mother . She has had a good life , and now of age her father wants her wedded off well.
However Cecile has set her sights on someone else, Sam who works as a coaching and is not seen as a good match for her.
The story carries on with their plans to get what they both want , by the most unusual of ways.
It has all you want from this type of story . I've not read a book by Jennie Felton before, but if you enjoy Dilly Court ,  or Rosie Goodwin , this one will be right up your street.
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