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This ended up being a thoroughly enjoyable book for me. I enjoyed the protagonists and the tender and familial angle of the plot. while my interest was never fully captured by the mystery until halfway through, I think the author has huge potential, and I look forward to trying another book by them in the future. In the meantime, I'll be recommending me this as a perfect autumn read.
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I LOVE stories that are set in a library (if you read this check out The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman). 
At first, I was a bit put off by the writing, but then I saw that this was an uncorrected ARC, so I just ignored that. 

I'd recommend this book to everyone who loves reading and being surrounded by books! A super exciting story set in a magical library.
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I was attracted by the description, always hooked if a library is involved and a page turning read - certainly perfect for a holiday.
Sophie is a archival bookbinder following in her parents footsteps.  Following the mysterious disapearance of her mother at her one time home in Ayredale Library, Sophie is taken away by her father who wants to erase all memory of Ayredale from Sophies memory.  He is in the main successful but this leaves Sophie haunted by fragments of memory which seep into her dreams.
When we meet Sophie she is in a controlling and passively abusive relationship with Victor.  However after intervention by her uncle Sophie is offered a prestigious role at her old home of Ayredale library.  This breaks her relationship with Victor and allows her the much needed opportunity to investigate her mother and pick up threads of her old life, including her teen crush Will.
I enjoyed the mystrey elements and the author goes down a different library mythos route linking in Chaos, creativity with the symbol of the tree of knowledge.
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for access to the ARC all views are my own.
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This is an interesting book and a great novel for anyone who loves magic and magical libraries!  It is very engaging and I liked the romantic story arc - there is a bit of a love triangle going on, which made me eager to see the protagonist get the good guy..  While I was reading it the book certainly kept my attention, but I'm not convinced that the characters and plot were that memorable to be honest. Still, it's a nice magical read for any bookworm on a dull, rainy day.
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It’s ok. Loved that it was about and set in a special library.  That’s what really drew me to this book.  The characters were ok, couldn’t quite get into rooting for Sophie and Will. I just wanted Arthur and Victor to fail. And I was curious enough to continue till the end. 

Thanks Bookouture and NetGalley for this arc!
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This was a pretty good read, however I found it easy to put down and leave. The storyline was easy to follow. I feel this book would be more suited for young adults who enjoy fantasy type novels.
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Sophie grew up remembering little about her mother or her past, and her father kept them isolated from her mother's family, so she was surprised after her father's death by the invitation to the Ayredale Library by her uncle. But the Library and her connection to it are not the usual at all, it speaks to her and draws her in strange ways, in dreams and in languages only she can read. Others at the library are out of the ordinary, and some she remembers dimly from her childhood, and some she knows she should remember but does not. At the same time outside forces without her or the Library's best interests in mind are gathering and stupid decisions are being made.
A lovely, magical story about memory and family and the spark of creativity.  Similar in feel to Erin Morgenstern's Night Circus and Starless Sea.  Things went pretty wild towards the end, but it all came together finally - whew.  Highly recommended.
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I received this book for free for an honest review from netgalley #netgalley

Awesome book I was on the edge of my seat.
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*Received an ARC from Bookouture via Netgalley  in exchange of an honest review.*

I enjoyed the concept of the story quite a lot. I love reading books that are set in libraries or about libraries/bookstores. It brings me so much comfort. With this book there's the bonus of magic thrown into the mix. I found "The Tree" quite an interesting concept.

There were some parts of the text that repeated itself multiple times throughout the book which didn't feel right with the flow of the story. For that reason I gave it 4 stars but I would still recommend it.
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When I started reading this I got this dark historical feeling from this books. It confused me when they were having phones on them and all that. 

I did really enjoy this book. It’s been a while since I read a book about a magical library and this was a good one. It was well written and lovely described. You could almost feel like you were there with the characters.
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The Book Binder’s daughter is an interesting tale of a woman just getting out of a bad relationship, heading to the magical place she left when her mother was mysteriously killed. She has forgotten so much about her childhood there but it is all about to start come crashing back to her in unexpected ways.

The Ayredale Library is one of a kind. It houses a fantastic collection of rare books unlike any else in the world, the people who work there are quite unique and there is a magic tree just growing behind an arched door. When Sophie remembers more of her past and reconnects with her first love as well as the people in the library, she starts to remember more about the magical world she left behind and her place in it.

The ideas in this book are really good. I like the concept of the library and a goddess bound to it along with families that have looked after it for years. Sophie herself is someone you really like and want to protect. She has been through a lot and you can tell that all she has ever wanted is to be loved. She has some emotional scars coming out of an abusive relationship and sometimes it is hard since she just doesn’t trust herself. But I rooted for her the entire time hoping she would find the courage she needed to become the woman she was supposed to be.

I enjoyed the story but felt like it had much more potential than what was shown. The ideas of the world were really fantastic and could have been built out a little more.
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As a reader I absolutly love reading about Magical Libraries and when I saw that the author was Jessica Thorne I just had to read this book. 

Good points about this book;

* the library without any doubt. I loved how it became its own character throughout the story.
* the writing. I love Jessica Thornes writing. She makes the world she creates really come to life!
* the fast pace story. As a reader you are truelly hooked from the very first sentence.

Bad points about this book:
* its very stereotype, especially the characters. I love morally grey characters, but in this book everybody is either black or with. No in between. 
* the ending... welll that is were the story really fell flat.
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Thank you Netgalley for the ARC. I was interested in this book because of the description. I liked it. well enough. I thought it was a good story though at times it got a little confusing. The imagery was beautiful. There were a lot of characters which can get confusing but I think the author did an ok job keeping them separate. I wish there had been more back story for them. At times it got a little tense with the controlling of the main character.
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“She was chaos and wildness, and all the madness of creation.”

Sophie is stuck. She can’t move on from the mysterious circumstances that took her mother from her fifteen years ago, left with a distant and recently deceased father and all-consuming dreams of a mysterious tree, all her questions remain unanswered. Add that to a controlling boyfriend and a lack of any real friends, Sophie gets by through her love of bookbinding, putting all her care and love into her work. Yet, when a mysterious letter appears that invites her back to the Ayredale Library, the place where it all started and home of the largest collection of antique collectable books, Sophie might finally get the answers she’s been craving for so long. The library is alive with history, mystery and colourful figures from her past and Sophie will have to navigate the lies and secrecy to discover the truth.

There was a lot to like about this book, it had a great pace with action, conflict and reveals that kept you reading to get to the heart of the library and its secrets. I really enjoyed the various twist and turns. Thorne can also be seen to have woven in well-researched areas of history, linking in myths, religious aspects and famous libraries, as well as bookbinding and the care of books. This made it feel that much more vivid.

However, it could have been so much more. It often felt rushed with characters and settings that I wished we could have explored more. The library constantly had little hints dropped about its unpredictable nature and almost haunting spiritual awareness but, actually, like a lot of the book, I felt told this rather than shown it. There was no real atmosphere to the book and the characters, whilst colourful, felt lacking in depth. I also think it really missed a trick in creating a found family, all the platonic relationships were stilted and strained. This meant I felt less invested in the character arcs.

Ironically, this was the opposite for Sophie, she was one of the few more developed characters with a sweet and well written romantic relationship that grows over the book, but unfortunately, I found her personal transformation throughout the book lacking. I really feel like she could have embraced herself and really come into her own person more. The ending didn’t make as much impact without it. Although I still enjoyed where the plot took us and how it ended.
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I loved this book. Sophie is a bookbinder and works with rare books, she is still bereaved over the death of her father and plagued by dreams of her childhood where she had happy memories when her parents worked at Ayredale Library as bookbinders with the rare book collection. Sophie’s uncle offers her a job at Ayredale Library working with the rare books.
 It was about special libraries, magic and fantasy with a sprinkle of romance and family secrets. I loved the interactions between the characters. The descriptions of some of the rare books were captivating.
This was fast paced and full of action.
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The Bookbinder’s Daughter is the magical new novel by Jessica Thorne. As soon as I read the description of this book I knew I had to read it and it did not disappoint! Captivating me from the very first page, The Bookbinder’s Daughter is a spellbinding read about magic and long hidden family secrets. With a gripping plot and characters you can’t help but fall in love with, I loved every word of this hauntingly beautiful book.

When Sophie is offered a job at the prestigious Ayredale Library she is at first reluctant to take up the offer. After all, this is the last place she saw her bookbinder mother before she disappeared fifteen years ago when Sophie was a teenager. But when her circumstances suddenly change, she realises that a new job could be exactly what she needs. And so she embarks on a journey that will reawaken old memories, introduce her to old friends and new… and maybe, just maybe, even lead her to discover what actually happened to her mother all those years ago.

Beautifully written, The Bookbinder’s Daughter swept me away on a magical journey of intrigue and suspense, keeping me enthralled from beginning to end. It’s the kind of book I love, with wonderful characterisation and a magical storyline that kept me guessing throughout. Jessica Thorne is a born storyteller and I can’t wait to read whatever she comes up with next.
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This book was adorable but I have to say that it really didn't stand out against others of its kind.  I wish that there would have been more danger or just something to make it stand apart from others about the same thing.  The ending was really good and I still say that it was worth the read.  I just wished that it would have had something to make it stand out more on its own.
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I loved the concept of this book. It had everything I look for, magic, intrigue, romance and centred around a library which was a character in itself. Sophie was the central character, linked to the library through her family and birthright. The library became more alive as the book progressed.

I wanted to love this book, and there were many things I did enjoy. However, I found many descriptions were repetitive without providing any greater understanding, and the concepts around the nature of the library a little garbled. Consequently, as the book progressed I found myself detaching from the story. The last third of the book increased in pace to an exciting and dramatic ending. I did enjoy it well enough, but unless some of these issues are addressed, I won’t be reading any sequel that comes along.
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I really wanted to like this one because I found the concept so fascinating, but ultimately I didn’t love it. To stay spoiler free I will say that while the concept/plot absolutely fascinating but I was at too much of a remove from the main character to feel fully invested in the story.
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I was instantly drawn to this book when I saw it on @netgalley.  A beautifully whimsical cover with a story set in a magical old-world library, what’s not to love.

Perfectly paced and beautifully written I was transported to Ayredale Library and surrounded by its collection of rare and mysterious books.

After a bitter break from her controlling boyfriend, Sophie leaves London and returns to her the home of her childhood, Ayredale Library after receiving a letter from her Uncle Edward.  Sophie feels it’s the perfect time to not only work with her Uncle and take on the role of book binder but try and learn the truth about her past.  Her mother was an intricate part of the library before her mysterious disappearance when Sophie was younger.

The library instantly comes alive through the writing and you feel as if you can almost reach out and touch the shelves.

Old feelings soon are reignited with Sophie sees her childhood friend Will again after all this time, but Will is keeping his distance, almost guarded around her.  What isn’t he telling her about that day all those years before when her mother disappeared?  What secrets are hidden behind the library’s walls?

The library itself holds a great many secrets, as the world building and magic comes to life throughout the story.  On reflection I wish a little more could have been given to some of the back-story and the characters but overall this was a really enjoyable read and one that I’m thankful I had the opportunity to experience.

A huge thank you to @netgalley and @bookature for my copy of this wonderful book.
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