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Absolutely loved this. LOVED THIS. Every single time I think Lynsay can't out do herself - she does. She's become an auto-click author for me.
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Highland Wolf is another installment in the Highland Brides series by Lynsay Sands but can be read as a standalone book like the others. We have a continuation of the highland clan family connections and revisit with some characters from the other books, just to wet our palates in the Highland series style, but there ends the continuity for me.  Lady Claray MacFarlane is being forced to marry by her horrid uncle, after a last-minute plea that falls on deaf ears, she is literally abducted by a highland rider, in what turns out to be a well-planned rescue.

The rescuer is Conall MacDonald, known as the ‘wolf’ and he reveals that he is sent by her father. From there, the story seems to derail, with her being this incessive animal lover that can’t help but rescue every critter she finds and Conall bearing with it. This story survives by piecing together events and throwing in some characters already known to us. We had met Laird McKay's nephew Bryson, in this reappearance as the hero we are given an explanation as to why he became a mercenary. Now this connection with the series previous books is the only one that works. His whole family was poisoned, and his birthright stolen. I’d become not only legendary to gain coins, but bloodthirsty myself in want of vengeance. 

Ms. Sands starts to lose me, first with the ridiculous names for the animals rescued, then by having our hero and heroine get right at the hot sex in the water, followed by this asinine guilt trip. Now she explains this away by explaining that the church teachings is what deemed the act a sin. Lady Claray does feel a bit better once its revealed that Conall is really Bryson MacDonald, her intended betrothed from like birth, but still, she persists on ‘enduring the marriage bed’. I just didn’t find myself falling for and into the characters as I did the other books. Even the twists could not make it up for me. My review was given on the ARC copy received from the Publisher via NetGalley in return for my honest opinion.
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Usually historic romance is not my thing however I found this refreshing , the animals and how he cared for them as well was a big plus for me.
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I absolutely love this series!! Lynsay sands books have it all ..and great character developments!! And this title is just ...yummm
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I always love Lynsay Sands' books because I know what I am getting: a decent plot, some form of mystery or central conflict, hot alpha men, and some steamy goodness. This book delivered on all of those. This has been a fun series for me to read - very enjoyable!
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I absolutely love Lynsay Sands, but have I read this series? Absolutely not. Am I going to go out and get every single one? Yes. 

You do not need to read the previous books in the series to read this one, though I am probably missing a lot of cameos/people that I may have known more background on. 

Claray MacFarlane is saved before being forced by her uncle to marry someone she didn't know by The Wolf, a fearsome and deadly mercenary. But the Wolf isn't just her handsome hero, but her childhood betrothed that was thought to be killed. Hired by her father to rescue her, he cannot help the feelings that grow and must face what that means for their future.

There is a lot of drama and angst, mystery, a grumpy hero in a kilt that saves the sunshine damsel in distress, and some excellent spice. Conall, the Wolf, is patient and gentle which compliments Claray's selfless and naturally worried nature. Their chemistry is natural and flows well with the pace of the story. There were twists and turns and secrets (Conall keeping his true name and identity from Claray being one of the smallest of these) that kept the book intriguing and more than just a sexy Highlander romance novel. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Avon for an advanced copy of Highland Wolf!
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A solid entry in Sands' Highland Brides series. Like previous books, this one ties to characters from earlier in the series, and as we get deeper in the series. As usual, the author blends comedy and an insta-love romance well, but her usual intrigue doesn't fit as well as previous entries, though the resolution was sufficient. I look forward to seeing where the series is headed.
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Okay this was super cute and I loved this book so much! It was like a legit Snow White book with the main female character having an affinity with animals. This book was super fun and fast paced and I loved the action that went on in this book! It was intense at times, and hilarious at other times! I liked the relationships that developed in this book, and I loved the twist and turns this book brought forth on this journey! I thought that it was interesting that her betrothed was thought to be dead, and he ends up turning out to be The Wolf. I also liked this villain and how crazy he was! I highly recommend this book! I haven't read all the books in this series, but this is a series, like most historical romances, where each book can be read on their own. I loved that this was low angst, but was really fast paced and had a lot of action that kept the plot moving! It also had a super cute romance and I adored Connell and Claray together! I thought that they were the cutest together and I loved their romance and banter with each other! I thought that was the best part of the book! I thought that it was nice to read a book that had the feel of an older Scottish highlander romance! It featured great family ties and relationships, alongside an entertaining romance between two fantastic characters! Again I highly recommend checking this book out! It's so fun!
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With complete transparency Lynsay Sands' historical highland novels seem to be extremely formulaic--but I'm okay with it? Mostly. It does get a little repetitive when you read about six back to back as I did (why are people always so murderous in the highlands?? Someone it always trying to kill off either the hero or heroine or BOTH if we're feeling really enthusiastic with the violence). It would be nice for the tension to not always stem from a mysterious person having murderous intent on the main leads.

With that understanding, I still keep reading them. It's like candy for my romance reading heart and mind. You know what to expect, and you still enjoy it.

I DO feel like this was the most charming of all the highlands Sands books I've read. The heroine was adorable and took what was happening in a totally even-keeled way that seemed to flummox the hero, and I laughed out loud multiple times during their interactions. She was always rescuing wounded animals, much to the hero's dismay, and assuming that the fierce warriors would help her take care of the animals. This juxtaposition of fierce, confused, and secretly gooey compassion added a nice complexity to the male characters that can sometimes be lacking.

I was not able to guess who the villain ended up being and I had the motivation COMPLETELY wrong, which was nice.

Lynsay Sands is always a solid entertainment choice for me. And this was the best yet.
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Oh my goodness what a story! I was truly afraid this series was going to end when the main arc ended with all the family married off with the last story, but Sands surprised us again by finding more side characters to bring into the series and giving us more magic.  The newest addition kicks off with a bang as a woman is heading to a forced marriage and is rescued by the most unlikely of men and then taken on the adventure of her life.  Claray MacFarlane never imagined she’d find herself  being forced to the altar by the uncle she thought loved her, but that seems to be her immediate future if she can’t find a way out and it’s really not looking good for her, until a mysterious man suddenly rides into the churchyard and carries her off just in time.  Conall, aka The Wolf, arrives just in time to carry Claray to safety, but he has no intention of revealing his true identity to Claray.  He might be her betrothed but he isn’t yet ready to claim the sweet and confounding woman, yet as they spend more and more time together he cannot resist the temptation she presents and soon he finds that there is truly no resisting his bride to be.  When they arrive at Claray’s home, everything changes as she finds herself wedded and bedded, then whisked away to Conall’s family land in order for them to take their rightful places and lead the clan that has never forgotten him or his family’s leadership. But soon the evil that sent him running for his life resurfaces and Claray finds herself under attack, but some enemies hide just a little too well in the shadows and if Claray and Conall don’t uncover the truth in time all could be lost. This story was filled with serious psycho stuff as Claray finds herself in the line of fire from individuals that have lost their damn minds but are too easily able to blend into polite society.  I loved that Sands went this direction, but it broke my heart for Claray to have to deal with this trauma and it was great to see her find herself and her own strength out of the crazy she was faced with.  Claray has a sweet force that is apparent from the beginning when she sacrifices and cares for the animals she takes into her charge which was very cute, and her determination to show Conall that she will be the best wife and partner she can be as she takes on the task of leading a clan was amazing.  She has a calm that soothes others and a harmony that just makes those around her fall in love, maybe a little too much sometimes, but Conall certainly fell under her spell quickly. Conall was an enigma but at the same time a typical alpha warrior and that dichotomy made him even more interesting in a lot of ways.  He has worked his entire life in order to earn his way, hoping to rebuild his coffers so that he can return to reclaim his rightful place as laird and claim his bride, but when he actually meets Claray there is no more waiting for the “perfect time” to return.  His years of fighting have made him a determined and dedicated man, but he does have a softer side when it comes to his wife, showing her passion and care, but he works hard alongside his men in order to make sure that they achieve their goals and keep their newly reunited Clan safe.  The passion between Claray and Conall was fiery and sensual from the very beginning, even though Claray had her doubts that was a good thing, but when they had their private times together, boy look out! I am dying to find out which story comes next and see where Lynsay is taking us in this amazing world of Scottish warriors and the women that stand at their sides to lead and nourish their clans. As always the magic of the Scots leads to an amazing read.
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Lynsay Sands is a wonderful author. Her writing style is simple to understand and the pace of her novels are natural. Overall a great story teller.

I liked the hero of this novel a lot! He was patient and kind. He was protective of the heroine and a bit possessive at times.

The heroine is an animal lover and definitely caused a few chuckles over her escapades.

This story held my attention easily with lingering questions from the hero's youth. His family was murdered and he lived with a target on his back his entire life; forced to take on a different identity. He rescues the heroine from an unwanted marriage and soon reveals he is actually her betrothed. Of course once he comes forward the enemy does too!

No cheating or ow/om drama
Descriptive bedroom scenes
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Lynsay Sands newest and tenth installment of her Highland Brides Series, and one of my favorite so far in the mix.  While this book can be read independently, I do recommend reading the others in the series as they contain the family and extended family of the characters in this book.

Claray, a woman who has a strange connection to animals and a worrying nature.  Granted, it fits as she quickly goes from a bargaining chip for her evil uncle to marry off, to a kidnapped woman unsure of what might happen to her.

But we learn that Wolf/Conall is her betrothed and he is taking her back to her father.  I would hate to ruin the backstory of Wolf and how he comes to kidnap Claray.  Instead I'll focus on their trip.  Sands does an amazing job creating the back drop of the wild Scottish Highlands.  And her portrayal of Claray with the animals that find her - each has their own personality that is adorable to read.  But the real attraction here is Wolf and Claray as their angsty interest grows.  As much as Claray is a worrier, Wolf calms and protects her.  I really loved reading their dynamic and can't wait for the next installment!  Lynsay Sands never disappoints!

My opinion is my own and freely given.
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I totally enjoyed this book. Lynsay Sands at her best and I need to go back and see which books in the series that I’ve missed.
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Claray MacFarlane is about to be forced to marry a cruel man when she is rescued by The Wolf, a mercenary named Conall. The Wolf brings Claray back to her father for her safety. It is revealed that Conall was named Bryson when he was born, and he is Claray's betrothed. His family was murdered by poison when he was a child, and he has been hiding his identity for his whole life. As Claray and Connall build a home together, they are faced with multiple murder attempt. Together, they must figure out who wants to harm them. 

I found this book to be extremely disappointing. Claray felt like a naïve Snow White character with all of her scenes saving animals. I thought the sex scenes were boring, and I did not see any chemistry between Conall and Claray. The attackers motivations were laughable, and I just felt like nothing happened in the book. It was a struggle to finish this book. Fans of historical romance books can skip this one.
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Lynsay Sands has truly done it again. This book did not shy away from the drama, in fact it begins in the very first chapter. Along with the drama, you get to fall in love with Claray's kindness and soft spot for animals, as well as, the mystery of the man who rescues her and his true identity. 

Lynsay Sands is one of my go to, comfort authors and this book managed that. If you love historical romances, I highly recommend this book!
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This was a good romance! I enjoyed the characters- especially how he kept his oath from years before!  Another favorite for sure!
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I really enjoyed Claray and Conall's story. I think my favorite part of it was all the animals that Claray collected on their travels and how Conall and his men dealt with them, LOL! This was a great addition to the series!
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This was a lovely and completely charming Highland romance. It was surprisingly steamy and I have to say I really enjoyed Claray and Conall’s interactions. Claray’s love for animals and her “rescue“ scenes were adorable. It brought a breath of fresh air to all the background drama going on. I think my favorite part of the sub genre is when a murder mystery is included. I have no complaints with this book it was a quick and enjoyable read
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I was given a copy of this novel for the purposes of a review and have been holding it all in for quite a while now. Highland Wolf is officially released on January 25, 2022 (tomorrow for me), so I am going to exhale and give you the nitty gritty because I am a longtime fan of Lynsay Sands and I know she has an incredibly vast fanbase waiting on this novel.

Highland Wolf is the tenth novel in the Highland Brides series. If you haven’t checked out books 1-9, you can (and absolutely should) do so.

I will not give you a rundown of every event within this novel because nobody likes spoilers and I am not that gal. So, to wet yer whistle, here is the synopsis from

New York Times Bestselling Author Lynsay Sands delivers another sexy historical romance set in the wilds of the Highlands

In all her daydreams about her wedding day, Lady Claray MacFarlane never once imagined being dragged to the altar by her greedy uncle and forced to marry a man she didn’t know. But that’s what happened, or would have, had a Highland warrior not snatched her up at the last minute and ridden off with her in his arms. . .

They call him the Wolf. The mercenary’s courage and prowess in battle are known throughout the Highlands, and with his handsome face and black-as-sin hair, he is as intelligent and deadly as the wolf he was named for…

The beginning of the story sees Claray MacFarlane being forced into a marriage by a horrible uncle. Long story short, things don’t go to plan (do they ever?) and she instead finds herself in what I call a grand pickle. The story continues to throw twists and turns. The hero is predictable, but likable. The heroin isn’t someone I can honestly say I’d want to hang out with of an evening, but she’s well written and for some reason matches well with the Wolf. The story is entertaining, if somewhat exhausting at times. To be quite honest, there were times I wanted to yell at our young Lady MacFarlane and toss my Kindle into the abyss. I am happy to report my Kindle is still among the living and the lady has acquired a strapping, broody Wolf. I am also happy to report that I have managed to conquer my own frustrations at the story by way of a pleasant ending.

Now, the important question. Is this novel worth buying and reading? Yes. Absolutely. If a story doesn’t require you to feel something, even exhaustion or frustration in the characters and their folly, then the story is probably trash. This one is decidedly not trash. Quite the opposite. During my reading time, there were so many times when I mouthed a very snarky, What on this Earth is wrong with you, toward Claray. Many times. Like I said, we would not be friends. She isn’t really my type of leading lady, but her personality was certainly well written and we’ve made our peace already.

For more information about Lysay Sands, she keeps an updated website you can visit.

For more information about me, stick around. I’m sure I’ll eventually say something halfway entertaining or interesting in the next few weeks. Maybe. 😀
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Claray never expected to be dragged to the alter by her greedy uncle to marry a cruel man so he could have her inheritance. On the way to the Chapple a stranger know as the Wolf sweeps her up on his horse to rescue her. 

 This is another great historical romance book by Lynsay Sands. I love that her books always have a touch of humor and mystery to go along with the heartfelt romance. This book was no different and is a great addition to the series.
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