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I grew up eating a lot of noodles (pasta) so I know my way around a pot of boiling water. Well I thought I did until I read this cookbook. It blew my mind all the different combinations. The authors are hilarious. They clearly don’t take themselves too seriously so neither should you. Cooking should be fun and playful. They start the book with the haiku guide to noodles. I mean how can you not love this book for that alone? I won’t spoil any of the recipe names for you but trust me you will smile.
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This book is very well designed and a must have for any cook! The recipes are easy to follow. The photos and layout are stunning, and the recipes were delicious. I will say though, living in a pretty rural area some of the ingredients used were hard to come by.
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Unfortunately due to a technical issue (my computer was in repair for most of the time the download was available) I didn't make it through entirely, but the first half I read (not in order) was great. 
There are some interesting recipes (with great titles) as well as some helpful tips for those of us who don't know as much about noodles (outside of restaurant ones). 
It's still hard to make on your own when you have no prior knowledge and no one to teach you (easier to see than to read) but it's still doable .
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This book was beautiful, it taught me a little about noodles, and it was a bunch of FUN. If you like noodles of any kind, this is definitely a cookbook to add to your shelf. The descriptions and recipes (including noodle description in HAIKU format) made it more than a mere book to grab a recipe from - it was actually fun to read.

This would make a great gift for any young cook or anime lover!

I received a digital ARC of this book as a reviewer for NetGalley.
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To be 100% honest, I'm not entirely sure how to review a cookbook. However, on the surface this seems like a great one. I love noodles in any form and the recipes here are so innovative I can't wait to try them all.
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I received a copy through NetGalley for review.

So I really love noodles, and I was excited to see that this does not discriminate on the variety of rice noodles, pasta, soba, ramen etc. It covers all the noodles. It also had a large chapter on strictly lasagna. 

I kind of wish it included more chow mein or stir fry style recipes, it was what I was really hoping for more but it glazed over it a bit. I feel like the lasagna chapter was much more comprehensive and had a lot more recipes for that.

But it covers pasta, pho, ramen, lasagna, etc you name it. But overall its a solid book. Just wish for a bit more.
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This book has all the information you could ever want or need in relation to noodles. As well as having the expected wide array and variety of recipes including noodles it also has information about the different types of noodles, their composition and the best ingredients to use with them.
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This was interesting! I love noodles and I wanted to make everything in this book.  A good reference for noodle lovers!
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I'm italian and I'm a lot disappointed about the phrase "Pasta is a noodle", I'm pretty sure that you can't call noodles a plate of maccheroni or a plate of dumplings.
You can't say that everything that are made with the same dough are noddles, there is no sense in this. 

I was expected a book of Noodles recipes but it's not. 

I put 2 stars because the photo are good and there are some interesting recipe but I'm really upset.
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This cookbook is all about noodles. It is a bit jarring to see it go back and forth from pasta to Asian noodles. A lot of the recipes are pretty common. Not a lot of options or substitution options for vegetarians. I did like the section on pantry staples for Asian cooking.
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This book is exactly what you want it to be and so much more!

I was honestly so surprised by this book that is not only packed with SO MANY noodle recipes, but is also made to help you understand the in’s and outs of noodles. There are recipes for a bunch of different Asian noodle dishes, for ramen variations, for pastas, lasagnas, and for homemade noodles. However, so many of the recipes are more than lists of ingredients but are breakdowns of the methods and options for different noodle dishes. In that way, the book is kind of the best of both worlds as it teaches you how to be creative with your noodles if you so choose and if you don’t want to be creative, still gives you a wide variety of noodle dishes you can make from the book.

Beyond all that, the book is also so fun to look at and flip through. The noodles all have fun names, the pictures are all absolutely mouthwatering, and it’s full of such unique details. Not only does it boast a bunch of tips for cooking, but it’s also got a bunch of images for multi-part dishes which are labeled and broken down so you know exactly what you’re seeing. It also has such fun and unique details lime lasagna championship charts, and pages for mix and match sauce, noodle, and add-in’s options. 

Honestly, if you love noodles I really can’t see a reason not to buy this book. It is beautiful, it is packed with phenomenal recipes, and it is so informative that it will surely leave you a better cook (or noodle connoisseur) at the end of it all!

Special thanks to the publishers and netgalley for a virtual arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I didn't think there were so many different ways to prepare noodles, but this cookbook sure showed me. I knew to trust it immediately when right off the bat it dedicated a couple of pages to the different types of noodles out there and what they best pair with. Covering everything from ramen to soup noodles to lasagna. And no ordinary lasagna either. Of course they have the normal average (delicious) lasagna recipe but they also delve into taco lasagna and eggplant lasagna. I always like to freshen up old recipes even if most of the time it's because I'm just struggling to use what's already leftover in my fridge. While the recipe I am most excited to try is French Onion Mac and Cheese (I love anything French Onion) I'm betting people are going to find the Mentaiko Mac the most interesting. I myself will be trying this recipe if I can find the ingredients for what is described as Spicy Caviar Mac and Kimcheese. I'm a sucker for fun titles. 

I will post my review closer to the publication date.
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Thank you Netgalley and Workman Publishers for the ARC to read and review.

That Noodle Life attempts to bring noodle recipes from multiple cultures into one space.  Beautiful Photographs of all the recipes.  Very exotic offerings and combinations that I think will be difficult for the average cook to find ingredients, but sure was fun to flip through.
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I absolutely want to eat every single thing in this book!  

This cookbook covers noodles in all forms, from all cultures and with a recipe to suit any palate.  The instructions are well written and the pictures are gorgeous.  I have already made The Festival Yakisoba and The Cozy Chicken Lasagna, both to rave reviews from the family.  While the recipes alone would make this book a “must have” for any cookbook collection, it contains a section on sourcing recipe ingredients that make it an out of this world resource for home cooks.
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That Noodle Life was an exciting release for me because I LOVE noodles! Of all kinds! From Ramen to Spaghetti this cook book not only shares bold new recipes for one to try but it also shares tips for cooking various types of pasta. This is the area I think I found to be the most useful. Who knew that keeping the water to help create your sauce would create such bold flavors. Served with a side of humor That Noodle Life provides recipes for comfort food fans and elegant dinner planning alike.
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Mike Le’s and Stephanie Le’s primer on various types of noodles and recipes highlight the use of many types of noodles in recipes that range from easy to moderately challenging. What I appreciate about this book is how the recipes are structured to not only educate readers and cooks but also include aspects designed to make each recipe a success.
In many of the recipes, tips are provided on the bottom of the page making them easy to identify: some are specific techniques to ensure success and others are how to adjust or make a recipe more to your own tastes. Quick notes are found to the left of recipes to guide cooks. Each recipe begins with an introduction: sometimes its heritage, general information and components that will help cooks be successful (i.e., look for this particular ingredient and describes the image on the bottle so that those of us who don’t read the language on the bottle will be able to identify the correct one). 
Recipes include easy, quick ones to more involved and also how to make your own components such as the noodles, homemade chili oil or garlic breadcrumbs. While most of the recipes skew toward Asian not all are and a handful include Italian, Mexican, and others types of cuisine. Some are basic enough to traverse specific cuisines, but the goal is to teach how to make, and highlight the various cooking skills from types of Far-East Asian cuisine, including but not limited to Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Unfortunately, because of life circumstances I was unable to try out any of the recipes, although I am an experienced cook and can discern from the recipes themselves the flavors complement each other, I was unable to confirm if the ratios and measurements were correct, thus we’ll have to look at other reviewers who had opportunities to try out the recipes and comment on that aspect of the book. Presuming those pan out the way they appear to this is a 4 star book with only the organization of the book leaving me wanting. 

The one critique I currently have correlates to the issue of a more thorough table of contents (instead of just the overview name of the chapter) and a completely missing index, which are big issues in my opinion. Although it could simply be the advance preview copy doesn’t include those but they will be included in the final print and eBook copies. There is a label on the last page that says “Index” but not being able to see how items are indexed makes it difficult to assess its effectiveness and quality; same point with the table of contents, if to be included.

As a result of the lack of a complete TOC and a missing Index, until confirmed they are included and useful, I can only currently recommend with reservations for public library collections.

Thank you to NetGalley and Workman Publishing for the opportunity to preview and provide an unbiased review.
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The worst thing about Mike and Stephanie Le’s That Noodle Life is that it isn’t out until April of 2022. Everything else about it is fantastic. I love it. I’ve never wanted to turn a cookbook into a huggable plushie before, but I absolutely want to hug this book.

Cookbooks are becoming more challenging for me because there are so many foods I can’t eat anymore. But, I have always approached cookbooks and recipes as more guideline than rule. While I was a vegetarian, I adapted recipes all the time. Here, the authors make it easy by writing a cookbook that encourages adaptation and playing with your food. Mike and Stephanie Le are the creators of iamafoodblog and if you haven’t explored the site it would be worth your time.

That Noodle Life has a distinctly US fusion vibe that skews more towards East Asian influences. Which is fine with me. I was very happy to get a breakdown of bun (Vietnamese vermicelli bowls), because I can’t try any of the super cheesy recipes (3 different mac and cheeses I will never eat *sob*). They also have sections on instant ramen, homemade ramen, pho, lasagna, and others. While there are plenty of traditional recipes, they also play with ingredients. The Yakiudon al Pastor and the the Philly Cheesesteak Mazemen (a ramen without all the broth) are two of those recipes and they look like fun to make. Just so you see the range of That Noodle Life, the Philly Cheesesteak Mazeman calls for instant ramen and Cheeze Whiz on page 65. On page 73, The Double Lobster is a date-night worthy cacio e pepe style pasta topped with lobster in a white wine garlic butter sauce.

If you want to get deep into noodles, they have recipes for making your own Italian and Asian noodles, making your own chili oil, making your own XO sauce, and making your own laksa paste, all without ever making me feel like I have to do any of that.

I really appreciated the colorful photography and the playfulness of That Noodle Life. I’m looking forward to getting my sauce covered hands on a hard copy next Spring.

I received this as an advance reader copy from NetGalley and Workman Publishing Company. My opinions are my own.
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Thank you to NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book. I love noodles and cookbooks so this seemed perfect.  Learning about different types of noodles as well as educating myself on different ingredients was very fun. There are many recipes I want to try so I will definitely pick up a finished copy of the book. I didn’t give it 5 stars because I haven’t had time to actually try out any of the recipes. But I’d you eat a lot of noodles like I do, and you’re looking for new ways to jazz them up, this book can help
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I am not sure who formatted this but I was unable to get past the first 2 pages. I cannot accurately give a full review if I can't read the book.
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I LOVE this book. My family often jokes that noodles are a separate food group for me, and they're not wrong. I love noodles and all the recipes in this book look absolutely fabulous. This is a book I would have purchased myself or would have loved to receive as a gift. The recipes look easy and approachable, and I have most of the ingredients at home for many of the recipes. It will take us awhile to get through trying all of them, but I'm excited!
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