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I have been following I am a Food Blog since its inception. Truffle mac and cheese was inspired back in 2012. Stephanie and Mike have come a long way from these earlier recipes to galvanizing their inspiration in the book That Noodle Life. This is a personal review for me since I have prepared a lot of recipes from their website. Some of these recipes feature in the book too. The term 'That Noodle Life' became somewhat my own and I found a home in the various noodle recipes I have read on their blog over the years. How does it differ from other Asian and Pan-Asian cookbooks? Some of these noodle recipes have quirky innovations which do not border on the exotic if you have a well-managed Asian pantry at home but the results might surprise you. They add a flair to the quick ramen or the common mac and cheese. The fact that the book showcases both Asian and Italian delicacies is a win-win. Thank you Net Galley for this review copy. I am definitely getting the physical copy because it is worth it.
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This book was a delicious ode to pasta and I loved it. I enjoy pasta but in general for me it takes second place to anything potato. This book could change my mind. It had a ton of great recipes and scrumptious photos. It would also make a great gift for the pasta lover in your life.
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Thank you, NetGalley, for an e-ARC of That Noodle Life by Mike and Stephanie Le.
I love noodles and was excited about finding new noodle recipes, but this book didn't offer a lot of options that would work for my family. Living in a blue collar, rural area without many specialty grocery stores, many ingredients would be difficult to locate. I did enjoy the extensive information about different types of noodles, sauces, and styles. The authors have done a lot of research and offer tips to make it easier to execute the recipes. Although this isn't a book I would add to my personal collection, it is a great addition for a library collection.
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4☆ A Vibrant and Fun Cookbook!

I was very excited when I came across That Noodle Life Cookbook, as I love Noodles and have always been keen to experiment more.
Well I can definitely say this book has inspired me. 
There is so many recipes I've never heard of before including some of the ingredients.
So I'll be needing to do some research first.

The ingredients are in cups, spoons and ounces which you may find you need to do some conversions to get the right metric system for you.
What I loved was how much thought has gone into creating this Cookbook, the added details such as making your own Noodles, guides to different Noodles including visual pictures, information about fresh, dry & frozen Noodles all adds to the experience.

This Scrumptious Book is full of delicious recipes made up by the following chapters:
* Comfort Noodles, * Easy Weekend Noodles, * For Date Night and Other Fancy Times, * Party and Potluck Noodles, * Noodles to Soothe Your Soul, * Layers on Layers of Lasagne, * Noodles Worth the Extra Effort..... So as you can see plenty of exciting inspiration to sink your teeth into!

That Noodle Life is vibrant, eye catching and has plenty of mouth-watering illustrations. 
It would make a wonderful gift for someone who either loves cooking, is a foodie, collects cookbooks, or absolutely loves all things Noodles...then this book is 100% the Cookbook for you!

Thank you to Workman Publishing Company and Netgalley for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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What a fun cookbook!  Without pretensions, without involved techniques beyond the reach of a competent home cook,  The Le’s bring a fresh twist to 75+ noodle dishes that will instantly enliven a tired cooking routine.  There are loads of accessible, delicious ideas here;  I’ve flagged a bunch for the next few months of summer cooking.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I am an avid lover of noodles and Mike and Stephanie Le has solidified this love for me with their fantastic cookbook "That Noodle Life". Rarely with a cookbook do I want to try out every single recipe held within the pages but "That Noodle Life" is the exception. A beautiful mix of known, new, and innovative recipes cooks from all walks will find absolutely drool worthy recipes within these pages. I for one cannot wait to try out the PSL, no not the basic fall coffee beverage, but rather the Pumpkin & Sage Lasagna this fall when pumpkins are back in season. This is a must not miss cookbook!
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This book has so many choices for favorite new recipe. You can make your own pasta, including some new to me shapes. The recipes cover the gamut of flavors and everyone of them sounds crave able.. The cacio e pepe was a good starting point for me. The pasta is easy to make. All the recipes are easy to follow and most do not require special hard to find ingredients.
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When I downloaded That Noodle Life, I was sure I was going to get tons of wonderful asian noodle recipes, but I was pleasantly surprised to find other types of pasta recipes. The Pumpkin sage lasagna sounds amazing. And I love how the noodle sections are broken with cute titles like Soup-er Noddles for soup recipes!
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With thanks to Workman Publishing and NetGalley for access to the e-ARC of this book. Noodle recipes from many cultures, in addition to a great number of Asian specialities. The sourcing guide was tremendous as were the recipes for sauces that can be used again and again. The images and descriptions of different noodles and other ingredients gave me a wonderful grounding in what to use when, and why. I need to buy myself a copy of this book as I expect to use it over and over.
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This book is full of a wide array of different recipes using pastas and noodles, using a range of enjoyable names. There’s quite a few recipes in here that I’m interested in trying, such as the Philly cheese noodles, The cold and the crisp and Next level alla gricia. 

Thanks to NetGalley for an early copy of this for review.
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We are a family who LOVE noodles, so this book was gold for us,  it takes us away from the usual go to recipes and have invigorated us to try so many different recipes of our favourite food genre !!  
I love the versatility of noodles, providing a hearty pasta inspired meal one day and a revisit to Asian food markets the next with awesome soupy noodles.

Thank you Workman and NetGalley for this fabulous book .
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That Noodle Life by Mike Le is a cookbook that is chock full of every kind of noodle recipe that you can imagine. This recipe book gives fans of noodles lots of options as it takes us on a culinary adventure through many different takes on this delicious staple. If you love noodles and are looking for some inspiring ways to cook them, this is a book that you won’t want to miss.

What is really fantastic about this cookbook is the layout. The recipes are broken down into sections based  on the mood that each type of noodle gives. Honestly, this is so unique, and the way the instructions are set out gives the reader a chance to be creative as well. While the book is not meant for novice chefs, the recipes are easy to follow and there are lots of suggestions for cooking and equipment.


There are so many photographs and cute little poems that the authors have created to accompany the different noodles. It is also a whimsical book that will definitely spark some interesting creations in the kitchen. There is something in this book for everyone who enjoys a noodle, and it will be hard to choose just one of these recipes.


Cozy Noods for Crazy Moods
Low Stress to Decompress
Please Send Noods
Noodle Fun for Everyone
Soup-er Noodles to the Rescue
The Ultimate Noodle
Living Your Best Noodle Life


That Noodle Life by Mike Le is a cookbook to try if you are a noodle fan and are looking for some different and unique options for cooking up an old favourite. It is a fun and different kind of book that will add some excitement to your day. This would make a perfect gift for a noodle fan on your list as well.
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This cookbook will make all of your carby dreams come true! There is truly something for everyone. My favorite section was the instant noodles and different options for making them fancier!

With recipes like Philly Cheese Noodles, A Chinese Diner Classic, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Noodles, how can you go wrong?!

The pictures are wonderful, the recipes even better!
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So very tasty!

If ever a cookbook could be entertaining and tasty, this would be it! Take a foodie topic dear to my heart, share the same love, and then provide recipes and tips and tricks on how to cook them in a variety of ways? Yeah, this was that and so much more…

For the beginner chef or the experienced food, each page was a testimonial. A treatise on how to create (or find) them, how to cook, flavour and eat them. If you want to know ingredients and how best to coax out every morsel of yumminess, then you have found the book. Clear, detailed information beside beautiful photos of tantalizing food were a feast for the cooking mind and the appreciative stomach. So much information. So much! Yet laid out in a way that didn’t feel overwhelming (for this not so successful cook).

At the end I wanted to rush to the store and buy all the ingredients and try each recipe one by one.
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Looking for an introduction to worldwide noodle cuisine? That Noodle Life provides a global presentation of noodle dishes and recipes for the home cook to reproduce these dishes in their own kitchen. The recipes are clearly laid out and the ingredients and equipment used in the recipes are sorted as required or nice to have. While some of the components may appear exotic, a quick look through local supermarkets may surprise the cook as to how many of the items are available. The few that may not be available locally can be found online. 

The writing is upbeat, and the recipes work (check out the Pumpkin Sage Lasagne and the Five-star Kimchi Ramen!). That Noodle Life would be an excellent book for both the new as well as experienced cooks looking to expand their repertoire.

Highly recommended: Five Stars
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These recipes were easy to follow and make! 
So many different variations, including many Asian and Italian dishes. 
If you want to explore tasty noodles, this a perfect start.

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This cookbook is a fantastic resource for people who are interested in learning how to cook different noodle dishes. The recipes are delicious and the food photos are enticing. I highly recommend this cookbook for noodle lovers!
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All the noodles. 

I liked how easy these recipes were. 
The variations were nice, from ramen, asian, to Italian. 
If you want all the noodles, this is a great place to start.

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Delicious recipes and excellent advice abound in That Noodle Life, a love letter to the tastiest carb around. Unlimited by geography, That Noodle Life hosts pho, carbonara, mac and cheese, and fried udon recipes that, while not quick or cheap, are stupendous and original. Check out the kimchi mac and cheese, the pho masterclass, and the noodles with XO sauce. My favorite cookbook of the year so far.
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**Thank you to Workman Publishing, the authors, and NetGalley for providing this eARC in exchange for an honest review. This book will be released on April 12, 2022.**

I’m a big, big pasta and noodle lover, so when I saw that this book was available to request for review, I jumped at the opportunity; I’ve been anticipating its release for quite a while. Bear with me, though: I don’t really know what the best way to review a cookbook is, and it’s been a while since I had a look at the advance copy. 

This cookbook had a great range of recipes, and I did select a few to test out, back when I originally downloaded it in September. These were the FOMO French Onion Mac and Cheese, the Secret Ingredient Noodles, and the House Special Beef Pho. Of those, the Secret Ingredient Noodles were hands down my favorite; I’ve made them twice, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. They are beyond perfect in all their garlic-y and buttery glory. (I will say that the formatting did make it a bit difficult to read, but I managed. I imagine that this problem will not be present in the physical version!) There are also several dishes I wrote down so I can try them out at a later date, once I get my hands on a copy, including the Let’s Taco Bout Noodles. 

The introduction is also fairly informative, discussing how important noodles are to the authors, and gives an overview of noodle shapes, important steps in the cooking process, and other best practices. I do think that some of the ingredients will be difficult to find for those in small towns, but with the internet I don’t think that’s as much of a barrier as it could be otherwise. 

This is a worthwhile addition to the pasta/noodle-only cookbooks out there, as it isn’t limited to one region’s cuisine, and it’s clear that the authors have put in the work in order to make the humble and beloved noodle shine.
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