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On Christmas Avenue

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Adorable and filled with holiday joy. The Grinch, aka Evan the sheriff, soon has his heart filled with love. A tshirt problem just needs a creative solution.
I love these holiday romances that are sweet and heartwarming. Book or movie, a romance for the holiday is a joyous way to spend a few happy hours.
This book was super cute. It had what my heart craved a cute small Town romance, a Christmas parade, with elves and reindeers, and Santa Claus. My list can go ON and ON. I loved the family chemistry. And It had all the small Town vibes, people caring for their community. I want to live there. And the ending, what Can i say chefs kiss.
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Evan, the county sheriff, knows that businesses are struggling in the small town of Clark Creek. But unlike the mayor—who happens to be his mother—he doesn’t think that hiring a “Christmas Consultant,” whatever that is, will help. Especially when this Christmas Consultant proposes a holiday parade that seems likely to overwhelm his staff and leave the town in even more debt.
Mary is sure the parade is going to be a superb fundraiser. She’s going to make sure of it, overcoming every obstacle…including those put in place by the stubborn sheriff. But in the middle of her planning, the unexpected happens: she and Evan begin to see one another in a different light. Could the parade bring about more than one Christmas miracle? 
This is really a Christmas miracle.
Mary is the perfect solution to this perfect romance.
Ginny Baird has written a perfectly. fine romance.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley.  This in no way affects my opinion of this book which I read and reviewed voluntarily.
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Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, my house is clean, and I have moved past my reading slump, I can really dive into all my Christmas reads! The second holiday read I picked up is On Christmas Avenue by Ginny Baird. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

I absolutely loved everything about this book. Do you love Hallmark holiday movies? Do you love books? Then this is for you!!

This book has the small town of Clark Creek on the brink of collapse! There’s only one thing that can save them - a Christmas Consultant, Mary. Mary is planning a parade to help bring people to Clark Creek, but the sheriff (Evan) she is working with doesn’t agree. Will the town be saved? Will Mary get a possible promotion from this? Will Evan ever smile?

This one was a quick read for me, as I immediately fell in love with the characters and the small town that, once again, has me wishing I could live there too. Plenty of holiday activities are sprinkled in, and who doesn’t love a parade?

Every time I read Hallmark books, I always try to picture which actress and actor I think would be great! Check out my instagram (familywithbooks) to see who I chose!

This book is out now! Thank you to Ginny Baird and Hallmark Publishing for an advanced copy for review via #netgalley. I loved it so much, I ran out and bought a copy for my shelves!!
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As someone who truly loves all things Hallmark Christmas movies and books alike, I’ve really struggled with this. I started this arc a few months back thanks to NetGalley and Hallmark Publishing; however, I put it down thinking I just wasn’t in the Christmas reading mood yet. After picking it back up recently I’m realizing it just wasn’t my Hallmark book for the year, which I am terribly devastated about. It had all the makings of the things I love: small-town, somewhat grumpy character, a town in trouble, coming together to solve a crisis etc, but I really struggled with a few of the aspects in this book that made it feel unrealistic. I really wanted to love this one.
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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

This Christmas novel from Hallmark Publishing made me feel the same way watching Hallmark movies does. It was cozy and heartwarming and delightful. If you are a fan of Hallmark Christmas movies, you will love this book.
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I want to thank Netgalley and the author for gifting me the ebook. If you are in the mood for a light hearted Hallmark channel type Christmas story plot then this is perfect for you!
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I enjoyed this book especially the theme of organizing a Christmas parade.  I liked the friendliness of the people in this small town and the adjoining one too which gave a helping hand.  A real feel-good story.
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I was really looking forward to this book.
Small town, Christmas time … i love it!
But this book just fell flat for me.
There was too much detail included that pulled me out of the story. 
Evan thought the idea of a Christmas Consultant was ridiculous and was vocal about it. I found his negativity really irritating. Your town is in trouble and you don’t have any ideas but, by all means, shoot down everything Mary is trying to accomplish. JERK!!!
I read it but didn’t love it.
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an arc in exchange for my honest review.
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This is a Christmas book that will make you wish you could live in Clark Creek. 
Businesses in this beautiful town are struggling to be successful and Evan who is the town’s sheriff she’s the struggle every day. The mayor, who happens to be Evans’ mother knows she can fix this by hiring a Christmas Consultant to bring holiday cheer to town
Mary is the consultant who is hired. An idea Mary has to be held a Christmas parade. They have had parades before, and it was not much help. But Evan sees a lot of problems with her idea and does as many things as he can to not let it happen.
The time spent together soon brings Evan and Mary together and this makes them realize they like spending time together. 
Grab a cup of hot chocolate and settle in to feel the love of a small town wrap you in holiday cheer.
Thank you NetGalley, Ginny Baird and Hallmark Publishing for a copy of this book. This is my personal review.
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On Christmas Avenue
A Christmas Romance from Hallmark Publishing
by Ginny Baird

Pub Date 21 Sep 2021 | Archive Date Not set
Hallmark Publishing

5 Stars 

A heartwarming romantic Christmas parade On Christmas Avenue has moments of sadness, happiness, humour, amusing with laugh out loud moments. Mary a Christmas consultant has been hired to help Clark Creek a small town which is struggling financially and business could be lost. Evan a stubborn sheriff set on the parade not to go ahead but a miracle is occurring so can Mary thaw the snowed under Sheriff. A nice Christmas romantic book, full of funny heartwarming moments as a romance brews and the mayor, town people and neighbouring towns help Clark Creek return from the brink of bankruptcy. A book that I found hard to put down as I was so intrigued to follow the budding relationship and new found friendships helping each other and the small town. 
#OnChristmasAvenue #NetGalley

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hallmark Publishing via NetGalley for my honest review of the book.   The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own thoughts, feelings and viewpoints of the book.

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The small town of Clark Creek is in dire financial straits. With nearly the last of their funds they call in a consultant to save their small town.

For Mary this job could be what gets her a coveted promotion. But for Evan, Mary's project is a nightmare come to life.

Can the two see eye to eye long enough to save Clark Creek?

This story had lots of Christmas spirit, sweet characters and a dose of small town charm. But, it was also quite heavy handed on the detail of each day.

If you're looking for a Christmasy book, this is one of the more festive ones I've read this year and a great read for those who love cozy small town stories.
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On Christmas Avenue – Ginny Baird @NetGalley @HallmarkPublish @GinnyBairdRomance
I will admit it, I am an avid watcher of Hallmark Christmas movies so when I saw this listed on NetGalley I just HAD to request it.
Aw man – fetch me my blanket and a hot chocolate cause that has put me right into the Christmas vibe.
I love a good story and this one was great.
4 Stars
#Hallmark #Christmas #Snow #Santa #Parade #TrueLove
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I finished this one in October and I am still so torn on how I feel about it. On one hand, this was nothing new. If you're like me and love Hallmark Publishing and faithfully watch the movies-then there is nothing new to see here folks! On the other hand however, if you are craving something comforting from the fact that you can go into it knowing what you're going to get-then have at it!

My main hiccup in this one was the heroine who struts into this small town determined to help them fix their economy by throwing a really wonderful christmas parade. As someone from a small town who always threw a Christmas parade, nothing about that event ever bought in anything financial to the town. This book fantasized the small town to the absolute max and made it a space where a parade dumps in thousands of dollars and saves the day.

I was disappointed but again, depending on your mood, you may love it!
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Didn’t Quite Buy The Romance

Audiobook Review:
This Christmas romance has a very tight time-frame, which often works well in fiction as it usually gives a certain tension to a story. This book takes place over just 10 days before Christmas and goes until Christmas Day. The heroine is a Christmas specialist employed by the town council to zazz up their holiday season hoping to bring in much needed revenue into town. The book focuses on her setting up a Christmas parade, including lining up sponsors, working out logistics, and more. The hero is against the idea at the start because he sees it as being too expensive and unlikely to generate the income promised and needed. The heroine has quite the Christmas and family backstory which is slowly revealed through the book—I like that the author didn't info-dump. I actually lived in a small town that had a holiday parade, not as a fundraiser, but just as a community event during the Christmas season, and many aspects shown in the book brought back memories of those wonderful parades. The thing I didn't quite buy, while I enjoyed all the Christmas fun, was the romance. The book has such a short time span; it's hard to imagine the hero and heroine developing any strong feelings for each other in that time. An author would have to work pretty hard to make it seem believable, but she didn't for me. The book certainly had an enemies-to-lovers vibe to it at the beginning, but things resolved too easily, making for little romantic tension. At the end of the book, I was disappointed in the heroine's reaction to the hero’s proclamation of love. All in all, this one didn't quite bring all the Christmas feels I was hoping for.
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Thank you Netgalley and Hallmark Publishing for the ARC. 

This book is the perfect Christmas book. I absolutely adored it. It definitely makes you want to start decorating and preparing for Christmas. 
I loved the community and how close and friendly everyone was. Everyone came together in helping with the parade. It just made me so happy to read about these people coming together and supporting one another. 
Mary and Evan’ story was so cute and romantic. I loved how their relationship progressed and we saw them falling in love during this magical Christmas time. 

I wish I can find a small town like Clark Creek, I bet it would be so wonderful to experience Christmas like it’s described in this book.
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Received a copy of this book for review.  Overall it is a good read for me. Love the chemistry between the main characters. Love all the characters. What I love is that each of them does make a difference to the story as it developed. Like to read how the characters In the story are interrelated to each other. It make the story more exciting to read. The setting of the story is nice and is fit nicely to the story.Story plot are well penned out, with a slight twist to it in the end.
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Escape to Clark Creek and meet a handsome Sheriff and a witty Christmas consultant. I adored this book.  You have all the makings of a perfect clean well written romance all around the premise of a Christmas Parade.  This is the type of book that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and you can sit enjoy and drink a cup of hot cocoa.  

I loved Ginny's characters.  Their charm, community and I want to visit Clark Creek.  It seems like a magical place. Also, there are a LOT of bachelors there LOL maybe a single gal can get lucky!  Well Done and I hope to see more of these two!

You will not be disappointed. I hope they make it into a Hallmark movie.  They would be silly not to.
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I really enjoyed this sweet Christmas romance. I love watching Hallmark Christmas movies so when I found this title and read the synopsis, I knew I had to read this. Mary comes to Clark Creek to organize a Christmas parade to help save the town. When she arrives,  she meets the sheriff, Evan, who insists they don’t need a parade or her help, and it will put the town into debt. While they work together planning the parade, they develop feelings for each other. Soon Mary finds she made a big mistake, which could coat her her job. On the other hand, if things go well, she will get a promotion and have to move to Seattle. The characters are loveable and you can’t help fall in love with Evan too. I’m already picturing who will play the roles if made into a movie. This was just like a Hallmark movie and I look forward to reading more by this author.
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Hallmark *gets* Christmas, and this book is no exception! It has everything that you could want in a Christmas story- Christmas trees, hijinks and mixups, a Christmas parade, and a grumpy sheriff to balance out the cheer. This is DEFINITELY a Hallmark story, so if you aren't interested in Hallmark Christmas movies, you might want to skip it, but if you are checking the schedule for the new movies- this is the book for you!
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This was a nice, gentle romance.  Evan is Sheriff of the small community of Clark Creek.  His whole family live there and are the founding family.  Mom is mayor, Dad works for the city, older brother is the local doctor and younger brother runs the B&B.  Clark Creek is in trouble financially and Evan can't believe his Mom has convinced the town council to spend money on a "Christmas Consultant"!  This consultant is pretty, but she wants to spend money they don't have on a parade.  Evan is not happy that he has been assigned to help Mary with her project.

Such a nice clean romance.  The town is full of kind hearted people and sounds so ideal.  The characters are wonderful and the story is easy-to-read.  This is a wonderful story to get you in the holiday mood!
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