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Flower Crowns and Fearsome Things

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I tried reading this a couple of times and finally managed to sit down and read it to a full. I once said their poems seem so repetitive; you read one, you’ve read them all. They did shake it up with this one. I just wasn’t into it. It seems too… Feminism 101 to put it lightly. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but they are old points I agreed with decades ago. So to me it’s meh. Would be great for teenagers!
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This was brilliant and beautiful, just like everything by Amanda Lovelace.  I highly recommend this if you’re in need of something to build you up.
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Flower Crowns and Fearsome Things is a collection of poems by Amanda Lovelace that explores the many dualities of a woman’s existence. The ability to be soft and tough, caring and cold, hopeful and vengeful. 

Honestly? This Amanda Lovelace collection of poems was not for me. 

To begin with, these don’t really feel like poems. They feel like she wrote small notes when she felt things and then decided to put a single note per page. One could argue that, yes those are poems, but for me they didn’t feel well thought out enough for me to take them seriously. 

I was not expecting the coloured art. It was a nice surprise; it did however become immediately annoying after the first two times to see it before EVERY change of perspective. Which is every second page. 

There’s such a thing about using empty space, but honestly I felt this was too much. I felt that it was a very basic book. There’s not much depth to it. Very surface level feelings and observations. 

There were a handful of poems that were quite good. Just not enough for me to feel differently about the book in its whole. 

Feel free to disagree with me, but this is just how I felt. 

I’m still a fan Amanda Lovelace though. I absolutely adore her and her previous works. And I will definitely continue to read her books. This one just unfortunately fell flat for me.
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This is only the second Amanda Lovelace poetry  book I have read, So honestly I was a little scared that it wouldn't reach my expectations. But somehow in under 200 pages it did. In under 200 pages I fell in love, felt the loss and the pain. This book was the amazing and worth the read and buy.
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People who have read this book, will tell you that Lovelace's poetry is cool on a tumblr blog but not good enough to be published as a poetry book.

While I don't think her poetry is bad, it is true that most of the poems are just photo captions for tumblr or instagram or even mere thoughts.

And it's also true that the artworks which are repeated throughout the book, are just there for filler, despite actually being very cute.

But I actually enjoyed this collection. As a person who is very picky when it comes to poetry, I liked that this was short, lyrical and full of references I could actually understand.

I also appreciated the feminist message of each poem and how Lovelace put many of our everyday thoughts into words, making them both pretty and hard-hitting at the same time.

If you want to read something fast-paced or wonder where to start with poetry, I think this book makes a decent contender.
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I have fallen in love with Amanda Lovelace’s work! Her words are so powerful; makes you believe! The artwork in this book is absolutely beautiful. Saved a bunch of poems to remember!
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I adore this author and have been following her since her first book. 

The poems in this book hit hard and so check the TW before reading it. As always there is strength in these books that stirs when you read them. 

If you are unsure of poetry give this book a go as it with reach in to you and stay with you forever
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Huge shout out to #netgalley for another winner #amandalovelace #flowerscrownsandfearsomethings a book of poetry. I feel like no one can truly review a book of poetry. Books even. But. Poetry? Words hit everyone so differently. It all depends on your thoughts. Feelings. Perspective. What you’ve been through. And. You definitely can’t go wrong picking up and reading the poems at your leisure. I picked two that just 💕 #bookstagram #readersofinstagram #poetry #netgalleynovember #poemsofinstagram #booksofinstagram #readersofinsta #poetryofinstagram #poetryisnotdead #andrewsmcmeelpublishing
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I never miss a chance to read a new poetry book by Amanda Lovelace because she's been my favorite "modern poetry" author for a while. Not every collection is my favorite but there are usually some poems that either inspire me or really hit me. 

Flower Crowns and Fearsome Things focus mainly on femininity, explored from different povs. First we get a quiet, obedient woman who is opressed by men and then there's her exact opposite - fierce, strong and independant woman. 

Sadly, I didn't find this exact collection as striking and impactful as the other ones, at least for me, yet the topics explored are still very important and I am pretty sure they will find their readers. Still, I really enjoyed reading this and there were some poems that I loved. Can't wait for another book from Amanda.
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I received an e arc of this book. Thank you for sending me this beautiful book.. Amanda Lovelace has a way of writing poems that can really cut deep and make you rethink your life. The poems were really well written and I loved the illustrations. I took off one star due to the flow of the poems and the placements of the poems in the book. I felt like it didn't flow as well as her other books.  Below I have attached my favorite poem from this book.

"As much as I sometimes feel like breaking, I have never been broken.
 If I have survived every bad thing thats ever happened to me, then doesn't that mean I'll keep on surviving them?" -never shall I fall from my throne.
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This is another great book from her. the images and poems are really nice. Really good to add to your poetry collection.
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Easy to read poetry with cute princess themes. Not my favourite ever, but still a good read. Recommend for YA.
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Amanda Lovelace writes books for strong women. Her poetry empowers and is so relatable. I really enjoyed this collection so much, her poetry gets better and better.
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Lovelace's poetry always speaks to my heart, and this collection was no different! I stand a little taller; hold my head a bit higher.
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All of Amanda Lovelace's previous anthologies have been a huge hit with my students and I have no doubt this new collection will do the same!
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I am particularly found of Amanda Lovelace. She always is so engaging and knows just the right words to put together to weave a wonderful story. I will always be happy to pick up a book of her poetry and even happier to share it with others.
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Firstly, I'd like to thank Andrews McMeel Publishing for the eARC of this book for an honest review!

"she never needed a weapon to be powerful".

This is my 9th Amanda Lovelace poetry collection and it felt like it was a book published just to keep her name out there. Sounds harsh but I didn't feel like there was as much effort put into this collection. There weren't any chapters and it was only 89 pages long. It barely took me anytime to read it. There are a lot of trigger warnings in this short collection which Lovelace lists at the start. It was very empowering and I feel like most of Amanda's collections are great reads for young girls.

"teach her that there's nothing wrong with worshipping herself first".

The book is very on point when discussing today's societal issues and I do commend Lovelace for writing so openly about everything that means something to her. If you are looking for a very quick read of inspirational quotes that are aimed at young girls/women then I do recommend this collection to you. Clearly I'm not a fan.
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2.5 Stars Rounded Up

I didn't feel as connected to this one as I have Amanda Lovelace's previous works; however, I still enjoyed some parts in this collection of poetry.
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I finished this beautiful poetry collection on femininity last month and this was exactly the book I needed. The poetry is wonderfully written, so lyrical, and so powerful. The imagery is mesmerising, and I loved the motif of soft vs fierce. 

There’s so much packed into these words, and the collection as a whole requires deep thought and contemplation afterward—I couldn’t simply dive into my next book as I needed to process what I’d read. 

This collection is very feminist and it circles around abuse in a really sensitive but powerful way.
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Flower Crowns and Fearsome Things is a simplistic poetry collection that tackles complex subjects in an accessible manner. It denotes the growth of feminine beauty as flowers, and then sets those expectations on fire.

I've enjoyed several novels by Lovelace, but unfortunately, I did not find this one quite as riveting as the others I read. Some of the poems felt very unoriginal and slap-dash, more of a recycled version of her previous books. Much of Flower Crowns desires to embrace and uplift the complexity of feminism, yet fails to match that complexity. Some poems felt totally unambiguous and bland, more suited to artsy Instagram captions than anything unique.
Exhibit A)
"he's all cloaks & daggers.
he's all smoke & mirrors.

like a novel with chapters
that always end on a cliff-hanger,

i never know what he's going to do next
& i'm nothing short of obsessed.

-i can't stop turning his pages."

A lot of the feminism that was explored in this felt very surface-level and shallow. When reading Lovelace's previous work, I would get the feeling of being swept up into something bigger than myself. This felt more like it was catering to a self-righteous individual.
Exhibit B)
"horror movies are her favourite,

but it's not because she wants someone
to come put their arm around her
& protect her during the scary parts.

it's because she likes being frightened
by something so much less dangerous
than walking alone to her car at night

-a movie could never murder her"

Although I did enjoy some of the poems, I was also off-put by the same two pictures which repeated over and over again. Don't get me wrong, they are very beautifully done, but their continuous repetition reduced the enjoyment of the poetry.
I would've loved if Lovelace had focused more on her original Persephone theme rather than jumping around themes. The juxtaposition is beautiful in theory, but felt poorly executed.
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