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Totally loved a previous novel, The Guilty Mother. This one starts strong with Emily waking up in the hospital after a fatal car crash, remembering only snippets of what happened. We, and Emily, begin to doubt her sanity when she receives texts from, and sees her husband who was killed in the crash.  While the middle got a little bogged down the pace picked up during the final third when we begin to realize who the villain may be. Surely no, possibly, definitely, Enjoyed it .
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Reading Between the Wines book review #124/115 for 2021:
Rating: 4 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷
Book 📱: Those Who Lie
Author: Diane Jeffrey
Genre: General Fiction (Adult) | Mystery & Thrillers
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Sipping thoughts: I loved Diane Jeffrey’s A Silent Friend and The Guilty Mother. Those Who Lie did not disappoint. There is so much suspense and mystery that you will keep trying to figure out who did what and why. I thought I knew what happened but I oh my I did not. I loved the reveal and the twistiness of it. It was wicked and crazy.

Sipping synopsis in seconds: Crash. Husband’s dead. Wife is suspicious. Memory loss. Crazy family history. Betrayal. Lies. Nothing is what it seems. Shocks and surprises. Evil.
Cheers and thank you to @NetGalley, @dianefjeffrey and @Harper360. @HQDigital for an advanced copy of @ThoseWhoLie.

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I like giving new authors a try, and the blurb calling this first novel by Diane Jeffrey a "tantalising (sic) and taut thriller with more twists and turns than a corkscrew" was intriguing, so I requested an advance reader copy of this novel. Did it live up to the blurb? Not really. While it wasn't dreadful, I didn't find it to be a taut thriller for a number of reasons, which I'll get to, and for those reasons, I cannot give this novel more than a 2-star rating.

From the first sentence, in August 2014, "Emily Klein doesn't know she has killed him until the day of his funereal. Her loved ones, including of course, her husband, are all at the church rather than her bedside." I'll admit to being intrigued, and we soon learn that Emily is in the hospital, the police are at her bedside, and after being given some information from the two law enforcement officers waiting at her bedside for her to regain consciousness, she has only a vague memory of the car crash, and no idea that she was the driver, or that her husband is dead.

Instead of moving forward in time, we then jump back to December, 1995, only to learn that 14-year-old Emily has been repeatedly sexually abused by her father, and that her mother is an alcoholic. Emily is so afraid of his abuse, that this time she has a knife stashed under her pillow, but in short order, while again being sexually abused, her father is shot dead, and Emily is blamed and found guilty of his murder--and ends up being sentenced to time in a youthful offender/mental health facility, although she has no memory of killing her father.

We then jump forward to 2014, and that's just the beginning of the chapter by chapter jumps between Emily's past and her present--so many jumps in time and location that I started to keep chapter-by-chapter notes on what year we were in and at which location, something I found incredibly annoying. I suppose that all the time jumps, and Emily's memories were an attempt to add tension and intrigue to this story, but I would have been far happier and far less confused reading this novel had it been written in a linear time frame.

The next major event is the death of Emily's mother in a drunken fall down the stairs, and once again, Emily, who was nowhere near the scene is again interrogated. I kept asking myself why she never did what I would have done if I were to be suspected of two, and possibly 3 murders, and that is to ask for an attorney. Meanwhile, Emily is getting phone calls and Facebook posts purportedly from her supposedly dead husband. Does she mention this to law enforcement? Of course not, because that would make too much sense. (Loud sigh!).

There are a number of secondary characters, Will, a childhood friend, Matt, her younger brother, Richard, a strange man she's been dating, her older sister, Amanda, and her best friend, Pippa. None of these friends suggests hiring an attorney either, and, as the novel progresses, there are instances where Emily thinks she sees her dead husband, her belief that she's being followed, missing cell phones, odd text messages, break-ins at her home, the destruction of the paintings she was planning to exhibit, and, oh yes, the suggestion that Emily has a dissociative personality disorder, and that these crimes are being committed by her alter-ego, Em, also the name of Emily's imaginary childhood friend.

With its confusing timeline, long periods during which Emily and her friends and family keep coming up with possible suspects or reasons for what Emily is experiencing, the fact that there was little to no character development for any of those secondary characters, this novel, while not badly written, just dragged on and on, as slow as molasses in January.

Yes, there is a surprise ending, and, since I'm not generally a fan of psychological thrillers, I didn't guess the identity of the person who was behind all of the aforementioned plot twists, break-ins, sightings and vandalism, which was the only saving grace I could find in this novel. If this is a genre you enjoy, you may like this novel far more than I did, but I cannot recommend it.

As stated at the outset, I read an an advance reader copy of this novel. The opinions stated are my own.
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In his book, we follow the life of Emily after the car accident that killed her husband. In the first half of the book author goes back to Emily's past and uncovers some of the secrets she is hiding, in the second half, we are trying to put together all the hints to find out whodunit.
Writing is easy to follow and the characters are very well developed. Of course, some of the stuff is unrealistic but this is the work of fiction, it's meant to be. The ending becomes predictable through the half of the book, although I did not get the reasoning until the very end. Awesome book in the thriller genre and is absolutely worth the read.

Thank you, NetGalley for the free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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“Who can I tell? Who can I trust?”

These are the questions that our protagonist, Emily Klein, has towards the end of the book, and they are the questions that arise throughout the entire story. When your memory is foggy, when you’re dealing with loss, and especially when you feel like you’re being targeted, I’d imagine it’s hard to find people who you feel like you can trust.

This book begins with Emily waking up in the hospital, and the police are right there to question her. She has been in a car accident with her husband, and he didn’t make it - in fact, his funeral is happening as she’s hospitalized. The police are trying to find out more about the crash, to see if Emily had anything to do with it. Eye witnesses saw some arguing beforehand, and they are worried that Emily crashed their car on purpose.

Emily is not only shocked and devastated by the news that her husband is dead, but she’s worried about not being able to remember what happened. Is it really possible that she killed her husband? Why do the police keep asking her questions? Why does she feel like something is terribly wrong? Emily has been under scrutiny by the police before, and she doesn’t trust them. After reading why, I don’t blame her!

As she’s trying to get on with her life as a young widow, strange things start happening. She’s getting disturbing messages and calls, she feels like she’s being followed and she knows somebody has been in her home. She’s reluctant to go to the police, but she’s starting to worry that she’s in danger.

This is all what the synopsis talks about, but this book is about so much more than that. There is a big family dynamic, a back story about sexual abuse, and a lot of people involved. Don’t worry though, it didn’t get convoluted. The entire book entertained me, and I was wavering between three and four stars during the first half. Then in the second half, I changed that to a four or five star rating. I’ll split it down the middle at four stars, but the ending of this was fantastic.

At one point, there were almost a dozen people that I was suspicious of. There were red herrings everywhere, which always make a book more fun. I had so many ideas about what the ending might be, and I was right … but not until the very end, and even then I only figured out part of it. If you’re looking for a twisty suspense novel, I’d recommend this one as an easy and entertaining read.

(Thank you to Harper 360, Diane Jeffrey, and NetGalley for the complimentary copy in exchange for my review.)
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After a fatal car crash, a widow begins to question her own sanity when she starts seeing her late husband everywhere she goes--and can't shake the feeling that his death is connected to a dark secret in her past.

This psychological thriller is a page-turner! I wouldn't call it twisty, but the narrator's constant withholding of information--and the protagonist's possible mental illness--keep the suspense high throughout. The timeline jumps from present to past, but dates at the start of each chapter as well as a change in tense help you keep track as you read. I'd recommend this novel to fans of psychological thrillers.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for letting me read an advanced copy of the book.
She wakes up in the hospital not knowing much of what happened.  It sounds like it would be a great story but I struggled with it.  I felt like it dragged on.  I base my review on how much I remember of a book after a couple days of finishing it.  I didn't remember much about this one.
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A very well written Psychological Thriller with well defined characters.  While I guessed early on, I didn't know all of the details, and it didn't stop me from turning the pages quickly to get the full story.  An engaging read right up until the creepy ending that left me second guessing all over again!
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“Emily Klein doesn’t know she has killed her husband until the day of his funeral”.  An opening sentence that held so much promise, but the novel that follows didn’t quite get there for me.  Emily wakes up in the hospital to find her husband was killed in a car crash and she was the driver… was it an accident?  She doesn’t remember the crash but her hazy memories of the moments leading up to are troubling.  Not only does she not remember, but Emily is also a bit of an unreliable narrator as a result of terrible childhood trauma.

Then Emily starts getting mysterious messages and texts that seem to be from her deceased husband.  And she thinks she’s catching glimpses of him.  Things are moving around and going missing in her home, and she’s missing chunks of time.  Could Greg still be alive, or is she losing her mind?  

The concept is a good one, but the execution is clunky.  The story is told in third-person-limited in the present tense, so we get a lot of Emily’s thoughts in real time.  Because of this perspective, it ends up feeling like a lot of telling instead of showing; first person might have been more effective.  None of the characters besides Emily are very well developed, and the male characters all kind of ran together.  Also, some things didn’t ring true to me, such as Emily’s complete tech illiteracy, which was annoying to the point of distraction.  It was necessary for the plotline, but a mid-30s woman in 2014-2015 would know what Find My iPhone and pop-up ads are.

I did figure out the culprit fairly early on, but there were still a couple of twists at the end that were unexpected, making this an overall decent read. Many thanks to NetGalley and Harper360 for providing me an advance copy of this book.
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It’s an ok read. The book began slow for me and I had difficulty concentrating on the story. The split narrative usually is a style I like, but so,e how,with this book it was more of a distraction. It’s a decent mystery.
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Excellent story! Totally engrossing!.  Looking forward to reading more by this author! Could not put this down!
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This was a good thriller, with some fun twisty twisty turns, chilling chills, thrilling thrills, and shocks!  It was a bit too slow for me at times, but well written which made it hard to quit on.  Did shock me a bit at end, which doesn’t happen often!  Do recommend to those looking for a quick, twisty read!
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3.5 stars. I liked the beginning, I liked the ending, sort of. Did not care for the very end, the question mark left hanging. The middle got a bit wordy and boring to me. I felt Emily was a bit too gullible. I had the bad guy narrowed down to 2 people early on, and figured it out at about 75% into the book. Some parts of the books were exciting, other parts were too far fetched. It's a pretty decent psychological thriller. Even though it was not a new release, I want to thank NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book.
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Thanks to Harper 360 and Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Emily's husband has just died in a car accident while she was driving. She is mostly unharmed but initially can't remember what led to her crashing the car into a tree. Strange things start happening that make her think her husband is still alive, but how can that be? 


This book alternated between current day and Emily's past, which included a horrifying relationship with her father, an alcoholic mother and a supportive sister. This was an effective format. Overall I really liked this book. It had a lot of twists and turns and I didn't figure out who was guilty until the end. I have enjoyed all of this author's novels and look forward to her next.
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Thank you to NetGalley for providing this book for an honest opinion. This was an exciting read. Emily wakes up in the hospital to find that her husband was killed in a car accident and she was driving. Was it an accident or was there more to the story? The author takes us on an exciting journey to find out what happened with the accident and who is keeping secrets. I usually figure out the mystery in books pretty quickly, but this was a total surprise. It is definitely a book I would recommend.
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#ThoseWhoLie #NetGalley 
Very good novel. I loved this one. 
Emily Klein doesn’t know she has killed her husband until the day of his funeral.
At first, signs point to a tragic accident. Yet, as Emily pieces together the events leading up to the accident and her own memory loss, she begins to suspect that her husband’s death may have been the result of more than a terrible twist of fate… But the accident is only the beginning. Because while Emily’s physical scars will heal, the trauma of the accident has awakened old ghosts. She hears strange sounds, catches things that can’t possibly be there in the corner of her eye… Before long, everywhere she looks, she seems to see her husband. Emily doesn't know who to believe or who she can turn to. And suddenly, she finds herself asking the most dangerous question of all: Can she really trust herself? 
And I think it's the best novel among her other novels. I didn't guess the ending at all. Genuine twist appeared in the end and that's why I loved it more than I imagined.
Thanks to NetGalley and Harper 360 for giving me an advanced copy.
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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle by Harper360, HQ Digital  and #NetGalley for my honest opinion. 

Fun summer, light  read.
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I received in advance readers copy in exchange for a honest review

Really fun, few good twists, great summer reading
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Those Who Lie is the first and definitely won't be the last book I read vby Diane Jeffrey.  I was captivated from the first page to the last.  Talk about a psychological thriller that had me turning the pages.  I had to find out what happened to Emily's husband and why.  

I voluntarily reviewed this book.
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Solid story with a big twist at the end. A few slow parts but nothing that would stop you reading. It was a good story with a decent plot line. It definitely had a nice twist at the end.
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