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Coming out 28 Dec 2021, It Happened One Midnight by Saranna DeWylde is an adult fantasy romance novel.

This is a friends-to-lovers story falling into a fake engagement trope. Juniper Blossom and Tomas Rivera has been friends since they were kids. Juniper is a romantic novelist who writes romance books. Meanwhile Tomas, is a divorce attorney who doesn’t believe in romance.

They were stuck to a fake engagement because they wanted everyone in their life to be out of their way. But then, the engagement is becoming beneficial to Tomas’s career advancement. As their strong feelings for each other took on different levels, they started seeing each other in different lights.

This is a voluntary review in exchange for the e-ARC I received. I’m truly grateful to the NetGalley team and Kensington Books for the chance. Thank you.

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This is book three in the Fairy Godmothers series and in it, we meet the godmothers’ granddaughter Juniper and her best friend Tomas, a successful divorce attorney.  

Juniper is a successful romance author who is unaware of her grandmother’s special abilities and the true nature of Ever After. The grandmothers have determined that Tomas is her true match and that it is time they start meddling. They invite her to Ever After to help with a wedding where the bride is a huge fan of hers. Juniper and Tomas agree to go together as a recently engaged couple to keep the godmothers from meddling in her romantic life (too late!).

Juniper is a true believer in love and ever after. Even though she doesn’t know the town’s secret, it is part of her soul. She has to decide if she can be with someone who doesn’t believe in happily ever after. In a sense, Tomas has been her person since childhood and they just never crossed that romantic line. Tomas has lived a life where his mom and Juniper were the only ones who never left. His work as a divorce attorney has shown him the worst side of people. He has has to decide if he can believe in happily ever after in spite of all that he has seen.

This was such a fun read and I am looking forward to a long future in this series. I need to see Gwen and Roderick’s story as well as Ravenna’s happy ever after.

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It Happened One Midnight
Saranna DeWylde

Rating 💙💙💙💙💙/5

Favorite Quote:
"How do you know?"
"If it's not Happily Ever After, it's not over." Zuri patted her hand. "A wise fairy godmother once told me that. She also said that happily ever after might not look like I expected it to, but that doesn't make it any less magical."


The Granddaughter of the GODMOTHER's is coming over to celebrate the Firefly festival with the town along with her sceptical friend. The GODMOTHERs are relentless with their wards so Juniper gets no special treatment and is caught up in the crossfire of their meddling.

Juniper is an author who spins love into her books and her strong supporter is her best friend Tomas who's been her friend for so long that people often take them for couples. But when the meddling grandmas are trying to match her up she spins a lie and tells Tomas and herself are engaged and that's sets the storyline and you get to read the rest of it on 28th December 😉

As all of Saranna's books the characterization is amazing and she puts all her characters to good use!! The plotline though it's a friends to lovers troupe is unique in its own way and the writing style is witty and easy to understand yet has the depth of the language 💙 so to sum it up its an awesome book that's gonna be out during Christmas time wrapped in a humongous bow so get yourself a copy 😉

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*Thank you to the publishers and netgalley for the eARC in exchange for my honest review*

3.5 stars

It Happened One Midnight is a feel good story based around magic and love. I thought the storyline was adorable and I really enjoyed the gradmothers! I found myself laughing and cheering them on whenever they appeared. The female main character Juniper is delightful. She is so positive and Wholeheartedly believes in magic and love.

While I loved the fluffiness of the story, I didn't enjoy the main male Tomas nor did I like the angst and repetition. The story spent so much time focusing on "I love her, but I CAN'T be in love with her." Tomas spoke so much about how love isn't real and what he was feeling wasn't real. It got tiring and repetitive.

Overall it is an easy, cute read and had a Once Upon a Time feel to it, which I enjoyed.

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Juniper and Tomas have been best friends forever. Now, with interference from their mothers and her grandmothers, they are rethinking their relationship. Fun and easy read, with touches of humor thrown in. This is book 3, but the first I've read. Had no issues keeping up. Would recommend.

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Book received for free through NetGalley

Like the two books that came before I’m thinking I absolutely adored it. Such a great, sweet book.

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Magical, romantic comedy. This was a very enjoyable read. I love the solid friend zone relationship between Juniper and Tomas, they are like two peas in a pod. Their humorous interactions tickled my fancy numerous times. Tomas seemed a little love jaded whereas Juniper is very optimistic and upbeat but they are best friends that don't always agree but are always accepting of one another realizing how precious their friendship is. I haven't read any of the other books in this series which didn't take away from getting to know these two. Like Tomas, I was just a little confused when it came to the Ever After happenings though the fairy godmothers are very loveable, supportive and hilarious.

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DNF at 70%
The second book I’ve ever DNFed.

Thanks to NetGalley for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

For context, here’s the description (copied from the NetGalley page):

Novelist Juniper Blossom has romance down to a science in her bestselling books. But she’s not about to settle for just any man—a happy ending looks different for everyone, and she needs to find the guy who’s idea of forever matches her own. Try telling that to her adorable, meddling grandmothers, though. If she doesn’t find a man soon, they’re going to find one for her. Which is why Juniper has prepared for a trip home to Ever After by fibbing that her sexy, smart, sweet best friend Tomas is her fiancé! He doesn’t believe in love at all, but that doesn’t matter if they’re just pretending…

Divorce attorney Tomas Rivera is as proud of Juniper’s authorial success as she is, but that doesn’t mean he buys into her books’ premise. His career is proof enough that true love is the real fairy tale—and everyone knows fairy tales aren’t real. But he can never say no to gorgeous Juniper, and an “engagement” might move him one legal brief closer to partner at his old-fashioned firm. Yet playing the part suddenly starts to mean feeling it, especially when a kiss just for show turns up the heat between them. Is happily ever after possible for two people who aren’t on the same page when it comes to love?

When the blurb had this much to do with fairytales, I thought it would be <i>adorable</i>. I mean, look at that cover! It <i>is</i> adorable. However, I feel scammed. I <i>am</i> scammed.

All of the characters are flat. Their only personality is built on being horny. All of them.
For example, for some reason, the mothers of our couple come to see their kids after hearing about the engagement. Tomas’ mother gives Juniper a family tradition kinda ring. And the moms do not leave the house until they kiss. HuH? Look at me in the eyes and tell me it’s normal. You cant. Because it isn’t normal. WHO DOES THAT.

The plot is nonexistent. All that we read about is two childhood “best friends” getting horny. The character choices are so dumb. The whole “fake dating” trope was super forced. Who fake dates their childhood best friend for no reason whatsoever? It doesn’t add anything to the plot. It actually removes from it. It could be some kind of slow-burn or something? Not this, at least.

As a reader who feels incomplete even dnfing the worst books in history, I hate myself for reading this that far. And it did have the smallest smallest potential which was in my opinion totally wasted.

My advice to the author is to focus more on character depth and plot, two of the most important elements of a novel, right? I think she gets too carried on with the “cute and hot couple”, with which she was successful. However, the reader’s smallest smile seeing this couple together is not enough to make a story good. After seeing the reviews of the author’s other book, I think she did not pay attention to what the readers think. The books seem to be the same, which raises the question, does the author want to improve?

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I want to thank Kensington Books and Net Galley for this ARC of It Happened one Midnight by Saranna De Wylde. I received this copy in exchange for a fair and honest review. This is the third book in the series. You can read it as a standalone, however, to me, it needs to be read in sequence. This is a genre combo of romance and fantasy, a mix that worked well in the first two books. Ever After Missouri is a magical place. Really magical, with fairy godmothers and people turned into frogs, animals who talk and help with sewing magical. Think Fairy Tale Magical and you have this town. Back in book one, the Fairy Godmothers decoded to turn it into a wedding destination town and began to plan theme weddings. They also decided to meddle into the lives of their friends and families. So far so good. This book continued on the theme but concentrated on new characters Juniper and Tomas. Juniper, a romance novelist, is the Godmothers grandchild ( it is a convoluted story, trust me) and Tomas a divorce lawyer, is her best friend. They love each other , and are really in love with each other, but can't admit it. The book is centered on these two characters and their story. It is good, but it feels a bit lacking. The sex is a little more graphic and less romantic than the previous two( not a compliant just an observation), and the story line really seems to drag a bit. There is less of the townspeople this time around ,although there are some good scenes. I liked it, just not as much as the first 2.

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Enjoyed this fun quirky read! Haven't read the first two books but this one can be read as a standalone. But I now want to read the previous two! Great characters! Love the story! Thanks #netgalley and #Keningston for the eARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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I just love this series. It Happened One Midnight is book 3 of this series but can be read as a stand alone. HOWEVER, I highly recommend the first two books as well. This time, the godmothers set their sights on their very own goddaughter, a romance novelist whose fib about a fake engagement is about to transform into a friends-to-lovers story worthy of the bestseller lists… Will there be a happily ever after?

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A great and quirky read.
Juniper is a romance novelist, and her 'grandmothers' are trying to set her up. To escape their meddling, she tells them she is together with Tomas, her best friend. A divorce lawyer, Tomas doesn't believe in true love, so will either of them get their HEA?

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Paranormal romances are usually interesting, this book is no exception. The characters are engaging and the plot line is good with humor and quite a bit of romance rounds out this book. I haven't read the other books in this series but I still had no trouble following the story. Quite enjoyable if you don't mind the graphic sex scenes. I received an e-book from NetGalley in return for an unbiased review.

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I received this book for free for an honest review from netgalley #netgalley

So sweet!! I love the romance in this book. So realistic and fun.

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This is the third Fairy Godmothers, Inc. installment, Missouri’s resident fairy godmothers Petunia, Jonquil, and Bluebonnet are doing their best to restore their hometown’s deep well of enchantment by conjuring true love, one happy couple at a time. This time, the godmothers set their sights on their very own goddaughter, a romance novelist whose fib about a fake engagement is about to transform into a friends-to-lovers story worthy of the bestseller lists… Will there be a happily ever after?

Love this series. It is funny, romantic and magical. :) If you love the first two books in this series, you'll love this one. It's a stand alone so no worries if you haven't read the first 2 books. It's cute and funny and you can start anywhere in the series really.

Thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC.

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