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Energy Never Dies

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One of the best book on Black Chicago ! 

The book portrays incidents happened in history of Chicago related to culture, society, politics, power through shared economics and space for black community.

Theme of the book associates with struggle of Black Chicago rooted in belief. There are stories of faith, hope, anger and grief. 

Author talks about
• Black lives
• Necessity of expressions in blackness
• Memories with her grandmother of the     place.
• Great Migration of black people.
• Struggle stories of both black & south side of Chicago. 
• Stories behind origin of Cinema, music, business in beloved black community.
• Aspirational images of blackness.
• Black Chicago's mark on mass media landscape.
• Gifts given by Chicago to the world. One of them is Chicago Soul Music.
• Events like Black Christmas.
And many more. 

Book reminds struggle of Martin Luther King as leader giving voice to black community and his assassination in that process.

One of the remarkable feature of the book is there are song lyrics mentioned and recommended by author that inspires young generation to keep on pushing. And that makes the book compendium. 

'Energy Never Dies' is a high quality book for readers with broad interest.

Thank you NetGalley for providing the book for reading before the release.

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