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My Heart Is a Chainsaw

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What do I even say.

The first 50% I feel like nothing happened. It was someone describing the innerdialogue in Jade's head and occasional conversation.

Then all of a sudden ...  just like that it was panic at the disco (ok that is a line I'm going to be stealing for a very long time) and then it was a third person description of a complete bloodbath through Jade's eyes.

And that part was so fucking well done..  I mean how basic movie deaths happen. You could easily say someone's neck is snapped or someone gets flown into a pier piling.... but nooo

It is more like the head is going the wrong direction from her jaw and her bottom teeth are misaligned as the eyes go wide until the body is thrown like a ragdoll (and I'm pathetically paraphrasing here). And this goes on for like the last 30ish%? 

And it is fantastically well done and never redundant... I mean I have to give props for it because once you get to that part is insane. 

But here is my issue.

1) wading through the first 50% ... why? Honestly if I wasn't listening to an audio book? I don't think I'd made it.

2) As brilliant as the above was? It still felt like a bunch of disjointed pieces because I never connected to anyone but Jade, her life and the one close friend (and her dad bc... spoilers) so the rest was just to establish the murderous rampage... I guess.

Of course I know there is a lot of cultural underpinnings and maybe that brings a lot together but I'm not in a place, nor is it my lane to comment on those pieces. So, take this as it is, without that layer.

Also I will say if you are chosing between this and Final Girl Support Group? I would definitely choose this.
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