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I really enjoyed this book.  I will admit that I also saw the movie, so I had that mental imagery in mind as I read.  The book basically follows all of the film content.  I have been a follower of Jesus music and the artists since about 1980, having worked in the industry through several radio stations.  I've seen lots of feedback on the content of the movie (and thus the book) - much negative - about what was not included in the book.  To be fair, it whets the appetite for those who want to know more and provdes a great overview - there is no book (to keep it readable length) that could include everything important.  Plus, fans of the genre often disagree on who or what events were most significant.  This is a great starter point, and a solid comprehensive overview and worth the time.  I like how it is pulled together in the timeline to bring us to where we are today in the industry and genre.  I was provided an advance copy of the book content through NetGalley without any commitment for a positive review.
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Having not seen the documentary I am still more than satisfied by this detailed and well researched piece of historical journalism.

The book is like a who’s who in the mainly American world of Christian contemporary music; from it’s hippy roots to its celebration and expression today. It plots its struggles and the artist’s own difficulties to the sense of it being a God inspired medium to connect with the youth in each generation. 

Through the different genre’s, the opposition of the church, the pressures for commercial success and the problems fame, wealth and criticism brought.  Packed with quotes from the people who were caught up in it, performed and tried to be true to their music and their faith. Full of interesting photographs the chapters chronologically chart from the early days of Larry Norman “Why should the Devil have all the good music?” to a more considered period today where Worship is key.

I felt I was given a clear insight into my own appreciation of ‘Jesus Music’ from the 1970, my heroes; my disappointments.

The author assumes nothing for the reader. His wider understanding of the contemporary music scene enables us to see similar journeys and outcomes for bands and musicians. I loved the tie in with pop legends and the responses of John Lennon and Bob Dylan. This is an objective piece of writing which cleverly gives the reader themes throughout to compare and contrast, find links and hooks to hold the whole book together.

However, beyond a usual reporters skill is this ability to act as a guide. To inform not just with facts but with the understanding of faith. Consequently, it becomes not just the music that resonates but it quickens one’s spirit to see a divine purpose and gospel message. The power of music to reach us in special ways and the historic ministry such artists have brought to lives which otherwise would not have heard God’s voice amid all life’s white noise.

I loved the affirmation and seal of approval Billy Graham’s ministry leant to this movement and the proof perhaps that it was God’s vision and ministry all the time.

A book for all who like music; had their own time buying (or downloading), records/tunes. 

An appeal to understand better, appreciate differences and support rather than judge. To take on these lessons and thereafter apply them in all areas of life from equality and diversity issues through to political debate. I have had to re-evaluate my historical attitudes to performers I looked up to at times. Instead of giving unconditional support at the time I may have demanded more, taken their status as a role model and attributed sainthood when their humanity should have always led my opinion. It is a dangerous place. 
To rank others and to see yourself and similar minded people as better than others. 
We build people up and delight in their public fall from popularity. From hero to zero. 
None of this derives directly from the author’s own words. It is just his skill to enlighten and provide empathy. 

This book has moved me. Performers that appear on album covers I still own, have been made more real to me than if physically seen live in a concert arena. I have several friends who I know would enjoy this book.
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The Jesus Music
A Visual Story of Redemption as Told by Those Who Lived It
by: Marshall Terrill
K-Love Books, Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members' Titles

     The story of Contemporary Christian Music is well-told and documented in the words and photographs of The Jesus Music, bringing it from the roots of origin to its present-day status. Readers will not only want to listen to more music by their favorite artists in this genre, but also seek out new ones they have overlooked throughout the decades of this musical journey. Author Marshall Terrill's book is an accompaniment to the documentary film, The Jesus Music. 
     Musical history from all genres is fascinating. It's refreshing to read a book about the evolvement of Contemporary Christian music over the years, including the artists and their contributions. Those of us who love this music may only know about certain artists that we follow, and only have limited if any knowledge of the beginning of the movement and its progression. Of special interest to me was the presentation of Larry Norman and Lovesong as they served as pioneers. 
     I enjoyed reading more about artists I've loved over the years such as B. J. Thomas and Amy Grant and their roles in the CCM heritage. After reading the book, I know more about other artists, their stories, and how each paved the way with their own personal styles. The book captures how other genres such as country, folk, and rock contributed to the story of Contemporary Christian Music. 
     Music plays such a beloved role in our worship, regardless of our personal beliefs. The more we understand and appreciate Contemporary Christian music, we may find new connections to deepen our faith and connect us to God as we lift him up in praise. I highly recommend this book, and I'll be eagerly seeking out the movie, as well!
Thank you to Net Galley and K-Love Books, Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members' Titles for the advance reader's copy and the opportunity to provide my honest review.
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I have not watched the documentary that this book is based on, but I really loved the book.
Marshall outlined the history of Christian Music in easily digestible parts, which keep me ready and wanting to know more about what was a small branch of musical history.
Love the pictures that were added, I loved seeing this part of History.
Would recommend for music lovers.
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The Jesus Music is the companion book to a documentary that will be released in movie theatres in October, 2021, according to the media marketing information provided with this ARC. When I saw the title and cover of this book, I knew I had to read it. As a child of the 1960s I was just beginning to get into music at the time the Jesus Movement and Jesus Music were hitting their stride. I remember the first time I heard Jesus Music at a youth group meeting when I was about 12 years old. I was drawn to the music of Keith Green and 2nd Chapter of Acts...later Amy Grant, The Imperials, Russ Taff...etc., I could go on...for a long while. CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) and I grew up together...evolved together. 

This book is the history of the evolution of CCM from it's beginnings in the Jesus Movement through it's emergence as a contender on secular pop, heavy metal, and eventually rap charts; into the turbulent changes that Napster and iTunes brought to the entire recording industry, and finally to where we are today...worship music, not unlike the Jesus Music of the late 1960s and 1970s. Music that focused on Jesus and humanity's relationship with Him. 

The history of Jesus Music and CCM isn't always pretty. The artists are human, after all, and subject to the temptations of fame, money, drugs, and sex. There is no sugar coating of that past here. Even though the church and the CCM industry tended to turn their backs on those who were less than perfect (even taking industry awards away from performers because of their "sins") most of those artists continued to follow the Jesus they sang about, and many have returned to CCM as performers and mentors. 

As I read The Jesus Music, I found myself diving into Google, searching for and listening to the music of artists mentioned and looking for photos (and even videos) from concerts and festivals where they performed. I'm excited about the release of the documentary and hope that it will show in a theatre near my hometown. So for me, the book has done it's job. 

I highly recommend this book for those who grew up with Jesus Music and CCM, but also for those who know only the worship music of today. This book shows those readers the shoulders upon which the artists of today stand. And the often rocky road it took to get from there to here. 

While the book does not contain the traditional footnotes, there are extensive end notes, listed by chapter, showing the dates of interviews done with the artists, producers, etc., who are quoted in the book. It also includes a lengthy bibliography, index, and photo credits.

I love the quote about the longevity of Jesus Music that closes the book.
"Hope continues to be stoked. So it will be for the next fifty years. Or more. Why? Because the inspiration for this music will not change. The reason for these music makers and lyricists to do what they do isn't going anywhere. He is the same...yesterday, today, forever. (Hebrews 13:8) Jesus rocks. Can he get an amen?"


I received a digital copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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This was so cool! I loved revisiting Christian music from back in my childhood. Awesome job! I had forgotten how far it's come from the days of simple praise and worship to the  vast selection of music styles in today's market.
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While the book's format keeps it from being a rigorous research tool (no footnotes, citations, etc.), it works quite well as an oral history of Contemporary Christian Music, the good and the bad and the occasionally bizarre.
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My apologies...I requested review copy before realising that there's no Kindle download available and I can't open the Protected or NetGalley file versions. Can't access it so can't leave a review or proper rating. Apologies.
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I must remember that on Netgalley Art books are in a format difficult to read. I am trying to work my through the title but can't give a complete review because of the format it is available in.
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