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Mackinac Island - such a place I want to go to someday for vacation.  My grandparents went years ago, it sounds so picturesque.  

This is the story of Lily and Willa.  Lily in 1895 - the signer of the Grand Hotel.  Willa in 2020 - the intended designer to update a suite.  Little did she know there was a supposed murder in the suite and it has been untouched since 1895.  With the long history of her family on the island and area, Willa is comfortable and anxious to begin, but as things show up and new stories come to light, is this really a project she wants to pursue.  Lily comes to the island trying to break away from Kentucky, her mother's demise, and the curse she thinks she is under.  Each with the help of a handsome suiter do they find that the past cannot dictate the present, or even their future.

I enjoyed this book, there were some instances I think it jumped and I didn't get why, but in all it was a good read.  Thank you to Netgalley and Barbour Publishing for this advanced reader copy.
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This is an epic story between two women, Willa and Lily, whose stories span more than a century.  Both stories take place on Mackinac Island.  There are secrets, heartbreak, fear, mystery and love.  

This author did a good job of weaving both stories together through a journal kept by Lily (and her maid) and how their stories meet up 120 years later. 

There is a happy ending for both Willa and Lily and others in the story, as well.  The story was a fairly clean story with no salacious details but real and not watered down.  

I was given an arc copy of this book and I willingly offer my honest review.
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A time-split story that connects two characters. I loved seeing how far Lilly could get without anyone finding out her secret. Willa was having her own problems too but seeing how the author brings the two time-lines together was great.  I loved the book being on the Mackinac Island because I enjoy reading about the Island. I would love to visit the Grand Hotel and see all the places in the book. Mix the romance, intrigue and mystery to the story and you have the ingredients for a great book. 
If you like time-split books with these ingredients you will enjoy this one. 
I received a NetGalley copy and a paperback from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.
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Behind Love’s Past is part of the From the Doors to the Past Series .  Each book can be read as a standalone.  This is two stories in one with a dual timeline.  Both timelines are interesting with lots of detail leading to an intriguing story.  It was challenging keeping track of both and I think it would have easily made two separate books.  I normally like dual timeline books. And it was fascinating watching how the two timelines intertwined.  But it got a little confusing for me.  And while I know Covid is a reality in 2020, the references bored me as I saw really no value added to the storyline by doing so.  Because of the complexities, it is probably a book that should be read without interruptions.  The mystery will keep many continuing to read.  
	I received a copy of this book from netgalley with no obligations .  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Willa and Michael, who have met on another job, find themselves both on Mackinaw Island in 2020.  He, a landscape designer and she, an interior designer, are looking to figure out their roots and their connections to the Island.
The story also jumps to 100 years prior with Lily and Stephen.  Lily was an entertainer, accompanied by her cousin, Clem.  Stephen was son of the doctor who treated Lily's mother at an asylum.  Both the doctor and Lily's mother were lost in a tragic asylum fire.
The story has focus on family trees and also on mental illness.  They did not skirt the issues and I appreciate that the author was bringing attention to afflictions that impact a person's day-to-day.
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This was a fun dual- timeline story! I enjoyed how a couple in the present is solving a mystery from the past- and the reader gets to jump back and forth.  I feel like I loved the setting the most- The Grand Hotel.
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Behind Love’s Wall by Carrie Fancett Pagels is part of Barbour Book’s Doors to the Past series.

One of the things I like about this series is how authors intertwine the past and present. That was definitely the case in Behind Love’s Wall. I was fascinated by the historical portion of the story. The contemporary portion did not grab me as much as I hoped, but I think that’s primarily because covid was brought into the story. I can’t read about the pandemic yet and would add a trigger warning here.

I loved the psychological detail in the book and the setting made me hope to visit the UP one day (it was already on my list of places). If you enjoy split-time stories and don’t mind reading about the pandemic, then this would be a good book for you.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC guidelines.
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Mackinac Island...The Grand Hotel...what fantastic settings for a novel, and who better to write them than Carrie Fancett Pagels, a true connoisseur and aficionado of both.

Carrie Fancett Pagels' Behind Love's Wall is a dual timeline novel set on Mackinac Island and at The Grand Hotel. Pagels' knowledge and affection for the island and hotel resound and reverberate throughout, which gives the work a truer, more engaging and intriguing authenticity.

Two main characters, Lilly in 1895 and Willa in 2020, are surrounded by mystery and intrigue. Furthermore, COVID's limitations also have a role. Only a journal provides insight into one life, bringing hope to the other, despite the fact that they are separated by 125 years. Neither of them dreamed how their stories would end.

I really enjoyed the inclusion of some characters from Pagels’ prior books, too. Their roles are well done, keep the flow of the book going and provide an update to their lives. However, reading the prior novels is not required to follow and comprehend Behind Love's Wall. In addition, I admire and appreciate her approach to matters of faith.

I received an advanced review copy of this book from NetGalley. All opinions are my own and I am voluntarily leaving this review.
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A great historical novel covering a part of history that I’d never thought of.  Perfect for historical mystery readers.  I was glad I had a chance to read this book.
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This book is part of the Doors of the Past Series, a Christian Historical/ Murder/ Suspense read.  It takes us to Mackinac Island and the history of a journal that reveals the secrets of the Island.  This is the story of Willa and a very special journal that takes us back into time.  When Willa finds this journal she is intrigued that it takes us back into time and the mystery of what a women named lily and her secrets she has.  Can Willa solve the mystery of what the journal holds?  What does this journal mean for her project at the hotel? if anything???

If you are a fan of this series then you will definitely love this book. If you like to read fast paced, twist, turns and mystery of history events, this is the book for you.  I loved this book as I have enjoyed all of them in the series. 

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Celebrate Lit Books. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255, "Guides Concerning the Use of Testimonials and Endorsements in Advertising.
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I really enjoyed Behind Love’s Wall. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I loved the dual timelines set on Mackinac Island and the cast of characters that we get to follow. I should also mention that it is the first book I’ve read since the start of the pandemic that is set in 2020 (at least the present day plot) and, it was interesting, especially when reading about a place like Mackinac Island and the hotels there that no doubt suffered at the beginning of the pandemic. 

I enjoyed both storylines, however, I really enjoyed the 1895 storyline the most. It was very intriguing to read about how psychiatrists were viewed back then, as well as seeing some the early days of the eugenics movement, and also Pinkerton agents. I don’t know there was so much it covered, at it was fascinating to read. Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoyed the contemporary storyline, and I like how both are tied together in a way. My only wish is that we could have gotten more of Lily’s diary entries throughout the novel, but that’s just me and that is something I really like. 

I also enjoyed getting to know the characters, they were well fleshed out and I loved seeing what ends up happening to everyone, both past and present in the book. 

Overall, I really enjoyed Behind Love’s Wall and I hope to read more by the author in the future. I highly recommend this book for lovers of historical fiction and dual timelines. 4/5 Stars.

*I received a copy of this book from the author and Celebrate Lit in exchange for my honest review.
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I really enjoy the "Doors to the Past"  series and even enjoy the different authors aspect (which was a surprise to me, that I enjoyed that). I like that it exposes me to new authors that I have not heard of or read before. And that has been fun. I enjoyed the setting of this new book. I found the dual time-line a little more confusing this time with multiple family lines intersecting in both story lines. I would have preferred to not have COVID be mentioned as often as it was. I read to escape the world and I just am not ready to read it in my books. The characters were interesting and each had their own quirky personalities and different goals, so that was fun!
All in all, I will continue to read this series and look forward to the next one.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a chance to read and review this wonderful book! Behind Love's wall was a magnificent story with mystery in two different generations. It takes you to The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. A woman in the present looking for the truth about her Father, a woman in the past seeking to hide her mother's shame, these heroines were doing all they could.
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I have really enjoyed the Doors to the Past series that features two women - one in the past and one in the present whose lives ultimately end up intertwined. The good thing is that the reader does not know how until closer to the end of the book.

Willa is chosen to help do some redecorating at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. Her decorating background is fun as well as how she works with a crew. I enjoyed how she investigated the mystery.

Lily is one who needs to escape her past. Starting over at the Grand Hotel seemed like a great possibility. But little did she know that danger had followed her. How can she discover what is really happening? That is a big part of the story.

This is a book that contains history, suspense and a bit of romance. I enjoy time slip books, and this one does a great job of connecting the two stories. Mackinac Island is definitely the perfect setting for this book.

Overall, I liked the book. Some of the connections did not seem quite genuine to me. I guess I was not completely convinced. This is why my final rating is 4.1 stars.

I did read this book through NetGalley. Although I was provided a copy, this review still expresses my opinions.

This was the first book I have read by Carrie Fancett Pagels. Her writing style is enjoyable overall. I would be willing to read one of her books again.
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The Doors to the Past series has given me a whole new perspective on dual time line stories. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the past and present stories in this installment were actually connected genealogically. 
This is also one of the first books I've read that at least part of the story is set in 2020. The author does a good job of acknowledging all the covid issues without dwelling on it.  The author also does a stellar job of addressing the stigma against mental health concerns and incorporating characters working through that stigma.  
I loved Lily and Clem and Stephen.  The characters are dynamic. The story also ties together more than one historical mystery.  All in all a great read.
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Behind Love's Wall is a stand-alone novel in the Doors to the Past time-slip series written by various authors. This book is set in the Grand Hotel at Mackinaw Island in both 1895 and today.  The author uses the interior designer finding a journal during the renovation of the hotel to unite the two stories.
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This is the first book by Carrie Fancett Pagels that I have read. I was given a copy through Barbour Books and Netgalley to read and review. This review is totally my own opinion.
I enjoyed the book for the most part, but I was confused about all the different characters involved. It is also a dual timeline book which made it even more confusing. It took me a little while to get involved in the book, and once I did I did enjoy it but never did figure out all the persons/characters and how they connected.
The characters were mostly well developed, the main characters the best. The story flowed quite well even with the jumping back and forth in time.
This is a Christian novel and it shows without being preachy. It is shown in small ways. 
Right from the beginning, I realized the author was from Michigan, calling root beer "pop" is a dead giveaway. Being from Michigan I this being set here. 
I do not give 5 stars often as it lessens the value. With that said, I give this a 4 out of 5 stars.
If you enjoy historical fiction, clean and not preachy, you will enjoy this book.
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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

This book is part of a series. But it can be read as a stand alone. I haven't read any of the other books in this series and I was still able to enjoy this book. 

I enjoyed this novel, and the dual perspective.
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Split-time novels are some of my favorites, and this one did not disappoint. The different timelines fit together so perfectly and there was not one moment that I felt lost. Both timelines were interesting and intriguing, but I found myself most interested in Lily's story. 

Each character was unique and all perfectly woven in the story. It was especially interesting to see the future generations from the characters in the historical timeline. 

Overall, I loved everything about the book, but I especially loved the mystery and intrigue. I just had to know what happened, which led to a couple of late nights for me (whoops!). 

I would highly recommend this novel. It is officially one of my favorite, if not my actual favorite, split-time novels that I have read. 

I had received a complimentary copy of this book through Netgalley and all opinions expressed are my own.
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Behind Love’s Wall is written by Carrie Fancett Pagels. This is part of the “Doors to the Past” series. This is a series that is written by munitions authors. They are stand alone books but can be tied by the dual time storyline.

I always love reading books by this author. She always does great job researching her setting and time period and the story feels as real as possible. This dual timeline is 1895 and 2020. The setting is the Grand Hotel in Mackinaw Island. Willa is our modern day character who is an interior designer. She is chosen to help consult on a redesign for the Grand Hotel. Lilly is our past character. Willa has found a journal that was written by Lilly. It captures all of her struggles and dark secrets. Willa isn’t sure if she should reach out to Lilly’s descendants and share the journal. There’s also a connection between the two characters that I enjoyed trying to figure out.

I received a copy of this book through the Celebrate Lit Blogging Program. All thoughts are my own.
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