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I am a big fan of this author’s books. The characters are usually relatable, the settings are lovely, and the stories are charming. 
This book is no exception. 
You can find descriptions elsewhere, but in a nutshell, Freya and Trent were rivals in vet school. And then they find themselves both vying for the same job in small-town Whisper Falls. 
It’s a romance, so you know what’s supposed to happen in the end, but as usual, the joy and fun is in following the path with them as they try to get there. 
I will say that this one was a little interesting for me because I had a difficult time connecting with Freya. I felt that she was a little colder than past heroines in this author’s stories. I guess she was just more prickly than usual? 
Regardless, that coolness made it difficult for me to root for her at first. I get that it was probably in response to past experiences, but I found myself feeling more for Trent than for her. It seemed like she brought her frustrations all on herself. 
I was amused at how Trent dealt with her. I think he felt the same way I did about her – she was prickly in vet school, and now he has to compete with her for a job. But I also think he was more patient with her than I would have been. 
There are the usual small-town characters that add color to the story, but they’re never overbearing or distracting. It’s all just part of the background. The author has either lived in a small town or done her research, because a lot of it was familiar. 
Not because I’d read the story already, but because I’ve lived in small towns and in many ways, they’re similar. Cast of characters, distrust of newcomers, eager to preserve their town the way they know and love it. 
That was a unique aspect about this book as well. The author has an added plot line about tech companies buying land to build data-mining offices. It seemed a little random, but it was an interesting side story. 
Anyway, it was different to root for the guy instead of the girl for a while and that side plot kept it from being boring. Not that her books ever are. It was just a different spin than usual.
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This is my second book by the author and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading more from her.
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Witty, charming and irresistible, readers will be utterly enchanted by the latest small-town romance by Ellyn Oaksmith: Find Me at Whisper Falls.

Freya Johannsen needs to get out of Seattle – fast! The recently qualified vet is still reeling from the breakdown of her latest relationship and needs to put as much distance between herself and the big city as possible. When a job opening at Whisper Falls becomes available, Freya thinks that she has found what she’s looking for. She plans to spend a couple of years in small town Whisper Falls before heading back to the city and civilization. It’s a plan that Freya is sure cannot fail – until Trent Crossley shows up and throws everything into chaos!

Trent was the last person Freya had hoped to clap eyes on ever again. Their paths had crossed at vet school and Freya has no time whatsoever for the arrogant party boy who breezed through school, never took anything seriously and who betrayed her in the worst possible way. Freya has no room in her life for a man who thinks he is God’s gift to women – but he’s in her clinic and he is definitely not budging. What’s Freya going to do now?

The two of them have both been hired for the same job and they refuse to back down. They both vow to pull out all the stops and work as hard as they possible can to prove they are the best candidate for the job. Yet, being thrown in such close proximity together has Freya seeing Trent in a completely different light. Falling in love wasn’t part of Freya’s plan, but as she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Trent, will she find the courage to lower the iron-clad defenses she had built around her heart and grasp her happy ending in Whisper Falls?

Ellyn Oaksmith’s Find Me at Whisper Falls is such a lovely read! A delicious contemporary romance full of humour, emotion, drama and plenty of heart, Find Me at Whisper Falls is a captivating charmer about new beginnings, unexpected attraction and falling in love when you least expect it set in an idyllic small town full of colourful characters and adorable animals who steal the show.

Fun, feel-good and uplifting, Ellyn Oaksmith’s Find Me at Whisper Falls is superb romantic escapism at its finest.
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Freya and Trent have just finished veterinary school. They were guided to some unknown little town to start working on the vet practice without knowing about the other one doing the same. Once they find themselves there, it's already late for an exit. They'll have to play the game, even if it wasn't what they were expecting. And just like that, the adventure begins...
I liked this story. The characters and pace are very well developed. And the author's sense of humor is superb.
This is not my first book from this author and it will not be the last.

Thank you Netgalley for the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This is the first book I have read by Ellyn Oaksmith, but it definitely won't be my last. I really enjoyed this story and definitely recommend it. In Find Me at Whisper Falls we meet Freya Johanssen and Trent Crossley. They have just graduated first and second in their class as Veterinarians. Both are looking for a new start and the job advertised for Whisper Falls appeals to them. They both apply and are invited to come to town for an interview, basically given the job, by two different town councilors. They do not know that the other has applied and is expecting to get the job. Freya does not like Trent due to an experience at grad school and she is not happy to see him at "her clinic". Not knowing who is going to get the job, they agree to a trial period. They will both work for eight weeks, then the town council can decide which of them to award the job to. They move into the house provided with the job, set up the clinic together and go about working in Wisper Falls. May the best veterinarian and person win.

I enjoyed everything about this book. I really enjoyed learning about being a vet in a farming community. The animals we meet are all wonderful, especially the dogs that come with the practice. The characters are well-developed, personable, relatable and realistic. The farmers, the townsfolk and even Joan, who comes to work at the clinic. I laughed at the comment from Trent that they had been interviewed by her, not the other way around. This was a fun, heartwarming, romance that left me feeling good. It was well plotted with some turmoil, sadness, and a few self-serving characters, but an overall uplifting story. I waffled back and forth between Trent and Freya, but always had my desired outcome from about halfway through the story. Ellyn Oaksmith has a new fan and I recommend this book to those who enjoy animals, contemporary romance, and happy endings.
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I really enjoyed reading Find Me at Whisper Falls.  I have read a few books written by Ellyn Oaksmith and each one becomes a favorite of mine.
Main characters Freda and Trent are not friends during their years studying to be veterinarians.  Unbeknownst to each other, after graduating they both apply to the same job in Whisper Falls.  But, only one can be hired.  
Without giving too much away, Find Me at Whisper Falls is a heartwarming, cozy romance.  With just the right touch of humor and drama to make this small town story a beautiful read.
Definitely recommended.
Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and author for the opportunity to read this book for. Y honest opinion.. all opinions expressed are my own.
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This is the first time I have read a book from this author and I hope to read more from her in the future.

Two veterians graduate college and both of them compete for the same job in a small town.

It's full of laughs and romance that I couldn't helpbut smile.

Highly recommend.
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Freya and Trent, two people who couldn't be more different if they tried.

Whisper Falls is a lovely place but it is like a lot of rural communities - they are wary of newcomers, and Freya and Trent are certainly that. Freya is also not great with people......

I absolutely loved the premise of two newly minted veterinary students going out into the world, and their vastly different styles being compared by the community they came into. About them learning new skills and lea their days at University, competing to be first, to then competing for a job in Whisper Falls....this was a disaster waiting to happen.
rning how to be competent vets. About people appearing a certain way but them having hidden depths. There was a lot going on in this book and it certainly wasn't some light and fluffy romance. The animals were adorable, especially Freya's adopted furbabies :)

I loved the book until the ending, which seemed a little bit abrupt. A decent epilogue would have done wonders for this book, just saying.

For this reason, I took half a star off.

4.5 stars from me.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture.
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Great book and author. I have read her other series that I really enjoy. Hope you enjoy this book also.
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Are offered the same job- causing upsets!
There's only one job so a compromise is what they need
A two month trial for them both is what's agreed.

Freya Johanssen worked hard and always came top
Coming second always seemed Trent Crossley's lot.
Can they learn to get on and work as a team
So both of them can get the job that is their dream?

The job comes with a home, a housekeeper and dogs - all four!
They've a small town and farming community to learn to adore.
There are things in the past that stopped them being friends
Can Trent now learn how to make amends?

As the attraction between the two slowly percolates
Can they learn to love and discover their fates?
This is a delightful, heartwarming read to escape in
That ends up with your face wearing a huge grin!
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Review for 'Find Me At Whisper Falls' by Ellyn Oaksmith. 

Read and reviewed via NetGalley for Ellyn Oaksmith, Bookouture publishers and Bookouture anonymous 

Publication date 30th September 2021.

This is the second book I have read by this author. I have previously read 'Long Walk Home' which I also highly recommend. 

I was originally drawn to this book by its  eye catching cover and its intriguing synopsis and title. The synopsis stated that 'Fans of Virgin River, Debbie Macomber, Jill Shalvis and Carolyn Brown will love Find Me at Whisper Falls.' I am a huge fan of Debbie Macomber so am looking forward to seeing if this lives up to this statement. I am also a huge fan of Carolyn and if this is half as good as 'Long Walk Home' it is sure to be a page turning read. I must admit I was also biased due to the publisher being Bookouture. I have yet to read a book published by Bookouture  that I haven't enjoyed. Hopefully this won't be the first... Watch this space! (Written before I started reading the book).

This novel consists of 32 chapters. The chapters are short to medium in length so possible to read 'just one more chapter' before bed...OK, I know yeah right, but still just in case!

This book is based in Washington , USA 🇺🇸 

This book is written in third person perspective and the protagonists are Freya and Trent. The benefits of third person perspective with are that it let's you see the bigger picture of what's going on and you get to know more characters more, what they are thinking and what they are doing. It feels like you get to see the whole picture and not miss out in anything. 

Awww!!! Absolutely perfect!!! Another absolutely gorgeous book from the amazing Ellyn Oaksmith!!! Absolutely stunningly heartwarming!!! 

This book is beautifully written and completely absorbs you in the stunning atmosphere of the vineyard and really sucks you in with the vivid descriptions leaving you hear the horses neighing and feel the soft kitten fur against your face . The synopsis and cover suits the storyline perfectly. 

The storyline is authentic and realistic as well as easy to read and heartwarming. I laughed straight away and was hooked immediately!!! A true heart warning, addictive page turner!! I loved reading all the developments at the Crossley veterinary clinic, the ups and the downs. Being a huge animal lover myself this book was set in the perfect place with the perfect storyline. Animals and books are my life loves and I absolutely LOVED getting lost in this book surrounded by animals!!! There were plenty of events going on throughout and it kept me hooked from start to end, I read it in one sitting. I adored the cute chapter titles that gave a lovely insight into what was coming up in that chapter!! The storyline was filled with a range of emotions and was heartwarming, devastating and had lies, lost and new love, relationships, family, friendship and history all going on in this beautiful atmosphere. It felt like a lovely break away from a rainy Wales!! I loved how the story ended and I would love to read more about the vets and how much of a success they became. This would make a lovely series. . 

The characters were all unique with their own realistic traits, strengths and weaknesses. It was intriguing to watch Freya and Trent's relationship grow, develop and change throughout the the storyline. It was also intriguing to see how not only Trent and Freya's relationship change throughout the book but also Trent and Freya's relationship with Violet. I enjoyed watching the competition between Freya and Trent and at times was actually torn about who I wanted to win. However, hearing Freya's wolf story and watching her bond and comfort all the animals definitely wan me over in the end!!! I absolutely LOVED Violet!!! She was one of the biggest stirrers I've ever met but also one of the funniest, most captivating and intriguing, strong and sarcastic characters I've ever come across and I will not forget about her in a long time, she definitely left one hell of an impression and her attitude made me laugh so many times I post count!!! I also fell in love with Vanderbilt, Russell, Lucy, Reginald and Jorge and will miss them all!! I think it all worked out perfectly and I would love to see what happens next at Whisper Falls (Hint Hint Ellyn!!!! 😉) All characters worked perfectly with the storyline and I would love to meet them again and hope to see this made into a series or even a movie!!! 

Congratulations Ellyn on yet another absolutely fantastic heart warmer. There's a good reason your one of my favourite authors!!! I must also add that I almost spat out my tea when I read your salmon story at the end!!! If you read this book, and it really is your loss if you don't, then make sure you also read the letter from Ellyn at the end, I promise it's worth it!!!! 

Overall a heart warming page turner which will whisk you away to a gorgeous country with fab people and filled with animals and keep you turning the pages.  

Some of my favourite quotes/sayings in this book include the following:

"“What kind of a cow turd backwater is this?" 

"Hunter doesn’t care. She’s twenty.” Natalia is almost to the barn. “She hunts. For real. Wants to be a guide and train dogs. All that stuff . My dad wanted her to go to college first , but she said, ‘You named me Hunter, what did you expect?’”" (My son's name is Hunter so this made me laugh) 

" “Do you know where Russell goes all the time, at night?” Trent stops to pick some wild violets. “To the bar. He’s a regular."

Genres covered in this novel include Romance Novel, Contemporary Romance and Fiction amongst others. 

I would recommend this book to the fans of the above as well as fans of Virgin River, Debbie Macomber, Jill Shalvis, Carolyn Brown and anyone looking for a gorgeous heart warmer 

298 pages.

This book is just £1.99 to purchase on kindle via Amazon which I think is an absolute bargain for this book!!! 

Rated 5/5 (I LOVED it ) on Goodreads, Instagram, Amazon UK and Amazon US and on over 30 Facebook pages plus my blog on Facebook. 

Feel free to add me on Goodreads or follow me on my website or Facebook for more reviews 

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Get ready for a heart-warming tale in which Freda and Trent find themselves at Whisper Falls. Recent graduates from a prestigious veterinarian program, they are competing again for the same job.

.Freda relates to animals instead of people while Trent's charm embraces strangers as friends. As the competition draws to a close, the rivals realize that there's more to the story and each other. 

Thank you to #NetGalley and the publisher for the early edition of #FindMeatWhisperFalls in exchange for an honest review. I enjoy Ellyn Oaksmith's writing but had difficulty connecting with the first half of the story. Freda's cold veneer put me off from connecting with her and therefore found myself rooting for Trent. I wanted to like Freda but at every turn she was standoffish. Only when she was dealing with animals could readers catch a glimpse of her sensitive side.

That being said, as her protective layers were stripped away, I started to care about Freda. The problem is that most readers don't wait until halfway through the book for a transformation. If they are not grabbed or entertained by the story, they'll find another novel.
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Freya Johansson is a veterinarian and is in desperate need of getting out of Seattle.  She needs a fresh start and decides to spend the next two years in the small town of Whisper Falls.  But when Trent Crossley, a vet school classmate arrives in Whisper Falls, Freya is not happy.  That is the last person she ever wanted to see again. Not only did Trent effortlessly breeze through veterinarian school, but, he also betrayed her and she vowed to never forgive him.  Whisper Falls, needs a new veterinarian and the Town Council will make the decision of who is the bet fit for the town and the job.  So for eight weeks both Freya and Trent will compete for the job. They have been hired for the same job and their competitiveness with each other makes this story so engaging, at pulls you into the book.  I love all how the animals were so intertwined throughout the book it really came to life.  I  enjoyed the storyline of this book so much. The wonderfully written description of Whisper Falls, made me wish it was a place that I could actually visit. The energetic and dynamic characters made this a fabulous fast paced novel.  This charming read needs to be at the top of your list. It was a wonderful escape. This phenomenal story is one that will stay with you after you read the last page. 

Thank you Ellyn Oaksmith for another wonderful story.  I really enjoyed the flow of the story and the characters were so perfectly portrayed that they feel like new friends.  Definitely a wonderful and perfect must read.  I loved it, and I highly recommend this book.
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This could be a Hallmark movie.   It was a very predictable romance with a lot of insight to a veterinarian job.  The story was told from Freya and Trent's perspectives.   Alternating their perspectives gave the reader insight into what each of them was thinking.

Freya and Trent each have their strengths and weakness in the veterinarian practice and in relationships.  Being in a small town put a spot light on them.  It made living and working together an interesting scenario. The other characters in the town added to the story.

 interested in looking at what else she has written.
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Small town seeks veterinarian for two-year contract. Student loan payment or bonus upon signing . . .

FIND ME AT WHISPER FALLS by Ellyn Oaksmith is the engaging coming-of-age story of Freya Johannsen and Trent Crossley, recent veterinary school graduates and adversaries who find themselves in competition to win the same job – a job that is the answer to each of their predicaments.

Oaksmith has written a thoughtful and moving story about two people trying to find themselves and their place in the world. Freya and Trent are both dedicated to animals, but personality-wise, they are opposites. Freya is not a natural people-person and often rubs people up the wrong way. Trent is much smoother in social situations, but even at school, he always found Freya intimidating. Their interactions are a mixture of fun, frustration and fights.  

The story is set against the background of a small town that is as much a character as its residents. We get to meet a variety of them, but they never overshadow Freya and Trent’s story. There are the regular ups and downs of living in a small town and working in agriculture. A theme that is new to me is the purchase of land by cashed-up technology firms for the purpose of creating data farms.

Finally a special shout-out to the characters of Joan and Violet. They are both forceful personalities in their own way and their interactions with Freya and Trent often provide a good laugh.

I hope we get to visit Whisper Falls in future books.
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Whether you are just starting out on your journey into adulthood, or have been in it for a time, you will enjoy this book.  Freya and Trent has graduated from veterinarian school and applied for the same job at Whisper Falls. They decide to compete for the job by both working for half the pay, and then the town people will decide who they want.
Whisper Falls is a small town with an assortment of people living here. Freya and Trent each has their different strengths, both are capable, and  both are getting exhausted.  The story will keep you reading, and these two have been competing since they met in college. Trent was supposed to go back home after graduation and be the vet for the family ranch.  Freya didn't believe in herself and see herself the way others did, so they both have incentive to win the job, but at what cost?
Ellyn Oaksmith did an excellent job writing this book, she developed the people, so we could really get to know them.  I received an ARC from Bookouture through NetGalley.
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I loved Ellyn Oaksmith's previous novel Long Walk Home, and so when I was sent a review request for Find me at Whisper Falls, I accepted. 

I enjoyed the sound of the synopsis. 

Freya and Trent are recent vet school graduates and there's just one job opening available. The test? they have to work and live together for a whole two months. They used to be an item. 

Can they survive this ultimate challenge? 

Will Whisper Falls provide the ideal backdrop to helping them reconcile the past, or is what they once had gone forever? 

I found the book hard to get into and the characters difficult to relate to. 

Unfortunately in the end this wasn't the book for me. I would love to try another title. 

Thanks to Ellyn Oaksmith and Bookouture for my ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. 

3.5 stars.
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Freya Johanssen is more than pleased to be starting over. Heartbreak may have set her back a few paces, but as she is about to take on her first job as a veterinarian, she feels that things are definitely looking up. From the outset, however, Freya learns that she is not the only one reaching out for the job, a job that promises a two-year contract. However, it seems that Trent Crossley is also after the job. What is more is that he is determined to take it, not really caring what happens to Freya.

Freya and Trent are not strangers to one another. In fact, they went to vet school together and all Freya can think about is the way Trent once betrayed her. Oil and water, Freya and Trent could not be more different, but one thing that they do have in common is the fact that they both want the job. Considering the contract is for one vet, it appears that only one of them will get it. 

The pair develop a temporary plan to work together and one thing becomes apparent - they are developing feelings for one another and this is something neither one of them ever expected. Can they both jumpstart their careers without allowing emotion to derail their impending futures? 

In this sweet story by Ellyn Oaksmith it was a pleasure watching Freya and Trent find their way to love and a happy future together. Ellyn Oaksmith has cleverly written a warm and exceptional enemies to lovers story that was filled with wonderful primary and secondary characters.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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The Synopsis suggests that this book is unputdownable, and the dark circles under my eyes confirm that.  I just couldn’t go to sleep until I knew what was going to happen.  I can confirm that I have zero regrets and it was worth every yawn today.

The story opens as Freya and Trent graduate veterinary school.  Freya is weighed down by her student debt, whilst Trent has no such concerns as his parents have bankrolled his education.  Separately, they have both applied for a two-year position at a vet’s surgery in Whisper Falls.  Unfortunately, there is only one vacancy, and that’s where the conflict starts.

The first thing that I loved about this book, was the frequent references to All Creatures Great and Small.  I was also obsessed with the books and then the TV series, when I was younger.  Not interested in the remake.  Christopher Timothy is my James Herriot.

The descriptions of the area of Whisper Falls are enchanting, I was able to picture them and see the lush fields, rolling hills and sheep for as far as the eye can see.  Lambing season sounds intense, and whilst I love animals, there are a few places where my hands don’t belong.

As the story gains pace, we are introduced to several additional characters, they are all well-constructed, but for me, Violet steals the position for best support.  I could just imagine this Goth antithesis of a princess, snarling around and not doing any housework.  Dig deeper and her true character is revealed.

Of course, there are lots of animals, of all types and I challenge you not to find a favourite.  Of course, this crazy cat lady has picked the kitten.

What you get with this book, is a wonderful, opposites attract, love story.  The beautiful way that Freya and Trent find their common ground is loaded with sadness, but it introduces a romance that smoulders until it burns fiercely, demanding attention.
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Such a feel good story. Big lessons in being open to changing your opinions, feelings about people. Finding happiness, finding a new reason to be happy. Small town environment, you can just see the beautiful scenery in your mind and smell the fresh air. Loved it from page 1 until the end.
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