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I absolutely loved this book! This is a great book to help you find clarity and drive towards your purpose (and find your purpose if unknown). There are so many helpful sections of the book. I especially liked how she applied the 5 Why technique (referred to as The Fifth Why) in the book to various aspects of life and being stuck, as well as walking you through how to build a roadmap to get where you want to be. She breaks down very abstract concepts to concise, actionable steps. This is a must read for anyone looking for more out of life,

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I have really enjoyed reading this book and I received an ah-ha moment with the "5 Whys" and it has given me clarity about my purpose. This book differs from any other book I have read on purpose because it gives genuine and life participations of true examples that are relatable and I know this is a best seller as Ms. Tanya Dalton's previous books,

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First, I'm a super fan of Tanya Dalton. Not just because she gives fantastic advice and wisdom in this book, but because she as a person is so generous and thoughtful. On Purpose is a book that I know I can use in my daily life, not just as an entrepreneur but as a woman with children. The advice is practical and attainable. She's not asking me to change everything about my life to accommodate her methods but gives me strategies that work within my life.

If you are a working woman, this book is a must-read, and better yet, it is a joy to read.

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