Cover Image: The Extincts: Quest for the Unicorn Horn (The Extincts #1)

The Extincts: Quest for the Unicorn Horn (The Extincts #1)

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An action-packed adventure, following a team of genetically-enhanced extinct animals on a mission to save the planet (as well as to educate and empower the reader)!
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This was a fun, and educational, start to a new lower middle grade graphic novel series. Any child interested in animals, science, history, and adventure will enjoy this book. The book is obviously not based in reality (talk extinct animals) but does provide factual information about extinct animals, global warming, and history. The art is nice, with lots of great action and details. I look forward to more adventures of The Extincts.
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Story about extinct animals trying to save the environment and the world by finding a unicorn horn.  The storyline was choppy and hard to follow.  Too many mini-stories and characters that are not interesting.  The story concept is too deep for elementary age students and this book would not check out at my school.
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