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Happy Birthday, Fiona

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This book was absolutely adorable!  I loved the artwork, the storyline, the characters, it was all just too cute!  It also had a very good message about being a good friend, to not get too wrapped up in thinking more about yourself than others and to show those you love how you appreciate them and sharing what you have with them.  

Good message for a picture book for kids, with colorful artwork and really funny expressions on animals that are sure to get kids giggling.  

5, highly recommended for the little one in your life, stars!

My thanks to NetGalley and Zonderkidz for an eARC copy of this book to read and review.
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Thank you to Zonderkidz and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is another great addition to the Fiona book family.  We love the colorful drawings and the expressive faces on the animals.  It's always fun to tie the books in with photos, videos, or visits to the real Fiona at the Cincinnati Zoo, too.

This is a sweet story of friendship and is good for discussing emotions with little ones.  How do the animals feel when they are planning the party?  How do they feel when Fiona seems to be too busy to celebrate with them?  How does Fiona feel on her birthday?  How do her feelings change as the day goes on?  How do the animals feel when they celebrate together?

This would be a fun gift for any young Fiona fan or zoo animal fan.
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Happy Birthday, Fiona is another book in the Fiona series that we've all come to know and love! This book teaches the value of friendship and how it's not WHAT you have but WHO you have. 

I really appreciated the emphasis the author put on friendships and sharing, something that is important to share with young hearts and minds.
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Read this with my 7-year-old. She wanted to give it “fifty stars” she liked it so much! But since five is the maximum, we’ll go with that. It really is a sweet story with adorable illustrations.
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. I love these books about Fiona the hippo and kids love them too. Another great addition to the collection.
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My students love Fiona and this book will be a hit. Fiona’s birthday is causing her to get lost in the spotlight what will she do to smooth over the rift her behavior has caused? This series is a hit and this book will not disappoint!
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It's Fiona's birthday and she is getting gifts and cards from people all over the world. She is caught up in all the celebrations and ignores her friends' attempt to spend her birthday with her, so they leave. When Fiona realizes something is missing from her celebrations, she figures out it is her friends. She makes invitations to invite them over to help her celebrate. She realizes special times need special friends. She shares all her treats and gifts with her friends and everyone has a wonderful day after all. 
This is such a great story. Of course everyone loves Fiona, such a cute little hippo, but the messages of friendship, sharing and caring are wonderful. The images are amazing with lots of detail, colour and emotion. My grandchildren enjoyed the story and we had a great discussion after we read it. My grandson then read it again to his siblings and I listened to him pointing things out to them as he read. I definitely recommend this one to families, especially to share on birthdays, as well as to teachers to read to students to teach about friendship, sharing and caring.
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I love hippos. I have followed Fiona her whole life. This is a fun book to add to the Fiona collection. So many links to use to give background on Fiona.
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Wonderful book with beautiful pictures that delighted my daughter as we read about our favorite hippo.
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Cute but not the story I expected. I like Fiona. My family and I traveled to see her. I would have preferred to read her bubble bath YouTube story.
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Thank you to NetGally and Zondervan for the opportunity to review an ARC of this title.

Fiona is the beloved hippo that lives at the Cincinnati Zoo. Happy Birthday, Fiona is the latest in a series of picture books featuring the fun and lovable Fiona. In Happy Birthday, Fiona, Fiona and her friends are excited to celebrate her birthday. However, Fiona is quickly whisked away by the attention of the masses. Fiona's friends feel that she doesn't have time for them, but Fiona misses them when she's finished her obligations. Fiona works hard to make her friends feel included and they all enjoy a fabulous party.

This book will appeal to young readers, particularly those familiar with the real-life Fiona. The story helps teach the importance of friendship and explains that being a friend sometimes takes effort. The illustrations are cute and full of detail. I especially love all the bright colors on Fiona's fruity birthday cake!

I would recommend this book to preschool to early elementary children.

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I loved this book!  I have followed the real Fiona for a long time and have seen her birthday parties - this is a real representation of what I have seen.  The illustrations are beautiful; you can see all the animals' personalities leap off the pages.  And the message of the book - gifts are great but they're even better when you share them with your friends.  This is the perfect birthday gift for any child (or lover of Fiona)! Bonus points for mentioning the need for thank you cards.
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Happy Birthday Fiona
32 Pages
Pub Day: January 18, 2022

I follow the Cincinnati Zoo on Facebook. I discovered it about the time Covid hit. Watching the animals always puts a smile on my face. Fiona, the hippo, is especially cute! 

When I saw this book on NetGalley, I immediately requested it. It didn’t disappoint. 

Absolutely adorable with a good message to boot! Fiona is so popular she received a heaping pile of presents, cards, & snacks from her admirers. She was so busy opening gifts & performing for her admirers, she forgot about her friends. 

Fiona’s friends wanted to celebrate with her, but she was too busy. They finally gave up. 

While playing with her new toys, she started to feel that something was missing & finally came to the conclusion that she was missing her friends. 

After talking to her mom, Fiona decided to invite her friends to a party. When they came, she shared her presents & food with them. 

The pictures are so darn cute; they are bright & colorful. You can’t help but feel cheerful when looking at them. 

This is a top-notch children’s book. After reading it, you can share real pictures & information about the lovely Fiona. Just Google the Cincinnati Zoo! 

Thank you to #NetGalley, #Zonderkidz for the ebook to read & review.
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Happy Birthday, Fiona by Zondervan is a happy story about everyone giving presents to Fiona. Fiona was so happy and posed for photos  that she forget to remember all her friends at the zoo. I loved the ending where she gives all her friends gifts. Children will love the colorful illustrations.
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Who could not love a cute little book about Fiona!  Especially one with such a sweet message.  Little Fiona is celebrating her big day.  She has been showered with gifts, and media.  Meanwhile her friends at the zoo want to celebrate with Fiona too.  But with Fiona so wrapped up in her own celebration will she remember that sometimes the best gift is that of friendship?  I think this book would be the perfect story time book! 

Thank you so much Zonderkidz and Netgalley for allowing me to read an advance copy.
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"I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."
Another cute picture book featuring everyone's favorite hippo.
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What a sweet, cute story!   I love following Fiona's antics on social media and it's so fun to see her starring in her own book!

Kids will find this tale so relatable.  Fiona gets lots of attention for her birthday and, after getting caught up in it a bit, she realizes that presents and treats aren't nearly as enjoyable without friends to share them with.  With gentle, loving guidance from her mom she figures out how to make it a great day for everyone.   

The illustrations are awesome!   They're so colorful and lively and full of detail.   They definitely make the story come to life!   This would be a great addition to pre-K and elementary classroom and school libraries--I'm sure it will be a frequently-read favorite.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!
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Happy birthday to. The Cincinnati Zoo's favorite hippo! 
Growing older means growing up and maturing. Watch as Fiona learns how to appreciate the greatest gift of all: time with loved ones.
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A charming book about everyone’s favorite hippo, Fiona.

For those that haven’t heard of Fiona, I recommend you watch the The Fiona Show that traces her life.  She was born at the Cincinnati Zoo, about six weeks premature, weighing about half of what a hippo should. Despite this, the zoo staff didn’t give up on her. She was bottle fed round the clock, using hippo infant formula (analyzed from milking her mother - a first). When she became dehydrated about a month later, a team from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital helped insert a catheter so she could get the needed fluids as they were more experienced.  Slowly she grew, gaining weight, learning to walk then swim.

This book continues her adventures, if in a slightly fictional manner. It’s Fiona’s birthday, and she’s received cards and gifts from all her fans. She’s so excited about her birthday, she forgets about her friends at the zoo. 

If you have young kids, I highly recommend this book!  Introduce them to Fiona through her videos, then read this book to them.
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This fun picture book is about the famous baby hippo born at the Cincinnati Zoo. The illustrations are absolutely adorable! On her first birthday, Fiona is spoiled with many gifts and media attention, but what she really wants is to be with her animal friends. I loved that she shares her gifts and time with her friends at the end. I think children will really enjoy this book. 

Thank you Zonderkidz and NetGalley for providing this ARC.
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