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I had some high hopes for this book after the romance part of Dangerous Ground (Fiona Carver #1) left me feeling like a deflated balloon. But this was another slow starting book, compounded by the whole previous book which had me wanting the couple to just be together already.

Fiona and Dean survived a harrowing situation on a remote Alaskan island but went their separate ways nine months ago despite the simmering chemistry and intense attraction between them. Now, unbeknownst to the two of them, a scheming friend from Fiona’s past has made arrangements for them to reunite on an island in the Caribbean. And once again, things go sideways real quick.

The mystery, the intrigue, the non-stop peril of the characters in Crash Site was fantastic.
But the romance lover in me was, once again, sad at the romance part of this book. I usually love a book with vivid descriptions of the land, lessons in history, and explanations of the people’s jobs and what they do. As usual, Rachel Grant does a fantastic job building the world of Ruby Island. But when you’re more interested in the relationship part of the story, you just feel frustration instead of interest in all the details that aren’t about the main couple.

I don’t want to give too much more about this story, but I find myself completely conflicted about my rating. Again. Rachel Grant usually does a great job giving the reader equally compelling parts of the romance AND suspense in her stories. I have zero complaints about the suspense and action in Crash Site. But once again, the romance left me wanting more. Things definitely heated up even more, and the ending was more satisfying this time, but we barely get a happy for now - and certainly not a happily ever after.

I am REALLY hoping there is more to this series and another chance for Fiona and Dean to get the ending us romance lovers crave. The ending of Crash Site provided the perfect set-up for Fiona’s friend and Dean’s brother to have their own story, so fingers crossed we get at least a book three in the Fiona Carver series. And I’ll cross my arms, legs, and eyes that we finally get that swoony, heartfelt ending I’ve been craving since book one!

* thank you to NetGalley and Montlake for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review
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Fiona and Dean on tropical island, intrigue and danger leading to an excellent tale as their journey continues.
Thanks to publisher and net galley for the good read.
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My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC in return for my opinion. This book is very well written and goes into so much detail about Fiona's job and the people both past and present living in this area she's exploring. For me, like the first book, all of this narration zoned me out, because I'm not particularly interested in the subject. That being said, lots of readers obviously love it and that's fine. The romance is ongoing from the last book after a separation for the H/h of nine months. I listened to the audio (after publication), as it was included in kindle unlimited and it's very well performed. For me, it was just an okay sort of story because it didn't hold my attention.
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While I enjoyed the previous book in the series, I liked this one better. This is an action packed story. I particularly liked the ending.
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I have so many feelings about this book and they are all amazing!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again- Rachel Grant is a genius. I love everything she writes and reading her stories feels like coming home. I know that the technical details are sometimes a little too much and it feels like information overload, but the romance that underlines everything always makes it totally worth it for me. 

I read this as an ARC and listened to it on Kindle Unlimited and the narrators are brilliant!


Nine months after Chiksook, Fiona is ok her dream excavation in the Caribbean. When Dean Slater, the man she hasn’t heard from since the end of book 1 is brought in for a documentary, she doesn’t know how to feel. 

Dean feels like an idiot- Fiona is everything he would ever want but he ghosted her for 9 months and he’s not sure if he’s completely blown it. 

As the two fight their attraction to each other, the dream project turns into a nightmare. After helicopter crashes, yacht bombs and disappearing people, Fiona knows there is more than meets the eye on this project. 

My thoughts: 
I am trash for Dean. His hookups and issues are repetitive and hindering, but that man is brilliant. 

Fiona is an amazing protagonist and doesn’t make stupid decisions at all; except when it comes to Dean. She definitely should have made Dean grovel more. Both in the beginning and at the end of the book. He got off too easy. 

I really, really hope there is more in this series because I haven’t had enough of my favourites. I also want to know about Sadie and Dylan. That man deserves a happy ever after! 

Thanks to NetGalley and Rachel Grant for providing me with an eARC for an honest review.
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The second instalment in the Fiona Carver series doesn't disappoint and is stand-alone, although I highly recommend reading Dangerous Ground first.

Archaeologist, Fiona Carver grasps the opportunity of a lifetime and flies to Ruby Island where she's tasked to compile an inventory of artefacts amongst the caves and lush rain forests of an area rumoured to harbour hidden Spanish treasures. It's a dream come true to spend two months mapping areas of the privately owned island gem in the Caribbean. That's until, wildlife photographer, Dean Slater turns up too. It's an unexpected reunion for the pair and triggers memories of the last time they saw each other…which has left unanswered questions for them both until danger once again throws them together, only this time will they follow their hearts or turn their backs on each other once more?

The action takes place nine months after the protagonists parted ways after their time together in Alaska. The sparks of attraction are still ignited as the pair work together. Yet, there's trouble in paradise…

Action-packed and brimming with details, Ms Grant has written another winner, as she takes us on an exotic and dangerous journey as her words conjure up both beauty and the dark side to the Protagonists location. For them, it's a distraction from issues that need addressing, as sexual tension once again builds between them. Unanswered questions are left to hang as the danger surrounding them unfolds.

The ending is satisfying enough, however, there's room for thought and I wonder, is this merely a happy for now for Fiona and Dean, or if there's more to come?

4.5 stars

***arc generously received courtesy of Montlake Romance via NetGalley***
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This is the second book in this series, and I did like the first book in the Fiona Carver series better but this was still a classic Grant book. I enjoyed this one but on the romance side it did feel a little forced and more back in forth than I usually care for. But all in all it was a good read
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What can you say.  It’s a Rachel Grant book, with all the elements that we as readers have come to know and love about her work.  The second I.n the Fiona,Carver series, and I hope there will be more
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Crash Site starts off about nine months after the events of Dangerous Ground. Both Fiona and Dean, who had mutually decided not to get into a relationship, are unexpectedly thrown together into another seemingly regular inventory of the fictional Caribbean Island, Ruby Island. Both Dean and Fiona struggle to maintain the status quo of just remaining friends, battling against their mutual attraction. But as it is usual for them, they witness few unusual happenings around them and are not really sure what exactly is going on in the island. The chemistry between Fiona-Dean and their dilemmas towards forming a relationship are explored more in this book. As is usual, they once again find themselves in a life-death situation, being chased by people who are bent on killing them with no qualms whatsoever. 

By the time we finish the book we get to know whether they have managed to get themselves out of their terrifying predicament and also the status of their romantic relationship. I must say this book created a much more satisfying emotional connection with me rather than the first book. The  author has also delved deeper into the other repeating characters and we get to know them more. By the time we are about half way through the book, we end up rooting for all of them. Crash Site is a more lengthy book with lots happening in the space of a few days. The book dragged a bit till about half way through but from there it starts to power through, once things start to get really serious. 

Be sure to check this book series if you like to read about exotic locations, love books which contain archeological details and love to know other fascinating things that you have never heard about.
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I was really excited to read this when I read the blurb. I've been craving something with action, adventure, and romance. Rachel Grant is a new-to-me author.

It's clear from the start that Fiona and Dean have some history. I hadn't realized this was the second book of a series and that the main characters began their relationship in the first book. Crash Site does do a good job of filling in the major events from book one that I missed and I didn't have any problem reading this without having read book one, but I do think it would have enhanced the reading experience.

I loved learning some new science and technology terminology reading Crash Site, and the research team aspects of the story. I would have found a map helpful to have a better sense of the movement around the island setting as these characters are on the move for the second half of the book. I did find the first half a bit slow for me, but the second half takes a better turn with some swoony romance and plenty of villains. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to see how it would all turn out.

Fiona is terrific. She's smart, strong and fearless. Dean is a bit difficult at times, but he did grow on me although I did want to slap him upside the head at the end. The ending left me a bit unsatisfied, as I didn't get the payoff of a HEA romance. It left me wondering if there would be more adventures for these two. I wouldn't mind that at all.

I really did enjoy this story and this author is definitely on my radar now. Looking forward to reading more from Rachel Grant.
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This is the first book I read by this author and I enjoyed it! I felt like I was on Ruby island while she was telling the story. I loved the suspense, however I did find that sometimes the romance side of it did fall a bit flat. Overall great book!
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❤️❤️❤️❤️ out of 5
This was my second book from Rachel Grant and once again it didn’t disappoint- this author knows how to write romantic suspense with a good dose of adventure. She also always seems to have a well researched cultural story to tell that makes me feel like I’ve learnt something as well as being a little more aware of other cultures every time.

Our heroine lands a dream archaeological gig on a tropical island in the Caribbean. However what starts off as a dream quickly turns into a nightmare with suspicious accidents happening on the island. Also her former flame ends up as a photographer on the island and she is sure someone is pulling strings to catch her off guard.

Now I thought I should note that this is book 2 in a series about the same couple but I went into this book first and it can still be read as a stand-alone (although it will make you intrigued about book 1). The hero and heroine have history and a whole lot of chemistry that heats up as they investigate and it’s 🔥🔥🔥. Looking forward to seeing if there is another book in this series to follow their adventures.
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Fiona is a great MC – tough, brave, resourceful – but her actions in this book puzzled me. It grated on my nerves to see her pining over Dean for the entirety of this book (not to mention that we’ve already been through this in the first book). Dean, who is emotionally unavailable and still grieving his dead wife. Dean, who literally broke things off with her right before they were about to have sex in the previous book and had me thinking I received an incomplete ARC. Dean who, quite honestly, is a coward and not worthy of her love. While I understood Dean’s reservations in the first book, I was disappointed to read about the same hang-ups rehashed in the second book. I realize this is a multi-book series, but I wanted to see a little character development in Crash Site, or in the very least, some groveling by the end of the book.
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Holy cow this has a lot going on.  I was not expecting the emotional rollercoaster this book takes you on (trust me you hit them all).  As usual I felt transported to Ruby Island and worked alongside the team.  I could not read fast enough.  I hope there will be a third book in this series.  Very well done!
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I really enjoyed the first book in this series and while I read this one, I liked the characters and the suspenseful moments but the romance side story felt so forced and with no chemistry at all for me 

Very grateful to the publisher for my review copy
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Frankly I liked the first book in the Fiona Carver series better but Grant continues to do a great job of educating us on respectful and meaningful representation of archaeology sites through Fiona Carver. The glimpse of the colonization and enslavement in the Caribbean Island is fascinating and one I was not aware of until I read this book.
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I am a fan of Rachel Grant so reviewing book 2 in the Fiona Carver series I was beyond excited to read.
Rachel Grant creates a beautiful tropical world readers find themselves wanting to visit even with the twist and turns and betrayal the two leads find themselves going though. 
This is a can't miss series by Rachel Grant.
Thank you to Netgalley for for a copy off Crash Site.
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Book # 2 in the Fiona Carver series, Crash Site is a must read for fans of adventure thrillers. It can be read as a stand alone but I strongly advise reading in the series order, to get the complete picture of the relationship of its protagonists.

Fiona and Dean are back after the adventures in book #1 Dangerous Ground, but this time it is not their choice but the strings that have been pulled at their backs to milk their popularity to the fullest. The setting of the story in Dominica is like a dream, the beautiful locale providing the perfect background for the thriller. I was thoroughly impressed with Rachel Grant’s research in the first book, and in here too, she doesn’t disappoint one bit. The culture and traditions of the Kalinago people of Dominica have been woven thru the story wonderfully by the author and the atmosphere is enhanced by the flawless descriptive writing.

Ruby Island hides many mysteries and it is left to Fiona and Dean to unearth the hidden truth of the place. The danger is always around the corner as, like a house of cards, incidents keep piling up one after another upon their arrival. Unlike the first book, Crash Site doesn’t offer much suspense. The antagonists more or less become clear from the outset but the author lures in the reader with the adrenaline pumping action and deathly dangers that hang around them. There’s also a subplot of Fiona’s friend Sadie and a glimpse of attraction between Sadie and Dylan, Dean’s twin brother, hopefully, which we will be explored in future series.

The romance between Fiona and Dean does take a leap forward but I did wish that Dean’s non-commital attitude had changed somewhere midway thru the book, coz the constant harping about his commitment issues which carry over from book 1 did tend to become off-putting after a while. Fiona is of course a character that I absolutely loved, her no-nonsense approach to things and dealing with matters of the heart giving her an endearing quality.

I would happily read all the books in this series for the thrill of discovering such exotic places and Rachel Grant’s historical detailing does deserve a special mention.

Many thanks to Net Galley, Montlake Publishers, and the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

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This book was a great summer read and I didn't have to read the first book in the series to know what was going on. I really enjoyed reading about the adventure with a hint of romance of Fiona Carver's life. The characters involved were definitely made for this book. The two faced Jude who thought he could turn a blind eye to what was going on and make the island a proper business, was what the book needed to get the story flowing into what turned to be a job for Fiona that wasn't going to be an easy one. After reading this book, I now want to read the first book in the series to see how Fiona, Dylan and Dean all fit together.
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I received a copy of this book for review from NetGalley. I read the first book in this duology yesterday, and I honestly think that I would have enjoyed this book more if I hadn't.  Don't get me wrong; as a standalone, this book works just fine as a somewhat-action packed romantic suspense. As the second book, it was one book too long to spend with Dean. Two books of "I'm too broken to ever love again" is way, way too long, and his wishy-washy whining and the way he treated Fiona drove me crazy. He's not a good romantic partner, or a particularly good friend. Other than his hotness, I don't really know what Fiona sees in him, but I would recommend sticking with the first book. It is both more exciting, and less irritating.
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