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I absolutely love this book. Conservative Cheryl Chumney nails it. She states how the Democrats and their Socialist agenda is destroying the United States of America. Everyone should read this book and realize the threat that this administration poses to our freedom in this country.

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I did really enjoy the author's writing style and this was a quick and easy read, but I feel like this book is a little late to the party. I probably would have loved this book if I'd read it a year or so ago, but the information covered in this book has been covered by various other sources so it was very repetitive reading it again. Overall, it was okay, but not my favorite book on this subject.

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Lockdown is a short book packed with many points against the socialist movement in America. The leftist elites (not to say that there aren’t elements of the right that are complicit) are focused not on the welfare of their fellow countrymen, but rather on acquiring more, and absolute, authority. The author cites the recent COVID lockdowns and accompanying mandates, from social distancing to masking, as evidence of a power grab meant to get people accustomed to government control. There is a lot to consider, and the book is well worth reading. My only criticism is that the writing seemed to be more “B” level, with some repetition and some phrases that didn’t seem to make sense. Still, I recommend the book because of the information it contains.

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For those who follow mainstream media, inclluding social media, the revelations in this fact-filled book will be enlightening. With tons of references to back the assertions up, the book shows how lierty & freedom was eroded in every aspect of our lives because of the lockdowns.

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A couple months ago I tapped this book to read from and started it. Then put it aside thinking i was reading the volume at a bad time. I resumed a week ago. What I believe occurred was that I had just read Robert Kennedy and Alex Berenson's books and I was over my head treading the same ground too often. Kennedy's book is excellent with a worldview of the situation. The early lot I had experienced myself studying evolutionary biology in the '80s and '90s. Berenson's was a far narrow view involving mostly himself and New York City. Berenson's was like reliving 2019-2021 with nearly nothing added outside his personal experiences.

I found Chumley's book more a bureaucratic view that came a year too late. There are a few interesting tidbits, but hardly worth reading the entirety. 95% of the material has been covered via various news sources. Oddly some covered in interviews by Chumley, herself.

I know a slew of books were and are being delayed due to, what is being explained as, a paper shortage. If Chumley is the victim of the paper game being played, then that is unfortunate and a reason I'm giving the benefit of the doubt and giving this book the rating I am.

The writing is OK but far too conversational that should have been replaced with better blocking in of information Chumley garnered or left out entirely. The bullet-point approach is fine for light reading, but really shouldn't be present in a book with a mature approach. This book, to me, did come across as something geared more for the teen or college set.

Bottom line: i don't recommend this book. 5 out of 10 points.

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A lot of almost overwhelming information and research. And that's just what is going on in America with these lockdowns. Shivers to think what the Canadian leaders are up to. Will keep fighting against the Insanity.

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Well, I must say Ms. Chumley has written quite an interesting book of truth. She gives proof and statistics as to why we are in a crucial time in our country to maintain our freedoms.

Under the cover of COVID we are losing privileges and freedoms as the radical left has overstated what should be done to stem the impact of COVID. From mandates, to stopping a pipeline so we remained energy independent and allowing our southern borders to be overrun with illegal immigrants we are being led down the primrose path to socialism, under the guise of making life better in our nation. EXCEPT, it is not socialism it is straight up communism.

The socialism cry of equality and giving to the people the left deems as needy is slowly heading us into a society dependent on our government. Taxes are going to hurt the people who want to care for their family and companies that provide the jobs for all people. Government in control is why our country was birthed. We are forgetting history of a strong nation that has existed longer that any other nation or peoples.

I received this FREE to my Kindle for the purpose of review. I am so glad I did. Ms. Chumley has laid it all out beautifully. Unfortunately, not available until April......don't miss out.

I was stunned and yet saddened as I read where we are headed.......

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Lockdown: The Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom by Cheryl Chumley was received directly from the publisher and I chose to review it. I have to tread lightly in my review so the omnipotent personnel at Amazon don't purge my review. For those deplorables who cling to their guns and religion and have figured out this “pandemic” is not real, this book should be read. For those who dont think outside what the media tells you, please expand your horizons and read this book. it will specifically, with evidence, show you how the government entities have overstepped their authorities, tasking away our freedoms while blaming public health and a "pandemic."

4 Stars

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