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This review is based on an ARC of The Trebors, which I received courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher (TouchPoint Press).

Fast-paced, action-packed, and family-oriented, The Trebors is a fantastical adventure tale. Right from the get-go, the story blew me away--quite literally! I love how the action immediately grips the reader.

I also quite liked the animal characters. (Though I must say, I have no idea what these Trebors are supposed to be. Monkeys? Monkey-cats? What?) I thought they were both cute and spunky. Do I want one as a pet? Yes, I think I do.

The worldbuilding is great, this universe being entirely different from any I've ever read. The Trebors is entirely fresh and fascinating! The pacing, too, moves at just the right cadence to make the story flow and keep the reader attentive.

Here is a brilliant novel by Caroline C. Barney. I was never into animal adventure books as a child, but I would have gotten a kick out of The Trebors, I know it!
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This was an interesting story. I have never read something quite like it. I enjoyed reading this book, the only thing I would change is to explain what animal the characters look like. I had a hard time imagining what they were supposed to look like based off the description in the book.
In this book there is a tree that all the trebors live in and this tree is all that’s still standing after a bad storm. Most of the trebors are in the tree and are ok. However there are several that are not one of those is Stella’s father. They have not returned even when the storm is over so Stella her best friend and her brother decide to find him and so the adventure begins. 
In this story Stella has to learn how difficult it is to own up to your mistakes and make decisions that impact more than just her, but her friend and little brother as well.
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