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My first dip into the series but straight away I was engrossed. Great plot and it’s easy for the reader  to be transported back into this era in a way that reminds me of classic Agatha Christie. Will definitely recommend
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I read ‘A fatal night’ as a standalone novel as I didn’t know about this series but loved its traditional mystery feeling; as a young man is found dead in his car on a cold night an investigation is launched and several suspects come to light.
This novel is set in the 1960’s but still maintains a contemporary, easy read flow but Martin writes in a way that builds great tension and atmosphere so the novel feels more than simply a cozy mystery. 
The plot definitely kept me guessing and I’d definitely go back to read the previous books from the series!
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Another good tale of WPC Loveday and Dr Ryder well constructed with a few red herrings thrown in.
This book has a seemingly simple beginning which gets more intriguing as one reads and has a great ending! 
I throughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next one.
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I didn't realise this was the seventh novel in a series but it easily stands alone. The setting is a snow storm on New Year's Eve 1962 when a man's body is found dead, frozen to death. But the young female PC Trudy Loveday is called to the case and with the help of her friend, retired Coroner Clement Ryder and later his son Vincent gets involved, the three discover that all is not as it seems. Like all good dective novels there is a main family - a widow with grown up children,a vulnerable girl, a seeming lothario Duncan Gillingham and a lot of peopl who have hidden agendas who help to carry the tale along. A good "who dun'it" A good read.
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Firstly I didn’t realise this was the 7th book in the series but it can be read as a stand alone.  I used to adore reading Agatha Christie books so was intrigued by the premise of this one.  However although I found the setting of the early sixties quite authentic and charming, something was missing for me with the secondary characters.  There wasn’t enough tension or red herrings like an Agatha Christie book and although I finished this book I don’t think I’ll be reading the previous six.
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This was my first time reading one of the books from this series and had no problem with reading as a stand alone novel.

I felt as though there was an unusual mix of British and American English, as well as  terms from the time period that are no longer on use, but it didn't much hinder the telling of the story.

I had a hatred for Duncan Gillingham as soon as he was introduced. He gave me creepy man vibes, and very well written.

The large turn of events after the half way point was brilliant. I loved everything happening at once, it really pulled me in even further.

The sudden on sort of information at the end to reveal the murderer before they confessed made me feel as though there was more to the story. I'd love to read more cases of PC Loveday and Dr Ryder.
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A fatal night revisits a freezing winter in the early 1960s. Trudy Loveday is a WPC back in the days when most in her position were relegated to typing up other - male - officer's notes. Together with her noted friend and coroner Clement Ryder, Trudy is the first investigating officer sent to a seemingly simple tragic road accident. However, her sharp instincts tell her there is more to it than first meets the eye. Together with Ryder's son Vincent, they begin to unravel the tangle of lies. However, she needs to hurry before all of her good work is syphoned off to another male colleague. 
I loved the lightness of touch combined with the intriguing crime. The scene setting was spot on and I enjoyed the characterisation, particularly the relationship between Trudy and Clement. This was my first Ryder and Loveday mystery. Now I need to read the others.
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This si not really my type of book and ordinarily I dont think I would have gone for it but something made me read it and I really wasnt disappointed. Really gripping and had me hooked.
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Although this is book 7 of a series, I didn’t feel there were significant gaps as a result of this being the first one I had read. This book stands alone pretty well. I got to know the two main characters, a young female police constable and an elderly coroner, and I understood why their relationship works: the characters are really authentic and likeable. This is a gentle whodunnit but not shallow, I definitely wanted to read more and I didn’t get bored. It is set in the 60s which I thought might cause me to lose interest as it’s not a decade I have experienced, but that wasn’t the case at all. The imagery is bright and descriptive, the characters on the whole very well created. An enjoyable read, I would contemplate reading more in this series. Thank you to NetGalley for an advance copy of this book.
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This is the first of the series about WPC Trudy Loveday and coroner Clement Ryder that I've read but it works well enough as a stand alone novel and whilst there are reference to previous cases they have worked on it is not essential to have read the earlier books.
Set over the New Year of 1962/3, the winter of the great freeze in the UK, a body is discovered in a car early on New Year's Day. It would appear that the driver died after hitting a tree, perhaps after too much to drink the previous evening or he froze overnight in the subzero temperatures. WPC Trudy Loveday is sent to investigate what would appear on the surface to be a straight forward case but as she investigates with the help of her friend the coroner she finds the victim's life was not straight forward and that more than one. person wished him dead. 
A well written cosy crime along the lines of Agatha Christie. 
With thanks to Netgalley and HQ Stories for the chance to read an arc copy.
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Thanks to Netgalley for my copy of this title!

Hearing that this book is recommended for fans of Agatha Christie and LJ Ross, I couldn't resist giving this one a go.

A man is found dead in his crashed car on one of the coldest nights in Winter 1962, which at first looks like an accident but suddenly turns sinister. After interviewing guests at the party he attended, all was not as it seems. 
Great historical mystery!
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I didn't realise that this was book 7 of a series but it can be still read as a standalone. Easily read and likeable characters
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Firstly, I’d like to thank Net Galley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book.

This is another book in a series featuring Dr Ryder and WPC Loveday, but it works well as a stand-alone book. Set in the severe winter of 1962 and set in Oxford,  it is the investigation by this pair into the death of a man found in his car in a snow drift. There are a few suspects and the two of them work well together to solve the case.

It is a well written book in the style of Agatha Christie.
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This was an absorbing police procedural story. A young WPC was left on her own to investigate a car accident. during a snowstorm. With the help of an elderly Coroner and his son,  they proceed to unravel. the evidence relating to the death of the driver. Really enjoyable read.
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This book is set in the 1960's and is the 7th book in a series, but can be read as a standalone. It is set in Oxford at Christmas and New Year and is about a murder on New Years day. The main investigators are W.P.C. Loveday and Dr Ryder. They work well together but I feel I was missing something about their previous working relationship from the other books. 
There were plenty of suspects in the book, but quite a few of the characters did not grab my attention. So much so that I didn't feel  eager to pick up the book again when I went back to it. A cosy whodunnit but not really my type of book.
Thank you to Netgalley for an A.R.C.
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This is a must read for any Agatha Christie type readers out there.

Very well written with authentic characters, this author takes you to the arctic winter of 1962 in Oxford , where a man is found dead in his crashed car on his way back from a party.

Was it an accident or something more sinister? With a shortage of police staff, Ryder and Loveday are asked to help out with an initial investigation. We also get to meet Dr Ryder's son Vincent.

Although this is part of a set of novels, it can easily be read stand alone.

But once read, you will want to read more from this very accomplished author,
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This is the 7th book and a series but is very much a standalone, which is fab seeing as this was my first book I very much enjoyed it and shall be looking at reading the rest very soon  It’s set during a very bad cold winter which really sets the mood during these cold nights with a few twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat you should be in for a Thoroughly enjoyable read.
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This is an absorbing, undemanding read, without the blood and gore of so many contemporary murder
 mysteries. It is beautifully written in the style of the time it is set in, so the dialogue and settings really do feel authentic.
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Not a team I know but one I'll read more about I'm sure. Faith Martin moves back to the 1962-3 winter for this Oxford murder. Unusual detecting team as one is a WPC, Trudy Loveday, and the other a local coroner. The weather and flu have taken the toll on the local police so when a young man is found dead in his car, buried in a snowdrift, Trudy and Clement Ryder are called to the scene. Said young man was at a posh New Year's Eve party for the great and good of Oxford and said great and the good include an evil bunch of rather unpleasant folk all of whom have secrets of course. The policing is of its time - having to go to the library to read back copies of newspapers, find a telephone box, have cold houses (no central heating shock horror), type up reports on the old Remington. Those certainly were the days. That winter was so cold for so long and the writing makes one remember all too well. A very pleasant change from the sometimes too heavily focussed evidence of DNA and the like. Thanks to NetGalley and HQ Digital for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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This is the 7th book and a series but is very much a standalone.  It’s set in the early sixties during a very bad winter and that just adds to the cosy feel of the book. It keeps you guess8ng all the way to the end. Thoroughly enjoyable.
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