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Death Rang the Bell

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Another great read by Carol Pouliot. Brilliantly descriptive, really does transport you. However I personally found you should read this series in order, I had read the first but not the second in this series, so felt a little lost at times.
Well written and descriptive, make one eager to find out more. 
 The characters are great, and I can't wait to see what's to come. there's definitely room for expansion an d further adventure!
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I have not read any of the previous books in tis series and this didn't detract from my reading this book.

I found it fast paced, easy to read and very entertaining.  It kept me intrigued and I found it different than other mysteries with it's time-travel theme and they way the characters and events are over two different time periods. 

The characters, Olivia and Steven are well written and enjoyable and I loved their interactions.  They really make the story more interesting and I feel I now have to go back and read the two previous books to find out more.

Great book, great story and a great read.
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Much Atmosphere…
A Blackwell And Watson time travel mystery and the third in the series finds Olivia Watson travelling back in time to a  1934’s Halloween party accompanied by Blackwell. When they encounter a murderous situation a decision is made. Entertaining mystery packed with red herrings and much atmosphere and with delightful, well drawn protagonists. A worthy addition to this series which could work well as a standalone.
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Death Rang the Bell is the third of Carol Pouliot’s Blackwell and Watson Time-Travel Mysteries Series. I did not know that when I picked this book up. I read this as a stand alone which I don’t recommend.

I was disappointed in this book. I felt like the time travel was not a major part of the story and that is what drew me to this in the first place. 

If you missed the first two books of this series you will be left with a lot of questions as to the time travel in this book. I was disappointed that most of the book was just dialogue of Oliva talking to the detective trying o solve a murder. 

While the mystery of the story was alright, even that felt lacking. I really wanted to get to know those characters that were sprinkled throughout this story. (Leon, Theo, Alice Shipley) The ones that were main characters were the most boring to me. 

While this series title includes time travel, it is far from what I would claim as a time travel series. I’m assuming it’s more prevalent in the in the first two books in the series and that’s where Olivia and Steven come from. I really loved that aspect and thought it would could have been expanded on. Without reading the other two books, I have little on these two. Their connection could have definitely been played up more and given more time in the book.

Overall if you enjoyed the first two books in the series you should check this one out. I’m love to know your thoughts on it. However, if you were wanting to check this one out because of the time travel aspect, this may leave you disappointed. 

This was given in exchange for my honest review via NetGalley.
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I loved the first book in this series. The second one not as much,  but it was still worthwhile. This one I had difficulty staying focused on. It felt a bit disjointed and then there's the whole fact that Olivia annoys me, as I mentioned previously. I would have much rather seen Steven spend a bit of time in 2014 rather than Olivia once again infiltrating 1934. I get that his schedule isn't nearly as flexible as hers, but surely we could give the poor man a day off so he can experience the future.
Still, it was nice to "see" some of the history of the area again and if there's a fourth book written I'll probably read that, too.
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The second in a mystery series involving time travel that lifts cosy to a whole new dimension. Pun intended. Love the characters.
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When I read the synopsis I was very much intrigued. But I expected more from the crimes and the investigation. The search for the murderer was very plain in my opinion. 
Nonetheless the plot of this book was very interesting as it had time travel will crime.
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