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I truly enjoyed this one, but I have a lovely habit of reading series out of order. It’s said that you can read this as a complete standalone, but I definitely would have had a better reading experience by reading all the books.

Despite a lot of different things going on with the packs, you can’t help but adore the romance between Ruby and Damon. I’m a sucker for second chance and the fact that they stayed friends, bring in the low angst.

Since the pacing for their romance was like a mid-ish burn, I found myself coming out of the story and skipping.

The narrator wasn’t too bad, not quite my favorite, but got through the story very quickly. 

I’m definitely going to go back and read book 1, can’t wait.

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Lauren Dane is a familiar author for me, however I have yet to read her Diablo Lake series. I jumped straight into Book 3 and I must say that I felt a bit lost and perhaps of this, I didn't quite follow or enjoyed this book. I wouldn't say that it's a boring book but both MCs come across as pretty subdued to me. I couldn't feel their spark and I find the romance a bit lacklustre. Maybe I need to go back to reading from Book 1 to fully appreciate this entire series.

Thanks NetGalley for the copy, the above review all of my own.
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I tried really hard to get into this book and it's completely possible it was just my mindset at the time. I can see myself enjoying Diablo Lake; Awakened at a later date but right now, it just wasn't for me. I really liked the previous books in the series.
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I love the Diablo Lake series and this was almost like a slice of life book - there wasn't a ton of action happening but I was okay with this. I enjoyed visiting the town and the packs again.
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Having read multiple Chase Brothers stories from Lauren Dane, I was very curious to read a paranormal story from her. Although Awakened is the third one in the Diablo Lake series, the story is easy to understand without having read the first two parts.

However, I think I prefer the ‘regular’ romances from Lauren. The story isn’t bad or anything, but just a bit… boring I guess.

True, there is a cute romance between Ruby, a witch, and Damon, a shifter. But there is just not much actually happening in the story. Lauren mostly describes the daily life in Diablo Lake. And of course, there are some tensions and struggles, but in all I found that there was not a lot of action or unexpected twists in the story. It felt a bit like floating down a lazy river: definitely very comfortable and enjoyable. But I kept hoping for a sudden waterfall and that didn’t happen.

I. did enjoy all the characters though and I would recommend it as a cozy winter read. with a cup of hot cocoa and some marshmallows. Three and a half star from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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I loved loved loved this book!  This series is great and definitely stands out in the shifter/witch/southern/paranormal romance department.

Ruby has returned to Diablo Lake after getting her education.  She's a powerful "green" witch with the ability to work with plants and nature.  Her family (and dogs) are happy to be on the property again, but a search for a rental ends up putting her face-to-face with her last Diablo Lake boyfriend Damon.  He's a shifter and a high ranking member of one of the two shifter groups in town.  He is also still carrying around some baggage from his father's secret crime and subsequent execution.  

These two are AMAZING!  The sizzle, the romance, all of those things and they had me hooked from the start.  Damon's southern charm is also a bonus here.  On top of the great romance, we also get some mystery thrown in, and some really great supporting characters in the form of Ruby's BFF's and their families.  This world is so rich, I could read 100 books set in this town.  I was happy that these two ultimately get to their HEA, and the town secrets get revealed, but was so sad to have this book end!  Here's to many more!
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Awakened is the third book in the Diablo Lake series by Lauren Dane. It is currently scheduled for release on October 26 2021. I have not read the previous books in this series. While I think this book can be enjoyed on its own, returning readers will get more out of it than newcomers. 

It’s autumn in Diablo Lake and the town is buzzing with preparations for Halloween, Samhain, Collins Hill Days, and the wedding of the newly elected mayor and her wolf shifter fiancé. Ruby Thorne can’t think of a better time of year to come back for good and open the health clinic she’s been planning for the last six years. Her connection to the town and its veins of magic have snapped back into place, flooding her with a power eager to jump to her call. She has a sense of rightness. This witch is exactly where she’s supposed to be. So it’s not much of a surprise that he comes back into her path just like he was meant to. Damon Dooley has spent the last few years learning how to run the pack at his older brother’s right hand. There’s been upheaval. Outrage. Violence. Old rules have created a silence so crushing it’s collapsed the fabric of not just the wolf shifters, but the town as a whole. And yet, Ruby has returned. Man and wolf agree she needs to be in their life regularly, and before long, things move from serious to something magically deeper. Bound to one another heart and soul, both committed to what’s best for Diablo Lake, Ruby backs Damon as he pushes for much-needed change. But when something falls into Ruby’s lap and she learns the whole, terrible truth, secrets need to be spilled. How—and by whom—becomes the only question.

Awakened is a book with several subplots that fans of the series will be eager to see move forward. Even as a newcomer to the series I was interested in the community drama and how things were going to play out. I thought that there was a great deal of character and world building that was very well done. The families and how everyone was connected and had unique personalities was very well done. That being said, I felt like the relationship between Ruby and Damon was a little too easy. They had the previous knowledge of each other, but spent some time getting to know how they had each changed. They were very open and communicated well about what they needed or wanted from each other, and their commitments to their families and communities and the interruptions that might take place. The majority of tension came from outside, the politics and past that the werewolf pack was dealing with. There just was no will they/wont they or how are they going to come back from this moments to keep me invested in the couple. It just did not grab me and make me care about Ruby and Damon, who were just a little two perfect on their own and together. 

Awakened is a must read for fans oft he series and author, but it just did not capture my attention like past books from the author.
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This is my first Diablo Lake story and I've followed Lauren Dane for years. I wanted to read this one because it's 2 of my favorite genres of romance, shifters & second chance. This book was different for me as there isn't any huge mystery or action going on. There is just this quiet courting of Damon Dooley, the enforcer and second of the Dooley pack ,and his former love interestRuby Thorne, who's back in town. I found it slow but yet filled with town unrest as the vote over the Rule of Silence about to happen. It's also full of preparations for Aimie & Mac's wedding, Samhain for the witches and Halloween for the wolves celebrations.

Ruby Thorne and Damon Dooley dated for a short time before Ruby left town for advanced schooling in her healing arts. Damon knew there was potential between them and they ended things as she was leaving town, remaining friends. When she got back, now grown into a powerful witch, he's drawn ever tighter to her. He woos her as she deserves but lets everyone know she's his and not available to the Pembry wolves. Scarlett Pembry is stirring trouble in town as usual and that provides some mild conflict. It's nothing that Ruby and her best friend Aimie can't handle. As the holidays are upon them Scarlett tries some dirty tricks and Ruby & Damon's connection grows stronger. It all culminates at the all pack vote over the Rule of Silence that Scarlett and her sister Mary have been fighting so hard to stop. We know know why.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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It's a quiet book which is 80% low conflict. Ruby and Damon dated briefly before she left town for six years, parting on good terms. Now she's back and their draw to each other is undeniable. They spend most of the book communicating openly about what they want and need, and having the support of their friends and family. As well as Ruby's two little doggos. 

There's some conflict, of course - a trouble maker is obstructing a rules change and Ruby learns a pivotal secret. But this discovery comes quite late in the book and there's no Big Secret Energy - it's all worked out efficiently. 

This is the third book in the series. It is absolutely helpful to have read the first two to get a good grasp of the town and the characters, but it can probably be read on its own. It took me a little while to re-orient myself to the town and characters, having read the first two a while ago. 

If you're looking for a soft book about witches and werewolves, this is it. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I found this book very enjoyable. Ruby and Damon made a great couple and I found them easy to be invested in. I felt the zing and sizzle between them was powerful and extremely evident. The writing was nicely done and I thought that this book read quite smoothly. The blend of rich emotion, drama, tension and twists made for entertaining and engaging reading.
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It was a pleasant surprise to see a book from Ms. Dane after a long gap. It was even nicer to return to Diablo Lake along with Ruby Thorne. Ruby's family is adorable as are her friends and support system. 
Ruby is a healer and a powerful witch. As she looks for a place that she can call her own she ends up renting a cottage from Damon Dooley second in command of the Dooley wolves. Daman and Ruby had been very attracted to each other but Damon had gently ended the relationship when it was obvious that Ruby was going to leave Diablo Lake.  Now man and wolf feel the time is right and begin to court the lady and the witch. 
Like any small town there are undercurrents, most of them caused by Damon's mother and aunt. There are two wolf packs in the area, the two leaders are modern thinking and determined to forge strong bonds of friendship. Their wives are all witches and form a tribe of their own. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this story and hope to see more in this series from the author.
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This is a sweet paranormal romance, a relaxing and entertaining story that made me root for the characters.
I loved the world building and I loved the characters. The plot flows and kept me hooked.
I read other books by this author and they more action packed but his was so sweet and relaxing.
Even if it's part of a series it can be read as a standalone.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Caution: This is not a series to dip in and out of. I thought it was, but I was very wrong. I loved the writing style but I had missed so much detail in the interim that it made it impossible to immerse myself in the story completely. A pity, as I wanted to love this book!
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Ruby has returned to Diablo Lake. She has studied and learned and is ready to bring that knowledge back to her hometown.  She never expected to rekindle a romance bearly begun.  Damon's pack is finally beginning to settle down.  Things are evening out between the Dooley's and Pembry's and now a blast from his past is back. Is he ready for her?
I enjoyed the latest installment to Lauren Dane's Diablo Lake series.  Ruby and Damon weren't ready when they were younger  but are they ready now? I loved the journey to find out. Ms. Dane gives a story rich in character development and emotion.  I loved the time she took for us to get to know Damon and Ruby.  They clicked. The chemistry was palpable but they genuinely liked each other and that comes through loud and clear throughout this story. I loved getting a better feel for this community through their eyes. Ms. Dane focused on their growing relationship.  It was slow, steady and emotional. I loved that Ruby and Damon laughed together even as they grew closer. I enjoyed seeing  Damon stutter and blush even as he turned the tables on Ruby. I loved that for all the drama in previous stories Ms. Dane gave us some but focused on rebuilding a community.  I thoroughly enjoyed the journey as well as the budding relationship between Ruby and Damon.  This was a well written enjoyable read.
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When I saw the blurb for this book featuring Witches and Shifters I expected spells exploding , Shifter battles etc ,
especially as it was part of a series .
But no , this book whilst featuring Witches and Shifters , is a slow burn , gentle romance , with odd moments of tension around Shifter rules and laws .
Whilst I enjoyed the book I would have preferred MORE in the way of spellcasting and Shifter shenanigans which are much more my preferred read .

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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Diablo Lake:Awakened by Lauren Dane is everything magical and mystical that I could have hoped for in a book. Then added in is a wolf shifter and I couldn't possibly resist this well-written romance. I highly recommend it.
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What happens when powerful gorgeous witch runs into an ex who happens to be 1 sexy alpha wolf. After years of being away Ruby comes home. Can Damon and her resume a relationship or will pack dynamics interfere? 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own
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Diablo Lake: Awakened by Lauren Dane  (Diablo Lake #3)  4 stars

This a a paranormal romance series about the inhabitants of a hidden town called Diablo Lake.  While this one is the third in the series, I believe each one can be read as a standalone.  As I was reading this book I did not feel I was missing very much by not reading the other two books first.  

It is autumn in Diablo Lake and things are hectic with the various festivities on tap which includes the wedding of the couple featured in Book #2: Diablo Lake: Protected.  Ruby Thorne has come back home to open a health clinic; a powerful green witch, her connection with the land fuels her talents.  She had a thing for Damon Dooley, part of the werewolf Dooley family as a teenager.  But knowing that Ruby was going to the outside for training, Damon put the brakes on and they made a amicable split.  But with Ruby back, Damon is looking again her way with new eyes.  Can this romance be revived?

I enjoyed this book a great deal.  It was a bit steamy in parts, but on the whole a fast and engaging read.  As a powerful witch, Ruby is an attractive mate for many males, but she only has eyes for Damon.  The courtship was romantic and sweet.  I look forward to the next book in this series and if I have time, I will go back and request the previous books from the library.

Thank you Netgalley and Harlequin - Carina Press for this ARC.
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I had initially been a little worried about remembering relevant things and the names of those that live in Diablo Lake, but honestly, I needn’t have worried at all. From the minute Ruby steps in to support her best friend and soon to be married Aimee against her soon to be bitchy mother-in-law, Scarlett Pembry I felt pulled back into both the world and lives of the Diablo Lake residents. 

Ruby Thorne has returned home to her witch family in Diablo Lake, she is now qualified and ready to open the health clinic that’s been in planning for six years. Ruby is happy to be home, in fact it feels amazing. 

Ruby had been dating Damon Dooley before she left Diablo Lake and they both agreed to put an end to their “romance” before she left, giving them both options to date other people rather than trying a long distance relationship. Though they parted on really good terms and it had been a mutual decision the can’t help but feel a little awkward around each other when they bump into one another in Diablo Lake.  The universe seems to be throwing the couple in the direction of each other, as when Ruby wants somewhere to live, it is Damon that as part of his real estate business shows her the homes available. There are three properties to choose from and choosing where to live is important as Ruby needs her “witchy” side to feel at home and comfortable. It also seems that Ruby is in demand with both Dooley and Pembry pack hoping she will choose to live on their land. Having a witch on your land can be very advantageous to either pack. 

This book has all the warm cosy witchy, shifter pack vibes with some romance and pack politics thrown in. What with all that and the upcoming wedding of the newly elected Mayor Aimee who is marrying the Pembry Pack Alpha, Macrae. Then there’s the traditions of Halloween, Samhain, and Collins Hill Days to be observed and celebrated Diablo Lake is certainly bustling. Ruby is also busy with Katie Faith getting the newly opened health centre up and running. 

The younger, newer Alpha’s and their younger pack members want to create and keep a truce between the two packs. They want to modernise the laws and the way punishments are dealt with and talked about. There’s one particular law that both Alpha’s want to get rid of, but there is a lot of negativity and obstructions being thrown in the path to doing this. It is of course the “queen of mean” Scarlett Pembry at the bottom of not wanting the law changing, which eventually has people, particularly Ruby wondering what Scarlett and the older members of her family have to hide!

I adore the nods to normal life that Lauren Dane includes in her books, such as one of the characters shopping and using a trolley that has a wonky wheel. It seems even paranormal beings have inadequate trolleys! I loved the way the other male shifters, Jace, Macrae and twin brother Major had an easy camaraderie and thoroughly enjoyed teasing Damon and Ruby. I also thought the way the possibility of Ruby’s beloved grandmother Pearl perhaps beginning to succumb to the onset of dementia was handle truthfully, realistically and sensitively. I loved how Pearl Thorne, cheekily, unashamedly flirted with her grand-daughter Ruby’s fiancé Damon. The author takes you through a whole range of emotions and character journeys whilst reading the book. There’s so much going on in Awakened, the romance of the wedding and rekindled love, old feuds still being held onto, cantankerous shifters not willing to change and accept help from the new health centre. The girls get togethers are always funny, referred to as “Nip, Stitch & Bitch” meetings. I really like the feelings of belonging and family within the book too. The endearing yet at the same time comedic interactions between shifter Damon and Ruby’s dogs make great reading.

My immediate thoughts upon finishing the book were that I had really enjoyed re-visiting Diablo Lake and its residents.

Summing up despite it being “years” since reading the first two books, I found that I easily slipped back into the world of Diablo Lake and loved reading this book. I do really hope that Lauren Dane writes and releases more books in this great shifter/witch, magical series.
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I read Diablo Lake: Moonstruck about 5 years ago and was delighted to see another Diablo Lake story from Ms. Dane. This one had all the wonder hallmarks of a Lauren Dane paranormal - strong females who know their power and worth and sincere and strong men who cherish the women's presence in their life. This is what you'll find here, along with a few bad apples that get properly put in their place.  I enjoyed this read and look forward to the next offering in the series.
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