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When I requested this book, I wasn't aware that it was part of a series or, indeed, the final book of a series. I do think that it would have been great if I'd read the full series however I don't think that took away from the enjoyment of this novel as a standalone. 

I love books set during the Christmas period and the village, characters and themes of love and friendship really epitomized the festive season for me.

Definitely recommended.
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I love reading a good Christmas story around the holidays.  Many I start and can't make it through but I Very much enjoyed this book!
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What a truly gorgeous read this was, however I am so sad that this has all come to an end!.
Hope Hall stands in the heart of the village and is always a central part of the community there. This final instalment in the series leads us through the festive season. Kath - the manager - is enjoying her life, and has finally found someone to share it with. The caretaker of the hall, Ray - is still coming to terms with the loss of his wife, but finds some comfort in the form of a stray dog. 
Pam Rhodes has such a marvellous way with words, you truly feel a connection to these characters and want the absolute best for them. 
I will truly miss this series, but I do look forward to future releases by this author!.
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Easy to read, sweet characters, Christmas love good feelings and a little escapism. Perfect the holidays.
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A heartwarming Christmas book filled with community,goodness and kindness.
I really didn't want it to be over. "Christmas at Hope Hall is the final book in a delightful trilogy centered on a Victorian church hall, the like of which can be found at the heart of so many towns across England."

I was given a complimentary copy of this book.
Opinions expressed are my own.
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I struggled to get started on this one. I’m not sure if it’s because I was not familiar with the characters already in the series or if I just didn’t it feel a spark from it. I might try this one again once I read the other  books first.
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I really enjoyed reading this book during the holidays! It was a quick read for me, but I truly enjoyed it. It was the first one of the series that I read, so I plan on going back and reading the others. 

Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review of the book.
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Oh no! It’s finished! I didn’t want this to be over!
I’m so sad. I feel like I’ve left many best friends behind. The end of an era.

This is such a heartwarming series. Hope Hall the centre of the Community where all sorts of things take place and all kinds of things happen.

We have multiple ages and varied personalities and I’ve enjoyed getting to know each one of them.
There’s a bit of everyone in each of us.

Strength, vulnerability.
Loneliness and contentment.
Sufferings and pleasure.

So much for me to say yet so much for you to read.

Visit Hope Hall for yourself in this trilogy. I dare you not to like it!
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I cannot wait to read more by this author.  This author has now become a go-to author. To have a book that is well written as well as entertaining is a delight.
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The perfect Christmas book for cosy nights abd frosty mornings. The ideal mic of. Likeable characters and storyline. Perfect.  Like a hallmark movie. Fab.
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I always fall in love with the life and characters of Pam's books. Hope hall is no exception. The characters bring a different dynamic to each chapter and i love how each character grows in their own way throughout the book. A really enjoyable read.
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Christmas at Hope Hall is a nice holiday story about a small town and a place called Hope Hall where they gather and/or work.  I have not read any of the other books in this series so I was at a disadvantage of not knowing who anyone was.  There are a lot of characters to keep track of.  The story is about the whole group from Hope Hall so it shifts with each chapter or paragraph.  I found it ok, I liked some characters more than others which is normal, and the setting was nice.
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Hope Hall is always a busy place. It stands at the heart of the village & the numerous activities cater for many in the community. This final book in the trilogy covers the time from the Harvest Festival to Christmas. We see Kath, the manager of the hall is enjoying her life and finding someone she might share it with and  Ray, the caretaker struggling to get over the loss of his wife and a stray dog giving him purpose. I love how the author can make you laugh one minute & reach for the tissues the next. The whole pantomime story was a delight- I think I'd be right at home in the Can't Sing Singers!! I think this book really needs to be read as part of the trilogy. I am really going to miss these folk! Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book.
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Christmas At Hope Hall by Pam Rhodes is a heart warming contemporary Christian novel that is absolutely delightful. It is the final book in the Hope Hall trilogy. I recommend reading the previous books first but it can be read as a stand-alone.
Hope Hall has a wonderful community feel. It is a place where love and life go hand in hand. Many different groups use the hall under the care of manager Kath and caretaker Ray.
The reader is delighted to drop in on the groups – such as first aid training, mums and toddlers, drama club, dog (and owner) training and much more. We witness the interactions between the characters. There is much amusing banter, love and care as the characters bring out the best in each other.
I particularly loved the interactions between Ray and a stray dog – it seems that even, or especially, animals know when love and care is needed.
I enjoyed meeting up with familiar faces and spending time dropping in on their lives as autumn made its way towards Christmas.
The Hope Hall trilogy has been positively charming. It has been a pleasure getting to know characters and witnessing their growth and progress. I am sad to leave them all behind now that the books are ended.
Give yourself a treat and pop on down to Hope Hall today.
I received a free copy via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.
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Christmas at Hope Hall Pam Rhodes

This book focuses on the run up to the harvest supper and all the trials trying to encompass all in the community of all ethnicities. We then find the community gather to start forming what will be come through local pantomime.

A beautifully well written story,full of warmth and loving sentiment shown in the local community centred around Hope Hall. 

The characters there are fabulous and show through the book that things are not always as they appear on the surface. There is happiness, sadness,laughter, loneliness, warmth and ultimately friendship.

 An easy read that draws you in from the first page and many underlying stories of the characters in the Hope Hall community.

There is such an underlying honesty about Pam Rhodes books. 

This is last in the series and that is the greatest sadness for me to write in this review as there is so much more Hope Hall has to offer as many of the characters stories are still unfinished as many readers of the series will feel almost short changed.

 Still a fabulous book though. 5/5
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This warm, cosy book is a bit like a glass of mulled wine... enjoyably predictable!  Familiar characters, gentle story well played out.. thank you
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Christmas at Hope Hall is certainly a book to read it’s inspiring, drama, story telling and emotional but not a tear jerker. A fiction for women young and old stories of old and new relationships, people who need friends, living alone, loss of loved ones, still healing from the loss and those suffering from traumatic situations from childhood or school are still impacting them and with the help from friendships created at Hope Hall give them the healing,  self-esteem, self-worth and positive empowerment to be brave to stand up to their bullies. Within the community is friendships and love for each other is great to see and makes a person to want and need to feel similar connections in their own life. A different type of fiction that a reader can connect with all the characters found within the community at Hope Hall. Even though I am a series reader and didn’t realise at first that this book is part of Hope Hall series I was able to understand who, what and why of the community and characters. I am now hooked and certainly will read the rest of the series. As the storyline impacts characters who are suffering, abused, hurt, emotional, lonely and has suffered loss of a loved one this book could cause similar emotions as you read the story. If it does cause you to be traumatised please seek help. 

 #ChristmasatHopeHall #NetGalley
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Hope Hall was built in 1920 in memory of those effected by the war. Since then it has been home to the villages laughs, cries, grief and love. Through its many clubs, lunches and groups which use the hall to benefit the community. Follow the hall, it's employees and members as they go through the throngs of life during the build up too the Christmas panto.

Having read book one and two in the series. I knew that I would definitely be reading the last book in the series. 

Once opening the book it is a page turner.  I read this in less than 48 hours.  This book truly starts as it means to go on with fun, laughter, twists and turns galore. 

The characters are so relatable and you relish in the extra description you get of some of the characters you've followed in the series. You are there with the characters as they live their life through the ups, downs and turmoil that life throws them. 

This book is a great easy read and it'll certainly give you a chirstmas wow! You never feel that you are missing anything from the story line allowing you to follow it through until the end with confidence that Hope Hall will welcome and support them all. 

Although their are some emotional subjects included in this book such as divorce, death,   single parenthood, cancer and loosing the love of your life. I do not feel this takes away from the cosy feel of the book and I feel actually gives each character a third dimension and gives them so much growth. Making it a very relatistic and heartfelt read.

Furthermore I loved learning about each characters past, present and future. I feel Hope Hall has lots more to offer and it's sad it's the last in the series. 

5+ definitely best one of the three.
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I've read the other books in this series and enjoyed them all. This was no different. It was a gentle read, a meander through the lives of the users of Hope Hall. I felt like I'd got to know them in previous books, although did have to remind myself of their back stories on occasion. Even if you haven't read the previous books, this would be an enjoyable read. 
Thanks to The publishers and Netgallery for the ARC to review.
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Not my usual read but I have really enjoyed this series of books. A bit disappointed with regards to the lack of 'christmas' in a christmas titled book though.
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