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John C. Lennox's "Cosmic Chemistry" is absolutely brilliant! His astute writing, deep knowledge about science and theology is a breath of fresh air. "Intelligence" and "Christian" do not have to be opposed to one another. An excellent read indeed!
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In some ways Cosmic Christianity might be considered an updated and revised version of Lennox's previous book God's Undertaker, which asked whether science has buried God and concluded with a resounding no. That book was, in the revised edition, published in 2009 unless I'm mistaken, so the time is certainly right for a new book looking at new developments across the sciences and asking whether God can still be relevant. Given that John Lennox is one of the world's foremost apologists for Christianity in a secular age, it won[t be a surprise that he firmly defends a theistic view of the world. It is how he does this in Cosmic Christianity that is impressive. He uses his broad knowledge across scientific fields (he is Professor of Mathematics at Oxford) and his own theological expertise and brings these to bear on contemporary science with clinical logic and thoughtful precision. If you struggle to answer atheists or defend a Christian worldview against secular onslaughts, or if you perhaps have doubts yourself, then you could do far worse than read this book. Recommended to all thinking Christians and to open minded atheists alike. 

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An extraordinary book, And the informations was precisely well administrade for someone who knows well what he's talking about! A praise to the author and the relevant theme of this narrative.
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