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Batman and Robin and Howard by Jeffrey Brown is an excellent graphic novel full of clever understated humor. I almost feel bad that I don't have younger relatives or friends with young kids for whom to buy this book, so I suppose I'll have to get a copy for myself. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.
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First off, if you’ve never read any of Brown’s Star Wars books, please rectify that right away!

And on to his treatment of Batman and Robin… oh, and Howard. Bruce Wayne as a worrisome dad. Damien Wayne/ Robin as a middle schooler and the son of Gotham’s most well-known philanthropist. And Howard is a student at Damien’s new middle school. In the first pages of the graphic novel, Batman and Robin are out on patrol when Robin makes a mistake… enough of a mistake that Bruce thinks it may be a good idea for Damien to stay off the streets for awhile and transfer to Gotham Metro Academy. There he meets nice guy Howard. But, Damien can’t see past his frustration and instead of seeing a new friend, all he sees is a rival.

Told through Brown’s signature artistic style, Batman, Robin, and Howard is a fun new look at the Caped Crusader’s mythos. Damien’s angsty tween character mixed with Batman’s parenting! Add to that a good mystery and you’ve got an excellent book.

Check out this preview for more samples of the artwork and an interview with the author.
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The Review

This was such a fun and humorous dive into the life of Damian Wayne. From the fumbling father/son relationship he has with Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, to the competitive nature and lone-wolf style mindset he has carried into every facet of his life, and even the detective mindset that he inherited from his father as he is forced to step up to help solve the mystery crimes surrounding soccer teams at schools. The inclusion of Batman lore and mythos into the children’s book narrative and style (as well as incredible children’s artwork), made this story feel equally balanced and engaging for both DC Fans and children’s book readers alike. 

The balance with this humor and lore came with the educational and moral lessons that the story brought upon young readers. From showing how we often don’t get along with those who mirror our worst impulses and instincts, to finding common ground with frenemies and becoming friends instead, to finding balance and letting go a bit of the control we have over our lives, these themes and messages found in the relationship developed between Damian and Howard were amazing to watch unfold and would keep readers enthralled with the growing narrative. 

The Verdict

A thoughtful, entertaining, and brilliant children’s read, author Jeffrey Brown’s “Batman and Robin and Howard”, the latest children’s book in association with DC Comics, is a must-read children’s book of 2021! A gripping and educational read, the book is filled with personal and warm imagery and does a great job of developing their characters so that readers are not only entertained but see themselves in the characters as well.
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A great, funny take on the Batman series with Robin as its focal point. Even better for younger audiences in which the actual comics are far too dark to be age-appropriate. I would definitely recommend the book to late elementary through middle school students.
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1st Line: "Gotham City."

Prose (Story): When Robin makes a sizeable goof one night as they patrol Gotham City, Batman decides it's time for him to be a regular kid for awhile - making Damian Wayne the newest student at public school Gotham Metro Academy, Here his intelligence and soccer skills and affable personality make him very popular ... much to the annoyance of Howard, a fellow student previously enjoying all those perks of school life. What follows is a rivalry of the two boys besting each other as - meanwhile - a potential new arch-villain has Batman trapped in a sports equpiment room at another school, leaving Damian/Robin on his own.

Don's (Review): Autor Jeffrey Brown's sense of humor is fun and semi-snarky, so how could I not love this? Perfect for kids right down to the kid-like art, the rivalry between Damian and Howard at Gotham Metro, especially on the soccer pitch, will resonate pitch-perfect (yeah, I went there) with anyone who has ever attended middle school. Damian comes off likeable even as he's also a bit of a know-it-all, while Howard's jealousy over losing the honors and benefits of school life that used to go to him make him understandably (to any kid) turn a bit underhanded in trying to be on top again. Meanwhile, there's Batman; I really loved how Brown made him kind of a doofuss-y dad here, and the plotline of his attempts to find out who is sabotaging local schools is very funny ... but leads to a cool resolution to the mystery, all the same: a bonus. Colorful, funny, light, and a great read for any Batfan (or soccer fan), young or old. Also my first experience reading Jeffrey Brown, though now I look forwad to more. (Available November 9)  4/5 stars

NOTE: I received a free ARC of this title from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
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My Best Friend is Robin?!

Jeffrey Brown writes a new entertaining and relatable story for Damian Wayne in Batman and Robin and Howard. How do you teach a child, who has everything, to be more empathetic toward the citizens of Gotham? Transfer him from Gotham Prep. to Gotham Metro Academy. Which doesn’t seem very safe for a high-profile family, but this is nice Gotham. Howard loves his school, is an overachieving student, a great friend to all his classmates, and a really great guy. Life is good until Damian Wayne is transferred into his class. Damian is certain that the only reason everyone is treating him kindly is because Bruce Wayne is his father, and Howard can’t be all that great either. The first day of school starts with plenty of miscommunications, as Howard tries to be Damian’s friend. When tension heats up, and they become competitive during soccer practice. 

Jeffrey Brown has a fun hand drawn comic style, that is really accessible for children learning how to draw comics themselves. His characters have a full range of expressions, even with the simplified design, especially the stress in Bruce’s eyes. There is a diverse group of students, and it is great seeing them work hard to be kind to each other. Damian does not have his usual backstory as a privately tutored child assassin. Instead in this really nice version, he has been in Gotham since at least Pre-K. Damian ends up seeming overly shy at times, because he doesn’t talk much to anyone, but he is making an effort not to voice his negative thoughts. It is a bit strange to have such a light Batman and Robin comic with Damian, but there are plenty of fun little references for fans. It is also comical seeing batman puzzle over the mysteries of school soccer. 

Overall, this story has a lot of heart, as Damian and Howard try to overcome their own misconceptions. Their frustrations with each other are understandable, and they both struggle with thinking negatively about each other’s intentions. Without context Damian could be perceived as a spoiled rich brat, when instead he is just lonely. It is definitely a valuable lesson in observation, deduction, and patience that Batman can be proud of. This is a great story about learning to make new friends, and how to overcome jealousy with friendship.
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Thanks to DC & NetGalley for the early copy in exchange for an honest review.

Damian Wayne (Robin) moves to a new school and has to adjust to the change of scenery. Howard is a pretty popular and chill kid at Damian's new school but he and Damian have a hard time getting along....

I really loved the science experiment they worked on throughout the book it was pretty entertaining and neat. I think it's a really nice and upbeat book that works well. I don't know half the soccer trivia mentioned here but it was still sweet. 

Batman was just a Tired Dad and that's pretty accurate so A+ on that. Alfred was super sweet too, I was worried he'd be crabby old man but nah he was good. Confused about the 50th change to the Wayne family dog though....I guess Ace and Titus are just left in the dust here for "Dribble"? Haha. 

I know it's petty but I knocked a star off for two things:
1.) Damian Wayne's mother is Talia Al Ghul who is *not* white. DC has this problem where they "constantly "forget" Damian's mom is literally from the middle east...half the time both of them are properly darker skinned but half the time, including this book, both of them are as pale as bread for some reason. Petty, but I wish they would be consistent with the continuity.
2.) This is really petty but I find it ridiculous Damian told Howard he's Robin. Where's the rest of the Batfamily? Dick? Jason? Tim? Cass? There's so many people that could've helped Damian find Bruce....I guess this is more of a self-contained story where Damian literally has no one else in the Batfamily to rely on besides Alfred & Bruce? (I also do appreciate the Nightwing mention but Pls no Howard don't take the role on LOL)

A charming and fun Damian Wayne/Robin adventure!
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Jeffrey Brown writes and illustrates a charming story about Damian Wayne's arrival at a new school and the trials and tribulations that come along with him adapting, in his personal life as well in his dual identity as Robin.  It was a cute story about Damian trying to make friends with Howard, with whom he fiercely competes in the classroom and on the soccer pitch.  Meanwhile, Damian's dad Batman, must try and solve the mystery of vandalism on multiple school campuses. I enjoyed it, particularly the Batman parts, and I think it would be an excellent story for middle grade readers, and possibly a great entry into comics and the Batman mythos.
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Batman and Robin and Howard is an adorable take on Bruce and Damian Waynes relationship.  Bruce is an awkward father trying to connect with his son. Damian leaps without thinking and injured an innocent man as punishment his father takes away his patrol privileges and sends him to public school. Howard is used to being the teacher's pet and top student until Damian arrives. Howard and Damian start off on the wrong foot but soon become friends. This is a cute start of a new series about how important friendship is.
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Batman and Robin and Howard is an entertaining and fun take on Batman and Robin. This graphic novel focuses more on friendship than crime, but that is okay. It is a great way to teach a lesson without it being so ‘In your face”.  The graphics are good, and the story line is easy to follow. I hope that this is just the beginning of a wonderful series. Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for the opportunity to review this.
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An absolutely inviting style, wonderful representation among classic and new characters, and the right dose of humor. I enjoyed the style of this graphic novel and would recommend it with enthusiasm to young readers.
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This is the funniest take on the Batman mythos I have read in a long time. 

The basic premise is that Damian, the son of Batman, who is the current Robin, has to go to a public middle school, which he doesn’t want to do, as punishment for misjudging a crime, where he hurt innocent people. He is also not allowed to go out on any more patrols with Batman.  

At the new school,  Howard tries to make friends with him, but they both read each other the wrong way, and think that the other is too stuck up, or a bully or both. 

It is written with humor and with heart, and there are the usual middle school problems. And in the meantime, there is a bad guy who is trying to mess up the local soccer tournaments, and Batman is trying to figure out a) why and b) who is doing it.

<em>Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest reivew.</em>
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