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The Sphere Of Destiny

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I really liked the set up and overall setting for this. It really reminded me of some of my favourite Science Fiction series. 

I wasn't the biggest fan of the way things were explained at times, I think it would have benefitted more from a glossary than mid sentence explanations. 

Overall I think this is a strong beginning to an epic science fiction series, with great religious representation. I also think its been well researched from the Appendix at the back.

Actual Rating: 3.5 / 5
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Thank you NetGalley for an advanced copy. I usually don’t like sci fi novels, but I loved this one! There is STEM, history, action, and adventure. Based off of the aliens-built-the-pyramids-conspiracy-theories, this novel takes you back in time to the Arab Renaissance era as well as other planets. The characters Despite a few foul words, this book was clean. While not a religious book, the characters seem to be Muslim. There is not too much in character development, but the theme of doing what is right for humanity prevails. It’s a definitive cliff hanger, and the reader will look forward to reading the next book in the trilogy.
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A solid scifi tale, probably in the thriller sub-category. This has a good cast, and the story is pretty interesting, with good pacing. Odin writes well, and It's hard to tell if this will stand out in the crowded book market. But for those pick it, I suspect they'll enjoy it. 

I appreciate the free review copy!!
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This is an interesting scifi novel that begins in ancient Egypt.  Someone finds an alien artifact in the great pyramid of Giza.  It transports him to the alien world and so begins the story......
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Amazing first book of the trilogy!
This is my first book downloaded from NetGalley and I have to say I am literally blown away by this book. It is so well written and the plot is very nicely and well woven. Not only are the main character’s adventures incredible, but they are particularly vividly described. It’s as if you step into the book’s world and experience every step of the protagonist’s journey. 
The story follows Al-Khidr, an alchemist, who is assigned as mission to be part of the team who first entered the Pyramid of Giza. Upon the exploration of the pyramid, the team finds three unusual artefacts, which appeal tremendously to the Al-Khidr. He gets permission from the Caliph to keep them and so his life changed irremediably. Curious to find their secret, Al-Khidr messes with the artefacts until he activates them by mistake and is transported onto another planet. Unbelievable? You bet! That is why the plot is so thrilling! You wouldn’t expect such a development! And so his adventures as an alien begin (yes, you read that correctly! A human being is the alien in the story! I think it’s an awesome idea!). 
There are plenty of things I like about this book (the plot, the characters are likable, the mix of fiction and sci-fi, the fact that the new and the old intertwine naturally etc.), but let me tell you about some details that made the difference for me: all the Arabic names, words and expressions have the translation written in brackets right next to them, not in footnotes. Makes it so much easier to understand and even remember them, so hats off to the author for writing it like that. Also, this brings a lot of authenticity to the story. Then, (spoiler alert!) I loved the names of the aliens from the Lyra planet :) They are easily recognizable and they are all related to Ancient Egypt, which again, brings more realism to the story and it’s a bit thought-provoking, too. 
To be very direct: it’s a wonderful Sci-Fi book, which I enjoyed tremendously and which deserves to be read from cover to cover. It’s definitely in my top 3 sci-fi books! I am very much looking forward to the next two parts of the trilogy!
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The Sphere of Destiny starts off quite slowly as Al-Khidr goes tomb raiding and finds certain artefacts that, because of having no material value, are deemed worthless by the Caliph. Al-Khidr gains them as a reward for services rendered, and so begins his epic adventure. 
Once the action starts, this becomes quite an enthralling novel. We have a two-fold story where Al-Khidr is ignorant of anything other than the now of Egypt 832 A.D. And then he suddenly has knowledge thrust upon him as he travels to this alien planet.
He goes from Tomb Raider to Buck Rogers in a relatively short period of time. The main protagonist has to adapt or die, as they say. I liked the main character Al-Khidr because he has that naive charm about him. Especially early on in the narrative when you can see the pit-falls well before they happen, and yet our luckless hero does the whole fools rush in where angels fear to tread scenario.
The more the narrative progresses the more Al-Khidr as a character goes to another level entirely. The supporting cast of characters make interesting reading, as names become instantly recognisable, yet they are not of this world.
The descriptive writing is excellent and well crafted. Maybe not to everyone's liking, but it added an ancient and futuristic dialogue in equal measure. 
The author has researched his material well in order to cover all aspects of the Egyptian detail present in the narrative. Being a little negative and selfish, I would have loved to have seen some pictures of the pyramids, Sphinx, statutes etc. But then again, it is a novel, not a reference book, so I googled them instead.
The author has created an intriguing and inventive blend of fantasy and science-fiction. Which makes for a fascinating and refreshingly different read.
This is definitely a little different and fully deserving of a read.
Thank you, NetGalley and Odin Fantasy World, IBPA, for the ARC of the book.
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Interesting exploration and discover story taking place at the Pyramids of Giza more than a thousand years ago. Tales and lore about the origin and speculation of contents of pyramids. 

The story isn’t written in an eloquent way. it seems like a bunch of facts/ideas mushed together. And some parts of it are either written in bad english (Is that purposeful for the characters to be speaking like that? And if it is, the Sphere was told to give the main character all the knowledge of the alien’s language, so why does everyone speak in bad English?) or is it just bad grammar/editing. 

Then it gets futuristic and alien-y, a book for fans of Ancient Aliens.
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Are you a fanatic for sci-fi? Well, if you are one, here is one book that you will definitely need to add to your collection. I am privileged to have read a copy before the official release date and I must say, I am awed by the read. Each word turned to reality as if watching a film on big screen. The characters are given life with simple yet precise descriptions, and even as the events unfold, you can see the depth of research put into this book, commanding a great balance between mediaeval history and ‎sci fiction. The world building is beautiful and ‎realistic drawing you into the book with ease, surely even a child would enjoy the read. What is a sci-fi without a twist? As you get to know the characters, you grow attached to them, and well, who doesn’t like sci-fi suspense? This is the first of three, I just cannot wait for the other parts of this trilogy. 
Be sure to read this one. You will not regret it.
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Most suitable book for those who seek thrill, adventure, and mesmerizing sci-fiction content. I was engrossed in it till its last page. I would highly recommend you guys to read it and find out yourself why it is worth your time.
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I congratulate Mr. Nassim Odin for his book, which I found fascinating to read. During the reading I often felt cut off from my surroundings, As the events are intertwined and the meticulous description incites your brain to the imagination by making you dive into the story, with the famous main character AL-khidr and his various adventures which do not cease to put you in suspense.  I would definitely recommend the book to my students.
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The story is unique blend of mediaeval history and ‎sci fiction. The world building is beautiful and ‎realistic and it had a magnetic influence on me that ‎I never put it down. Nassim’s story telling is unique ‎and fresh breeze and he has a very different ‎approach from other sci fi books. The characters ‎have strong personalities and each one of them ‎have their own unique way of understanding the ‎situations. So there are multiple POVs. The first half ‎reminds me the Indiana jones like movie and I wish ‎that it goes on and on forgetting that the story will ‎change. As soon as the main protagonist landed in ‎alien planet the atmosphere changed completely ‎which has its own unique gripping effect. The story ‎has many twists and suspense is too high in the last ‎few chapters. The antagonist Hatathor is – Oh my ‎he is so vocal and strong character. Looking ‎forward to listen the audiobook and I am sure that ‎it would be great. I wish that a movie is made on ‎this trilogy!
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The Sphere of Destiny is a great read. Nassim Odin did a fantastic job, I'd recommend the book to anyone interested in the genre!
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liked this book. People who are interested in Sci Fi and Fantasy will most probably be interested in reading this book. definitely recommend it to other readers.
very well written.
I give this book 5 stars.
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