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Astronomy Activity Book for Kids

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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. Excellent activity book for kids who want to learn about astronomy and what's in the sky.
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Admission: I don't generally like space or space-related movies or books..I'm not sure the term for it, but it's kind of a phobia and the vibe essentially bores me (no greenery, plants, shrubs, etc) BUT THIS BOOK IS THE BEES KNEES!! 

Word searches, tracing, spotting differences, drawing activities- and SO. MUCH. MORE! I thoroughly enjoyed this- more so than I thought I would! Highly addicting and engaging - bright colors, fun artwork and the games are educational BUT NOT BORING! 
This review will not do this book justice, so JUST PICK IT UP! 

*Disclaimer- while this would be SUPERB for a classroom, each student would really need their own copy (NOTE TO THE PUBLISHER- TOTALLY offer educational sets for classrooms, this would be a FREAKING FANTASTIC addition to a lesson plan!!) it's suited to one kiddo as an activity book personalized to them. I would recommend to a younger audience as there are word/letter tracings- but there are also larger and more advanced themes sprinkled in. 


Thanks to Netgalley, the author and publisher for the DRC!
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This book has some fun activities and facts about the solar system for the age range specified (5-7 years old).  

Ebook is not the ideal way to read it, as the formatting isn’t great with the pictures, plus there are a lot of activities to do in the book that can’t be done in digital form.  I will definitely look for a paper copy for my kids to enjoy.

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for a review copy.
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<b> Astronomy Activity Book for Kids </b> is a Children's activity book that circles around topic such as our solar system, nebulas, galaxies and more!

The cover is inviting and the illustrations are well thought out and adorable!

Within the pages there are activities such as tracking the moons, mazes, and even some coloring pages. 

5 Stars. Would recommend. I like the way the activity book is laid out. I could see using it within homeschooling or alongside classroom curriculum. Between the illustrations and the educational pieces it is easy to learn material as well.

<b>Thanks to the publisher, Z Kids, the author, and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC copy to read and review. Review will also be posted to my blog (, GoodReads, TikTok (@unearthingeco), as well as NetGalley reviews.</b>
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Aurora Lipper's Astronomy Activity Book for Kids is a great introductory picture book about constellations for young readers. There are basic facts, pictures to colour, hidden objects, connect the dots and word puzzles. While the book doesn't go into depth about the subject, it does give a starting place to expose kids to the concept of space.

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the publisher.
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Great book for introducing kids to planets, constellations and the wonders of the night sky. Fun activities and colorful pictures will be sure to get children interested in exploring astronomy. Solutions to puzzles are provided at the back of the book.
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Absolutely fantastic! I love everything about it. Over 100 pages of wonderful visuals, activities and information. Kids will adore this and have so much fun while learning about space! 🔭 ✨ I'd absolutely love an adult version for myself, please 🌘
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I LOVE this! This is the perfect activity book for kids who love space and have a hard time staying engaged with other workbooks! I will absolutely be buying for my 5 year old who loves Spaces.
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This Astronomy Activity Book features over 100 activities to learn about space and stars. Recommended for ages 5-7, but I could see it up to age 10. Lots of activities with word searches and item matching. The illustrations are very bright and fun. Many facts are sprinkled throughout about planets, stars, and the solar system.
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Review of eBook

Activities in this giant astronomy activity book address a number of topics including The Sun and the Moon, Inner Solar System, Outer Solar System, Star Constellations, Galaxies, Star Clusters, Nebulae, Comets, Shooting Stars, and More! And Stargazing Activities.

First, young readers fill out a form with information including, name, age, and why space is cool. Then the young reader tells where he/she would travel to in space, how he/she looks at stars, what he/she might name a star, and what he/she would like to learn more about.

In each of the nine chapters, young readers will find a brief introductory paragraph with basic information followed by activities. Many are mazes to finish; others are coloring pages, fill-in-the-blanks, or connect-the-dot pages. Trace the words helps young readers recognize words related to the stars and space [although some of them are most likely too difficult for five-year-old readers]. Other pages ask young readers to identify rhyming words, skip counting, spot the differences, fill in the blanks, word search, ordering [large to small], color by number, spelling, and draw and color. Finally, young readers use eyes, binoculars, and telescopes to examine the night sky.


Young readers ages five through seven are the target audience for this activity book. Although the youngest readers may need help with some of the activities and most will need someone to help them read the explanatory information and new astronomy-specific vocabulary, they are age-appropriate and likely to be similar to activities the child sees in school. There’s a lot of fun packed in the pages of this activity book; the astronomy tidbits help present a broad overview of the information. And while the book is sure to keep young space enthusiasts happily engaged, it could serve as a stepping stone for further learning as well.

Brightly colored pictures and illustrations fill each page and engage the young reader.

An answer key provides the answers for each of the puzzles and activities in the book.

Highly recommended.

I received a free copy of this eBook from Zeitgeist, Z Kids and NetGalley
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I can see a parent and child using this as an extension activity to a star gazing night or visit to a planetarium.  The illustrations are bright and engaging.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Astronomy Activity Book for Kids by Aurora Lipper is an amazing activity book for children 5-7 who can't get enough of space.  Alongside, educational texts written at an appropriate level, the book includes unscrambling, coloring, fill in the blank, and other writing activities.  According to the description, "Former NASA scientist Aurora Lipper leads an exciting journey through space, beginning with a tour of the planets and moons in our solar system."

Overall, Astronomy Activity Book for Kids is the perfect gift for the future astronomer and space-lover in your life.  One highlight of this book is the amount of detail and research that went into this book.  Another highlight of this book is how much thought and time went into creating each of the activities.  This book is well-thought-out and will definitely satisfy a child wanting to learn more about space.  If you're intrigued by the description, I highly recommend this book, which is available now!
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This is a great elementary age space based activity book. There is a ton of information packed into this. Also lots of activities many children enjoy. I know my child will absolutely love this book. It covers all the planets, asteroids, stars, constellations, comets, nebulae, moons, and has activities which are mostly various things like finding the north star, constellations, planets and so on in the sky. The activities range from word search, mazes, tracing words, dot to dot, word scrambles, coloring and other basic workbook fare. The illustrations are quite stunning and certainly more than one would expect for a space themed activity workbook. The expertise of the author (a former NASA employee) is obvious, as is the passion she has for the topic. A very good lower elementary age workbook I would definitely recommend for any space enthusiast child. A wonderful resource for homeschooling parents putting together a study unit on space.
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Alright, I’m definitely not a kid, although back in the day I used to be a very adorable one. Really. But I do remember pouring over a world atlas for kids that had a small astronomy section, and I loved it dearly. In the pre-Internet times where else would I be able to see all the cool pictures of stars and planets? So when my GoodReads friend Dennis reviewed this book, I couldn’t resist and headed over to NetGalley. 

And you know what — this book is adorable for a younger kid. It goes through the planets of the Solar System, major constellations, galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, comets — all with the help of absolutely gorgeous illustrations and word searches, connect the dot puzzles, word traces, mazes, coloring — enough to keep a kid occupied for quite a long time. 

It’s full of easy-to-read little factoids in child-sized bites, and in the end there are quite a few stargazing activities — how to find the North Star, the Big Dipper, etc. Your kiddo may need a compass and binoculars (and arming yourself with a SkyView app may be awesome in any case). And yes, some activities will also require a telescope, so budget accordingly — but a telescope may not be the worst thing to get for a kid in any case.

I think it’s great for sparking an interest in astronomy in a young child.

4.5 stars.

I received an ARC from NetGalley.
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I have two kids both of which love anything space. This activity book was a fun way for them to learn some new facts and keep them busy with fun activities. It goes over things from the sun & moon, inner & outer solar system, star constellations & clusters, galaxies, nebulae, and more. I love the different activities that range from mazes, tracing the moon for a month, dot to dot, color by number, word tracing, and more. It also has several stargazing activities that help you search for things such as Orion's Nebula, The Big Dipper, Hercules' Glabular Cluster, and many more. Great book for a young space lover or someone wanted to learn more through fun activities.
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I have a space mad daughter and as mum I thought that this book was excellent!

It is well laid out, very interactive with plenty of variety and things to do too

It is definitely one I will be looking to grab a copy of for her, she is 5 in July so this will definitely be a present for her as she will be the right age then as she is possibly a little young at the moment for some of the activities as she is only just starting to read on her own - but I am really glad I have found this as I know how much of a hit it will be!

Very highly recommended - 5 stars from me for this one!!
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I loved it. I'm already saving it for when my litle girl gets older.

This is definitely a start for little kids to fall in love with astronomy.
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If your young reader loves, loves, loves puzzles, activities, mazes and more, this book will have them smiling from ear to ear.

The title says it all because basically every page holds something about astronomy and is accompanied by a puzzle. Accompanied is probably not the right word, since the activities do reign on every page. The astronomy tidbits flow along on the side and give the activities a direction, while also teaching basic terms and ideas surrounding our universe. The text can be read by those very sure of their words, but many will need someone there to help out, since there is new terminology, terms and such that young readers might struggle with. But that's the point of this book—to teach about astronomy amongst the fun.

At over 160 pages, this is a whomping activity book, and what I found especially delightful is that every page is brightly and even lovingly illustrated. The characters and scenes allow the facts and mysteries of astronomy to unfold and make sense, but they also carry joy and a playful atmosphere, which is inviting. Every page is different, and each activity offers something new from mazes to word connecting and beyond.

The information hits a wide range. While there are some more exact facts, this book is more centered on giving a broad scope of what astronomy holds. Moon phases, star constellations, and so much more are addressed with correct terms. The theories, reasoning, aspects, and influences are shortly explained as well. But nothing ever goes into much detail...just enough to awaken awareness and inspire curiosity. It's great to open young minds to the realm of astronomy, one that young readers will enjoy and even pick up a few facts along the way.

So, yes, I do recommend this one. I received a complimentary copy through Netgalley and am now considering buying one as a present for several star-gazers I know.
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Great astronomy activity book for elementary school students. Lots of mazes, word searches, etc. for younger students. Youngest students might need help with the text. The text will be interesting to older students as well. Colorful, engaging title.
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This should be great fun, especially for younger kids. But not only for those.

I tried to follow all the prompts, but gave up midway through. But that's more because of some technical issues on Goodreads and me working with the ebook version of this, which made it much more time-consuming than it should be for your average five-year-old.

Kids learn about:
- The Sun and the Moon
- The inner and outer Solar System
- Star Constellations
- Galaxies
- Star Clusters
- Nebulae
- Comets, Shooting Stars, Meteor Showers

While doing tasks such as:
- Drawing through mazes
- Coloring
- Connecting dots
- Filling in blanks
- Matching words and pictures
- Tracing certain words in a text or a block of letters
- Counting or identifying certain objects
- Drawing stuff
- Unscrambling words

Most of these are fairly simple, but not all of them are. In any case, it's a good way to learn a couple of things about astronomy. For me it got a little repetitive at some point, since most of these tasks are repeated several times over during the first 122 pages of the book. But I doubt that kids will mind. I'm pretty sure they are going to have fun. And there's still enough variety. I even wanted to do some of the later tasks myself after I read through the rest of the book today. But I didn't have the tools with me. Again, I recommend a printed version of this book.

From page 125 on there are several stargazing activities. Some of them require binoculars or even a telescope. So be aware if you are gifting this book to your kids, because they surely will want to do those. But maybe they can start with the ones where you get by with a pair of eyes. Honestly, I might do some of these myself. The book certainly does what it sets out to do. Make us all little astronomers.

4.5 stars. Recommended.
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