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How Does My Body Work? Human Body Book for Kids

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This book is amazing for kids and their endless curiosity. This book is full of interesting information and fun experiments and I think this would make a great addition to any child’s library. I think this book is easy enough for kids to follow along and the experiments help to give a better understanding of everything. I can’t imagine a child not enjoying this book. We haven’t done any of the experiments but it was nice reading this with my kids and watching them absorb and take in all about the way our bodies work. 

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.
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Intensely fun and an authentically crafted educational activity book to learn human anatomy- I think this type of engaging format is perfect for teaching a topic that can be hard to grasp. There were clear and concise directions, fun facts that are relatable and great visuals. I think this would be a great addition to a classroom for units where a bit of fun and creativity are needed- but I also think it would be useful in the home as well for a good bonding activity with parents and their kids.
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YES! This is an amazing resource for our Human Body Systems unit we do in 9th grade Biology. It’s informative and has simple activities the students can attempt. It’s written in friendly-language and appropriate to our content level. 

I loved how this was organized and I especially loved the “dissection” via chicken. I hope I can pick up a copy to use at the end of the year to share with students in my classroom.
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How does my body work? human body books for kids are a really neat book that not only describes the human body to children in an easy understandable way it has great hands-on experiments to support their new knowledge. Many of the experiments can be done easily with little to no science background and help the child better grasp their bodily functions/parts.  My child especially loved that in each section there was cool facts listed which they had to share with others after they learned them.
Overall, I recommend this book to educators and parents who want to help their child better understand their body. I plan on using this to supplement our homeschool health unit for grades 1st to 5th.
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A very inspiring work for children and adults alike. I believe it will help instill responsibility and love for science in all of us.
Sometimes it's nice to look back at cute illustrations of human body parts instead of realistic ones lol 

Thank you for sending me this eARC.
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This is the best resource for children who are learning basic body science that I've come across so far. It is easily understood by most ages. The pictures are easily explained and allow the kids to read through it without much guardian assistance. And overall, it's entertaining.

There were still some topics left unexplored, but for the basics this book makes the cut.
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I really enjoy this book. I was wanting to find a good book that was kid friendly, meaning that it keeps my kiddo engaged.) he really liked this book and we both learned a lot that we had not known. It was educational and a great book for kids! Highly recommend!
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With a number of experiments featured at the conclusion of each chapter, this book is sure to delight and inspire readers wanting to learn more about the human body. The explanations compare the body to things the reader would be familiar with. This is done very well so that the reader can understand how the body functions. The writing is engaging and clear in its purpose. Mature readers would enjoy this best- the text does require stamina in the reader. The experiments are well thought out. I wonder if there are too many experiments. However, with the number of experiments there is sure to be one or more a reader would be able to apply at home. I recommend for upper elementary readers and older readers.
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How Does My Body work? did not meet my expectations for the topic. There was a disconnect between the information presented and what I believe target audience is. A lot of information was glossed over or skipped entirely. Suggested activities were hit or miss with regard to whether or not they actually added to the topic at hand, and those that actually did relate to the various symptoms were simple activities most adults have done or could easily find with a quick Pinterest search. My young co-reviewers gave it a big thumbs down.
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Love this book! It is great for basic descriptions for kids and includes all types of experiments to relate the items to. I love that it is user friendly and am looking forward to doing these activities with my kids. I think it is great for 5th-7th graders.  

Thank you Netgalley for a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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This is an educational book comprised of nine sections: 
1) What makes a cell, and 
2) Nine body systems: Nervous Musculoskeletal, Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive, Excretory, Immune, Endocrine and Reproductive. 
The book is formatted to teach children ages 8 – 12 about how their body’s work.  The illustrations are detailed, colorful, and fun! 

When I first started reviewing this book, I thought; “This looks like the beginning of anatomy and physiology in undergraduate college courses. How am I to use it to teach a nine-year-old?” But teach a nine-year old, I did.  

My niece lives in a small town in Kansas and needed some gifted educational experiences.  I am a Physician Assistant with this wonderful book in my hands!  Bingo!!  As this book had just been published, I was able to purchase a paperback version from Amazon and send it to her.  We were in business!

Using FaceTime, we went through the book together, taking turns reading and me explaining things that seemed overly technical.  

The best feature of this book, in my opinion, are the simple illustrated experiments that go along with the lessons.  The experiments help the student apply and retain the information learned.  My niece loved the idea of feeding her brothers “cytoplasm soup” made of yellow Jell-O and various candies!  What a blast!

We are still going through the book and many experiments. 
There are also many learning tools along the way to help further retain the information. Dr. LaFleur has written an amazing book and I am grateful to be able to use it with my niece.   

This book would be a golden gem to use in any upper elementary or middle school classroom life science learning module.  The experiments are fun and simple to carry out, while the learning opportunities are endless.
I want to thank Author Dr. Sara LaFleur, Z-Kids Publishing, and NetGalley for the opportunity to review this Advanced Reader’s Copy. This is a voluntary review, and all comments and opinions are entirely my own.
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“How Does My Body Work?” Is a fun and extensive book detailing the different body systems for kids. There are a lot of interesting activities to help explain the different concepts. I think some of the activities sound difficult and/or requires adult help even when it’s not indicated. But overall I think this would be a great book for classroom teachers, homeschooling, or the kid interested in how the body works.
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How Does my Body Work? features lots of different activities children can do to explore how their bodies work. Recommended for ages 8-12. Most of the experiments use ingredients that can be found around the house and are pretty simply explained. I loved all the different facts to explain why certain phenomena occur.
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I requested this book because I work in STEM education. Overall, it's a pretty good STEM activities/educational book, but I'm not sure it's geared just right towards its intended audience.
First, I really love how in depth the book goes. It doesn't oversimplify a subject just because it's made for kids. However, I think the book could really benefit from more visuals interspersed throughout the text. It's hard for some kids to stay interested in a science heavy book with only text over multiple pages. Also, some words and phrases sound like they could be simplified (difference from being oversimplified) to better engage the reader. 

The activities seem like they would be good demonstrations using materials available to many people. 

I'd recommend this book to parents who want their (probably middle school) kids to experience hands on science.
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This lovely book about human anatomy is perfect for the science lover. Great for kids aged 8-12. This would also be fun for any great for homeschooling science units!

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC :)
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This book had a lot of great information and fun activities surrounding the human body. It would be perfect to incorporate into homeschooling or lesson planning.
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Good information, but not presented in a very kid-friendly manner. I love all the hands on experiments but the directions  are dense and there are not enough illustrations to show what is being talked about.
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I received a free digital copy of this book via Netgalley for review. I believe this book is a great start for children to start to learn about their bodies. It is bright and colorful which will surely catch their attentions and peek their interests. It is accurate and informative, but not too in depth so children can understand. It focuses and encourages healthy thinking and activities. Easy to read and follow along with. Fun activities. It is a great beginner book for children.
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Great beginners reference book to anatomy and activities related to exercise, health, and nutrition. Edible cell models?! Yes, please! Creative ideas allow for exploration into biological systems and challenge kids to generate various ways of demonstrating learning. This book would make a great addition to a homeschool, classroom, or school library packed with facts, crafty ideas, and tips on lab safety. Activities that pose potential risks are flagged with reminders to get help from an adult. Send kids exploring the world of STEAM with this text. Start at the basics from the cell, through tissues, and organs. Then, tour all the major organ systems of the human body. Colorful illustrations add to the text and make it easier to access. Ideal for kids ages 8-13. The basics of the reproductive system and genetics are touched on. Index at the end makes for easy location of activities, systems, organs, etc. An all-around basic, solid science resource.
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This book is a great starting point for kids to learn more about their bodies and their functionalities. It starts with the basic unit, the cell, continues organized in chapters dedicated to systems/functions: nervous, musculoskeletal, sensory, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, reproductive, this last one concentrating on hormones and DNA.
Aside from the standard info, presented in a friendly manner, it has lots of fun and/or weird facts, helpful tips, and super interesting experiments relevant to each of the chapters. A bit more visuals would be useful, I think, especially for the experiments.
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