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This was a fun enemies to lovers, forced proximity read. I am a sucker for books that take place in Alaska and this one was fun. I really enjoyed it - a great escape!
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A grump and sunshine pairing in the frozen tundra that is Alaska! 

Quinn is verrah BOTHERED by Violet's bright and sunshine-y presence in his town and does everything to try and chase her away, but Violet takes it ALL IN with a smile. Of course, this is romance novel, and every love interest in a romance novel is an I.D.I.O.T so this hopeless fool finds himself falling for Violet hard. 

Bold Fortune was adorable and the chemistry between Quinn and Violet was great. Plus, because they are in the winter in Alaska, there's plenty of opportunity to cuddle ~just for warmth~. ;)
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I love sunshine and grump romances, especially when they're set in Alaska! I was so excited to try Bold Fortune, unfortunately the pacing of the plot didn't work for me. I put the book down 30% in and never felt the urge to pick it up again. I'm hoping to come back to it eventually but for now its a DNF
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Bold Fortune by M.M. Crane is set in a remote Alaskan town which was truly interesting and filled with quirky characters.  I had a very hard time with how naïve the heroine was considering she was so well educated and highly intelligent and the hero had too much of a martyr complex for me to fully like him. There were times I almost put it aside and didn’t finish it, but there was enough good in it and I was interested in seeing how everything played out so I continued even though it took me way longer to read this book than normal.

After Violet Parrish makes a huge error in judgment that makes the nonprofit she works for look bad, she sets out to Lost Lake, Alaska to try and convince them to trust her group in protecting the land. When she arrives she’s immediately taken by the landscape and the people but the man she needs to convince, Quinn Fortune, makes it known he won’t listen to her until she proves she can hack it in Alaska.

To be honest Quinn was a bit of a d*ck to Violet from the get go and I loved that she didn’t let it bother her. In fact, she seemed quite happy to prove she was made of sterner stuff that he thought possible. Violet reveled in living the “pioneer” lifestyle but then she had Quinn to help her and show her how.

Quinn’s family and the local people were all very interested in Violet but also were wary of what she wanted, even so they seemed to embrace her and realize that she wasn’t a threat even if Quinn didn’t. I had problems with the way Violet spoke at times, like she was a maiden in a Victorian novel and it just didn’t fit.

There was enough I liked about Bold Fortune for me to finish it, but it also had some problems to keep me from loving it. While I’m not sorry I read this book, I don’t think this is a series I’m interested in continuing.
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Enjoyable modern romance, and an auspicious series starter.  The characters are well-drawn and appealing, and the romance was believable, even if the frequent discussions of the hero's "abdominal situation" were kind of ridiculous.  Still a fun, light, and quick read that romance fans should appreciate.
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Bold Fortune made for a cozy winter read! I am always a fan of an Alaskan setting because The Simple Wild is one of my all-time favorite books! The back and forth between Violet and Quinn was very entertaining and I loved seeing an in-depth glimpse into the realities of living in more remote areas of Alaska. The book started out slow and I did struggle with the technical parts of the story (e.g. land trusts) and I found myself skimming parts because of that. I really would have liked some explanations on land trusts in layman’s terms woven into the story so that someone unfamiliar with the topic could better understand it’s role in the story.

Read if you like:
-The Simple Wild
-Small-town romances
-Alaska setting
-Extreme survival skills
-Lots and lots of snow
-Northern Lights

Bold Fortune is the first book in a new series and is out now!
Thank you @berkleyromance and @netgalley for the gifted copy and having me on the tour!
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Give me a taciturn rugged Alaskan man getting his entire life turned inside out by a city-dwelling woman who never lets him get to her all while wearing pink from head to toe or give me death.

For someone who self describes as "indoorsy" and would never be caught dead in a dry cabin in Alaska, this trope is decidedly my kink.
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I never thought that I would have any desire to head off to Alaska and rough it off the grid in the cold and snow but this book had me ready to book a flight!! 

The chemistry between Violet and Quinn was immediate but Quinn's need to protect the Lost Lake and the residents from Violet, an outsider, forces him to make a deal with her in hopes of scaring her off as quickly as possible. Only he wasn't expecting for her to be so fierce, strong and independent and dead set on lasting the month living off the grid in the harsh climate of Alaska in order to present her proposal for Lost Lake. 

What follows is a fantastic story, full of amazing Alaska imagery, a cast of amazing characters and a cozy, steamy romance. I loved the ride!! This was a fantastic start to a new series and I'm exciting to return to Lost Lake soon!! 

*I received an ARC from NetGalley for voluntary review
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100% recommend this one!
Fluffly sunshiny (virgin) professor with unmatched resilience wears down rugged, stern, hero, self-appointed protector of the Alaskan wilds, in a forced proximity setting (there's only one cabin/bed/set of furs). Lots of tension, humor aplenty, steam pay off +++, great small town romance vibes with charming secondary cast. You want this book!
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BOLD FORTUNE is set in the little town of Lost Lake, Alaska which is definitely off the grid. This is the first book in THE FORTUNES OF LOST LAKE series, and it held my interest from the first page to the last.

Violet is drawn to the area after she researches it to try and redeem herself with the institute that she works for back in San Francisco. Little does she know that she will fall in love with the wilderness, the quiet, and the people—but especially Quinn. She also finds her real self in the heart of winter while living in a dry shack, a summer shack, and even Quinn’s home all while Quinn is trying to send her back home.

The story moves at a fast pace. There are beautiful descriptions of the land, nature in all its glory, and the small, self-sufficient community. We can feel the cold, the snow,, and the wintry conditions throughout, though there are some steamy moments to heat up the pages.  

There is a depth to the characters that makes the story feel real, with some nice conflict between Quinn and Violet. The story ends with nice closure, but I can’t wait to return to Lost Lake and see what everyone is up to!

M. M. Crane is the pseudonym for Megan Crane, who also writes as Caitlin Crews. I’ve read books written under all her names and enjoyed them all. I look forward to reading more of her books, and not just those in this new series.

Recommended Read
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I love Alaskan setting books. That is what is most important here. I also love the confident woman trying to prove herself without needing a man. Bold Fortune was no where near my radar, but fell into my lap and I loved it! I would say this book is the love child of The Simple Wild and The Love Hypothesis! The moody, broody, hot male character was just delightful. I did find there was too much dialogue in this one, like it was a bit of filler. I also thought there were a few parts that were thrown in as an afterthought, to be a conflict that just fell flat. It was still a great, happy, lovely read!
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Grumpy, isolated heroes get me every time!! I am so in love with that character vibe. I also love a brainy heroine and Violet is that for sure. Add in a bit of danger/suspense, and I was hooked!! I enjoyed this book a great deal and am looking forward to more in the series for sure! MM Fortune wrote a great book to kick off this new series.
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I'm a fan of author Megan Crane whether she writes under this pen name or as Caitlin Crews. While the recent Crane books I've read have been Western style romances, I saw that she has a new series The Fortunes of Lost Lake (with a slight variation on a pen name as the author of Bold Fortune is listed as M. M. Crane) set in Alaska which seems to be a popular setting lately (Jackie Ashenden, Sarah Morgenthaler and Adriana Anders have set books there in the last two years). With the almost assured guarantee of a forced proximity setting (possibly with only one bed??), I settled in to read Bold Fortune and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Violet Parrish, a scientist who studies how new technologies can be used to find solutions to environmental problems, entered a long distance relationship with a fellow researcher she met at a conference only to discover that he's taken her for a ride. He's stolen her research (that she'd naïvely shared with him over the computer), passing it off as his own just before an important international conference at which she'd planned to present her work.  In an effort to make it up to her boss and co-workers for the error, she's headed to Lost Lake, Alaska to try to convince Quinn Fortune, the representative of a land trust that contains an abandoned gold mine of what her non-profit organization could do for him. It will be a real coup for her company if they can get Quinn to work with them and will do a lot to rehabilitate her reputation. But Quinn isn't interested in talking mineral rights and land development with a stranger, even one whose parka is a fetching shade of pink.  He's been approached one too many times by outsider corporate-types with no knowledge of his responsibilities to the people who live in Lost Lake and the surrounding communities.  He tells Violet he'll only listen to her proposals if she's willing to spend some days - maybe weeks - getting to know what it's like to really live there.

Violet is prepared to do whatever it takes to make up for her failure - including spending a few nights in a tiny shack with an outhouse, learning about subsistence living in an Alaskan winter with a grumpy guide. Quinn's plan is to scare her off by showing her what his family fondly refers to as the museum, his great-grandfather's cabin, and passing it off as his current home. But Violet is steadfast and curious and helpful, making him feel more and more like a jerk as he realizes that getting rid of her won't be as easy as he expected it to be – and that maybe, things are a lot warmer and brighter when she’s around.  As for Violet, her fascination with the land and the people, and Quinn, make things suddenly more complicated. Going home to San Francisco with the trophy of Quinn's cooperation was her original plan but could her future be moving in a new direction?

Grumpy meets sunshine, and trapped in a blizzard (with only one bed, hurrah!) are the tropes covered in this delightful romance. The author has done a great job researching Alaska and what it takes to live in isolated communities, as well as introducing a colourful cast of hearty characters. I really enjoyed how the setting and characters fit together, and seeing it all from the perspective of the wide-eyed, naïve, but determined Violet. Quinn's plan to scare Violet off does the opposite, but as they end up spending a lot of time together alone, it also draws them closer through conversation and discussion. Quinn feels a lot of pressure in his role as protector for the community and Violet helps him see that there is more to his life, and that he can have a life, outside of that role. His attraction to Violet is annoying but irresistible and they share some sizzling love scenes.

Without getting too spoilery, there is a 'misunderstanding' that does cause them some grief but isn't overly long or drawn out, and serves (as most of these literary devices do) to make them both realize that they belong together. Things set up nicely for their happy ending, and with the secondary characters of Quinn's siblings giving fodder to the series continuation, it's a world I'll be happy to visit again.

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Sparks fly between two polar opposites in M.M. Crane’s fiery new contemporary romance, Bold Fortune.

As head of the community trust, Quinn Fortune is the official protector of Lost Lake’s majestic beauty. Rugged, brooding and a man who thrives in the Alaskan wilderness, the tough frontiersman is a man who doesn’t balk at a challenge nor is he easily scared or put off by obstacles, but could newcomer Violet Parrish end up testing him like he’s never been tested before? To describe her land proposal as out of the box and bizarre is certainly an understatement, but Quinn is about to learn that Violet is a woman it is very hard to say no to…

The frozen Alaskan tundra in freezing January is not Violet Parrish’s usual milieu, but desperate times call for desperate measures and she needs to move mountains and pull out all the stops in order to ensure that her land proposal goes through. The last thing she needs is any opposition standing in her way – and intransigent Quinn is not a man who can be easily persuaded. There is nothing Violet will not do to get him on side – even if it means spending the entire month of January in the the arctic coldness of Alaska! However, Violet soon realizes that she needn’t worry about the freezing temperature because all she needs is to be in Quinn’s company to find herself burning up…

Violet and Quinn are two complete opposites who might have more in common than they initially thought. As the chemistry between the two of them explodes and temptation proves impossible to resist, will Quinn convince Violet to stick around after January 31st? Or will their differences end up costing them this unexpected chance at happiness?

M.M. Crane’s Bold Fortune is so much fun! Sexy, sassy and emotional, this captivating contemporary romance is set against a beautifully evoked background that will keep readers eagerly turning the pages. Violet and Quinn are two terrific protagonists readers will fall in love with. Their banter is delicious, their attraction red-hot and their love story will give readers all the feels and have them laughing and crying – often on the same page.

The first title in what promises to be a terrific new series, M.M. Crane’s Bold Fortune is a highly satisfying page-turner readers will thoroughly enjoy.
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Small town, opposites attract, grumpy hero/perky heroine - Bold Fortune is a terrific mix of some of my favorite romance tropes. Plus it's the start of a brand new series and it's set in Alaska! That's a pretty good combination in my opinion, and MM Crane definitely delivers. Not that I didn't expect just that. I've had the pleasure of reading some of Megan Crane's Alaskan romances, so I expected great things from her pseudonym.
Violet and Quinn are so great together. Even when Quinn throws every trick in the book at her, Violet hangs right in there and shows the stuff she's made of. And Quinn is one of my favorite types of hero. He's grumpy, but he's full of heart. The blurb sure hits the nail on the head because when things heat up between this pair, it'll absolutely melt the snow even in frozen Alaska.
This first in the Fortunes of Lost Lake series also introduces a fantastic small-town setting and some secondary characters I'll be hoping to see in future books. If you enjoy small-town romance set in beautiful Alaska, Bold Fortune is definitely a must-read.
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Violet has a bit of a rough break. Her low-down ex-boyfriend stole her ideas and is presenting it as his own. He is also ruining her reputation. She has to fix this, and the only way is to head off to Alaska to convince the owner of a remote piece of land that she needs to use it for research. She doesn’t expect to meet a handsome young man, nor does she expect for what he proposes.

Quinn has no intention of letting Violet do any form of research on the land that has been in his family for years. However, he intrigued by her and offers to consider it if she spends the week in the secluded part. He knows she will bail after a day without running water all the fine necessities she is accustomed to. The only problem is that he didn’t anticipate liking Violet.

Woop! I found another Alaska romantic winner. I really don’t know why I’m attracted to romance books with Alaska as the backdrop but I am. Maybe it’s the cozy feel of all the stories that I read or even the rugged men. Either way, this was nothing short of cozy and gave me all the feels that I have been longing for.

Quinn is naturally grumpy but compassionate. He is the perfect match for Violet. From their first encounter down to the very last page, Quinn and Violet proved to be the perfect couple. While Quinn is all gruff, Violet is the complete opposite. Since she needs this proposal to go through, she puts on a smile and grin through every single challenge that Quinn tosses her way. Boy, did he make it hard.

The other major component to the book is the Alaska backdrop. I really appreciate when authors take their time to research and mesh the setting into the story. This place is completely remote and very well out of most people’s comfort zone, so I was amazed at how beautifully descriptive the setting was written.

This is a slow burn story. While that is not my thing the author manages to keep the flames burning just enough for me to continue. A beautiful smart chick with a great personality taming a wild grumpy man, what is there not for me to enjoy?

Overall, this perfect for fans of wilderness backgrounds and slow burns.

~ Samantha
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I got to say that it was unexpected for me to fall in love with this book. I truly thought that this book was going to be a regular small-town romance story. But yet, it's very different from other stories.

Quinn has always been protective of his hometown in Alaska. There have been many developers throughout the years, so it's no surprise when someone emails him about offers. Yet he is going to have a bigger surprise when someone actually takes his bait when he said he won't discuss anything unless they are willing to come to him. And guess what, a bright professor is willing to take the bite and show up at his hometown to discuss.

I just love the surprise about Quinn's reaction. He is the definition of a grumpy Alaskan male. All bark but no bite. And yet, he gets over his head when Violet comes to his hometown. He really did not expect to fall for her. She is very bright but very cheerful as well. You think you throw her a challenge, but she will find a solution in any way. And it does help that her quick thinking leads to their slow-burning relationship.
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Bold Fortune is the first book in The Fortunes of Lost Lake series by M. M. Crane and is a steamy romance that is sure to heat up the cold winter nights. I could not put this one down and cannot wait for the next one! If you love romances set against the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness, you’ll fall hard for Bold Fortune.
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Rating 4.5 

LOVED the hero. Heroine was sassy, sweet and cute. 

This is set in the Alaska wilds. It's a small community of characters that bring life to the "Little" town. M.M. Crane does a fabulous job of bringing to life the Alaska scenery and wild life. I swear I felt like I was right there. I absolutely love the ground work she's done to establish this community and individual characters. I cannot wait for each and everyone of their stories. Okay getting ahead of myself.

Our heroine is part of a think tank/conservation group that does research for mineral rights and land. She had done a summary/paper on an area of Alaska and what the conservation of land. But she finds out her ex-boyfriend has taken all her work and claimed it for himself, she had confided and shared all her findings with him. In the process he's also not saying very nice things about her. Which of course infuriates her. 

Violet is determined to clear her name and make up for the mess that has issued she heads to Lost Lake in the hopes of meeting with Quinn Fortune. Mayor of the small town. She's been emailing him with no luck in responses, it's pretty clear he's ignoring her, but is determined to meet with him. She will clear her name and with his help.

Wow, loved Quinn. What a wonderful well rounded hero and Violet is perfect for him. He's educated (lawyer) but always was drawn back to his home town, where his heart, family and friends all live. When Violet shows up all in her pink snow outfit it throws Quinn for a loop. I loved the opening scene of their first meeting, what a perfect first meeting for them. Also the scene really sets the foundation for the story, town and community. So well done!!!! The meeting was so cute, quirky and Quinn was to die for in his responses. 

Quinn has some issues due to his past girlfriend and it's pretty much skewed his outlook on woman/relationships. Poor Violet was just what he needed to set him straight and boy did she. You see Quinn was determined she was not going to stick around his little community, in fact he knew she didn't have the tenacity for Alaska's wilderness. He does some underhanded things to make her stay pretty uncomfortable, like say live in a cabin with no electricity, bathroom, etc... you get the picture. Well she proves him wrong and thrives in the situation. He tires to throw a few more curve balls her way but she doges each one and in the end comes out shining like a star. Quinn finds in Violet a strong, sweet, quirky and determined young woman. One he was instantly attracted to, one he tired to resist and not yield to the attraction. Nope, he couldn't resist her. She won him over, his family and the community.

Violet came to realize that she found her "home". Alaska called to her and brought a peace and acceptance to who she really was deep down. Alaska and it's wilderness brought a completeness to her and Quinn was the icing on the cake. She has some secrets she hasn't shared with him and that has her scared and nervous in what will happen to them when all is revealed. 

The development of their relationship was so much fun. And it was sexy, full of heart and their was a lot of emotion and angst involved as well. There was communication and sharing as well as some confrontations as well. But very adult like and well developed as well. I loved the world of "Lost Lake" that the author created and am so invested now. Cannot wait for future books.

I highly recommend this book. The romance was beautiful, the secondary characters wonderful and the town came to life in this story. Loved the ending.
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*4.5 stars*

Beautiful Alaska was a brilliant backdrop for love…

City girl and country boy. An age old trope put on its ear with this modern retelling. Nothing was black and white, in fact things were very pink indeed…

I loved, loved, loved how Violet tackled everything she faced with such hope and earnestness. Whether an Alaskan blizzard or a thieving Englishman, she didn’t let anything knock her down for long. Honest with herself, and others, her baggage met Quinn’s in a family-laden courtship…

Quinn recognized all of Violet’s good qualities even while labelling her an Outsider. He admired her pink-reliant way of tackling life. Of tackling him. Together, they bumped brains and mind-sets in a battle of wills that was full of emotion and Alaskan charm…

This was a fun, heart-warming read. Can’t wait for Quinn’s brother’s story next!
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