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Did not see this pairing coming for sure, but wow Brielle and Caleb were awesome together and so sweet and sexy too! I have been looking forward to Caleb’s story from the beginning, mainly because he had the misconception that since he was an omega werewolf he wasn’t going to have a One out there for him somewhere.  I loved how Paige Tyler was able to make this story, badass and wildly terrifying wolf finally see the light and understand that everyone is entitled to a mate if they are willing to work for the love they want.  Caleb is on his latest assignment with his STAT team, who are also his wolf-pack, when their enemies manage to kick their asses and leave them wondering what the hell they just faced. Determined to find a way to defeat these creatures STAT enlists the assistance of a previous dubious enemy, who Caleb never forgot.  Brielle Fontaine has done everything in life to protect her brother and her secret power, but when her idiot brother ends up in danger again she is forced to offer her help to STAT in order to protect them both.  Brielle has always been just as drawn to Caleb has he has to her, but neither of them understand just how important they Weill grow to be to one another until they begin spending time together.  As their passions flair and their hearts connect Brielle and Caleb have to find a way to trust in one another or their lives and the lives of those they love might be forfeit before they ever have a chance at a future together. Caleb was such a heartbreaking and sad character to get to know, his story one of heartbreak and bad choices leading to an uncertain future, but it was obvious that his is doing everything he can now to make up for what he sees as his past failures. He has become an important member of his team/pack and they try to make him understand that he is a good guy and deserves happiness, even though he has a hard time believing it and them. I enjoyed seeing him come to terms with past mistakes and finding a way to accept that while they may shape us, they don’t define us.  The love and sensitivity he offered to Brielle between his moments of crazy kickass fighting skill made him a kick-ass character to learn about.  Brielle was AWESOME, honestly I loved her supernatural ability and it was one that I can see coming in handy a lot in the future for this STAT team.  She has made a lot of mistakes in her past, while trying to cover for or protect her brother from himself, but mostly she just wants to be able to live her life and find love, and thankfully she manages just that with Caleb and his team.  Initially we are suspicious of her motives for offering her help obviously as she was the villain in a previous novel, but as we learn more about her we come to understand that she is a good person and a good match for Caleb.  She is brave, strong, sweet, sassy, and determined to do whatever it takes to protect those she loves.  I heat between Caleb and Brielle has been there since they first met in the previous novel as enemies, but now they have the chance to explore that fire and it became explosive quickly.  I am dying for the next story in this series for sure as the series is only getting more and more interesting as we meet more supernaturals and the pack gets bigger and bigger.  Another top ten hit in my opinion Ms. Tyler.
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I have voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this title given to mevia NetGalley. This book was just amazing. I just lost myself in this story anddidn’t want it to end. It was really well written and just drew in you intothese characters lives. I look forward to seeing what’s next from this author.
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True Wolf is Book 3 in Paige Tyler STAT series. I have not been reading Paige Tyler's books for the longest time. I used to be an avid reader of her X-Ops and SWAT series but I outgrew her books. I decided to pick up this book True Wolf as the blurb intrigued me and I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed every single page of this book and I wasn't bored at all. The chemistry between the 2 main characters Caleb and Brielle was scorching hot and their interaction felt organic.

This book is suspenseful with really hot sexy scenes. I will certainly pick up the next book.
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Caleb and Brielle are great together.  The chemistry between them is full of heat.  They work well together and with the rest of the team to figure out how to stop the worst from happening.  Lots of action and suspense.
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Evelyn’s review of True Wolf (STAT, Book 3) by Paige Tyler
Paranormal Romance published by Sourcebooks Casablanca 22 Feb 22

A special military team of supernaturals, a race against the clock to save millions of lives, the introduction of never-before-imagined super humans, and a captivating pull between two very different personalities….sounds like a party to me!

This book is the third in this series, and it is focused on one pairing within the team. I realize as I write this review that I should have read the first two books. It is difficult to tell the chronology of the stories, because the first one is not marked. But good old Google found it for me.

The book starts off slow, but once the plot, about finding stolen nuclear weapons and discovering the intent behind them, began to come together, it held me captive. The search takes this team in many directions across the globe, and the way they can maneuver around the governments of the world to find answers is plenty of fun.

The focus of this book is the relationship between Caleb and Brielle. It’s fun, flirty, and exciting. The author does a great job encompassing the feelings into her words. I was hooked. I appreciate the balance between the plot and the romance – it is not just a soft-porn thriller as some can be. There is a good balance of romance and adventure that kept me invested in the outcome.

Caleb is a typical Alpha wolf with additional tendencies, and that puts him into a newly explored category. He held me hostage with his beast and surprised me with his humanity. Brielle’s abilities are unique; her selfishness and bravery make her awesome. The only downside is the limits to her abilities. Otherwise, Brielle is supernatural goals, for real!

I enjoyed the introduction of new paranormal characters; the idea is brilliant. Creatures that can create tunnels through the ground with their hands, are hard to kill and can shrink themselves to move in and out of spaces; a family line of characters who can walk a pathway of decisions to see the outcome; characters who resemble vampires but are not left me wanting more. But vague descriptions are given, and I hope Ms. Tyler brings more detail about them in a subsequent book.
The other team members are identified and paired as follows the previous books in this series. There are not a lot of details about the rest of the team, but their interactions correlate a relationship between them all that is endearing.

All in all, the author does her best to encompass details that do not quite hit its mark. The storyline feels rushed with a quick background flash that leaves more questions than answers. BUT I enjoyed the book as a quick read. I really want to know more about this world the author has introduced. I can’t wait to read more of her books to get more insight.

Grade: C
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Another great read by Paige Tyler. This is the second book of Tyler's that I've read and each has been an action-packed, thrilling tale with unforgettable characters. In a word: enjoyable! True Wolf is the third installment in the Special Threat Assessment Team (STAT) series and follows Caleb the Omega and fellow supernatural, Brielle.

Caleb and Brielle's romance was sweet and I loved that Tyler took her time building their relationship together. They each had their own personal issues they needed to work through while simultaneously growing together as a couple. As previously mentioned, there was also a lot of action going on as STAT investigates those threatening to destroy the world.

True Wolf had lots of thrills, a great cast of characters, and a great paranormal love story. Overall, I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance and/or romantic suspense.
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NetGalley ARC Educator 550974

I could not put this down. It is a standalone in the series. Some of your favorites are back with new characters. It was a slowly built romance in between the action involved with saving the world and Brielle's brother. Caleb the Omega, takes a liking to Bri and it's swoon town from there.
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After my first hesitation of this series with Wolf Under Fire and my much better experience with Undercover Wolf, I was looking forward to pick up this third installment of the STAT series of Paige Tyler.

Because this story was about Caleb. I had been keeping my fingers crossed for this unstable, grumpy yet hilarious omega to find his match.

And he does! But of course, not without a lot of action, a mission nearly gone wrong and a lot of supernatural characters. But Caleb and Brielle make a cute couple. We had met Brielle already in the previous parts. Then, she had been working with the bad guys. And nobody knew exactly what kind of supernatural Brielle is. In this story you will find out. Including the reason she was working with the bad guys in the first place.

True to Paige’s style: fun, action, suspense and romance all packed into one. Loved it! Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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Caleb Lynch, Omega Werewolf agent, and member of the first Paranormal team called Special Threat Assessment Team (STAT), and his team's personal Berserker when his wolf takes control. Brielle Fontaine joins the STAT team, and offers her abilities, if they can assist her in finding her brother, Julian who can't seem to keep himself out of trouble. Brielle has the abilities to absorb another Paranormal"s knowledge, and skills. This is something that can come in handy to recruit more Paranormals into service. STAT agrees to help Brielle find Julian, who unknowingly is working for a group of Nuke stealing Paranormals.

As Caleb, and Brielle work together, the attraction grows between them. Time is running out as the hunt is on for the madman, that has stolen 4 B61 Nukes, to transform into a Laser to destroy half the world believing that'll save the rest. Will Caleb, and Brielle be able to find the nukes, stop a Full-Scale International incident from happening, and find love? They'll have to because Caleb needs to tell Brielle that she's, his mate.
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This is book 3 in the new series by Paige Tyler. In this one Caleb and Brielle are working together. Brielle is still trying to find her brother. Caleb and Brielle have a connection but Caleb keeps himself back from any feelings he may have but Brielle is not going to let him stand in their way.

I enjoyed this story. Tyler has been writing these wolf shifter books for so long that sometimes they get a bit stale but I thought this one was enjoyable. 

I would suggest reading the first two in the series so you understand what SWAT is all about. 

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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This is book 3 in the STAT series and it can absolutely be read as a stand alone but I do recommend reading the previous books as these characters are introduced in those books. In this one we get werewolf Caleb and Brielle's story. Caleb and his team are sent to an Air Force base to try to see who has stolen nuclear weapons. When they encounter paranormal's during their investigation, their boss brings in Brielle to help them find the weapons-but a price. Brielle has supernatural abilities that have put her in the group's cross hairs before, even though she didn't have a choice. And now she will help them-if they will help her. She needs them to help her find her brother, before it's too late for him. But she soon realizes that he may be involved in the theft to begin with. But the attraction between her and Caleb make her realize that maybe there is something more for her than keeping her brother from harm. And that they may serve a bigger purpose than what either of them thought they did.

I really liked this story. Caleb has issues not only with his past but with his werewolf. I loved how he knew that his wolf had control issues but that he fought himself to be better than that. He has such strength of character that I didn't really expect. There was more to him than I was expecting and I definitely loved his explanation for how his type of werewolf comes about. Brielle-this woman broke my heart with the things she was willing to do for those she cares about. The fact that she gave up everything for her brother, even knowing what the cost was to herself? That made me love her that much more. And then you throw in their chemistry and the way they both struggle to figure out their relationship and I was hooked. My only drawback with this whole book? Some of the introduced characters and how they were dealt with. I know some of it was addressed but there were still others that weren't. And I kinda want to know about the main bodyguard that they fought-was he truly a bad guy? Does he get a redemption or what happened to him? Or did I miss something there?
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True Wolf is the third book in the Special Threat Assessment Team (STAT) series by Paige Tyler. It delves deeper into the mythos created in the SWAT world. While some of the favorite characters from the SWAT team do make cameos in this series, the focus is on illuminating a new world and mythos and focusing on the character development of the lead characters, omega werewolf Caleb Lynch and the mysterious supernatural Brielle Fontaine.

This book introduces the female supernatural agent Brielle Fontaine, a mysterious figure who is helping STAT to save her brother. On a case that spans the globe, she and the STAT team follow the clues to a supernatural ring hell-bent on destroying the world.

Omega werewolf and STAT Officer Caleb Lynch is a highly powerful lycanthrope who is an integral part of the STAT team which works to protect the world from threats old and new. He will do whatever it takes to take down the creatures poised to destroy the world as we know it.

Together, Caleb and Brielle along with their teams must work to build trust and track down the forces bent on destroying the world as we know it. What they find is something out of their wildest nightmares. This book does justice to its name and is truly spellbinding. Paige Tyler’s expansion of her supernatural mythos has given ‘True Wolf’ more nuance and depth while melding humor with paranormal suspense. Her characters have such depth that you just can't help rooting for them. 

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC
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I was really looking forward to Caleb's story, he was a tough guy to make into a hero.  But, Paige pulled it off.  It would be very helpful to read the previous 2 books in the STAT series, or the SWAT series that starts the world building, before jumping into True Wolf.  There is a lot going on in this story and the adventure is very fast-paced, almost non-stop.  It would of been nice to have a little more quiet time with the couple to get to know them a little better.  There are many characters from the previous books in this one and it is always nice to revisit them.  If you are looking for a great suspenseful paranormal love story, this is the book for you.

Thank you to Sourcebooks and Netgalley.
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TRUE WOLF is Paige Tyler at her most entertaining. As always, this author offers up an action-packed, just-one-more-chapter read.

Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko for Fresh Fiction

Complete review:
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This is one of Paige Tyler's best action stories. No one writes paranormal action special ops romance like Paige. This one was full of new supernatural creatures to defeat, theft of nuclear bombs and sizzling romance. Caleb Lynch, omega werewolf and Brielle Fontaine, unknown supernatural, have so much chemistry they throw sparks! I loved every minute of the intense action.

Caleb Lynch is an omega werewolf with STAT who pretty much goes berserker when he unleashes his powers. Sometimes it's needed with their STAT investigations what get intense with unknown supernatural creatures that are hard to kill. This time Brielle Fontaine is brought back into the investigation, as her brother Julian is in trouble once again and in the middle of their op. Someone, with the help of previously unknown supers (diggers-ghouls, have stolen 20 nuclear B61 bombs from their storage facility. The ghouls dug tunnels through the rock and they've disappeared. These creatures seem to feed on the humans trying to recover the bombs. Brielle's brother Julian called her and gave her a clue where the bombs might be, and she approaches McKay, head of STAT.

Brielle Fontaine borrows other supernatural's powers for a short time. This enables her to get her brother out of his situations. She joins the STAT team once again to help them recover the bombs and find Julian. There's been chemistry between her and Caleb in the last book. It grows even bigger in this one. Caleb doesn't think Omegas can have The One but finally realizes yes, Brielle is IT for him. Their search for the bombs leads them from Incirlik, to Zagreb, to Surinda Russia, to Odessa to Moscow to finally New York City, Caleb and Brielle explore their attraction to it's fullest on this op. There are quite a few twists and turns with surprises along the way to keep the reader turning pages.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I loved it! Caleb is a hoot and his story made me love him even more. I especially enjoyed how true to character he stayed throughout the entire story. He & Brielle are perfect together and their journey was beyond interesting. The fast-paced save the world story is amazing. The villain is interesting but not totally despicable. I cannot wait for the next book!
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True Wolf by Paige Tyler
Book 3 in the STAT (Special Threat Assessment Team) series. Paranormal shifter romance. Can be read as a stand-alone but better as part of the series. 
A hidden international unit of paranormals protecting the world from crazy threats. 
Caleb is a member of STAT but as an omega wolf shifter has held himself apart from the camaraderie of the team. When twenty nuclear weapons are stolen, Brielle is back to help the team and search for her brother. 
Caleb felt a connection to Brielle the last time they worked together but she disappeared immediately after the mission. This time, Brielle takes the initiative in getting closer to Caleb.

Fast action, tunneling human eating ghouls, and tense situations caused by a nuclear wielding wacko. Faster connections and steamy interludes between Caleb and Brielle. A bit of humor and a goal of saving the world. 
A typical STAT adventure. 😂🤣.  I’d say I enjoyed the last third of the book the best. The speed and humor picked up as they had the target in sight.  The first half of the book, the team didn’t really know who they were after. 

I received a copy of this from NetGalley. I also purchased a copy to keep.
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This is definitely a fun read. 
I haven’t read this series before but the plot of this piqued my interest so I gave it a try. 
I would recommend reading the previous books since there are characters that are reoccurring but if you really want to read this alone I think you could. 
I liked the combination of two genres (paranormal & romantic suspense). The two blend well together and kept me engaged in the story. 
I was a big fan of Brielle. Her power was cool and interesting. I also liked that she was devoted to her brother. 
I liked that the hero was an Omega wolf. I don’t think I’ve seen a lot of the role reversal before and it made his character different from the usual werewolves in paranormal romance. 
The romance was fun and romantic. 
A great quick read!
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True Wolf
STAT: Special Threat Assessment Team Series - Book 3
Follows SWAT Series Book 12
By Paige Tyler

Sourcebooks Casablanca - Mar 2022

Paranormal Romance

Caleb Lynch might be a werewolf, but he was an omega, and omegas were different. They were loners, unable to control themselves, and there wasn’t that special person, the "One" for them. But Caleb was now part of a STAT team, which included other werewolves, and different supernaturals, all who were part of his family. He might have been forced to join, but he was more than willing to put his life on the line for any one of them, and those they protected.

The STAT team investigated supernatural cases, and the newest involved powerful creatures and nuclear weapons, not a good combination. But there was a highlight, the return of Brielle Fontaine. Brielle's abilities and intentions might be unknown, but that doesn't matter to Caleb. He trusted her like no other, and only she could calm his inner omega.

Brielle's brother had once again gotten himself into a mess only she could get him out of. Working with STAT had the benefit of seeing Caleb again, but Brielle understood it could only be temporary. Brielle's first priority might initially have been to save her brother, but as they uncover the purpose of the nuclear weapons, she realizes it will take every one of them working together to possibly have any hope of succeeding.

True Wolf is an exciting action packed romance certain to please. Brielle is an intriguing heroine with unique abilities, one of which, the ability to calm Caleb, is certainly critical. Only she can help him accept his omega self. Caleb has always been a fascinating character, one who I knew would be a perfect hero for his heroine. The suspense will keep the reader captivated until the end. I look forward to the next story in the SWAT / STAT series of books.

Kathy Andrico -
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4.5 Stars

Caleb Lynch is an Omega Werewolf; he is part of the Special Threat Assessment Team (STAT) and is the lead for this mission. Someone stole 20 nuclear warheads from an Air Force base, and they are obviously planning something big. STAT needs to find the warheads and head off whatever is being planned, but they have very few clues to work with. They race around the world following said clues, and they discover bits and pieces of the plan, but they can’t get a fix on the entirety of the threat. If they don’t figure it out soon, WWIII might be starting… Along the way, Brielle Fontaine is recruited to help them, since a cryptic phone call from her brother has given them the majority of their knowledge, and she has certain paranormal skills that may help. 

Caleb has trouble containing his temper when he lets his inner wolf out.  His teammates understand and accept this about him, and are able to bring him back from the edge, when he is too far gone. Luckily, Brielle can do so as well, and quite a bit more easily than the rest of his team can. He knows she is ‘the one’ for him, but he’s been ‘programmed’ to be a loner, and doesn’t feel worthy of Brielle. He doesn’t believe that she could possibly accept him as he is. So readers are treated to his internal struggles to let Brielle into his world, juxtaposed with the external struggles of a potential nuclear war. 

Ms. Tyler keeps the action flowing through world travel (definitely NOT a vacation!), a variety of paranormal encounters with strange characters, tense engagements where danger abounds, and feats of unexpected bravery and self-sacrifice. This team feels like the best kind of family—only on steroids with their amazing abilities! The STAT family also grows a bit in this installment. The ending is explosive, and one that most readers won’t see coming!
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