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Buried Bones by Melinda Leigh, the seventh book in the Widow's Island series is a super read. The storyline was well-developed and kept my attention throughout the book. I really enjoyed reading about how Deputy Tessa Black and her finance Park Ranger Logan Wilde work so well together. The way they have each other's back is wonderful. I also enjoyed the fun scene where the Black's "killer hen" who doesn't like Tessa dive-bombed her. Made me laugh. This novella is a great addition to the series. I am looking forward to the next book in the series, The Lost Bones by Kendra Elliott.
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Tessa should think about her wedding and go buy her wedding dress. Everything seems to be fine in her life or as fine as it ever will be. Logan gets along well with her mother and has taken over a lot of the day to day work around and in the house. Patience is doing better, but she seems a little out of balance. Her mother is better with new medication and help from friends and family. But when Tessa is out on a hike with her sister, they stumble upon a decaying body. The wedding plans are not longer important. Now there is a killer to be caught.
I love the Widow’s Island novellas. There is so much going on and the suspense always gets my heart pounding. Highly recommended series.
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While on a nature walk, Deputy Tessa Black and her sister discover the remains, mostly skeletal, of what turns out to be a young woman.

Tessa, along with her fiance, Park Ranger Logan Wilde, start their investigation by trying to identify her. Plenty of people have gone missing over the years, but none seem to match this victim.

Identified as a college student who had been hired to work on Widow's island for the summer, the more they delve into her background, the more questions they have. Why has this woman never been reported as missing? Why did she choose Widow's Island to spend her summer?

The investigation reveals a dangerous predator hiding in the Widow’s Island community.

This novella is a short, fast read filled with suspense. Suspects are many, but who would have wanted this young woman dead? Characters are deftly drawn, intriguing to watch.

Many thanks to the author / Montlake / Amazon Publishing / Netgalley for the digital copy of this crime fiction novella. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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It was my first meeting with this author, and.... I'm. really happy that I decided to read Mrs. Leigh's book. 

It's not long story but it left me very satisfied. From the begging, I could feel like I live inside this book. Story line, plot twist ups amd downs were everything I want to. recieve in the books like that. 

Buried Bones are a perfect short read for readers od all kinds. I  can assure, that once You'll start to read, You won't put this novella down.
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Widow’s Island is a quaint place where everyone knows everyone. Tessa, local Sheriff, and Cate, exFBI and local baker, have been best friends for years just like sisters. Tessa is engaged to Logan, Cate’s brother, so the family bond is even closer. I admire Logan’s character as he takes on responsibilities most husbands would not, like looking after Tessa’s ill mother and being big brother to her sister. He’s admirable and adorable. When a body is found he and Tessa investigate. The way they work together with limited resources on the island is amazing. Each of these novellas has a new crime but it’s the character arcs that make the stories intriguing. You could read them out of order but if you like them starting from the beginning would allow for the full character development. I was a recipient of an early copy and have voluntarily written my review.
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I want to thank #NetGalley and #Montlake for an advance copy of #BuriedBones by #MelindaLeigh
Deputy Tessa Black stumbles across the body of a  half buried young woman on her morning hike she is determined to get justice for her. 
Identified as Aurora Franklyn from the mainland, she had been on the island for a summer job 
How come no one had reported her missing. Tessa and her fiancé park ranger Logan Wilde set out to find the killer. 
Thoroughly enjoyed this novella and pleased to add a new author to my list.  
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Life on Widow’s Island has been calm for Deputy Tessa Black since her mother’s dementia is under control and her fiancé, park ranger Logan Wilde, has moved in with them. The calm doesn’t last as while hiking she finds a partially buried and decomposed body. She identifies the body as a young female college student who was working on the island and had been missing for a month. No one had reported her missing which makes her death extremely suspicious. While Tessa and Logan investigate, suspicion falls on a former boyfriend, the man she worked for and the owner of the motel where she was staying. When a final piece of evidence is discovered, will it be too late to stop the killer from killing again? I have read and really enjoyed this entire series by this author and her writing partner (in the series) Kendra Elliot. The stories are concise, move quickly and contain everything you want to read, including great characters whose lives slowly evolve. I highly recommend this series and both authors. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
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Buried bones is another wonderful fast read by Melinda Leigh. I love her writing. It pulls you in from the first few pages and holds you until the end, but leaves us wanting the next book.
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Montlake Publishing for the ARC.   I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  This is part of a multi author series set on Widow's Island.  I have read a couple of the other books so I was familiar with the characters. I think it reads well as a stand alone, but have to quantify that as I have read several of the full novels.  This is a novella so it is shorter.  I enjoyed the book, another glimpse of Tessa's complicated life.  The trauma and drama of having someone you love have alzheimer's.  4 stars
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Community Ties…
The seventh installment of the Widow’s Island series of novellas finds former FBI agent Cate back in the action once again when she undercovers secrets of a community. Is there a dangerous predator on the loose? Fast moving storyline, twists aplenty and a cast of credible and colourful characters make for a good, short, sharp read.
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Buried Bones is a fast-paced, engaging and extremely enjoyable read. That had me hooked from beginning to end as Tessa and Logan investigate when Tessa and her sister Patience stumble upon remains in the state park. And with an edge of your seat ending and great characters this was a really entertaining bite sized mystery, that I couldn't put down.

Would happily recommend.
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This is another installment of the series with some of your favorite characters.  Tessa and her sister Patience on a hike when they come across a decomposed body. Dealing with her mothers quick decline with early onset dementia, Tessa is trying to hang on to her sister and soon her only family. There have been some changes with Tessa’s fiancé Logan moving in with them to help with her mom’s care and to enable her sister to have more time to be a teenager.  Tessa as the Town Deputy calls it in so that she can get help with the buried body she found on her hike.  This includes a call to Logan, as he is the forest ranger in charge of the state park they are hiking in. Tessa and Logan begin their investigation to determine just who the person is and what were the circumstance for how she manage to end up in the Park buried.  Will they be able to determine who is the girl buried in the park?  Will they find who did it?  Where will this mystery take them?
Thank you to Netgalley for the complimentary copy.
This is a great story that has continued with fantastic characters.  This is a very enjoyable story.
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Buried Bones was another amazing installment in the Widow's Island romantic suspense series.

When Deputy Tessa Black stumbles across a half-buried body while on a hike with her sister, her peaceful morning takes a dark turn. After the body is identified as a young college student working a summer job on the island, Tessa is shocked to discover no one on the island reported her missing. Working alongside her fiancé, park ranger Logan Wilde, Tessa begins to dig into Aurora's life to search for a dangerous killer.

Aurora's murder investigation proved to be quite an interesting case. Looking for a break from college, Aurora comes to the island to work for the summer before she needs to make a decision about her future. She ends up being murdered not long after she arrived on the island and it was several weeks before her body was found. New to the island, she slipped through the cracks which definitely made things harder for Tessa. With few connections to anyone on the island, Tessa has a hard time finding anyone who really knew Aurora or who she was involved with. There were a few possible suspects throughout the investigation and I liked how thorough Tessa was in her search. I did end up guessing who the killer was before the reveal, but I really enjoyed the confrontation with them when Tessa arrived to arrest them. The end of the book is quite suspenseful and overall I thought it was very well done.

I continue to really enjoy Tessa as a character. She has a lot on her plate personally which I feel she's handling very well. I liked that she knew when to accept help and didn't try to take on too much by doing everything herself. Her relationship with Logan is excellent and I really enjoy how comfortable they are with each other. Some of my favorite moments in the book was when the pair just got to be together which there aren't many of due to the fast pace of the investigation. The romance element in this book plays a slightly bigger role than some of the previous books in the series although I still feel this series would work well for readers who prefer a heavier suspense element.

Overall Buried Bones was a fantastic read and I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series, The Lost Bones, soon. I highly recommend this series for readers of romantic suspense who prefer a focus on the suspense.
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The seventh book in the Widows Island series brings us back to the island and its small community. This novella fits perfectly into the series: a quick and to the point read, centered around a murder case, but in the background the life of Tessa, Logan, Cate, Henry, Sam and all the other people we met in the previous books moves on.
You can read this as a standalone crime story, but it's also worth going back to the previous books and have an overall picture of the characters and their history.

Many thanks for NetGalley and Montlake for an Advance Reading Copy.
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Atmosphere and characters combine into a gripping, well plotted mystery that readers discover themselves fully immersed in very easily.  Well written novel which leaves me wanting more from the author.  Will make its way under many a Christmas tree this year.
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A quick read, but full of thrills and suspense. Tessa finds a body and working with Logan, she goes full speed to figure out the mystery. All the while, her sister is acting funny, which is really worrying Tessa. 
 I enjoyed reading this and love how well Tessa and Logan work together. They make such a wonderful team.
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Thank you NetGalley for the ARC of Buried Bones by Melinda Leigh that I read and reviewed.
This is this the seventh book in the Widow’s Island series and it is told from Tessa and Logan’s point. It picks up where other books about them have left off. They are still together and planning their wedding and working together to solve crime on Widow’s Island.
In this book Tessa and Logan are trying to solve the murder of a young woman who was left in the woods for so long that all they have are bones and a bracelet with her name on it go identify her. Also, the strange thing about the case is with her being missing for over a month no one has reported her disappearance which makes the people that she knew on the island suspects.
This novella was very fast moving with a number of suspects for the reader to look at. It also add more to Tessa and Logan’s story as well. For how fast moving it was it had a ton of action and information in it. This was definitely an excellent read!
I am giving Buried Bones five out of five stars!
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Arrrrrgh I hate finding a great new series but then realise I've missed the first 6 books! Never mind, they are now on my extremely weight TBR list!

Widow’s Island is a little, out-of-the-way place.  The last place you'd expect a murder but murders aplenty they have!  Tessa is the only local cop with bog city experience, just as well, cos she literally stumbled over a body when out for a walk with her sister!  When she calls in the troops they quickly realise that this may not be the insular murder they thought it was.

Aurora is an intriguing victim - she hasn't been the nicest person to her friend but that doesn't make her worthy of murder!  I loved the way Logan and Tessa work together.  There a team but when it comes to law enforcement SHE's most definitely in the lead.  He doesn't try to make himself head honcho or exhibit toxic masculinity - just a sure, steady partner.

Absolutely loved it and can#t wait for book 8 (book 2 to me lol)
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On a hike with her sister, Deputy Tessa Black finds the buried bones of a missing college student.  With the help of her fiancé Logan, Tessa races to find the dangerous predator on Widow's Island.  

This novella was the perfect way to spend the afternoon!  There are several plausible suspects introduced in the story, which hooks you immediately.  Despite its short length, the story moved at an appropriate pace, featured well-developed characters, and offered an unexpected twist or two.  I enjoyed this glimpse into life on this quaint island.

Thank you to NetGalley and Montlake for a digital copy to read and review.  This voluntary review reflects my honest, unbiased opinion.
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Willow Island time for Tessa and her half sister Patience walking the trails.
A shallow grave with a hand showing ended their walk.
Young twenty year old college student.
Place she was hired at for the summer only took young attractive girls
A girlfriend said there was always a boyfriend.
With father exchanged words when she stated wanting to be an actor.
One is drawn into the story when death comes unexceptionally and wonder what happened. Logan is a gem for Tessa, plans of wedding soon
A great series, great plot, great characters
Given ARC by Net Galley and Montlake for my voluntary review and my honest opinion. Releases October 19, 2021
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